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    Albuquerque, New Mexico – Breaking Bad, Old Town, Nuclear Energy and Sandia Peak
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    Albuquerque, New Mexico – Breaking Bad, Old Town, Nuclear Energy and Sandia Peak

    November 7, 2019

    – [Robert] In today’s video, we are going to visit Walter White, and Los Pollos Hermanos as we explore Albuquerque, New Mexico. Also, the National Museum of
    Nuclear Science and History and the Sandia Peak Tramway. That and more coming up next. ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding with my RV ♪ ♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ – Well, hopefully, today
    we’ve done a little better planning than yesterday
    and the first thing I’m going to go to the
    Old Albuquerque area, maybe have some breakfast, and then we’re gonna do
    some Breaking Bad locations, and then we’ll see. (upbeat guitar music) Here we are, Old Albuquerque. Let’s find parking. Well, once again, it’s dead
    here early in the morning, so we’ll go back later. Although I was getting kind
    of hungry but I can wait. So I stumbled upon the
    Visitor’s Information Center. What a concept, right? And I spoke to the very
    knowledgeable, very nice lady there, and apparently nothing
    opens here in downtown, or Old Town, rather. – [GPS Voice] Take the next right on to South Plaza Street Northwest, then turn left onto Rio
    Grande Boulevard Northwest. – ‘Til like 10 or 11 a.m. so okay, that’s that, so what I’m going to do now
    in the morning, I’m going to. – [GPS Voice] Turn left onto
    Rio Grande Boulevard Northwest, then turn right onto
    Central Avenue Northwest. – If she lets me talk I’m going to do the Breaking Bad locations. Another one that is really far away in the middle of the desert, because it’s like 40 minute drive and I know 40 minute drive usually turns into an hour, two hours, but I’m going to go to like Los Pollos Hermanos, the car wash, Walter White’s house, and then I’m gonna come back here to the restaurant that I was going to come to anyways, which is this church. – [GPS Voice] Take the next right onto Central Avenue Northwest, Route 66. – And she recommended that, yeah, this is the oldest restaurant in town. So I’m gonna have an earl
    lunch there probably. – [GPS Voice] Continue on
    Central Avenue Northwest for one mile. – Around 11-ish, and then
    there’s a post office, I have to mail a sticker to England. So I’m going to mail it from
    there and then we’ll see, there’s so much to do. There’s the Nuclear Energy Museum, there’s, of course, the
    Sandia Peak Tramway, there’s Nob Hill, although
    she says that Nob Hill is under construction so it may not be the greatest experience, so
    we’ll take it from there. (upbeat guitar music) By the way, she also had a map of all the Breaking Bad locations
    and I was even considering taking a tour, but you know, I made myself a little bit of a tour here. I saved some of the locations in the, in Google Maps and I’m just
    going to, you know, explore. Ooh, by the way, if you’re
    not really into Breaking Bad, feel free to skip ahead
    about three minutes or so, and we’ll continue exploring
    the rest of Albuquerque after that. Here we are at the infamous
    location of Los Pollos Hermanos, which is Twisters Burger
    and Burritos fast food chain here in New Mexico and Colorado. Let’s go inside. I’m not gonna eat, I just want to see it. Of course, they have
    a Pollos Hermanos sign right by the entrance. Hi, good morning. Let’s make sure that we don’t
    have any GPS trackers here. All clear. We’ll be on our way. We continue on our Breaking
    Bad locations tour. (upbeat guitar music) I know, old Kia is kind of
    filthy and in a bad need of a car wash, but that’s
    not why we’re here. This is the car wash from the TV series. I was tempted to do a car wash, you know, patronize the building, the business but, but let’s continue towards
    Walter White’s house. How about that? (upbeat guitar music) Hmm, I guess they got
    the same idea as I did, or maybe they’re cooking
    meth in there, either or. Ah, yeah, the new owners
    have put up fences and cones. I don’t think they are
    thrilled with the idea of having a famous house. They have a sign that says take your pictures from across
    the street, do not disturb. I won’t disturb them. I just want to throw a pizza on that roof. Leaving. Let’s find another, oh by the way, the guys in the RV, I think they were taking
