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    Future high speed railway of india and China
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    Future high speed railway of india and China

    October 13, 2019

    Smoking is injurious to health Smoking leads to cancer Disclaimer Newgate India have directed this documentary film purely for educational and academic
    purpose China is world’s second-largest and fastest growing economy with vast
    geographical diverse city on the same front china’s neighboring
    country India is world second-fastest growing
    economy and eighth largest with vast cultural diversity India is also the biggest democratic
    country Newgateindia has done an intensive analysis and results obtained from research supported the fact that the two leading nations, India and china have a lot in common in their economy
    pattern and follow a similar trend in both the cases consumer demand were
    impacted highly by macroeconomic variables and current economic conditions however there relationship and degree of association differed from each other But in last one decades china’s consumer demand grew quite faster than that of India the rapid economic growth in india and china in last one decade has catched up a high ladder with china having an average GDP
    growth of 10.7% and india having an average growth of 8.9% over the
    period 2005 to 2010 grabbed the top two positions globally in terms of annual GDP growth
    achieved This inhabitable growth that resulted in creating employment and better business opportunities that
    in turn has raised the average disposable incomes purchasing power ability to spend making a steady growth
    in demand but many other macro economy variables
    like employment, inflation consumer price index and bank’s interest rate set by central bank would alter the
    consequences of increased or decrease in consumer demand in india in recent quarters of 2012 reserve bank of india have increased the interest rate to have a control on long going
    inflation but on the same time low inflation is slowly getting controlled
    industrial outputs have gone down Newgate India sees that industries in
    India and china is one of the most Competitive markets catering to the
    global needs. market patterns in recent years In china and india as emerging nations have been fluctuating due to factors
    like global slowdown competitions and ability of consumers to accept and
    before the product or service has been quite challenging but no one can deny needs thre is no
    other place than india and china having huge market potential with vast area
    of untapped markets Newgate india has undergone very keen
    research have interpreted macroeconomic data stepwise and forecasts the
    population of india will overtake china by 2030 making india
    having their largest workforce in the world Newgate india have also found from
    regression analysis that’s in case of expenditure pattern both india and china
    followed the same pattern in both the cases the expenditure in education remained constant whereas expenditure in
    health care kept on rising in india and china the GDP growth
    rate had been constantly rising from 1999 to 2008 in 2009 due to economic
    depression the GDP fell down and picked up again from 2009 In the past few decades industries and
    venture capitalist looking to invest in chinese and indian markets have
    significantly risen these vast market act as a driving force
    to stimulate the economic growth in china and india Newgate also sees an important
    observations that china and india being world’s fastest growing nation and
    counted among two big economies in asia has undergone this major growth in the
    presence of increasing proportion of private ownership and large pool of
    young working force. As forecasted by international monetary
    fund china will overtake economy of USA by
    two 2034 becoming the largest economy and india will overtake USA by 2067 becoming the second largest economy as predicted india will further overtake
    china by 2076 and would be the leading nation driving
    the economy coming to china’s high-speed railways
    system china has the world’s longest high-speed rail
    network with about 6800 kilometers
    of routes running above 200 kilometers per hour it was expected that by october 2012 china will reach at least 3515 kilometers of rail line with highest speeds of 300
    kilometers per hour. high-speed railway service in china was introduced on 18th april 2007 and daily ridership has grown from 237 thousand in 2007 to 796 thousand in 2010 China’s High speed rail network consists of upgraded conventional railways newly built high-speed passenger
    designated lines and world’s first high-speed commercial magnetic
    levitation line Newgate india’s projection based on railway network expansion from the year 2007 to 2011 indicates that there high-speed railway network is rapidly
    expanding and the total network lengths of above
    200 kilometer per hour lines is expected to reach 18 thousand
    kilometer by the end of 2015
    china’s high-speed rail expansion slowed sharply in 2011 concerns about safety high tickets
    prices low ridership and financial sustainability of
    high-speed rail projects and environmental impact have drawn greater scrutiny Newgate india has no doubts that their high-speed railway market in china has been red hot in recent years and indicates that china’s high-speed
    railroad track mileage may exceed 16 thousand
