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    Japan’s Maglev Train of Tomorrow: MEGAPROJECTS (Part 3)
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    Japan’s Maglev Train of Tomorrow: MEGAPROJECTS (Part 3)

    October 12, 2019

    This is the future–maglev trains. Japan’s
    all aboard! They’re spending a staggering $85 billion over the next 30 years to connect
    the island’s three largest cities: Tokyo to Nagoya to Osaka. That’s over three hundred
    miles that you’ll be able to cover in about 67 minutes by racing through the countryside
    at over 300 miles per hour. Maglev technology uses powerful magnetic charges to move rail
    cars that float several inches above a concrete guideway, rather than riding on steel wheels.
    This frictionless system allows for a smoother ride at significantly higher speeds than traditional
    high speed rail. In contrast, California’s planned high speed rail system that’ll eventually
    connect San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, will only be able to travel at top
    speeds of 220 mph, but its estimated overall cost is ten billion dollars less than the
    Japanese system and will cover a distance two and a half times as long. The Chinese
    city of Shanghai has had a short maglev line in operation since 2004, but the Japanese
    line is the world’s first intercity link to gain public approval. The project’s called
    Chuo Shinkansen – or as the Japanese refer to it, Rinia Mota Ka – and is a culmination
    of 40 years of Japanese maglev development that began with an unlikely partnership between
    Japan Airlines and Japanese National Railways. What’s really impressive about this project
    is that JR Central – the company that’s building the line – will finance the project
    without public money, thanks largely to the success of the bullet train it’s run from
    Tokyo to Osaka since the mid 1960’s. The company’s also pushing hard to construct
    a maglev line between the American capital city of Washington DC and New York, which
    would showcase the technology to the American market and the rest of the western world.
    The Japanese government has even offered to fully finance the 40 mile first leg of the
    US project from Baltimore to DC, a proposal Prime Minister Shinzo Abe directly pitched
    to President Barack Obama during a meeting last year. But critics of Maglev say the costs
    outweigh the benefits. Opponents have raised questions about the monetary cost of the project,
    its environmental impact and whether it is really needed. Tunnels will be blasted through
    some of Japan’s highest mountains to build the Chuo Shinkansen line. But regardless of
    what the critics say, something had to change. When the Maglev system is done it will help
    alleviate the overcrowding on Japan’s existing rail system and make it feasible for commuters
    into Tokyo to live further outside of the city than they can now.

    Shinkansen Bullet Train Race | Thomas Tank & Spencer in the Train Lab | Toy train videos for kids
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    Shinkansen Bullet Train Race | Thomas Tank & Spencer in the Train Lab | Toy train videos for kids