    pictures of the wrong house. Okay, let’s go. Actually, if I owned that
    house, I would decorate it just like in the TV
    series and offer tours. But then I guess I would
    have to license the rights. It might not be worth it. Anyways, I’m not going to
    spend my whole morning on this, so last but not least is one
    of my favorite locations, Hank and Marie’s house. You know, the cop brother-in-law? And it is located on the
    foothills of the Sandia Mountains in the very nice Glenwood
    Hills neighborhood. That’s the one. Down the hill we go. By the way, there was a trail head at
    the end of this street. Maybe we can do it some other time. The next time we come
    to Albuquerque for sure. So the idea now, I’m
    going to take a historic Route 66 into town. I don’t know how long
    that’s going to take, but sounds sensible and then
    we’re gonna have breakfast at the Old Town. (upbeat guitar music) This here is Central
    Avenue, which became part of Historical Route 66 back in 1937 when the road came through here. And we’re going to be approaching
    here a neighborhood called The Nob Hill, which is
    supposed to be very lively with this eclectic mix of
    locally owned businesses. (upbeat guitar music) Well, might as well make it
    all the way to downtown, right? This here is the Civic Plaza, and apparently they do
    concerts and special events and when it is not in use,
    it is a great spot for the homeless to charge their phones, I hear. What does this building remind of you? It’s like the InterAmerican Plaza in Miami. We are back by Old Town. Let’s check out Old Town
    here in Albuquerque. We’re back here. This place is supposed to
    be right behind the church. Now I am really getting hungry, so let’s go to that Church Street Cafe to have an early lunch. Yeah, I think that’s it over there. – [Woman] Hi, how are you? – Here we are. Church Street Cafe. I start with a coffee because I thought it was going
    to be breakfast, actually. This is apparently the
    oldest house in Albuquerque. Then I changed my mind to a local IPA because you know what? It is almost noon. This is the combination platter, some bread and everything. Tamale and enchilada and I forgot. I think it’s a chiles rellenos. That is fantastic. A bit pricey, but it was really good. And, well, you know, you
    are in a historic building after all. Wow, that was a very, very good meal. Check it out. (guitar music) – Bye bye. – Bye. Well that was very nice. By far, the best meal
    I’ve had in New Mexico, so I’m very pleased. And it supposedly the oldest
    private residence here in the city, as I mentioned. Owned until 1991 by the same family. (upbeat guitar music) Alright, let’s continue exploring Old Town a little bit here. All these shops here in the back. This little alley here. I am back by the Old Town Plaza and the San Felipe de Neri Church. Here’s the official historic marker. And we have these cannons. And Native American crafts. Let’s check out the church. 1793. This here church is the oldest
    building in the whole city, and the only building here in
    Old Town proven to date back to the Spanish Colonial era, although it did go through some
    remodeling after 1817, like the bell towers and
    the pitched roof and the interior decorations, those are newer. (whimsical music) Well, I think we’ve seen
    enough here for today, so I’m just going to slowly
    walk back to the car, admiring all this adobe
    style architecture, the chili peppers ever-present everywhere. (drumming music) Here’s another restaurant I was
    considering for lunch today, although I think I made the right choice. Here’s the main entrance
    to the Old Town area. So it’s Don Francisco Cuervo Y Valdes, founder of Albuquerque, April 23rd, 1706. The plan is we’re going to
    go see some nuclear weapons. Nuclear, or nu-cu-lar, how do you say it? Anyways. Saying goodbye to old, I don’t know where I am, Albuquerque. – [GPS Voice] Take the
    next left onto San Felipe Street Northwest. – Thank you. Check it out, Old Town. – [GPS Voice] In 300 feet, turn left onto Mountain Road Northwest. – See the church? Yeah. We are going to transition here from colonial Spanish
    history and old Mexico to a much more recent
    time period, the Cold War. Our next destination is The National Museum of
