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    Vehicles: UK Version 2 – Street & Railway Vehicles – The Kids’ Picture Show (Educational Video)
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    Vehicles: UK Version 2 – Street & Railway Vehicles – The Kids’ Picture Show (Educational Video)

    February 23, 2020

    Vehicles: UK Version 2 dumper truck tanker flatbed truck tram underground train road sweeper post van milk van sports car convertible saloon coupe city car SUV limousine hatchback estate car people carrier armoured truck tow truck [Theme music plays] Keep watching for the US version. Vehicles: US Version 2 dump truck tanker truck flatbed truck streetcar subway street sweeper mail truck milk truck sports car convertible sedan coupe city car SUV limousine hatchback station wagon minivan armored car tow truck [Theme music plays]

    Can You Ride A Tricycle Through The Car Wash? | Bike Car Wash!
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    Can You Ride A Tricycle Through The Car Wash? | Bike Car Wash!

    February 21, 2020

    Hey, Carl
    How’s it going? Not bad, Billy
    What brings you here? I rode through a puddle,
    I got mud all over my tricycle Can you clean it? Gee, Billy, I don’t know Come on, Carl, my tricycle’s really dirty Sorry, buddy, tricycle’s can’t go through the wash It’s a lot of water and soap Oh, okay Hey, Carl, I’ve got my snorkel and my swimsuit on So can I go through all that water and soap? Wow, that’s a great idea, Billy But this is a car wash, not a tricycle wash Sorry Oh, okay then Hey Carl, I’m driving my car I’m ready to go into the car wash Haha, okay, Billy Here we go I’ll be back, Carl Now that’s one clean vehicle What’s it doing here? Oh, hey there, Billy
    Where’s your… Hahaha
    Okay, Billy I can see you really want your tricycle cleaned Let me find your vehicle Is it a car with a unicycle on the back? A van with a bicycle on the back? Or is it an SUV with a tricycle on the back? There it is, an SUV with a tricycle on the back Let’s see how messy this tricycle is Is it a little messy? medium messy? or super duper messy? I’d say it’s a little messy Now let’s see what type of mess we are dealing with Is it sticky leaves? mucky mud? or slippery bananas? It’s definitely mucky mud That’ll be one token, Billy 1 Yeah! Bubbles Wow, my tricycle is ‘wheelie’ clean Thanks, Carl See you, Billy Watch out for mud puddles I will, Carl

    ‘Use a track as route’
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    ‘Use a track as route’

    February 20, 2020

    Hello and welcome to this video on: Using a
    track shared by a user, as your own route. Now first of all we are going
    to go back to activities. As I explained before, here you
    will see all the activities. Now we are mainly
    focussed on a track. Now we will make the
    distinction between tracks. And we will search for a nice
    track to use as a route. Now, lets take this one.
    210km, 4 hours. Takes place in France.
    To Valence part 2. Now this is the track that was driven by the
    user who uploaded it to the activities. Here you will see some information on the track.
    The maximum altitude was 1km. Minimum 100 meters. Average speed 50km per hour. I think that is because he
    took a break somewhere, but left the tracking on. So make
    sure you pause the tracking. Ok, so lets use this as a route. In the top
    right corner you will see: ‘use as route’. We will click that.
    We will call it To Valence copy. Once again, it is not my track. And now the Myroute-app editor
    will make this track into a route. But there is something you must know.
    This is not 100% foolproof. Sometimes it happens that the
    diversion from track to route, Brings a couple of problems with it.
    Well not really problems, but It can slightly alter and slightly
    change the track that was driven. So I would recommend you
    go to every waypoint, And you have to make
    sure that every waypoint Is placed correctly on the track. As you can see here, waypoint 6,7,8 and 9. Now, I dont think that the original track Made a U-turn somewhere on a highway. So I am going to delete waypoint 7. And I will delete number 7 again,
    since number 8 turned into 7. And now it will go smoothly.
    These are the type of problems Well not really problems,
    but the type of errors which can occur when
    converting a track to a route.

    BOX FORT TRAIN HEIST!! 📦🚂 Nerf War, Working Train & More!
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    BOX FORT TRAIN HEIST!! 📦🚂 Nerf War, Working Train & More!