    October 12, 2019

    On your marks, get set, go. Whoa. Ooh, it’s going to be close. It’s a win. [THEME MUSIC] Trainlab. Isn’t that cool? This is the Shinkansen. That’s my favorite train
    in the whole entire world. Super fast. Super fast. The series N700
    Shinkansen Mizuho But how does it work? Well we’re going to have to
    put some batteries in it first. Can you put some
    batteries in it? [INAUDIBLE] What kind of batteries? I think it’s these. Probably. Does it have three As
    in there or two As? It fits. OK. There you go. Hook it on and see if it works. There you go. OK. It’s James against Shinkansen. Where’s the
    [? batteries, ?] Rosie? I don’t know. Do you want to find
    Rosie and race two? Oh. Whoa look at that. The Shinkansen’s fast. Oh, the Shinkansen
    is super fast. It’s the fastest we have here. Ah. I don’t know– Actually the engine
    wasn’t actually pulling. The car actually is the one– This car actually is the one
    that takes batteries folks. Hmm. Wow, that’s kind of clever, huh. I can’t find it. Wow. Who are you going to race next? Salty against– Salty? Who’s the fastest
    rabbit in the world? James and Rosie. Oh, James and Rosie. I want to see– Salty, see if Salty’s
    going to do it? [INAUDIBLE] Oh my goodness. Oh, here we go. The Shinkansen wins. Yay. One like this and one like this. Ah. [INAUDIBLE] That was
    my favorite [INAUDIBLE] Crash. Crash. There’s always a
    crash in Trainlab. There’s always a
    crash in Trainlab. Ready, setty, go. Oh. That’s a pretty good one. Whoa. And the Shinkansen wins again. Wow. Yay. Shinkansen. Oh you found Rosie? Yeah. Nice. Are you going to race her? You hope your Rosie wins? All you need is to
    put the front end on. Well, I’m just not– I’m not– Whoa. Whoa, that’s so cool. Shinkansen is the fastest
    train in the whole– Well, he hasn’t raced them all. In the round house. Pick the pile up. Crash. Crash. Oh, I want to race Emily
    against the Shinkansen. This– All right. Crash. (LAUGHING) That was a crash in there. Ready, setty, go. Whoa, that Shinkansen
    is beating everybody. Wow. It beats everybody. Crash. Quite the hero. Oh, hero. Hero to zero. Too bad we don’t have
    runaway Steven from Rocket. Yeah, too bad. Crash. It’s too bad. Ready, setty, go. Whoa, that Shinkansen
    could just go. I think he has a
    bunch of problems. Crash. Whoops. Let’s try again. OK. Let’s look in the pile. It’s pretty fast isn’t it? Ready, setty, go. [INAUDIBLE] Oh, look at Hero. He’s going to win. Oh, Hero won this time. The Shinkansen– The Shinkansen had a
    technical malfunction right at the starting gate. We haven’t got Percy. Oh, Percy. OK. Let’s try Percy. Let’s see if she can beat– We’re going to see
    if the Shinkansen– Oh, that train
    could just go fast. Oh it is fast. It looks like a
    bullet, doesn’t it? How sleek it is. It’s called the bullet train. Crash. [INAUDIBLE] Whoa, that’s fast. It’s just beating everyone. Uh-huh. The Shinkansen wins again. Wins again. It’s just winning and
    winning on everyone. OK, final train. Final race. I’m Spencer. I am the fastest train. Go. Oh my goodness. That is the newest,
    fastest engine here ever. [THEME MUSIC] Trainlab.

    CM of the Kyushu Shinkansen (九州新幹線)
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    CM of the Kyushu Shinkansen (九州新幹線)

    October 11, 2019

    ARIGATOU(THANK YOU) Congratulations!KAGOSHIMA-CHUO Congratulations! SENDAI Congraturations Opening all line of shinkansen between KAGOSHIMA and AOMORI(End of TOHOKU SHINKANSEN) Congraturations SAKURA IZUMI city
    Welcome to IZUMI.Welcome to hometown of cranes. Congratulations!IZUMI Congratulations!SHIN-MINAMATA Congratulations!SHIN-YATSUSHIRO Congratulations Opening SAKURA-Chan (KUMAMON mascot of Kumamoto) LOVE KYUSHU Congratulations!KUMAMOTO Congratulations!SHIN-TAMANA Congratulations!SHIN-OMUTA (yellow)Do Your Best. Congratulations!CHIKUGO-FUNAGOYA Congratulations Congratulations GO! Congratulations!KURUME
    (Bridgestone’s hometown) Congratulations!SHIN-TOSU Congratulations!HAKATA
    (narration)On that day,Thank you for shaking hands. (narration)Thank you for laughing. (narration)Thank you for Becoming united. (narration)KYUSHU SHINKANSEN opens the whole line. (narration)KYUSHU becomes united,and arising new power. (narration)From united KYUSHU,Japan will comes to happy. (narration)KYUSHU SHINKANSEN opens the whole line with all you.

