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    [rapidKL] Mitfahrt/ride Monorail Kuala Lumpur
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    [rapidKL] Mitfahrt/ride Monorail Kuala Lumpur

    September 20, 2019

    Station: Titiwangsa The terminus is located in the northeast of the city
    Station: Titiwangsa and is the interchange point between monorail
    Station: Titiwangsa and two other railway lines.
    Station: Titiwangsa From here the journey starts and leads in the direction of KL Sentral. In the background is the Palace of Culture, strikingly architecturally successful roof. On the left in the background are the two Twin Towers of the Petronas Towers, with 452 meters the tallest building in the city. As elevated monorail The KL Monorail leads horseshoe-shaped through downtown Kuala Lumpur. The 8.6 kilometer long route was opened in 2003 and serves a total of 11 stations. Station: Chow Kit The station is located in the same district
    Station: Chow Kit From here, the city’s largest wet market,
    Station: Chow Kit the Bazaar Baru Chow Kit.
    Station: Chow Kit Station: Chow Kit On the horizon stands the 421 meter high TV Tower “Menara Tower” out of the skyline. The first vehicles on the KL Monorail were two-part trains with 158 seats from the Malaysian manufacturer Scomi Rail, which are similar in design to the ALWEG trains, which operate in the US Seattle. This video was made in vehicle 0611, a two-car train of the original delivery from 2003, with which the operation began. To cope with the rising numbers of passengers, were signed by KL Monorail from 2014 12 four-car Scomi SUTRA trains ordered with a total of 430 seats and standing room. In the old two-car trains the announcements are still operated by the driver. Once the delivery of the new trains has been completed, The original ALWEG trains are taken out of service. Station: Medan Tuanku All stations of the route are
    Station: Medan Tuanku for the operation of six-car trains
    Station: Medan Tuanku prepared and accordingly long.
    Station: Medan Tuanku Station: Medan Tuanku On the left is the shopping center “Quill City Mall” Bridge over the river “Klang” and the “Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway” Station: Bukit Nanas In English “pineapple hill”
    Station: Bukit Nanas Station: Bukit Nanas On the 90 meter high Bukit Nanas
    Station: Bukit Nanas stands the TV Tower Menara Tower.
    Station: Bukit Nanas Station: Bukit Nanas So the TV tower even surpasses
    Station: Bukit Nanas the Petronas Towers,
    Station: Bukit Nanas so you can get up from the tower
    Station: Bukit Nanas the twin towers can look down.
    Station: Bukit Nanas Station: Bukit Nanas Both the Petronas Towers,
    Station: Bukit Nanas as well as the Menara Tower
    Station: Bukit Nanas are within walking distance from here.
    Station: Bukit Nanas Station: Bukit Nanas Both sights offer viewing platforms
    Station: Bukit Nanas from which you have a great view
    Station: Bukit Nanas over the entire metropolis.
    Station: Bukit Nanas Station: Bukit Nanas Nice detail on the edge, the footpath beside the road is roofed over its entire length. Something is sure only in Asia. Station: Raja Chulan The station is located at the northern end
    Station: Raja Chulan the so-called “Golden Triangle”,
    Station: Raja Chulan probably the most vibrant part of the city.
    Station: Raja Chulan Station: Raja Chulan The monorail crosses the entire “Golden Triangle” and has four stations here. The KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) with the Petronas Towers is also in this district. Numerous hotels, shopping malls Bars and galleries can be found here. Left the shopping center “Lot 10” with direct access to the monorail station. Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang The Bukit Bintang station is in the heart
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang of the “Golden Triangle”.
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang The naming rights of the station were
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang sold to the low-cost airline AirAsia
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang To the RushHour and on Non-Working-Days
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang This is one of the most sought after monorail stations.
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang On the opposite track is one of the few
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang Two-car trains comes to meet.
    Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang Station: AirAsia – Bukit Bintang Around the station are numerous 5-star hotels and restaurants. Left the office building “President House” Left, the city’s largest shopping mall, the Berjaya Times Square, and second largest shopping mall in the world. It is known for its indoor theme park with looping roller coaster. This shopping mall also has a monorail access. Station: Imbi Imbi is the most used station of the Monorail
    Station: Imbi Station: Imbi Through several shopping centers
    Station: Imbi in the immediate vicinity of the monorail station,
    Station: Imbi especially many passengers arrive here,
    Station: Imbi including many tourists.
    Station: Imbi Station: Imbi To ensure proper operation here,
    Station: Imbi a platform supervisor monitors the events.
    Station: Imbi Station: Imbi In addition, the monorail driver
    Station: Imbi over large mirrors, as at all stations,
    Station: Imbi watch the entry and exit.
    Station: Imbi Station: Imbi Although there are platform screen doors at the stations,
    Station: Imbi but these were at the time of recording
    Station: Imbi unused and permanently open.
    Station: Imbi Station: Imbi We are arrived at the southern end of the “Golden Triangle” and reach the: Station: Hang Tuah As a interchange station to two other railway lines
    Station: Hang Tuah this station is a bit more spacious
    Station: Hang Tuah and the platforms are longer than other stations
    Station: Hang Tuah Station: Hang Tuah The railway line to which there is a connection
    Station: Hang Tuah is at 90 degrees under the road and monorail
    Station: Hang Tuah Station: Hang Tuah On the right is the “Masjid Al-Bukhary”-Mosque The stilted roof stands out Office building of the Institute of Language and Literature in the background. Station: Maharajalela The station is named after
    Station: Maharajalela the 18th-century
    Station: Maharajalela Malay nationalist Dato Maharaja Lela.
    Station: Maharajalela Station: Maharajalela In the immediate vicinity is the
    Station: Maharajalela “Independence Stadium”,
    Station: Maharajalela which offers 40,000 seats.
    Station: Maharajalela Station: Maharajalela In the building complex on the right side is housed the Asia e Universiti. Not visible is immediately behind it on the other side of the river the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, the former central station of the city. The river Klang is crossed, on its shore the route now leads until shortly before the end station, KL Sentral. Above the “Jalan Damansara” Road another monorail move is coming up again. On the right side, barely recognizable Hindu temple “Sri Kandaswamy Kovil”. Station: Tun Sumbanthan Station: KL Sentral