    kilometers by two 2020 the government is also spending 98 billion yuan to expand into less populated areas as the first long-distance high-speed
    rail line in west china the second line all railway
    has a planned investment of more than 140 billion yuan
    China’s high-speed railway plays a very important role in logistics and transportation done through high
    speed car go cars high-speed railways have also helped in
    agricultural sector by reducing the wastage through reduction of cycle
    time every important stations have automated
    inventory tracking facilities where goods are safely being transferred loaded and unloaded from cargo cars high-speed railways has given the thrust to retailer on station to achieve higher sales volume the Beiljing shanghai high-speed line has twenty four stations including groups crosses two major rivers the yellow and the yanks the shanghai tanjing section of the
    current mainline was chosen for early rebuilding
    to enable testing to take place largely because it crosses the soft terrain of
    the yanks delta presenting the engineers with their most
    difficult challenge two-thirds of the new route was built on embankment with
    the vast majority of the remaining third being laid on bridges engineers lifted the three hundred main span of
    this bridge into position using a 1200 tones crane and despite the weighted delicacy of the
    operation it took just an hour and a half to drop the span and bolt it into place for each span the
    managing director said that high-speed railway flyover will make a
    real difference to passengers who would travel on this highly proficient
    high-speed lines. lifting the main span into place is a milestone in the project and beside that engineers on track can deliver those benefits What else can we learn about the future
    of the chinese high-speed of course it is growing has a huge market and has miles to grow but is it possible for india to build high-speed railway as efficient
    as china questions are still a growing concern
    for high-speed railways authority of india Newgate India have found many loopholes in
    the current railway network indian railway track does not meet the specification and
    presence of very frequent sharp turnings at an average of every fifteen
    kilometers leads to slow down of railwayspeech as of today average speed of railway locomotives in
    india is 68 to 80 kilometers per hour growing railway safety and accidents has
    to be taken into prime focus in india daily several accidents take place on the crossroads and toll gates many
    people die on tracks in dark knight in india there is no centralized system to ensure that the trucks are safe
    enough to run the trains no one in india can forget the derailment off Kurla Howrah express that occurred on the 28th of may 2010 in the west Midnapore district of west bengal in india the accident almost sabotaged the Midnapore-TATA nagar route for more than a year it was disputed as to whether sabotaged or a bomb caused damage on the railway
    track which in turn led to a trains derailment the train derailment have raised
    question on people’s safety in transport later an oncoming good train hit the loose
    carrages resulting in the deaths of atleast 141 passengers in india Bridges are not being taken care which resulted in Kalalundi train disaster one of the biggest accidents on the
    indian railway network in 2001 on 21 july the mangalore chennaii mail heading for
    chennai was crossing bridge 924 over the kadalundi the river near
    Calicut when it derailed and fell into the river the death toll for the accident rose
    steadily as bodies were retrieved from the wreckage over the course of a week but a figure of 57 people were
    eventually reported as killed or missing including at least 8 women and 2
    children whilist between 117 and 300 were injured and transported to nearby hospitals in india still lots of bridges are on hold have
    expired and needs to be addressed soon but hope still lies india is a leading country in technological advancement information systems and innovation although india doesn;t own a competencies in this sector but it can outsource
    to international players to take this up as a turnkey project few such players are network rails bombardier siemens who can
    collaborate with indian manufacturer BHEL to undergo high-speed rail project indian railways approach to high-speed
    is an incremental improvement on existing conventional lines for up to 160
    kilometers per hour with afford vision of speed above 200 kilometers per hour on new tracks with state of the art
    technology while they do not define high-speed indian railways approach matches the high-speed definitions of the trans european high-speed rail
    network for upgraded lines and new lines built for high speed india had already found out the technology in 2002 to build up high-speed railway but growing population infrastructure rehabilization of
    tracks and government investments were the key
    factors leading to delay in this project however good news were on cards when
    indian construction proved to be competent enough after the launch of metros in delhi and
    banglore which ran on fly overs and bridges across the cities similar to that of
    requirement of construction of high-speed rail although high-speed rail is quite
    challenging and different to the metro rail but indian construction players like L&T infrastructure has set standards that now india is also
    not too far to build constructive fly over to