    Japan Shinkansen Bento Box Tour at Shinagawa Train Station
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    Japan Shinkansen Bento Box Tour at Shinagawa Train Station

    October 11, 2019

    in this video I’m gonna show you guys my top mentors at Shinagawa station a lot of people that are going down south or even up north you can actually take the Shinkansen from Shinagawa station there’s just so many different options here that I kind of learn to break it down and show you some of my favorites when you come here you’re not kind of lost you don’t know what to get and don’t worry I brought my co along again to show you some of her favorites because I know you guys like that as well so before I would continue if you guys what helps go out the channel that definitely check out the Tokyo merch and if you want to see what I’m doing on the daily then definitely check out the Instagram account so if you’re getting on the Shinkansen train from Tokyo there’s a good chance you’ll be heading out from Shinagawa station and there’s no experience like getting a proper bento lunchbox take video on the Shinkansen ride I’ve already created a bento video for Tokyo Station so it only made sense to take you on the tour of this major train up as well at Shinagawa station bento shopping will be mainly at the acute south or acute area acute South offers more souvenir sweets with a few bentos and acute which is the area closest to the Shinkansen entrance has a wider selection of bento options number seven vada Tadashi dong from second ibaka Shinagawa used to only have one sushi shop Takia walker which has been our favorite since you can’t really go wrong with their sushi recently sakana bucka joined the fray on the cute side Sakana baka is a fish store with three locations in Tokyo so you know they’re coming without wake you up in the morning freshness check out this baracci dashi all of the different loveliness a lot of times I’ll get sushi when I go on a train this time I wanted to kind of do it a little bit differently to show you guys that you can get everything just like chopped up and ready to go in this little little bento some salmon you have some egg you have some scallops you have some puto it has some kampachi and the right stuff is quite a lot quite like a full meal and all the different pieces in there as always the fish is fresh got some wasabi in there as well to give it that nice nasal clearing of that scallop [Music] but she’s always nice as well the fish is fresh egg is on point so I always choose of Jessie or any kind of like fresh fish so I like this one because it’s got it’s kind of rare to have just like huge chunk of course at agency and it has like a fancier version I think it’s too hot so we’re gonna move to another spot this is a little bit better the lighting isn’t as good but there’s better silence so you guys can hear me better so we’re gonna do it here instead number six Japanese capo bento at not Iman not Iman is a luxury Japanese restaurant chain with about a hundred nine years of history serving their elegant capo style bento box you can also find this shop in many department stores but this Shinagawa shop offers limited Shinagawa only bento boxes because let’s be real who wants a bento box that you can get at any other old train station so this is actually mykos pick and it’s kind of like the utility bento because it has all these little pockets of Japanese goodness so you got some yuba right there you have some shredded beef right there you have like your regular standard sheet ducky two kinds of rice you have like an OCO which is some bamboo try this meat luscious whoa there’s a lot of flavor in there you have some sesame seeds in there but there’s a lot of lot of flavor and it’s almost like so savory that you want to mix it with some rice and kind of like balance it out a little bit like that and mix it a little bit like that and then have a bite my other favourite I have a piece of this Yuba this kind of like like a tofu skin that’s good you can see all the different layers that I just bit into bamboo is really good too so another bunch meant though it’s like comes in like a little tiny dishes and you get a little bite of a lot of things basically like a couple style and only all the girls like that right the seasoning is not too much it’s just