    February 18, 2020

    so you’re telling me partner that you’re
    looking to transport a hundred thousand rolls of duct tape through this here tag
    we’re looking to transport a hundred thousand rolls of tape across this
    country that’s more duct tape than we ever say I mean to do something like
    that you would eat operations man equipment you’d need some sort of device
    something that could take the tape and move it from a duei honey that maybe
    goes like a like a tooth I never seen anything like that before I believe what
    you’re talking about is a train ride a train or we don’t have very many traits
    not to mention the bandits you see the trains they they go through this
    despondent City all the time but bandits they’re your number one issue hundred
    rolls of tape in one train that’s just a jackpot what am I looking to rob it
    these bandits you’re speaking of merely a local scone this has to go home
    without a hitch you would need some sort of mega train
    that the train made of reinforced cobble I want you to prepare a train that is
    impenetrable from these bandits there is one way there’s one way I think we could
    do this that’s a bit rescue and I would need some funds I would need say two to
    five thousand rolls of tape he says he charges a lot but he’s good he’s known
    as the best box builder in the world all right give him a car I’ll release
    the funds but I never found these here we go
    I’ll have them hauled in a minute hmm do I wear this one won’t do it wear
    this one it’s so hard to choose the Yeezys there’s this number before Bob
    Jacob objects box for build services how am i healthy that’s Bob Jake speaking
    howdy this is the mayor of Albuquerque and I broker cute town okay yes look I
    have a job for you I’m looking for someone to build us a box for train yeah
    I could build one of those yes yeah a box for train you see we’re trying to
    transport a hundred thousand rolls of tape from one place to another with a
    whole country full of bandits you’re transporting a hundred thousand rolls of
    tape yeah I know it’s quite a lot of tape look what we’re looking offer you
    five thousand rolls of tape in order to get this job done we know you the best
    box ball pillow in this side of the world all right you’ve got yourself a
    deal I’ll have the train build ASAP perfect you’ll do it that sounds great
    we’ll get you supplies ready and you can transport the tape thank you so much
    that Hey look what I told you partner he’s ready to do it but we get in here
    we have a big issue now Jake Logan you’ve been seeing me sitting here this
    whole time no I’m listen I noticed you okay then if
    you heard the conversation you’ll know we’re dealing with a box for heist uh
    Jake they don’t want a heist we’re building them a train right yes a train
    carrying a hundred thousand rolls of tape but Logan do you know where those
    hundred thousand rolls of tape are going they’re going to the Red Army look
    there’s bad as the Baron himself the Baron the Baron himself we’re gonna save
    the world it means robbing a train Jake you from
    chimney and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we’re doing
    something extra special we’re building a train that’s right
    we’re making a real working train Logan it is gonna be like a choo-choo train
    that goes like charge except this is gonna really work and I know what you
    think you pop Jake there’s no way you can pull the box for a train Oh edit it
    like it went in but anyway guys I don’t even think in Papaji how are you gonna
    build a train out of cardboard we’re gonna be using this
    here we are gonna be attaching it to our scooter which you guys have seen in all
    our videos before we used it in our box for tank we also used it in a racing box
    is this so check it out so basically this attaches to that and it turns into
    a little car then what we got or something I know all you guys are gonna
    remember I remember these from gym class and I loved when these would come out we’re gonna take those and we’re gonna
    attach them behind the main cart which is gonna be that thing and we’re gonna
    have three different train cars that we can store our tape in because we got
    transport tape across a bandit field wasteland so we’re gonna do it we got to
    make this Train not only work but also very secure so that no one can break
    into it even if they wanted to if they’re really professional like Pappa
    Jake Jake I just came up with a new discovery I think we need a trampoline yo guys if you think we need to buy a
    trampoline put a hashtag trampoline down below and of course guys don’t forget if
    you’re brand new to the channel make sure to smash that subscribe button make
    sure to hit the little Bell button join the Papa Jake family we’re always making
    new videos on the daily for you guys having a bunch of fun so join the
    adventure cuz every day is something new I thought that was going in and of
    course do not forget to smash that like button guys let’s try and crush 50,000
    likes on this video I’ll make you guys a deal if we get 50,000 likes on this
    video we’ll buy a trampoline for the house all right Logan no longer gets to
    use the basketballs first we gotta start working on the main train which is gonna
    be the little go-kart so let’s set the go-kart up and see how it works
    goecart if you guys have been on the channel for a while now you’ll see us
    use this before but this thing is so cool you go really fast with it and
    we’re gonna use this as the front of the Train so all those little scooters will