    Nuclear Science and History, which I am really looking
    forward to because I grew up during the Cold War, and I
    was stuck on the other side of the Iron Curtain, kind of. So it is a very interesting historical period for me, personally. Here we are. Adult admission is $12. In this first section, we
    learn about some of the people involved in the study of the atom, and Einstein’s letter
    to President Roosevelt. World War Two, Hitler and the Holocaust. And the Nuclear Threat. And then we get to see some
    artifacts from the era, from the different countries involved. The Manhattan Project
    that involved the design, assembly and testing of
    the first atomic bomb in nearby Los Alamos, very
    close to here, actually. Fascinating stuff. (upbeat music) Here’s a replica of Fat
    Man, which was the bomb detonated over the city
    of Nagasaki, Japan. This flag flew at the site
    of the first atomic test. The limo that transported the scientists of the Manhattan Project. Gadget, the first atomic
    device ever tested. The Nagasaki aftermath. The Soviet section, perhaps? Ever wonder what a fallout
    shelter used to look like back in the sixties? Yeah. There is so much stuff here,
    I could make a one hour video of the museum alone, but don’t worry, I’m not going to do that. Here’s a section about nuclear medicine. You see? It’s not all war and doom and gloom. There have been, actually,
    many contributions to the advancement of medical technology. There’s another section on radiation, they even have a Geiger Counter here, measuring the radioactivity
    of different materials. Electric power, and of course, a pretty substantial section
    about atomic pop culture. There is, of course, a famous DeLorean, and something called a Flux Capacitor. Great Scott! Well, as I said, we
    could spend hours here, but before we go, let’s step
    outside into what they call the Heritage Park. As I step outside, a museum
    docent, a very nice guy follows me around everywhere
    and explains everything, actually, like the fact that
    this F16 would be carrying a hydrogen bomb under its
    wing and heat-seeking missiles and yeah. Here’s a B-29 Super Fortress, just like the one that
    dropped the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And it was from a tower like
    this one that they tested The Gadget, the first nuclear bomb, at White Sands. Actually, on the next
    video, we are going there. Here’s a Nike Missile. We saw one of those at the
    Everglades not long ago. This, of course, is the legendary B-52. I recently had a chance to see
    one of these up in the air, and all I can say is, what a sight. This thing is majestic. It is almost the size of
    the whole museum building. And that’s where they kept
    the hydrogen bomb, down there. This here is the B-47 Stratojet, nicknamed The Widowmaker. Wonder why? It looks to me like an
    oversized fighter jet, and according to my guide,
    the pilots used to say that once it was up in the air, it actually handled like one. We move on to the rockets, the intercontinental ballistic
    missiles, but at this point, it’s information overload. I believe this is the Titan II, a staple during the Cold War,
    always ready to be launched, pointing at the Soviet Union, of course. – [Guide] This one’s
    called The Peacekeeper. – The Peacekeeper. – [Guide] This is a four stage. Special type of epoxy. – Let’s see. Kevlar. Here’s, once again, the
    Titan II, which was designed so it could fit on a truck on the highway, and under most tunnels. Pretty cool. Now we go to the, to the Tramway, to the Sandia Peak. Well, yes, we are going
    to do one more thing today before we turn in to the campground. And there is another one of
    the top ten things to do here, the Sandia Peak Tramway. There is actually so much
    more to do here, really, but I only allocated one
    day on this particular trip, more like an overview of the city this is. You can bet we’ll be back
    here sooner than later. We’re going north on
    Tramway Boulevard here, which actually hugs
    the eastern city limits and eventually will
    take us to the Tramway. Hi. – [Ranger] Hi there, how are y’all today? – I’m doing great, how are ya? – [Ranger] Great, it’s a beautiful day, I’m on the mountain. – Yeah. Yeah, it’s very good. (laughing) – [Ranger] Have you been before? – No, first time. – [Ranger] Where are you from? – Miami, Florida. – [Ranger] Miami? Woo, well it’s lighter there. And lower. Been there, it’s a nice town. – Yeah, it’s good. – [Ranger] Well, two whole dollars. – It’s two whole dollars
