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    Why is China’s high speed rail the best in the world It all depends on these five devices
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    Why is China’s high speed rail the best in the world It all depends on these five devices

    April 5, 2020

    According to the latest statistics, by the end of 2018. China has 29,000 kilometers of high-speed railways The length of the railway is 130,000 kilometers, both ranking first in the world In just a decade, China’s high-speed rail mileage has soared by 20,000 kilometers On average, 2,000 kilometers of paving is done every year So why is China building high-speed rail so fast? Except for our diligent and intelligent construction staff Also cannot leave these five great powers heavy weapons The so-called mountain road, water bridge China is a vast country with complex terrain In the encounter of mountains and valleys and other special travel The bridge machine came in handy The traditional bridge erecting machine is composed of many parts Carry out bridge transportation, lifting and assembling, etc The high-speed rail bridge erecting machine can do all the work at once Set girder, transport beam, frame beam in one Complete the piecewise assembly of the bridge at one time Take the slj900/32 mobile bridge erecting machine independently developed in China as an example The bridge erection machine weighs 580 tons It is 91.8 meters long, 7.4 meters wide, and 9 meters high It can lift beams of 450-900 tons at one time A 500-meter bridge The mobile high-speed railway bridge erecting machine can be built in only 7 days And put in manpower age to need at least half year above You have seen ten wheels of wagons, and twenty wheels of wagons Have you ever seen a flat car with 1,152 wheels? It is SMPT, a flat car developed by China It is a very large machinery and equipment in the transportation field The pallet truck traction section has 8 engines and is operated by an electronic computer The conveyer allows the wheels to turn 360 degrees at will It is understood that each wheel of the flat car can carry over 30 tons of weight The vehicle can carry over 50,000 tons, and can be freely combined according to the size of the transport object The beam body will be used in the transport process of this flatcar Generally, it is composed of 20 to 30 wheels, except for the transportation of high-speed rail girders It is also widely used in aircraft, submarines, large irregular structures Petroleum, chemical industry, and much other mechanical equipment The SMPT is also known as the transport giant After the bridge and roadbed get through, the rail-laying car is used Track-track fully automatic rolling car widely used in railway construction You can lay sleepers and rails as you go Then by hand to hit a fixed bolt, a track laid However, the traditional rail-laying vehicles in the special environment are more clumsy To this end, our country specially developed a kind of wheeled rail laying car for the tunnel When laying tracks Four sets of wheels can be folded at a 0-45-degree Angle The efficiency of the fully automatic rolling car is more than twice that of the traditional rolling car Building high-speed trains require digging holes in mountains, so shield machines are needed Compared to digging by hand The shield tunneling machine has high automation Save manpower, construction speed, a hole into the advantages Especially for this special landform in our country, it is a tool for digging holes Take China’s Xicheng high-speed railway through the Qin-Ling mountain tunnel as an example Two large horsepower shield machines fully open No matter what the geological environment, the shield machine can cut through it Shield machines came into being over 200 years ago It originated in England and flourished in Japan and Germany Before our shield machine is imported At that time, the import price was as high as 300 million yuan After years of hard work by engineers Now domestic shield machine is not only exported to foreign countries The price is only 200 million yuan From the blockade to the breakthrough, China took 15 years At present, the domestic shield machine has formed four series More than 30 specifications of products, the cumulative development of shield products over 400 Do you still remember the news of foreigners using COINS to test the stability of China’s high-speed railway? Yeah, it’s all seamless rail Seamless rail is not completely seamless, but by several super-long rail composition The longest one can reach 500 meters, taking the shanghai-Nanjing high-speed railway as an example The entire length of 303 km of high-speed railway USES seamless rail technology When the 500-meter rail is pulled to the construction site, connect the rails one by one Welded together by extrusion, the result is hundreds of kilometers of seamless track The flatness error of rail connection within 1.5m shall not exceed 0.2mm Using a seamless rail welding machine makes the construction speed double Besides, compared with ordinary rails, seamless rails eliminate numerous rail joints Thus, the impact force of the joint is eliminated and it greatly reduces the damage of the line is greatly Save a lot of raw materials 30-75 percent can save the whole railway maintenance cost And most importantly The seamless rails make the train no longer rattle and provide excellent stability It is with these heavy weapons of the state Only then has China high-speed railway mileage had the blowout type development? Besides people and transportation, it also makes the logistics capital flow run substantially Finally, a seamless connection is achieved In the future, more high-speed railways will be built in China We will provide strong support for China’s development