    support such projects banglore metro paved a new way in the indian history of
    railway the capacity of train is approximately
    1000 through longitudinal sitting giving a high proportion of the area to
    standing passengers the maximum attainable speed is 80
    kilometers per hour. Banglore metro rails are the first metro in india all the first lecturer to have wi-fi enabled on training so passengers can use laptops
    tablets as well as mobile internet passengers also have emergency voice
    communication with train staff through the speaker
    system passengers are provided with the call
    button to communicate anything to the driver or control center during an emergency Newgate india had conducted a survey to find out the most optimal railway
    route that would suit to high-speed railway network Newgate india took four important
    factors into consideration number one the average disposable income of each
    station or place secondly, the average demand of passengers in
    that station Third, geographical feasibility to support
    high-speed railway and fourth the expected tenure of return on investment or break even. Newgate india selects 24 important stations
    from the available pool of networks in Indian Railway. the cities that could much this criterias were
    similar Delhi, Mumbai Chennai, kolkata bangalore hyderabad, Jaipur, Patna Pune, Chandigarh,Goa, Coimbatore, Bhubhaneswar and Ahmedabad. After doing a thorough analysis we ranked the top 5 routes that have potential to have high speed railway Delhi- chandigarh route had ranked at the top position but due to short distance and very few
    important stations in between it did not support an early breakeven however Banglore to Chennia and Banglore to hyderabad route
    supported an early breaking even on comparing this route we made an
    important observation instead of choosing one route of this two
    we found that bangalore had to go through vellore stations irrespective of whether it has to go to
    Chennai or hyderabad Hence keeping in mind that this common
    route targeting to large stations chennai and hyderabad would save cost of 1783 crores Hence both the stations were approved
    while analyzing the optimal route in this case high-speed train with 13 cars will be splitted in
    vellore six caress will go to hyderabad and seven cars will go to chennai
    with higher demand Further Bangalore route was extended to Mysore a high potential station near to Bangalore and Vijaywada station was included
    on bangalore – hyderabad route Bangalore will have a yard to
    accommodate and overhaul railway coaches and locomotives Vellore would be a junction switching trains in between bangalore chennai and Vijaywada Newgate India estimates that if everything is set on
    line by two 2012 then by 2016 october
    high-speed rail way would be in a position to take its first ride. banglore
    will be the largest railway yard to cater the needs of the railway network with
    biggest hub engineering overhauling maintenance and repairing. the high speed express is ready to
    take its first ride for passengers Mysore chennai high speed express will enter into mysorestation at 9:30 Am
    morning as its first arrival point to pick up the passengers all over passengers are excited to have an
    experience of there first travel on India’s high-speed railway high speed express enters Mysore
    platforms built with most sophisticated technology and sensing devices to ensure
    safety of platforms as well as on track the train will be halting on station for 10 minutes and will be leaving
    sharp at 9:45 Am for its next destination Bangalore Mysore station will have children’s play area to give kids and their families much needed break and relaxing environment Mysore chennai express will travel at an average speed
    of 200 per hour it has to travel a distance of 172 kilometers and will take just 52 minutes to reach bangalore Mysore express will enter to bangalore station at 10:37 Am and will halt for 10 minutes Bangalore will be the most admired station with high quality of service ambiance modern art of real estate GPRS enabled system with esteemed infrastructure this will be a spacious eco friendly technical driven station that will have modern computer
    facilities information system, art gallary it will have digital accelerators and
    elevators for ease of access emergency exit and fire safety are built
    and would respond automatically when there is an alert facilities for
    physically challenged senior citizens are available user-friendly passenger information place for shoping and advertisment banners and posters will help our brands to promote and
    sell their products this station is just not a stations but a hub where you get varied segments of
    service like ATMs, retail outlets restaurants banks and postal services
    retail footfall will grow high which would help a railway Mysore express would leave bangalore
    at 10:47 Am and proceed to its next destination Vellore Mysore express will travel a distance of 190 kilometres in 56 minutes before it reaches the Vellore at 11:43 Am Vellore will be a junction that will allow mysore express to
    switch between hyderabad and chennai user-friendly interchanges with
    intermodal transit facilities and sky warriors will be the latest way to interchanging
    rails Mysore express will halt for 15 to 20 minutes in vellore for interchange At first 7 cars of mysore
    express will leave at 11:53 Am for chennai followed by six cars of mysore express will leave for.
