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    Anleitung Waschanlage: DINGE DIE DU WISSEN SOLLTEST | 4K UHD

    September 14, 2019

    Hi YouTube community my name is Ralf Streipert. I am from Otto Christ AG and today I’d like to tell you something
    about car washes. What is important? what do you have to look out for? what is
    important from the point of view of operators so that you don’t make mistakes, and your
    washing result will become better in the future. I think the social media team drove across the woods. Ralf… look, we have the super wash tunnel in the Münchner Str. with our Foamwall and so on. It’ll get really clean there.
    We’ll get it right. Okay until tonight. Thank you! See you then! Bye. Bye. Currently I am employed
    in the company Auto Jet. It is a sister company of Otto Christ AG
    with more than 20 car washes distributed throughout Germany and in the adjoining
    abroad. Thus I’d say that I’m pretty good at this area
    and give you a hint or two. So dear Youtube community Welcome to our little
    ultra-modern car wash in Memmingen you saw the car that we were
    having at the moment is extremely dirty. Of course this is a small challenge for every car wash. I would like to briefly show you the most important parts that you can look out for so that the
    operator can clean properly. Now, if you look at this site
    we’ll start with the wheel arches You can imagine that the inside look relatively dirty. The brush does not reach these places, that means this work must be done by the pre-washer. He must do proper preparatory work to keep these areas clean. When we get to the rear end
    there are 2 to 3 places to mention. First there is always the upper rear end.
    The brush does not optimally reach the area under most spoilers In other words, the pre-scrubber must definitely take his pre-washing brush and clean it up properly. Secondly, these are always the areas once around the license plate holders and then these rear sections down here. Always depending on how the car wash is installed
    is set, the brush does not always reach in properly.
    Always check afterwards if it is clean. The third point are the mirror areas. In the car washes, the car mirrors are normally always folded in to avoid damage.
    Here you must pay particular attention to the fact that in this area was also properly pre-washed. So… the next important is always the area where your windshield wipers
    are. You can see it here, with the filthy car has become under the
    windshield wipers accumulated a lot of dirt. Of course, the only way we’ll get that out is by pre-wash it up there.
    The brush alone will not make it. In the car wash you are not allowed to turn on your windshield wipers to avoid any damage.
    In the front area the further focus lies with the license plate holder, so that it is neatly cleaned and afterwards also the lower area at the bumper. Yes, you really have to make sure that the pre-washer with a brush cleans your car properly and then nothing should stand in the way of a good and positive washing result. It’s really cold out here. I have to put on a jacket now or I’ll freeze to death. So people come with me, I would like to show you a sign on which we have briefly summarized the most important washing instructions. Andreas, if you could film the sign for a moment? At all car washes you will usually find signs posted somewhere. Sometimes bigger sometimes smaller. The most important things for you are, which car do you drive? Perhaps one or the other drives with a strange vehicle then you should inform yourselves before briefly how to switch off certain assistance systems. What happens when the rain sensor comes on, for example? And when you are in the carwash… the carwash will surely leave the wiper.
    Make sure that the mirrors are folded in and that the antennas will be retracted.
    Make sure no handbrake is applied. With new-fangled vehicles, you’ll always have to see how to deactivate various systems. otherwise your car will stand diagonally in the
    plant and we want to avoid this as much as possible. So, in a nutshell, please always check in advance before using any technical equipment.system is used. Thank you very much! So that we can test live
    what I have just explained to you, we drive through the plant
    and hope that our pre-washer will get he car clean from our boss. Otherwise the social media team has a really big problem. We see here that he is now brushing the front of the car nice and clean. The magnificent places that always cause difficulties and the mirrors, and in front around the license plate holder. So… and then it goes into the plant. Here you can already see the foam wall from the view of the rear customer. Afterwards, of course, you don’t see anything.
    if the car is complete with foam is covered. When you instruct, you must always pay attention
    to what the instructor gives you for signs, whether you have to go further left or right. Because we are pulled through the plant with a plate conveyor. You can see it…
    and then you have to set the car with automatic transmissions to neutral so we don’t just lose the role. After the foam wall we come
    to our Blaster bow. The Blaster bow is used to clean the paint deep into the pores. In this case it rinses all the little dirt particles from
    the damage to the paintwork that you can´t see with the naked eye Then we come to our Turbo Jetflex high-pressure bar, which has front and rear high-pressure nozzles, which rinses the entire vehicle again. Afterwards… you see it the light goes on red.
    The Protect Shine bow …Protect Shine actually means nothing other than that we apply a kind of protective layer into these filled micro cracks. It fills the gaps and the whole thing has to be massaged in. Here with our nothing else like that.
    into these filled-in microcracks. kind of protective coating.
    It fills virtually the gaps one can always and, of course, the whole thing has to be
    be massaged in, here with our EVO 1 Portal… three brushes, one roof brush
    and two side brushes and after these comes the Alpine Wax bow. Shown here in orange. First the car is rinsed clearly that all the chemical
    and dirt residues are rinsed down again and then the Alpine Wax is applied which then puts this so-called protective film around the paint and then we are already in the drying area. Here you can see an Aeroflex 4 dryer at our place. with two roof nozzles.
    You see “don’t worry I’ll be right on top”. so you don’t have to slow down, just don’t have to do anything, just drive through. and wait for the jets to go up.
    Afterwards we come again to a EVO 1 Station. Here the the remaining microbeads that the Aeroflex doesn’t quite bring down here, dried away again and then after this EVO portal you just have to wait. Each carwash usually has a traffic light or a recognition when you are allowed to leave. wait a long time until the traffic light or the detection tells you to exit now. We have this in the variant with “WAIT” and “GO” – wait at “WAIT” and at “GO” it turns green and you can leave. Then the washing process is finished. Dear Youtuber, our car is washed, we are satisfied, we hope our boss too. I hope you had some fun here and could learn something. If you have any questions about this whole topic, please feel free to tell us in our comments. You are welcome to tell us if you want to see other things, if you want to have a look behind the scenes. Our team will provide a new video. But if the whole thing has convinced you that you want to get active yourself and take a closer look then you can apply on our career page or if you say after the video you want to buy a carwash or any portal or accessories then you can do so on Now all I have left to say is thank you! It was great fun for me. I hope to see you again. Your Ralf, bye makes it good!