    Hangzhou East Railway Station: Hangzhou to Shanghai on Bullet Train – D Train 250 km/h [REVIEW]
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    Hangzhou East Railway Station: Hangzhou to Shanghai on Bullet Train – D Train 250 km/h [REVIEW]

    April 2, 2020

    This is Hangzhou East Railway Station. I didn’t see when arrived here, because get Metro in underground the station. Now see behind me, What a great station! I stood here to print a ticket, first time I seen written here, ‘International Passenger Ticket’ counter. Printing a ticket is very important. and I was booked online. Too much crowd. Queue is too long, i was hungry, I thought first the ticket should be printed. Xie xie (Thanks) Finally got printed ticket after waiting 40 or 50 minutes. Train has an hour left to go. let’s go to eat. I am sitting in a shop with a cute child, Let me explain the ticket, how is the seating arrangement. This is a Train no. D 3104 first of all, this is a date, after that, this is price, this is a station name, and this is my station, and this is a departure time of the train, it will depart on 13:39 this is my passport no. and this is my name, Car no. written here ‘No Seat’ and below is written is 2nd Class. Every car has specific no. of standing seats, and this time I didn’t get seat, and I bought standing seat, And this time we will go stand up one thing forgot to tell you in ticket is: this is written in the corner, we need to go to this corner, like airport, we have to wait at this area, How big is a train station? It looks like airport not railway station, This is look like as airport, we have to find ’18 A ‘ area, let’s find out where is it, E- Security checked of chinese peoples, they were security checks done by just putting ID cards, and us passport and ticket check, not for flight, just for rail ticket. Now I know what is 18 A. It is a gate number, use to board the train, 18 A is not a gate, but it is a platform. Now time is 13:28 my train will arrive at 13:37 and departs at 13:39. and we arrived at platform, All peoples are standing here in a queue, not stand like as Hyderabad or in Karachi station, All peoples are standing in a queue, and we know car no. 18 will stand here, and waiting for train, I do not understand what train will come from, I thought that train will come from left to right, because trains are arriving as, Normal and Fast train tracks are separate. In bullet train, including G and D train having same track, Normal train has separate track, Train is arrived, and now time is 13:38, arrive time was 13:37 and arrived on 13:38 First people descend, And then peoples get on. and all staff connected with wireless, car attendant also here, they will get on everyone and then depart. This is the atmosphere inside the train, I have no seat, just have a standing seat, and I stood in car no. 13 Not only myself and so many people are standing. We are standing at West Railway Station. and this area is for fresh. You can extend ticket in the train, like as you came for Hyderabad and …… I am telling you Hi-fi and modern class things, how modern is world! Arrived at Jiaxing south railway station. everyone here up to date, I asked from car attendant, I said next stop is Songjiang south railway station, where I have to get off, She said: NO She opened a book, and told me that, we will reach at 15:00 on a time. We are arrived, It’s been great weather. The clouds are roaring loud, Heavy rain has begun Electricity is roaring very fast. Heavy rain has begun Taxi No Metro station beside train station, Metro is arrived, Great difficulty to arrive here in wet dress, now lets go If you like this video then plz LIKE, comment and do subscribe.