    to go over there, right? And then how much is the tram? – [Ranger] $25. – 25. – [Ranger] 20 if you’re a
    senior, but I don’t think. – No, not yet, not quite yet. (laughing) – [Ranger] Just follow this road around. It just landed, you may
    be able to catch it. – Alright. – [Ranger] If not, the next
    will be down in 15 minutes. – Alright, perfect, thank you so much. (upbeat jazz music) Well, let’s take the Sandia Peak Tramway. (bell ringing) – [Woman] Thank you, Robert. (whistling) – [Man] Watch your step. – [Woman] Thank you, coming through. – The 50 year old tramway goes from 6500 feet above sea level all the way to 10000 feet,
    along 2.7 miles of cable. As we ascend, we’re going into
    the Cibola National Forest. Passing Tower One now. From here up, the Tramway was
    constructed by helicopter. 5000 helicopter rides it took. – [Announcer] Mount Taylor’s Mountain, about 75 miles to the west
    there, it’s about 1000 feet higher than we are, and
    it is a dormant volcano. Just to give you guys an idea
    of how big things really are from the Tram, on the right hand side here,
    we’re passing Fish Rock and then right out back
    there on top of that hill, there’s a big boulder perched on top, looks curiously like a cannon,
    we’re real imaginative, we call it Cannon Rock,
    it’s about the same size as this cabin, so things
    on the outside of the Tram are much larger than they appear. You can see Cabezon from here,
    too, if you look out to the Northwest on the horizon
    out there, it looks like an outie belly button sticking
    up out of the horizon. That’s the, that’s El Cabezon, that’s
    the hollowed out core of an extinct volcano. (whimsical piano music) – There’s the mark from a lightning strike that looks like a face, or a skull rather. (string music) – [Announcer] At the very
    tippy-tip-top of that mountain up there, there’s a little
    small square granite cabin called Black Window, and
    the longer you look for it, the easier it is to see. I know that sounds weird,
    just totally out there, and it’s right where the
    sky meets the tippy-top of that mountain up there. And that was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It was built to house
    workers that worked up there a long time ago, but they don’t
    use it for anything anymore. It’s just a national monument. But you all can hike there,
    it’s about a three mile round trip hike from upper
    terminal to Kiwanis and back. – We’ve made it to the top. Well what do you know? There is snow up here. No drones, why am I not surprised? Here’s the view looking
    towards the other side, to the East. So beautiful. There is our tram car going back down. (whimsical music) There is pretty good wifi
    here in upper terminal, so if you recall, I did
    a live video from up here back in February. Such a commanding view. Ready to head back down. Not many people going down
    now because a lot of people come up here to see the sunset. So it is coming up full and
    going down nearly empty. By the way, Sandia means
    watermelon in Spanish, and the mountain, at
    sunset, due to its color, it kind of looks like a
    sliced watermelon, I guess. Yeah, I kind of see how it could look like a sliced watermelon. I’m actually glad that the
    tram is coming back down nearly empty because it is so much better to take in the views. There comes the other car. – [Woman] There must be
    tons of people going up because they want to see the sunset or? – [Announcer] No, usually,
    like we usually get busier at this time. Here is gonna be a swing and a miss. (laughing) – We are almost back at ground level. Let’s drive back to the campground, as the day comes to an end. Oh, by the way, did I mention
    that there is a brewery right next to the campground? Yeah, I think it’s through here. Where is the brewery? And there is the brewery. That’s people in there. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Key West? I am eating Buffalo Frito Pie, and an IPA, of course. Well, it is our last sunset here in the West. It’s a beautiful one. Well, for sure I am
    going to miss having the Sandia Mountains in my backyard,
    but the show must go on. Well, I’m about to take a
    shower and I always wanted to have one of these. It’s a microfiber towel,