like on point dude it comes down it’s like there’s a lot of Japanese steroids bento just get this one no like you’re gonna like it no matter what number five you Tandang from Riku who wants more meat we’ve got it so this is you tone which is actually beef tongue you can see these little thinly sliced pieces of beef tongue and what’s special about this one is that it comes in a very very thick tray because it’s actually self cooking it actually has like the heater at the bottom here we pulled the string from here and it actually cooks it you let it sit for maybe like seven to eight minutes and it cooks itself and now we’re gonna have just lovely meal a Kabul beef tongue itself is good the sauce is a little bit like sweet and almost like tangy at the same time if you don’t want too much of that sauce and maybe just like use it sparingly in terms of the portions it’s not like the largest fortunes in the world but this thing is quite heavy because it has a heater can see right this is not an actual tray itself so there’s not a lot I always have to have more meat there’s only like one two three four like five pieces of beef tongue here and they’re like really thinly sliced and it is so good it is so good and it’s nice to have a warm dish number four egg katsu sandwich from Tory throat imago with taro taro is a shop where you can throw down on some matsutake tamago from fukagawa taro known for their kim kardashian tamagoyaki yeah i just made that up please please don’t ask them for the Kim K special look at that tamagoyaki look how perfectly cooked that is you can see all the different layers of the tamagoyaki a fried around this Punk across kinda like the pork katsu and then you have this nice nice white bread a sandwich for the gods mmm that’s good egg is perfectly seasoned it sounds to me to know like it has more of a savoriness to it crust itself is not like that crunchy but as you can see it has like the mayonnaise on here and it has some peppers gives it like a nice tangy bite to it which I really like and then the peppers just kind of rounded out this sandwich is just perfect for on-the-go look at that it’s like that 5-finger discount I mean it was no discount all right all right before we continue time to pay for Michael’s haircut I want to thank our sponsor or sheriff shark VPN for sponsoring this video without them I wouldn’t be able to make these videos for you guys if you guys don’t already know sir shark VPN is one of the best ways to keep your sensitive data secure in fact I’ve been using surf shark VPN for over a month now and it just gives me that peace of mind what I’m traveling to all of my data is secure because lean or not I have to do banking outside I have to access some kind of sensitive information what I’m traveling and just having that bpn is that security blanket that just makes me feel safe be accessing my data at hotels and what’s super cool is I can use it on any of my devices like my PC or my mobile device so against surf shark VPN today by going to surf shark deals forward slash Paulo enter the promo code paulo and get 83 percent off and an extra month free that said let’s keep this food train rolling choo-choo number three only giddy at conga yeah so if you know anything about Bryce falls at Shinagawa station and you know that this is B spot probably also know that this spot doesn’t just serve basic ass onigiri that you get at the conbini they also come without fire with their unique grilled rice balls all right you all we got their own EDD hitters there’s so many different Ani giddy at this shop and my coach o is one of her favorites and then I chose my kind of favorite so it sure how do you say a little bit on junk in the trunk side meaning it’ll put a few calories on your bones so this right here looks like that cheese but in fact it’s tamago it has egg oh I think I just got a seaweed itself has been wrapped around here so you can see that it gets a little bit dry if you heard had like any giddy at the convenience or sometimes actually have the plastic separating the seaweed in the rice so it doesn’t get too soggy this one is just a little bit on the soggy side but that’s one style that’s nice it has a pork meat in there and in fact that was like a really juicy piece of pork it’s actually on the really really savory side and you can see that it