    China Bullet Train |2nd Class Review| – 600 kms in 3 hrs 8 mins

    March 31, 2020

    It is currently 11:50 pm. I am in Hangzhou city. This journey was started from Shanghai. and I am going from Shanghai to Wenzhou. No train tickets were available. No bus ticket was available. and not bullet train. No way to go to Wenzhou today night. Now I am going to Wenzhou. first came here from a Taxi, with other passengers including a girl, Now we are waiting in Hangzhou city for travelling to Wenzhou. Distance from Shanghai to Wenzhou is 600 kms. It is currently 12:00 of night. Now we are waiting for bus or something. This is my first experience in China to travel in night. It is a Oujiang river in Wenzhou city. I am standing here at Wenzhou South Railway station. and I have two tickets of the Train. I am going to Shanghai. Today I am showing you Bullet Train of China. Its speed is about 350 km/h. We cover distance of about 600 kms in 3 hrs and 8 minutes. First my ticket is from, Wenzhou South Railway station to Hangzhou East railway station, I have seat no. of 1B in carriage 14. and then I have to change my seat, change to carriage no. 10, then seat is 10 B in carriage no. 10. Not to get off the train, just change the seat and carriage. Just now is the time. Train will arrive at 06:00 pm and depart at 06:14 pm and InshAllah will reach Shanghai at 09:22 pm. Yesterday I traveled 600 kms in 10 hrs, today will cover in 3 hrs and 8 minutes. so, don’t go anywhere, this video will be going interesting, showing you bullet train, watch the complete video, and don’t go without LIKE and comment. This is my first time travel journey with a two-tickets. A Bangladesh person sitting with me, he said you are genius, how you break your journey and got seats. I broke my journey because I didn’t get seats, The distance from Hangzhou to Shanghai is 160 kms and bullet train will cover in 39 minutes. and don’t get seats, so that’s why I break the journey. Go to platform number 5. Carriage number also mentioned here, left or right side, mine is in right side, let’s go to right side. carriage number is 14 and little ahead. Train color is beautiful. This is a Bullet Train. It is fastest train with 350 km/h. What a ghiant stations! this is not look like station, it looks like a airport. beautiful then Karachi airport. Karachi airport is good but this is beautiful. I’m sitting in bullet train, and gates are closed. But the train is run too. and leg space is more than aeroplane leg space. I have B seat beside, but family is sitting here, so I am sitting in C seat. Have a lot of fun sitting in the bullet train. Let me show you when the speed is a bit higher. Baggage place is available for small and big bags. Train is going very fast. but its speed is not showing. I don’t see anything behind me. For a long time it was inside the mountains. now outside of the tunnel. now see something. once again in tunnel. here are lots of tunnels. Their is a big mountains in Wenzhou, and bullet train is running inside mountains. People’s travels are in underground and we are in under mountains. Bullet train is called gaotie in chinese. and also have a wifi. download an application, and now wifi is conected. Arrived at first station called Lishui. and train arrived at platform. We are now at Jinhua South railway station. Train is just stops here for 2 minutes. And they have also indicated that get inside. In bullet trains, 2nd class, first class, and business class seats are available. Doors are closing. I have purchased 2nd class which is cheapest in bullet train. then first class seats, and most expensive are business class. No berth or sleepers are available in bullet trains. Train is running. Announcements are in English and in chinese. announcement when train runs from station announcement 10 minutes before arrived to station, announcement when arrived to station. What can I give this bullet train review, it’s just amazing, it is hypersmooth as like gopro, it is running smooth, stay standing, no problem at all. It’s night and it’s very dark outside. Don’t see anything. Now heading a Hangzhou East Railway station. I don’t need to get off, but i need to transfer to carriage no 10, now I am in carriage no. 14 now my seat is in carriage 10. Outside is amazing lights of Hangzhou city. but the camera does not see anything beyond the glass Now arrived at Hangzhou East Railway station. and I changed my seat. I arrived at my destination. Train departs and arrived at time. The journey was very nice and smooth.