    supposedly they dry up really, really quickly
    and this was sent to me by it’s called Country Bound, and in the spirit of full disclosure I didn’t pay for it, but
    I’m gonna test it out and, wow, this makes a lot of noise, huh? I’m gonna test it out
    and I’ll let you know at the end how it is. Let me show you, it comes in this nice bag that could probably
    reuse for something else. And thank you, we appreciate. For 25 off your next purchase visit I’m gonna put a link in the
    video description to this but check it out, it’s two towels. Three, four towels. Hmm, very interesting, and it’s very thin. This is the large one
    that I’m going to use. I mean, if you’re a woman
    you could use it as a skirt, to go to the beach. So very nice. Squeaky clean now and let
    me tell you about the towel. It’s a different drying experience than with a regular towel. There’s more of, a bit more
    of a friction, you know? I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. Maybe you’re supposed to pat dry yourself, it didn’t come with
    instructions, so I don’t know. But the good thing is, and
    especially here in the RV that sometimes we are inside
    and we hang the towel inside to dry, it dried up way
    faster than a regular towel, so yeah, thumbs up to the microfiber towel by Country Bound. They give you three towels in this package and I’m gonna put a link
    in the video description if you wanna get ’em. And tell you what, I think
    it is time for us to put a New Mexico sticker, so I’m
    gonna do that right now. Here’s my remaining
    stickers here on my map. Let’s put up New Mexico
    and then I’ll tell you what I intend to do here. By the way, a lot of people have asked me where I got this map. And you know, it’s the store
    that we all love to hate. Camping World. I got it at the pop up
    store that they usually have at the Tampa RV Show. I got it the same year that
    I got my travel trailer. 2015, and, 2014 actually. And let me tell you about,
    actually January 2014 we got it. Let me tell you about my
    map and what I intend to do because as you can see,
    I’m about halfway done with The United States, I think
    I have like 25 states left exactly. So now in the fall, I’m gonna cover this whole area here. Because I’ve driven through
    many of these states, but I haven’t actually been in any of those states
    and my premise for this map is I either have to sleep
    or do something significant in the state, and I kind
    of cheated with Alabama, because all I did was
    have lunch at a rest stop, but I didn’t want to have
    this gaping hole here in the South. So that’s what I did and I kind of cheated and for some reason I
    haven’t done much in Alabama, maybe because Alabama gave
    me a bad first impression back in 1996 when I was
    driving through here and on my way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. And we just stopped at
    a gas station and it was muddy and dirty or dusty or I don’t know, there was something about
    it but definitely have to give Alabama a chance. Apparently on this next
    trip, on my way back from New England, maybe, we’ll
    have to do something there. And then, I want your suggestions about doing the rest of these states in early 2019 and what route to use because
    I still have this whole area here in the middle. I have Wisconsin and Michigan up there, and then I would like to, maybe I can do the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Oregon Trail, I don’t know. Do comment below or if you
    know which is the best way to tackle all these states
    in a couple of months. Maybe we’ll do, yeah early 2019 because my
    goal was always to do the lower 48 before I turned
    48 and time’s running out. I’m about to turn 47 right now. So, let’s head south. I am leaving Albuquerque and I’ve been going back
    and forth, you know, changing my plans. Originally I wanted to go
    through Amarillo, Texas, to take a part of Route 66 along the way, but it doesn’t look like
    that’s going to happen. Let me stop real quick, I think I forgot to close my basement. Or storage, whatever it’s called. Okay, I closed it but I didn’t lock it. Let me, I’ll be right back. Well, as I was saying,
    there’s a storm coming and, a winter storm, it might even
    rain here in Albuquerque so I have to head back south. I’m going to El Paso,
    Texas, once again and then I’m gonna take I-10 east all the way back. The one positive thing about. – [GPS Voice] Take the next