has kind of a egg yolk in there pork oh there’s another bit let me just pull this out it’s a really fat piece of pork this one will get you out of the bed in the morning and say hey I might have a heart attack got some spicy cod roe on top it has some melted cheese there’s some mayonnaise there it has some spicy color on the side and it’s all wrapped around this beautiful nodi seaweed have a bite of this loveliness the mayonnaise I don’t know do you guys like mayonnaise but that mayonnaise is just a really delicious the spicy cod is nice the cheese is nice like you can’t go wrong with this one this is like a hefty rice ball you’re into like that junky junk and this one is something you want to put in your trunk eat raw like the basic of the basic I like how they have like a lot of sesame seeds in there like you get the crunch look crunch but like the texture as well as the sweet Nene kombu they don’t do it so salty it’s more than like a sweet side it’s just like a really good balance with rice number two the shinkansen thick dog to make this special treat benter into the back area of acute into the small grocery and bakery area where you could find wine shops cheese and a meat deli I picked up the bun from an old French bakery called Paul they offer amazing sandwiches but I went for their pants on a roll the sausage is from Bon Marche Kodama which is just across from the paul bakery they have a wide selection of sausages you can customize to your taste oh and they also have a cafe space in the back and if you come in the morning you can even throw down on there all-you-can-eat prosciutto morning buffet look at the size of that wiener and it’s a spicy version but you can get like different flavors which is really cool about this shop what I like to do as I take this bread it’s kind of like a show pun but it’s actually a little bit like harder and your normal show pun has that like kind of chewy texture to it so I take it and I open up the bread just like so and once it’s open I put the Wiener inside and this is what you get sometimes in Japan you get like a hot dog and the hot dog is actually smaller than the fun who does that that’s insanity sausage must always be bigger than the bun if you guys agree with me then let me know in the comments if you think that the bun could be bigger than the sausage then I really don’t think you’d be friends just take a bite out of that mmm the Wiener has like that nice a spicy kick to it and you can see that it still has a collar different meat chunks it hasn’t been processed that much it has I call the fresh sausage in there for the bread itself it’s nice it has like a nice texture when you buy like a chewy texture a little hard ones like a French bread but a lot more chewy it just goes so well with this sausage hmm the meat store itself has all different types of me next to it there’s like a cheese store this I can get pate knee like different kinds of bread at the bakery can’t get enough this so number one spanish bogota liberica pork jus hat he should look at this a pork and bento work perfectly marinated in a dark a sugary brown sauce it has a nice shishito has some tamagoyaki this is actually like their most popular bento at the store that’s a lot but we’re gonna try to fit it in my mouth hmm the pork itself its luscious it’s tender the sauce is quite sweet does have karashi put a little bit on this just like so and as I like to say I’m reloaded that’s also gonna that mustard look at this meat it’s Express aching like juice I can tell it’s juicy [Music] it’s season in this perfect suite a medium-sized saucepan a sauce oh my god is so good as you can see it does have a lot of fat but like you know who II feel like it’s heavy alright so that concludes the video if you liked it help me out and hit that like button and for those of you who keep on asking for the daily live videos don’t worry I have another day in life video coming next week so definitely stay tuned if you want to see more of what I’m doing on the daily then definitely check out my Instagram account if you want help support the channel then definitely check out the Tokyo merch and if you want to see more of these dapeng guys tips and tricks on what to do in Tokyo then definitely hit that subscribe button and the Bell button that all said I’ll catch you guys in the next one

