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    Top 10 Money Saving Tips For Your Model Railroad
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    Top 10 Money Saving Tips For Your Model Railroad

    August 20, 2019

    if you want to know how to save money
    while you’re building your model railroad you’re gonna want to see this
    did I hear somebody saved budget I’m Tom Kvichak and this is Toms Trains and
    Things this channel was created to help other modelers who are in need of
    guidance in pursuing their dream of building a model railroad and I’m gonna
    give you ten ways that you could save money while you’re building your model
    railroad if this is your first time here and you would like to see more videos
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    video coming out so let’s get started with this right now with number one the
    first way to save money while working on your model railroad is to buy at train
    shows you can get a lot of good bargains at train shows and the earlier you go
    the better the bargains that you get Debbie used to tell me to go to church
    sales and garage sales and go there a half an hour an hour early and wait in
    line and I always wondered why well because you get in there and get with
    all them people and they fight over all that stuff and get in there and get all
    the good stuff before everybody else gets it so that’s the first one go there
    early to the train shows number two you’re gonna find a lot of things at
    thrift stores that you never thought that you could use on your model
    railroad in fact about three or four years ago I found an entire collection
    of somebody who must have passed away and their wife just unloaded it at a
    thrift store I got about four locomotives a lot of buildings in fact
    some of the buildings are here on my layout I got all kind of good stuffs
    really cheap and not only model railroad related but tools
    I got a tripod at Bogan tripod it’s worth a couple hundred dollars I got for
    $9 at a thrift store because they didn’t know the value of it a lot of times
    these people at the thrift stores know the value of some of them do some
    of them don’t and wall warts you know these wall warts that I’ve been
    showing you it well if you don’t like doing electrical projects and you want
    to get the wall warts some of them go as far as categorizing them put them in
    little plastic containers according to voltage for 50 cents apiece
    so there’s your power for your model railroad at thrift store number 3
    clearance isles at your local Hobby Lobby A C Moore Jo Anns Michaels any one of
    those stores even Walmart you could get paint I don’t know how many of those
    little tubes of paint that I got some of them I got for as low as twenty-nine
    cents they’re odd colors but they still work as far as scenery goes you can get
    some really good stuff there and I always shop there I get all my paint
    brushes there they seem I got a gallon of Elmer’s glue for something like 17
    bucks and a Seymour I think was even less than that but anyway at the
    clearance Isles for these places and I told you about the Just Plugs these
    things here okay I got this one apart right now but anyway I got this one for
    I think that the hub for $3.59 and I got all those LEDs these things right here
    they normally go for $9.99 for two dollars and 59 cents
    number-four garaad’s sales you can get a lot of stuff at garage sales in fact I
    got a shovel hanging up on the wall it’s a coal shovel I got that at a garage
    sale the guy didn’t even have it out selling it because he had some other
    stuff selling I asked him if he had any other railroad related stuff and he said
    sure I got this I got that and I got some other good stuff and not this one
    here you could get tools I’ve got a lot of these clamps at garage sales from
    people that didn’t want them anymore I bought an entire N Scale layout that
    had more turnouts in the boxes that came
    with the layout and there was on the layout itself and there was about 20 on
    the layout itself I mean I had over 40 turnouts between what was on the layout
    and and I only paid like $95 for it at a garage sale so you can find a lot of
    good stuff at garage sales number five now this one you got to be careful with
    eBay and Craigslist you could find some good stuff on both of them but you have
    to be very knowledgeable you have to do your research when you’re buying there
    otherwise you’re gonna get burnt you have to know what you’re doing you have
    to know what you’re talking about and you have to know the products and you
    have to read all the little things about the shipping on it also because a lot of
    times you can get something real cheap and the shipping will cost you three or
    four times what the product cost you so you have to beware but you get some good
    stuff on there in fact if you’re looking for projects electronic projects or
    anything else on eBay you could get hundreds of transistors hundreds of
    resistant for pennies I mean I got on this Just Plug board right here they
    have a transistor on there that I looked up and they were selling them on eBay