    be attached behind it with their own little box sport cars and then we’ll
    have a really long train that can go around corners like this drive around
    the house oh yeah this is gonna be awesome dude I think we need to start
    working on the front of the train so we can get a really cool train front going
    and let’s get building check this out we just all what we’re
    almost finished the front car as you can see here the entire thing is decked out
    it looks exactly like a real train car powered down below who stuff to make a
    hole to get inside this thing we also of course need it front window here so you
    can actually see out before we get working on the rest of the cars though
    we do want to test this and we do want to make a door I was thinking Jake you
    know how the Tesla doors open up oh yeah I like doors we shouldn’t we should open
    this door okay yeah this trains gonna be lit all right so let’s get the doors on
    this thing and then let’s give it a test run once we know that this is working
    then we can start working on the rest of the train cars to start transporting
    this load of tape and also hope because they think they hired us to protect this
    dream what can I be the baddest so we’re putting some safety philosophy Shh check
    it out I’m in the train now we’re gonna give it a little test run obviously I
    don’t have the rest of the train behind us because we haven’t built it yet but
    we wanted to test out the main car see how it works this is gonna be the engine
    and the primary car for everything that you drive so let’s see let’s see if I
    can make this thing move you got a little bit about hey clearance
    issue but I was so far driving this thing not bad at all
    careful Jake you don’t want to go down the stairs and I’ve just imagine this
    with three massive train cars behind me outwards awesome I mean other than the
    factory I’ll be really careful of your surroundings that’s perfect so now all
    we have to do is make the rest of the train cars attached through this thing
    and she’s ready to go good use these things of course as the base they move
    around in any direction you want and then we’re gonna put cardboard on top of
    them like so and there you go now of course yourself to build them up and
    make them into boxes but in theory this should work if we attach all of these
    with strength to the main train over there it should work exactly like a
    train so check it out we just finished this train oh that makes sense alright
    alright so we have our train here it’s awesome of course you got the main car
    here that powers everything then we’ve got this part this car this card the
    scary bit difficult to drive in order to test it before we hand it over I’ve got
    to drive it around and try and go in a circle
    if I can complete that that we know it works and if we can hand it over okay
    Logan should be able to guide me and if everything works all the parts will
    follow and nothing will break yeah Wow yeah I was about to hit a wall oh this is so sweet
    I’ve got my blog portrayed all right Logan listen up we’ve handed a train
    over it’s on set schedule we have a chance to stop it and steal that tape
    I’ve got a plan worked out it’s a long shot but it might work
    we built that train so we know it in and out but we’ll secure box for our luckily
    for us I’ve got this sir I’m a penetrating nerf gun he used this and
    shoot it I have to train at just the right time you should be able to stop it
    I’ll move in and take out the driver once the drivers take it out I’ll steal
    the train and bring it back to our headquarters you ready and exactly 2:00
    p.m. in training we pass it down below you’ll take overwatch here with sniper
    once you get out the training disable it I’ll move into the pistol we only get
    one shot at this low I got a visual on the training teaching
    the shot on your account take the shot whoa you’re good go I don’t know a vigil on the driver
    yet doesn’t seem to be anyone in there he definitely didn’t make his way out
    though see the driver door showers not making noise let’s see he’s down oh man
    oh man we hit the mother lode all right I’m grabbing everything I can oh we’re
    gonna be so rich dude how the amount of easy this is gonna buy we got to get out
    of here quick his men will be after us what do you mean my tape wasn’t Papa J
    stole my tape does he know who’s man no red Legion
    will be coming for him alright guys but that pretty much wraps
    up the video for today hope you guys enjoyed our box for trade if you did be
    sure to smack that like button down below and of course guys don’t forget to
    let us know what other awesome boxford ideas you want to see on the channel and
    guys we are so close to 4 million subscribers locally we’re like we’re
    like this is far away that was actually crazy it’s very close guys it is insane
    so smack the subscribe button down below guys share the video with your friends
    let’s go on the road to 4 million subscribers so share the video with all
    your friends guys but thank you so very much this has a popinjay from Tiffany
    I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

    An Alphabet Train – Learning Letters
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    An Alphabet Train – Learning Letters

    February 15, 2020

    Watch out Garbage Truck! Here comes the Alphabet Train! (toot toot sounds) (toot sounds) (toot toot sounds) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (clapping sounds)