    We took A 200 Mile Per Hour BULLET TRAIN TO KYOTO| Famous GOLDEN Pavilion | Japan Travel Vlog
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    We took A 200 Mile Per Hour BULLET TRAIN TO KYOTO| Famous GOLDEN Pavilion | Japan Travel Vlog

    March 5, 2020

    This is Tokyo Station everybody and I am hoping
    you’re getting a sense of how busy this place is We’re here at the famous golden temple it was burnt down and rebuilt and its super crowded
    We’re not the only ones who are excited about being here
    And god the grounds are just so lovely If you can see the pond here and then behind
    Here’s the structure sorry I cut off my face but its just really really beautiful
    here And that’s the end

    world’s Fastest travelling train in India. The hyperloop train
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    world’s Fastest travelling train in India. The hyperloop train

    March 4, 2020

    Hello Guys, Welcome to my channel “E – World” in this video, I am telling you world’s fastest travelling train which is faster than the aeroplane. we all know that travelling and transportation is an important part of our life. at this time many people’s are travelling on the train, bus, cars, ship, and aeroplane If we want to go somewhere in a very short time, then we choose a helicopter or aircraft to go there. but it can be too much costly for us now we talk about the future. then the future of travelling will amazing. We will travel very fast in the future and it will also cost cheaper It will be cheaper than travelling in our own car Now we talk about the train that will make all this possible that train’s name is ” Hyperloop Train” Till now there are no hyperloop trains running in the world. But in future hyperloop train will run in India The Maharashtra government passed the Hyperloop project for the Mumbai to Pune route. Now I am asking you how much speed you have traveled till now If you travel in a car, its maximum speed can be around 150 km. if you have a supercar than you can travel at the speed of 300 to 400 km I hope You all are well aware of the speed of Indian Railways the maximum speed of Indian trains are around 150 km the average speed of the Indian train is 50 to 80 km per hour the slowest train of India which is Nilgiri Passenger. has only 10 km per hour speed Now tell me in the comment box how much speed you have traveled in the train now I telling you the working principle of hyperloop trains these trains are runes in a vacuum tube.

    Trains in South Korea | Lets Compare SRT,KTX,ITX .Vlog 29
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    Trains in South Korea | Lets Compare SRT,KTX,ITX .Vlog 29