    right onto South Hill Road. – Thank you Google lady. The one positive thing about
    this is that I might be able to stop for a few hours in San Antonio which will be cool because I’ve
    heard it’s a very neat city. This is where I stayed, Bernalillo. ♪ Riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ ♪ Yeah I’m riding,
    riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ I’m riding in my RV ♪ ♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ Let’s fly the drone here one more time. (upbeat music) – [Drone Voice] Landing. (beeping) – Well, yes, this is
    when the drone decided to land by itself on the
    other side of the highway. – [Drone Voice] Stop landing. Stop landing, stop landing. (beeping) – I was able to take
    control and bring it back as fast as I could. But it was a scary moment for sure. (futuristic music) Well, this is breakfast
    here at the rest area, I’m heating up some, made like
    a wrap with ham and cheese with those new tortillas
    I bought in New Mexico. And here we are at the rest area. I am going to head back
    south towards El Paso as I make my way back to Florida. Actually, I want to make
    it back by Valentine’s Day, so I must rush a little bit. But before that, we’re going
    to explore the White Sands and spend a couple of hours in San Antonio so stay tuned for that. If you have enjoyed traveling with us, make sure you are subscribed
    and check out my other videos. Also share it with your
    friends, spread the word, and leave me a comment. Now if you really, really liked it, you have a chance to show your support at As always, thank you so much for watching and see you on the road.


    Anleitung Waschanlage: DINGE DIE DU WISSEN SOLLTEST | 4K UHD

    September 14, 2019

    Hi YouTube community my name is Ralf Streipert. I am from Otto Christ AG and today I’d like to tell you something
    about car washes. What is important? what do you have to look out for? what is
    important from the point of view of operators so that you don’t make mistakes, and your
    washing result will become better in the future. I think the social media team drove across the woods. Ralf… look, we have the super wash tunnel in the Münchner Str. with our Foamwall and so on. It’ll get really clean there.
    We’ll get it right. Okay until tonight. Thank you! See you then! Bye. Bye. Currently I am employed
    in the company Auto Jet. It is a sister company of Otto Christ AG
    with more than 20 car washes distributed throughout Germany and in the adjoining
    abroad. Thus I’d say that I’m pretty good at this area
    and give you a hint or two. So dear Youtube community Welcome to our little
    ultra-modern car wash in Memmingen you saw the car that we were
    having at the moment is extremely dirty. Of course this is a small challenge for every car wash. I would like to briefly show you the most important parts that you can look out for so that the
    operator can clean properly. Now, if you look at this site
    we’ll start with the wheel arches You can imagine that the inside look relatively dirty. The brush does not reach these places, that means this work must be done by the pre-washer. He must do proper preparatory work to keep these areas clean. When we get to the rear end
    there are 2 to 3 places to mention. First there is always the upper rear end.
    The brush does not optimally reach the area under most spoilers In other words, the pre-scrubber must definitely take his pre-washing brush and clean it up properly. Secondly, these are always the areas once around the license plate holders and then these rear sections down here. Always depending on how the car wash is installed
    is set, the brush does not always reach in properly.
    Always check afterwards if it is clean. The third point are the mirror areas. In the car washes, the car mirrors are normally always folded in to avoid damage.
    Here you must pay particular attention to the fact that in this area was also properly pre-washed. So… the next important is always the area where your windshield wipers
    are. You can see it here, with the filthy car has become under the
    windshield wipers accumulated a lot of dirt. Of course, the only way we’ll get that out is by pre-wash it up there.
    The brush alone will not make it. In the car wash you are not allowed to turn on your windshield wipers to avoid any damage.