    now it’s on a slow boat from China it takes two to three weeks to get them
    but a hundred of those transistors the SMD versions of them for two dollars and
    sixty eight cents a hundred of them so you could find some good stuff on there
    but you could get burnt on it also so be careful number six make your own
    lighting just like I said with the the Just Plugs okay I bought a lot of stuff
    at Hobby Lobby on a discount sixty percent seventy five percent seventy
    percent discount at Hobby Lobby and I figured out how to do it by the parts
    and you got your instant lighting build your own lighting things you could I
    have so many videos out there showing you how to
    solder how to use LEDs how to figure out what resistors to use with LEDs you can
    make your own lighting you can make your own effects with lighting to that I’m
    gonna go into with Arduino number seven scratch build your buildings it doesn’t
    take a lot to scratch build in fact you can define cheap items all over your
    house that you could use for scratch building
    Vinny Susseto uses for sale signs that he gets at Home Depot or Ace Hardware for
    his styrene projects and you could do the same thing years ago when people
    didn’t have the supplies that’s how they did it they found things around the
    house to build their buildings from a lot of people just use that stuff to
    make cutouts for just to see where the buildings are gonna go but you could
    even make your buildings out of that card stock that heavy cardstock and draw
    right on it and do make your own buildings out of anything that you could
    find around the house number eight your scenery you could make your own scenery
    outside dirty dirt there’s trees there’s leaves that you could crunch up in a
    blender there’s foam that you could use from packing that you get your supplies
    from and grind it up in a blender and use that as a ground cover there’s an
    unlimited amount of things that you could use for your scenery from stuff
    that you get around the house all my scenery the the the base that I use was
    it froze from cardboard boxes I just sliced them up and put them together
    with a hot glue gun and that made the form for the scenery of my mountains the
    plaster cloth here’s some that I got the wooden hood Scenic’s plaster cloth that
    I got at Hobby Lobby 4 or 4 dollars and 31 cents but if you can’t find it that
    cheap you can always use paper towel and diluted plaster of Paris like we used to
    do 30 years ago when there wasn’t any plaster cloth or the only place that you
    can get plaster cloths was in a hospital for where there was making the cast
    number nine buy in bulk every piece of roadbed I have on my railroad is quarter
    inch cork underlayment I bought it in bulk it comes in four foot wide 80 foot
    rolls now in here I don’t know if it’s anywhere else but the Home Depot here
    will only sell it by the roll but they used to sell it by the foot and that is
    a lot better than buying these little strips here now granted you could bend
    these a little bit around the curve you know once you take these apart how much
    do you pay for this compared to buying a whole roll of cork or just how many feet
    that you need I think I did my whole layout with about 25 foot of cork and
    you can’t tell the difference because your ballast over the stuff anyway the
    only time that you could tell the difference is before you put the ground
    cover down so buy in bulk the same thing with your electronic projects if you’re
    doing any kind of electronic projects on here for LEDs for transistors for
    resistors buy them in bulk it’s cheaper that way number 10 repurpose your items
    I have a static grass applicator that I made myself from one of those electronic
    fly swatters and a little strainer it cost about 6 bucks
    altogether and how much did they cost in the store 35 $40 for the same thing
    that’s something two things that you can repurpose into make a one little tool a
    lot of modelers use hairspray on their models especially on the trees to
    finalize their things and what I found is to use the pump type ones instead of
    the aerosol because you could use them over once you’re finished with the
    hairspray you could either put alcohol in here or water in here for your
    scenery and it has a much finer mist than those spray bottles that you have
    to pump that you get from the hardware store or from WS these are
    much better a much better spray on them a finer spray on them and you can put
    anything in here I use them for alcohol and water and diluted glue on here also
    a lot of the things I mentioned in here I just went over real quickly for you so
    I could go into better detail in other videos coming up soon about how to do
    things on a budget I hope you were able to get some good tips on saving money on
    your model railroad this is how I’ve been doing it for a long time and I try
    to save as much money as I can whenever possible on my model railroad so I think
    it’s a good idea that you could do the same thing there’s a lot of good tips in
    here that I’ve given you to save money on your model railroad and I hope you
    could save money too so we’ll see ya next time