    February 27, 2020

    Hope all of you will be fine Today video is very intersting I will show you rail services in Korea what sort of trains are there and whats the top speed of the train . First train is Mugunghwa I can also call it as a local train of Korea When you enter so you will find the seat arrangement as two on one side and two on the other side Seats are very comfortable and very wide a huge leg space between the seats leg paddles are also there a place for your small bags just on top of you An ordinary window sheets are there You cant find any free wifi in this train there is a special cannon where first it was a cafe but later the change it and make it a seating place for people with a standing tickets You will feel alot of noise and wobbling between two canons Because it is very old train An extra place for your luggage between the two canons. You can find washrooms in almost every 3rd or 4th canon you can find roll tissue there and just by pressing the button you can flush the toilet you can wash your hand outside of the toile between the canons The 2nd one is ITX which is comfortable than Mugunghwa As you enter the train you can find a fully advance train from the inside You can feel the difference between Seats are very comfortable very clean Similar huge leg space and a leg paddle for resting Seats are very comfortable you can’t feel any discomfort. You can find a handle for your laptop and mobile and a magazine. A similar place for your small bags above your seat. You can also find free wifi there just open the Koreailwifi and click on Connect button to get connected A hanger for you Coat Instead of a window sheet, there is a shelf which is easily go up and down A place for your luggage is with in the cabin A very interesting thing which I noticed is you can find a washroom for the handicapped people You can’t feel any wobbling or noise between the cabins. A chart for finding washroom or mobile charging facilities and other important information will be there Washrooms are very advance A seat for small babies are also there with in the washroom you can find a seat cover also there A button for flush the toilet A liquid Soap for washing hands with in the toilet. tissues are there an air freshener is also there with in the washroom after that is KTX KTX is an advance bullet train and most used train in Korea. same seats arrangments seats are a little narrow I don’t like as compare to ITX it is not good but the same huge leg space is there and a paddle for your legs The disk for laptop and other stuff is in front of you A magazine is there for your entertainment same place for small bags a screen in the middle and at the end of every cabin for entertainment. the space between two cabins is a little narrow also as compare to ITX A separate space for your luggage with the two cabins not inside the cabin An extra seat for you if you have standing ticket Almost the same facilities were there in the washroom same seat cover As compare to ITX washrooms in the KTX are not that much advance because it is also old train A paddle for flushing a liquid soap also there isn’t any sensor tap just you need to push the paddle and water will come out from the tap A hand dryer is also there According to the speed I will prefer KTX apart from that I will Prefer ITX ITX make alot of stops almost every 25mints According to infrastructure, I will prefer ITX Now i am waiting for the Latest train of Korea same seating arrangement information chart is in front of every seat Same a huge leg space between the seats and a leg paddle An advanced table is there just in front of you just like in airplanes A magazine is also available A same place for the small bags You can access to the free wifi The most interesting thing is you can plug your handsfree in the seat handle for different kinds of music also A washroom for the Handicapped person is also available Same extra seat as in KTX place for your luggage You can also find an updated news paper and another magazine also there I havnt seen this in other trains An advance washroom is there for you A mirror in front and back of you Same facilities are there also A charging socket is also there for you to charge your mobile and other stuff a light and a heavy button for a flush is also there now what I am thinking about the purpose of these two buttons so you will be thinking the same as me Liquid soap and a sensor tap is also there A sensor hand dryer is also available This is SRT which is Korea latest and advance train uptodate You can buy tickets either at the station or from the ticket Machine or you can also purchase it online from there respective website

    The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have High-Speed Rail
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    The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have High-Speed Rail