    hyderabad at 12:00 Pm Mysore Chennia express will cover a
    distance of 135 kilometers in 40 minutes and reach chennai at it’s final
    destination at 12: 33 Pm this mode of transportation that ensures public safety will save people from fatal accidents intelligent software ERP systems and surveillance would have a check for the safety of
    tracks and any threats inside the track the station will have air purifiers
    to lower down carbon production and increase the percentage of oxygen in surrounding atmosphere with lesser noise levels it will help
    in reducing noise pollution railway station will have adequate facilities digital
    boards to guide people order processing system would work on reducing the queue at railway counters through proper optimization of passenger traffic chennai station too will have hospitals arrangements for physically challenged and emergency wards Chennia station will have automated systems keep track
    of baggage and cross check every luggage before passengers go on board to ensure public safety one of the greatest advantage of
    platforms would be the platform screen doors that would avoid any fatal accidents in the meanwhile the other train mysore hyderabad
    express enters vijaywada station at 2:40 PM after covering 513
    kilometers into 2 Hours and 40 minutes It halts in vijaywada station for
    5 minutes and leaves at 2:45 Pm It covered a distance of 279 kilometers in 1 hour 23 minutes to reach its last
    destination hyderabad at 4:10 PM. hydrabad station will have people’s paradise at its bank user oriented facilities cafeterias
    restaurants ATMs E-seva centres and more and added convenience hyderabad will have world-class parking facilities for two wheelers and four wheelers which would be electronically monitored on the cctv no where else in India we would have found such a planed
    infrastructure like in case of high-speed rail Bangalore will have the biggest yard with MRO centres located in whitefield where railway would touch tangentially
    to the city without affecting the mass population maintainance and repairing of railway coaches and locomotives will be done here everything would be monitored from operational control center. Will have workshops with high tech savy equipments so finally we see that india will not
    too far behind China to operate high-speed railway that will
    be soon seen in near future High speed railway in India is feasible and will have long way to grow india will build fast-track to future the future is here

    Build Your Own Railroad Tracks
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    Build Your Own Railroad Tracks

    August 13, 2019

    – BOOM! What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen, welcome
    to Secret MLM Hacks Radio and kind of a crazy episode
    that I wanna teach you guys little bit more about
    how I chose the next step that I needed to be focusing on. If you’re like me you know
    MLM is an amazing opportunity to grow a real asset for yourself. But you also see that there’s huge issues starting to emerge. Like, why haven’t big
    MLMs let tactics changed in over 30 years? Or why have they’ve
    been cutting commissions smaller and smaller? Or even how dumb is it
    that old MLM rule say, you’ll get in trouble
    when you use the internet to grow your team. Is this some of the blurred
    question we all face today? This podcast will show you
    how real MLMers like us are waging more on the old dying methods. And we aren’t cheating by only bugging uninterested family and friends. Follow this podcast while I expose the shocking methods I’m using to build my 10,000 person downline and get people begging
    to join my team daily. Here’s to the new tactics
    without all of those old rusty MLM shackle’s myth. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. What’s up guys? Hey, I am here at the… I’m actually in Temple Florida right now. I actually… I live in Boise, Idaho. I grew up in Denver, from
    like age 5 till you know, till I left the house. And grew up in Denver,
    Little Sand Colorado actually and had a ton of fun there growing up. Love golf courses! I actually don’t golf that much so it’s kinda funny me saying that, but we grew up on the back
    nine of a public gold course and so coming back to
    this places right here always reminds me of growing up. Anyways, right here I’m in Temple. I’m actually in this
    building right over here. We are doing a speaker training, I’m attending one, I’m not giving it. Anyway, I’m at a really
    interesting spot now where I just focus on trying to learn from specific experts, from their specific, like, talent. I don’t wanna go learn from somebody whose not that absolute