    E6系新幹線「スーパーこまち」で通勤する! Bullet train Shinkansen “Super Komachi” E6 series
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    E6系新幹線「スーパーこまち」で通勤する! Bullet train Shinkansen “Super Komachi” E6 series

    October 11, 2019

    I just got a catalog like this at the station of JR. Like this. It is a catalog of E6 series of new Akita Shinkansen. Copy of the inside is great. Red bullet train will start running with passion and technology of “Made in Japan”. More fast. Performance and speed of per hour 320km. It is very exciting! I have never still ride. It is a short distance to Omiya Station today, but I would like to ride. It is amazing long nose. Here is the cab. It is a great form. This is the top car of the train. Length of the room is half of normal for that. Seat is rather hard. Comfort is good. There is a power outlet. It may seem to be a suspicious person, but let’s explore. The normal car’s length of the room is longer than the first car.

    Beijing to Zhengzhou by Chinese Bullet Train | 700km in 3.5 hours | English CC |
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    Beijing to Zhengzhou by Chinese Bullet Train | 700km in 3.5 hours | English CC |

    October 11, 2019

    Right now iam at Beijing railway station and my train G667 scheduled to arrive at platform#11 Mc Donalds is quite popular here in china The only place in china where i could get some decent coffee easily – Mc Donalds Right now, we are departing from Beijing Towards Zhengzhou there was nothing much to do for me in beijing so i roamed around railways station for 3 hours and now back to zhengzhou had my lunch at a mc donalds nearby Bought some souvenirs here in beijing, pretty decent ones although a bit pricey but of good quality My Personal Advice : Never Buy souvenirs or gifts at airports/railway stations. lets see how beijing looks from train i think i got the best seat now, i can now see highspeed trains passing in opposite direction announcements going on in chinese the weather was pleasant initially when you are new in china, you get annoyed with the announcements everywhere but after few days, you get accustomed and dont notice much. crawling through a sedate pace, due to city limits 300kmph i can barely see the tracks i would like to show you the alignment of tracks giggling out of astonishment looks as if they laid tracks using a scale/ruler the tolerance for deviation looks, few millimeters per kilometer arriving at a station cruising at 300kmph+ announcement in chinese sun hitting directly onto lens, hence the video is dark someone laughing in background notice how quiet the train is, even at speeds of 300+kmph, barely any noise this is so soothing, watching the scenery pass by current speed : 306 kmph absolutely blazing speeds Iam hoping to catch a crossing wwwooooooowwwwwww how amazing coincidence, the train passed as i said “crossing” :O that was a full train of 14 coaches, which passed like lightning ! another one ! hahaha beautiful view of sunset still travelling above 300kmph i can record 20 mins more, due to storage limit in my mobile current speed : 305kmph every 3 mins i can see a train passby in opposite direction which means the distance between 2 trains in same direction is roughly 6 to 7 mins lets do some math now 😛 to calculate distance in kms between 2 trains in same directoin distance covered at 300kmph=85 meters/second 85 meters/sec=5.1 kilometers / minute for 6 minutes=30 kilometers therefore as per my calculation, the distance between two trains in same direction is 30 to 35 kilometers this is the first time in my life, iam travelling at this high speed for this long (on ground) between 10.50am to 8.25pm (with almost 3 hours break) i would be covering 1400kms sorry it wasnt 1700kms, but 1400kms hats off to chinese railways with a network of more than 12,000kms of highspeed trains(i just googled now its 16,000kms) iam not even counting the regular trains here i dont know the total network of chinas railways just googled it, says 1,21,000kms(3 times around the earth) sorry wrong facts again, its not 13,000kms but 16,000kms of highspeed railways in china another one ! i consider chinas highspeed railways as engineering achivement becuase these are not any normal railway tracks so in single language, bullet trains are like ferraris of trains china – 16,000kms spain – 3,100 kms Japan – 2664 kms haha gone in a flash this video in hyderabadi / the normal way i speak deccani urdu. the train ride was amazing worth every penny train is of worldclass standards there is no competition to chinas railways whereas, in India….. there was a lot of hype for new bullet trains in India but after experiencing this iam convinced now this is not possible in india the amount of investment needed to build these trains is huge this fencing all the way to prevent people onto tracks that is not possible in inida also below the tracks, the sleepers(concrete logs) they are not used here Instead the track is built directly into hard concrete slab iam not saying its impossible to get this in india, but i believe it wont happen…considering the investment i was imagining the speed to be around 250, but when i saw at speed display information, it was above 300kmph arriving at some station now, so gonna slow down when a train passes in opposite direction, the whole train takes a jolt, due to the shockwave had a great experience today i was lucky to experience 2 bullet trains by now one was shinkansen in Japan, and now this one CRH – chinas railway highspeed ive been recording at 60fps since then, my mobile shows more 13 mins recording left takes around 10 kilometers to come to a stop from 300kmph upon braking but the acceleration is more brutal there were no outstanding views on way but there was alot of greenary indeed, China are way too ahead compared to india we assume back home in india, that we are competing against china, but in reality, there is no scope for competition between china and india dont hate me for saying this 😛 im sharing my opinion based on my expereinces almost 1.5 hours journey left hotel is around 30 mins from railway station in zhengzhou probably will reach hotel around 9pm slowing down he has been braking for long time now arriving at some big station here goes another one !!! but i guess it was visible this time 😛 the cabin is so silent, i was whispering into my mobile to record my narration 😛 arriving into station trying to pronounce the name of station but failed glad i didnt stop the video :p i would like to show, the amount of vibrations at this speed lets see how uncomfortable this train is due to vibrations (being sarcastic) you can imagine now, the amount of vibration you could feel had it been a indian train 😛 the bottle wouldve fallen down another train passing in background passing though some station so yeah, These are the vibrations you would bee feeling at 304kmph im sure not even a ferrari/mercedes would be this comfortable at these speeds iam speechless and thats me A very famous dialogue from Bollywood movie 😛 running, flying at 300kmph arrived on time sharply, at 8.24pm as scheduled. now, the challenge is to reach hotel actually not a challenge, i just need to go hotel and call the day off this is zhengzhou east railway station i did a mistake, of going to other station in morning, because this turned out to be close to hotel but somehow, it was an experience to check out the new railway station aswell