    February 15, 2020

    Like it or not, the United States has a big
    transportation problem. According to many, a high-speed rail network
    could help alleviate a lot of the country’s transportation issues, but high-speed rail
    in the USA hasn’t made much progress in the last 50 years. Here’s why. In the United States, everybody likes the
    idea of trains… but American trains are slow, clumsy, and absurdly expensive. Nobody wants to creep down the coast in an
    Amtrak – and to be honest, can you blame them? Meanwhile, a number of other countries across
    the world run trains that whiz along so fast and so smoothly that, according to Vox, the
    average person actually prefers them to airplanes. That’s because airports have to be situated
    a taxi ride away from big cities, and force you to endure unbearable security procedures. Train stations, however, can be planted right
    in the city center – meaning that, if you want to travel a mid-range distance, a bullet
    train will get you there faster, cheaper, and more comfortably. No, they’re never going to lay tracks across
    the Atlantic, where planes have a significant advantage. But for shorter distances, high-speed rail
    closes the gap. Bullet trains are also dramatically more energy-efficient
    than planes and automobiles. The International Energy Agency reports that,
    even though the rail sector carries 8% of the world’s passengers and 7% of global freight
    transport, it only represents 2% of the Earth’s transport energy demand. Even better, three quarters of passenger rail
    activity takes place on electric trains, making the rail industry the only form of transportation
    that is widely electrified today. Lots of big companies will tell you that Americans
    don’t really care about high-speed rail, a problem many blame on the country’s automobile
    culture. However, surveys from the American Public
    Transportation Association tell a different story. A 2015 study found that if bullet trains were
    available, nearly two-thirds of surveyed Americans would be happy to use them – and when people
    were informed of the cost and time-saving benefits of high-speed rail, that number even
    increased a few points. Millennials want it even more, as at least
    71 percent of the 18-44 crowd said they would like to ride bullet trains. Furthermore, high-speed rail enjoys broad
    bipartisan support, and three quarters of survey participants supported making it easier
    for real estate developers to place amenities near high-speed rail stations. So yes, average Americans do want high-speed
    rail, and on both sides of the aisle, too. It’s popular. It’s proven. So why not? Now, it’s worth pointing out that America
    has actually been working on high-speed rail for over 50 years. Renewed efforts make headlines every once
    in a while, but these projects tend to stagnate pretty quickly. To be fair, when Japan first introduced bullet
    trains to the world, the U.S. tried to hop on board from the get-go. All the way back in 1965, President Lyndon
    B. Johnson signed the High-Speed Ground Transportation Act. While construction began immediately, the
    project ran into frequent mechanical problems, and its funding had been severely depleted
    by 1975. All in all, it wasn’t quite the grand achievement
    everyone hoped for. And while the push for a proper high-speed
    rail has become more prevalent in the 21st century, and things do seem to be amping up,
    it’s not really clear that anything will be much different this time around. A major advantage of developing high-speed
    rail in America is the fact that it already exists elsewhere. Sadly, as with basically everything else in
    the U.S. today, the biggest obstacle in the way of progress is politics. Speeding up the Acela Express, for example,
    would require billions in federal funding, which isn’t exactly going to be forthcoming
    in today’s heavily polarized political climate. And then there’s California. The political squabbles that have dashed the
    state’s bullet train ambitions are now legendary. While the concept of connecting the Golden
    State’s biggest cities via bullet train seems great on paper, the planning process has been
    fraught by rushed construction and bad financial decisions. “The bottom line is we’re really bad at
    just building things cheaply and quickly in the US in general.” The political battles got even nastier in
    2019, when the Trump administration pulled $929 million in federal grants for California’s
    high-speed rail. The big problem here is that none of these
    pitfalls have anything to do with high-speed rail itself. Bullet trains are a proven, established technology
    that reaps huge benefits across multiple sectors. But ground-level mistakes and political pettiness
    have turned a potentially great technology into a total mess. But that’s not the end of America’s bullet
    train woes. A major contributor to the downfall of high-speed
    rail in the U.S. are the gargantuan industries who lobby against their development through
    coordinated propaganda efforts – and sometimes blatant lies. Many of the attacks against high-speed rail
    have come from the Reason Foundation, a self-proclaimed “libertarian think tank” which regularly bashes
    efforts to build bullet trains. According to SF Gate, this enterprise is funded
    by the Koch brothers, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell Oil, the American Petroleum Institute,
    and Delta Airlines, among others. These corporations recognize that, whenever
    Americans are given the opportunity to use high-speed rail, major airlines and oil companies
    will be the ones to suffer. Whenever a high-speed rail project gains momentum
    in America, big oil pours billions of dollars into lobbyists, propaganda, paid politicians,
    and, of course, the Reason Foundation. “Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!” That’s the main reason the U.S. has no high-speed
    rail network – and this problem won’t go away easily. Unfortunately, the lobbying issue isn’t going
    to vanish overnight, and successfully implementing a high-speed rail network across the entire
    United States is going to take years — if not decades, depending on how future power
    struggles turn out. Despite these obstacles, however, there are
    multiple high-speed rail efforts pushing ahead. For instance, Virgin Trains USA hopes to make
    their electric train from Las Vegas to Los Angeles operational as soon as 2022. A similar project is underway in Texas, where
    they’re working on a Houston-to-Dallas line that could even hit Japanese bullet train
    speeds – as well as a Florida line from Miami to Tampa. The infamous California train seems to face
    new struggles everyday, but there is hope that they might someday pull it together. After languishing on the back burner for decades,
    the past decade has seen newfound fervor for high-speed rail projects, particularly since
    investing in electric bullet trains is a key element in the Green New Deal. So don’t rule out high-speed rail in the U.S.
    just yet. There’s still a long way to go, but the future
    might get here some day. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
    stuff are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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