    In the front area the further focus lies with the license plate holder, so that it is neatly cleaned and afterwards also the lower area at the bumper. Yes, you really have to make sure that the pre-washer with a brush cleans your car properly and then nothing should stand in the way of a good and positive washing result. It’s really cold out here. I have to put on a jacket now or I’ll freeze to death. So people come with me, I would like to show you a sign on which we have briefly summarized the most important washing instructions. Andreas, if you could film the sign for a moment? At all car washes you will usually find signs posted somewhere. Sometimes bigger sometimes smaller. The most important things for you are, which car do you drive? Perhaps one or the other drives with a strange vehicle then you should inform yourselves before briefly how to switch off certain assistance systems. What happens when the rain sensor comes on, for example? And when you are in the carwash… the carwash will surely leave the wiper.
    Make sure that the mirrors are folded in and that the antennas will be retracted.
    Make sure no handbrake is applied. With new-fangled vehicles, you’ll always have to see how to deactivate various systems. otherwise your car will stand diagonally in the
    plant and we want to avoid this as much as possible. So, in a nutshell, please always check in advance before using any technical equipment.system is used. Thank you very much! So that we can test live
    what I have just explained to you, we drive through the plant
    and hope that our pre-washer will get he car clean from our boss. Otherwise the social media team has a really big problem. We see here that he is now brushing the front of the car nice and clean. The magnificent places that always cause difficulties and the mirrors, and in front around the license plate holder. So… and then it goes into the plant. Here you can already see the foam wall from the view of the rear customer. Afterwards, of course, you don’t see anything.
    if the car is complete with foam is covered. When you instruct, you must always pay attention
    to what the instructor gives you for signs, whether you have to go further left or right. Because we are pulled through the plant with a plate conveyor. You can see it…
    and then you have to set the car with automatic transmissions to neutral so we don’t just lose the role. After the foam wall we come
    to our Blaster bow. The Blaster bow is used to clean the paint deep into the pores. In this case it rinses all the little dirt particles from
    the damage to the paintwork that you can´t see with the naked eye Then we come to our Turbo Jetflex high-pressure bar, which has front and rear high-pressure nozzles, which rinses the entire vehicle again. Afterwards… you see it the light goes on red.
    The Protect Shine bow …Protect Shine actually means nothing other than that we apply a kind of protective layer into these filled micro cracks. It fills the gaps and the whole thing has to be massaged in. Here with our nothing else like that.
    into these filled-in microcracks. kind of protective coating.
    It fills virtually the gaps one can always and, of course, the whole thing has to be
    be massaged in, here with our EVO 1 Portal… three brushes, one roof brush
    and two side brushes and after these comes the Alpine Wax bow. Shown here in orange. First the car is rinsed clearly that all the chemical
    and dirt residues are rinsed down again and then the Alpine Wax is applied which then puts this so-called protective film around the paint and then we are already in the drying area. Here you can see an Aeroflex 4 dryer at our place. with two roof nozzles.
    You see “don’t worry I’ll be right on top”. so you don’t have to slow down, just don’t have to do anything, just drive through. and wait for the jets to go up.
    Afterwards we come again to a EVO 1 Station. Here the the remaining microbeads that the Aeroflex doesn’t quite bring down here, dried away again and then after this EVO portal you just have to wait. Each carwash usually has a traffic light or a recognition when you are allowed to leave. wait a long time until the traffic light or the detection tells you to exit now. We have this in the variant with “WAIT” and “GO” – wait at “WAIT” and at “GO” it turns green and you can leave. Then the washing process is finished. Dear Youtuber, our car is washed, we are satisfied, we hope our boss too. I hope you had some fun here and could learn something. If you have any questions about this whole topic, please feel free to tell us in our comments. You are welcome to tell us if you want to see other things, if you want to have a look behind the scenes. Our team will provide a new video. But if the whole thing has convinced you that you want to get active yourself and take a closer look then you can apply on our career page or if you say after the video you want to buy a carwash or any portal or accessories then you can do so on Now all I have left to say is thank you! It was great fun for me. I hope to see you again. Your Ralf, bye makes it good!