    best at what they do. It’s kind like… I’ve ranted on here before, I’m not… It’s not the purpose of this episode but I’ve ranted on here before about like, look, if someone isn’t rich, stop listening to them
    about money advice, right? Cut it out! If someont isn’t ripped,
    like they’re really strong and have like no fat on their body, don’t listen to them about trying to go and you know, get healthy. It’s the same thing with
    this MLM stuff, right? If somebody is saying,
    “Hey do the X, Y and Z”, and they’re broke? Then don’t listen to them, right? And it sounds like common sense but it’s hard to do at first especially if you’ve not been careful on who you listen to in your circle. Anyway, I had to aggress. So, the reason I’m here is
    for that exact reason though. I love speaking on stage, and those of you guys who
    have been to one of my events you know (laughs) I
    love speaking on stage. And I’m not bad at it, and I’ve got… But I wanna get better. And so I’m here learning
    from one of the absolute best he’s absolutely incredible. His name’s Myron Golden, and anyways… I’m very careful on those
    that I chose to listen to now. So anyway, it’s been a lot of fun. Hey, what I wanna talk real fast though about is there’s… Hopefully you guys enjoy
    these series we did that four part series, try now this is kinda the end of that. This isn’t… I think, I believe the
    next episode I after that, maybe the one afterwards, I don’t know I kinda batch record my content. But, anyway the four part series about going through and creating a
    product funnel for your MLM right, it is really powerful stuff. And that really is how
    a lot of big guys do it, and you know, that is
    exactly what we teach. So hopefully take some of it serious or just choose one method but one of the common questions that I get after going and (laughs)
    teaching something like that, is a lot, right? Tight in that one training… I don’t often share the
    trainings on a podcast, but I thought it’d be powerful
    for you guys to see it if you are interested, just
    go join Secret MLM Hacks, go to but anyway… I thought I’d break it
    up and share with you how we do those things, and sell using the internet. And yes, MLM involves, the future of MLM involves the internet. I’ve got some really aggressive things that I wanna share with you guys (laughs) coming up here soon, if you haven’t checked
    out the, the is a… Anyway, just go check it out. The, fair
    warning the video might be a little bit aggressive. Watch what I’m doing in it though. Anyway, one of the biggest questions I get after teaching something is,
    “Stephen, what do I do next?” and I understand what
    they’re asking and I get it. You understand that when you first start learning anything, right? Any new topic involves a
    series immersion in that topic. And so while you get immersed in the topic which is great and you should. There comes a point where you know enough of the framework to
    just kinda move forward. Right? And you don’t need immersed anymore and success is no longer on
    just getting another book. Right? And getting another,
    getting another course, getting another CD,
    getting another whatever. If you don’t know a lot of these things, then just immerse, right? Go on in deep dive on whatever
    topic is you’re learning but of eventually, like
    the highest leverage activities you can go do has nothing to do with getting another book. Slowly, what starts to happen is the next highest leverage activity. That’s the way to look at it! It’s not how to become a master in X topic or whatever it might be. What it is is, how can I have the fast… Ask yourself that question, how can I have the fastest leverage? How can I gain the most
    leverage in my life? It’s you know, towards my goal,
    and whatever I’m going for. And so, pretty soon, you’ll
    start to realize that like like I’m saying, getting another book, getting another course,
    another CD, whatever that is. It has nothing to do with it, it’s actually might be
    hindering your progress. I need to know it all! Stephen, what are the
    rest of these secrets? It’s like, I was just
    like, oh man, just… Anyway, once you’re
    gonna have the baseline understand that asking the question, how do I get more leverage
    towards what I’m moving towards, that gonna be a different response a different answer than
    you go and get, right than getting another book. And so what it starts to turn into is… I mean it’s not a fun answer
    but it’s freaking action. Right? It’s just… Just go do it! Just do it! Right? And so I wanna give you guys
    a very simple thing that I use to do that personally. So when I left my job about
    a year and a half ago, and did this stuff full time. It’s been awesome! You know real quick, you