    Mumbai to Pune in 15 minutes by Virgin Hyperloop one | Elon Musk | Make in India
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    Mumbai to Pune in 15 minutes by Virgin Hyperloop one | Elon Musk | Make in India

    October 10, 2019

    The Maharashtra government on Thursday entered
    into a tie-up with Virgin Hyperloop One for exploring the possibility of connecting Mumbai
    and Pune with hyperloop transportation system. The US-based company will conduct a preliminary
    study in the region. The Mumbai-Pune corridor is one of the busier
    ones in the country for commuters, with more than 50,000 passenger vehicles using the expressway.
    It currently takes anything from three to four hours to cover the 160km, of which 94.5km
    are on the expressway. Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation
    which carries passengers, freights in pods via electro-magnetic propulsion through low
    pressure tube. It is fast, having speed up to 670 mph (1,080 kmh). At the same time,
    it can be developed at 2/3rd cost of high-speed rail systems
    With speeds two to three times faster than high-speed rail, and being fully autonomous.
    By reducing travel time to under 20 minutes, a hyperloop route will help intensify the
    connectivity between the metropolitan regions of Pune and Mumbai, transforming the two cities
    into India’s first and largest megapolis. Other two routes planned are between chennai
    and banglore. This total setup is proposed to come in action
    before 2024. Hope you liked the information I have shared
    with you. Gentle press of like button will encourage
    me to help you often. I share such informations everytime, so stay
    tuned to this channel by clicking subscribe button followed by bell icon.
    Thank you folks.

    Worlds most smallest train I Smallest passanger train I সবচেয়ে ছোট ট্রেন
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    Worlds most smallest train I Smallest passanger train I সবচেয়ে ছোট ট্রেন

    October 10, 2019

    Hello friends today, I’ll let you know the discovery of the first train and also take you to familiar with different types of train Let’s have a look History of rail transport started in 6th century to the Ancient Greece. The First train seen in the year of 1804 Trevithick’s pioneering engine was of the train and capacity was 2.5 tones of Iron Material and can hold 70 people to the distance of 10 miles Here we have the smallest passanger train.An small sizes of train line has set up to drive the train over it. Many tourist is visited the place to enjoy the awsome smallest train train journey. When someone seat on the train its seems a man like a gaint cz its smaller than the rider. It’s now located to the Australia, canad and some other country. These types of train demanded by the advanture types of park. Train journey is favorite for all and can Enjoying the beauty of the side of the park. a couple of year back we seen a train like bus and its like a passanger train can carry up to 4 people per train. its maximum speed up to 30 km per hour. The highgest speed train can speed up to 603 km/hr and its hydraulic controling system is designed to control the speed as first as the operator needed. Another double decker trains located in austraillia and its having dozens of container. Unbelibable carrying capacity of these types of train that you not ever seen. We have also a amazing two different types of sky train that runs closed truck on a lifted box guider and whil guider supported to the rail. The train manufacturer gaze that it can give the safe tranportation to the people. This train maximu running speed is 70 km per hour. Lets have a look to the future train conception. Future generation can expect the model of the train will lunch at the year of 2050