    start to realize that, Oh crap, I’m the one that comes up with my own checklist everyday. Right? Nobody’s giving me a To-Do-List. Nobody saying, “Hey, Stephen, this is what you gotta get done today”. Nobody’s looking at me and saying, Hey, you know, did you
    noticed this, this and that? You gotta go and look
    at those things, right? Not only do you need to
    go maybe fix this or that, or maybe have more clarity in the product around these things but you also gotta go do
    the normal fulfillment of the product, you what I mean? Anyway, no one is giving me a To-Do-List and this is where I find
    most new entrepreneurs start to struggle quite a bit. It’s like a gorgeous
    scenery in the background. Holy crap! Anyway, I’m gonna go
    take a walk over there. Seems pretty awesome looking,
    I mean that’s pretty cool. Anyway, so a trick that I play with myself is like you know, or dance
    around this question a lot is well, Stephen, what would you do next? (laughs loudly) And then I
    answer it, and that’s what I do. Okay, now you might think about it, Hey, Stephen that’s so simple. That’s the freaking point! Too many people make it
    too complicated, right? What would you do next? Do that, right? And I say this, and it sounds
    like I’m being insulting but i promise I’m not. This comes from me having a… Now coached like over
    20,000 people in this stuff and what I’ve find ends up happening is after I teach the major frame works, and after somebody learns, right? After somebody learns
    the major basic pieces to take a move, instead
    of them taking a move they start distracting
    themselves with more education. Right? And then when I say, go do it with it. But they’re like, “How?” I’m like, “Well I just told you how!” But Stephen like how should I
    go and do the Facebook Live? I’m like, “Okay, this is okay
    I get it, you’re gonna go and download this APP called Facebook, you’re gonna flip your camera sideways and your gonna press Live, and then just click Go Live Now”. And they’re like, “Oh, really?” And I’m like, I’m not
    trying to be condescending I’m saying, stop over complicating it, and realize you were filling the gaps in pursuit of the very
    task you’re moving towards. That makes sense? If you don’t know all the answers, no ones gonna know all the answers. So if you start… It’s just interesting, okay? Of the… Let me be really stereotypically
    over for a second, okay? As if this podcast isn’t
    controversial enough. Let me be really
    stereotypical, okay here it is. What I found is that, I
    hate millennial bashing. It drives me nuts. Not just cause I am one, barely, but it’s stupid, all right? Baby boomers who make fun of millennials yeah, your parents said the same kind of crap about you, too, all right? I’m doing pretty well, I’m a millennial. It’s just not a really
    a fair thing, but okay, here we go, check it out! So millennials, what I
    found most of the time is millennials have a hard
    time with what I teach, because they start to
    feel a little bit of pain or discomfort, and they’re like, “I don’t like this”, and they slowed down. Okay, that’s very stereotypical. Not saying it’s always true, not everyone’s like that, all right? The baby boomers, they typically
    will look at the things that I’m doing and they’ll say, “Yeah, but you have to be a techy”. No, you freaking don’t! I have no idea how to code, all right? You don’t! Has nothing to do with
    it, get over it, right? That’s the stereotypical thing that I hear from baby boomers. The stuff (laughs)… Is it okay if I’m a little bit
    open and raw with you guys? Cause I’ve done this a lot now. I’ve done this for years
    and years and years. It’s been four years now. I guess it’s not years
    and years and years, but it’s still a really long time and a lot longer than most of you guys has done this on the internet. So like, the crowd in
    between the millennials and the baby boomers, they typically… The issues that I noticed
    that they most frequently have is they have a hard time believing that it’s possible for them. They’re very freaked out by scams. If they didn’t picked this up… This is what I found normally. If they didn’t do
    anything entrepreneurial, if they didn’t do anything, it was just the smallest
    amount of calculated risk, they have a very hard
    time taking on new risk. Now I’m speaking in some pretty major, maybe possibly offensive
    but truthful stereotypes they’re the ones who say that. Here’s the purpose, here’s
    why I’m saying this, while we’re going up… And I’ll never be the guy
    that makes fun of school, they do the best they can
    of what they’d got, okay? While we’re being raised,
    we follow a set of tracks. And these tracks are built
    for us, and they should be. We’re no right to make these
    huge decisions on our own, I gotta five year old, a little
    girl who just turned four, and then we have a on year old, all right? I’m not letting my five year old go around and make my tax decisions. You know what I’m saying, right? There are things that you have to learn just through basic development,
    through these tracks. And things are told to us
    what we do, what we can’t do. Yes, no, good, bad, up,
    down, left, right, okay? There comes a point though
    where the tracks end, right? Where you suddenly realized
    like man, I’m on my own! And you follow the tracks,
    or didn’t and whatever. But the tracks stopped,
    and for whatever reason the tracks are no longer
    being built for you. This is a very crucial moment. And what I’ve found,
    again very stereotypically across all the three
    categories I just mentioned, baby boomers, right? Baby boomers, millennials,
    and those in between… What I’ve found is that those who have… It has less to do with what
    category are you in, okay? And what it has… It’s more about is have
    you ever, ever, ever ever had any experience
    building your own tracks and having the confidence to
    take a step down that track. Very few people shockingly
    enough have done that very few adults. If I can catch teenagers, right as that is starting to happen, I found that they can
    usually take on models on what I teach a little more easily. It’s not to say no one else can do it, they just fight it less. And again, major stereotypes
    I’m saying all these stuffs and I totally getting
    it, “I’m not that way”, then that’s great! That great, you’re doing
    things that are not normal like thanks for being a part of the show. Appreciate you guys being here, right? But what I’m saying is, if you’ve never had any
    experience ever building your own tracks, the confidence of having your own idea, right? Learning the framework, and then stepping back and saying, what should I do next? Having you a thought and
    then having the confidence to say, that’s not a dumb thought, because it came from me! And then having the confidence
    to lay that track down and then take a step on it without anyone putting a
    cattle prod to your back, many adults cannot do that, okay? And that, that is what
    I found stops people mostly from doing any of this stuff. Has nothing to do with,
    does it work for me? Yeah it does. Let’s see, do you need leads or sales? Yeah, okay you got it. The issue is not that. It’s not the models. It is the people’s behavior
    once they start executing the models that I teach. That’s where they have a huge issue! That’s the hiccups, right there. It’s not like, well, Stephen
    I don’t know these four wheels that are attached in this
    body in a steering wheel. This car, does this car actually drive, does it actually move? Right, people are like, “Yeah, the car drives,
    just call it the car”. Okay, where the people get messed up? It’s not on the wheel. It’s not on, hey, does the
    engine actually turned on? “Vroom, oh yup, there it is.” It’s their execution of being the driver. Can I sit inside of the seat
    of this vehicle and pilot it. That has been the biggest issue that I’ve had on any kind of program, any kind of coaching I’ve
    ever done ever with people. It’s never ever, do this
    models really worked? They worked. It’s people don’t allow themselves… So anyways, hopefully
    that less you sink in this little bit on I’m talking about here. Whatever it is that you feel
    like is the next thing to do, just do that thing. And that is why I have gotten where I have in such a short amount of
    period, a short amount of time. What I start to learn is that most people don’t have practice making
    decisions and just doing them. And so if I’m making any decision and do it to the slightest
    degree even really badly, it usually equals success, because there’s very little
    real competition in this world because most people can’t
    do what I’m talking about. Now you listening to this show right here, you reading the blog, you
    listening to it on iTunes you watching on YouTube or whatever, you’re different, all right? We’re all different cats. We’re all different people sitting down and hanging out on this show because you’re not gonna
    listen to something like this without already being
    a little bit different than the society actually is. You know what I’m saying? Anyway, congratulations and welcome. Two pieces with it though. Number one, don’t expect
    other people to be like you they’re just not, and that’s all right. And some people, they just
    wanna go work at nine to five and then go die slowly, that’s okay. You know what I mean? And I’m not making fun of that. I’m just saying, that’s what
    they really wanna go do. They wanna go do their nine to five, grab a four-on-one okay, and
    try to live up the savings and that’s truly what they want. Don’t try to change them! Your role is not to baptize
    them in your beliefs that why that’s why I
    try to tell everybody that rule number one is that
    they come to you, all right? MLM recruiting, product sales, in any company ever, all right? They come to you! And the better marketer you are, the more of them will come to you. So anyways, second thing with this though is that just know that… If I again… If I don’t know what to do,
    the easiest thing to go do is to make sure I understand the framework that I’m following and
    then I just ask myself, what’s the next step that I could take that will get me to cash the fastest? So I challenged you on
    this podcast episode there’s not much more of me to say I may have ruffles and
    feathers with this episode but I’m just telling
    you from my experience having coached like 20,000
    people with this now. Okay? It is, it’s not does the model work? It’s the drive can’t get over, “I’ve never built my own
    train tracks before!” All right? And then they try to change other people, don’t do that, all right? And then the real issue
    that starts to pop in also is that they just there’s so much skepticism in anything. Right? If you’re a natural skeptic, it’s really hard to behave
    as an entrepreneur, right? You already have enough no
    ways going on in your head. Will it work, will it work? I hope it’ll work, I hope it’ll work. And you got noise from the
    outside from friends and family who are well meaning,
    right, but still noise. Is that gonna work? Is that (mumbles) things gonna work? How much you’d take us out to lunch? You see, I’m sure you’ve
    had people say it to you. I totally did before anything
    like big ever happen, and it was terrible, and it sucked. And like, shut up! No, no, this is the one,
    this is the thing, you know? Anyway, so anyway… I had to aggress a little bit but all I’m trying to
    tell you guys is that if you don’t know what to go do next first thing you go do is you make sure that who you’re following
    has actually done what you’re trying to go learn. Okay? Don’t just learn from
    people who are theorizing or did it a long time ago. Stuff changes quickly. I only wanna learn from the horses’ mouth the person whose doing it right now, okay? That my strong honest
    opinion with it, all right. Number two, do you actually
    understand the framework that you’re learning from that person, or that guru, or that
    coach, or trainer, whatever. If you don’t, stop there. Just keep learning there. If you do understand it, the next question you ask yourself is, what should I be doing next? Then when you’re like, oh you know what, this is what I’m gonna go do
    next, X, Y and Z or whatever. Just do it, right? What would you do next? Cause there was a time when I was on stage is people ask me, “Stephen,
    what would you do next”? “Okay Stephen, this is
    the scenario I’m in, this is the exact scenario that
    I’m in, what would you do?” Someone asked me that
    probably about six week ago in an event I’m speaking at, it’s about 400 people,
    they all paid like 25 grand to be in the room or something like that, 18 to 25, to 50 grand even. It’s a bit roomy, an expensive room, and this lady stood up and she asks me, she said that pretty much the same thing. “Here’s my scenario and I’m in
    a different situation here.” And I’m like, “I know, you’re not”. Okay, here we go (chuckles). I didn’t say that but
    in my mind it was like, okay not really. Do you need leads or sales? She’s like, “But I sell
    something a little bit different than everybody else here”. Like, that really doesn’t
    have much to do with it. Still a sale. Anyway, and she goes,
    “What would you do next?” And I flipped it on her and
    I said, “What would you do?” She goes, “Well, I should go X, Y and Z”. And I was like, “Do that”, okay? You see what I’m saying? All you’re gonna do is you’re gonna focus on step number three,
    is executing the model. Number one, are you
    following someone who’s rich or is very successful in
    what you’re trying to go do? Number two, do you know the framework? And Number three, are you
    executing the framework? One little question at a time. What should I do next? That thing, boom that! Now what should I do? That thing, next, boom! And put your head down,
    stop looking at the clock. And then you look back
    up a few months later, and be like, snap, look
    how far down the road I am, that’s crazy (chuckles). That’s how I pulleyed it, and that’s how honestly
    most people played the game. Can’t… Anyway, I’m done. Hey guys, would love to
    have you come to OfferMind, if you don’t know what it is, go to,
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