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    UNBOXING! Super Fun BRIO Metro Railway Set! Off to work on the Train Lab!

    September 11, 2019

    – [Man] When’s the next
    metro train coming in? – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Yay! (baby babble) – [Man] Door’s opening! (train whistle blows) – Train Lab! – [Man] Hey guys! We’re
    gonna do another surprise for Eric and Cody since
    we love Brio so much! This is the Metro Rail Set, and this is the coolest! It’s part of the Brio world set… Eric, Cody! – [Eric] Yeah! – [Cody] Yay! – [Man] What is it? – [Eric] The Brio Metro Train! – [Man] Whoa! We’ve
    been looking at that one for awhile
    haven’t we? – [Eric] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let’s open it! – [Man] Whoa! Where should we put it? Like right here? I think
    we’ve got a space for it – [Eric] Look what it comes with! It comes with all of this!
    So much! – [Man] Looks like 20 pieces, of like all the metro pieces… – [Eric] Yeah! – [Man] Is it battery operated too? – [Eric] No… – [Man] I think it is battery-operated. – [Eric] No it’s not – [Man] I think it is!
    It says on the outside of it. Oh! And there’s the beautiful brochure that really really likes Daddy’s wallet! (ringing) Look at that! There’s a
    couple of cool trains, oh we already have one
    of those tunnels too! And that’s the subway station? – [Eric] Where’s the Subway Station? – [Man] It’s in there! – [Eric] Is this the subway? – [Man] Yeah! It looks
    like the subway station – [Eric] I’ll get the subway out.. – [Man] Wow! That’s… – [Eric] Subway! – [Man] Wow I love that subway! – [Eric] Watch this! – [Man] Wow! The doors
    come open and closed too!? – [Eric] Yes!
    And look on the inside… – [Man] (awing) – [Eric] These little things… – [Man] Metro Maps… – [Eric] Ooh what is this? – [Man] – Couple of seats… – [Eric] What is this? – [Man] Looks like it’s the rail map. (high pitched) Ah! I’m going on holiday! – [Cody] And it comes with a suitcase! – [Man] Whoa! That’s so cool! He’s going on a trip! – [Eric] Does this drive? – [Man] It’s battery. – [Eric] The batteries
    are always for the lights – [Man] You think so? – [Eric] Yeah! – [Man] Huh- – [Eric] Because…
    you have to push it around – [Man] You do? – [Eric] Yes. – [Man] That’s sound and what? Sound and lights? – [Man 2] (affirmative) – [Man] Okay it’s sound and lights. What’s the sound? – [Eric] Well I don’t know! – [Man] Does it have some sound? – [Eric] No! – [Man] Hmm… it says it has sound. Let me see. Guess that’s
    where the battery goes. Ahh… (music plays) Where are we gonna put it? I think we’re gonna put
    it right in here huh? Put it right there? Oh! We even have a city
    bus in there! Look at that! So maybe we can put it
    right there and then, that would be a cool place… Can you join it in the tunnel, and then it goes straight out? – [Eric] Sure! – [Man] Oh that would be cool! – [Eric] But now we have two metros! – [Cody] That’s exciting! – [Man] Well this is just the tunnel, that will come into the Metro. – [Eric] Hey! – [Man] Oh that’s cool! – [Eric] Hey how’s about we put this, out this sign right here? – [Man] Whoa! Okay! Cool, so it’s got the metro ticket
    dispenser right there, and…
    metro rail map right there. – [Eric] And they can walk in, and we’ll- – [Cody] How about we put this right here? – [Eric] And wait for the metro. – [Man] When’s the next
    metro train comin in? – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Yay! – [Man] Doors opening! (whooing & laughter) – [Cody] We need a seat for our suitcase! – [Eric] Oh that goes front car. Need to put that in later. We put that in when the train backs up. First door closing! – [Man] (engine revving)
    Here comes the bus with more passengers! (brakes squeal) – [Cody] We don’t have
    a place for this one! – [Man] (high pitched) Wait for me! Wait for me! Wait for me! Oh! You’re filled up!
    Okay! I’ll go for the next one…
    Oh! You do have an extra train! – [Eric] (giggles) Yeah! – [Man] Yay! Come on in! – [Cody] We’re busy over here! – [Man] Oh! You have
    another one? Who can ride? The construction worker
    needs to get to work. Here he comes! – [Eric] The construction worker doesn’t need to come. – [Man] Yeah! Cause he needs to get to the Gantry crane area to drive his forklift. – [Eric] Wow! This is
    becoming a long train. – [Man] Whoa! It’s the morning rush hour. – [Eric] (mimics train chugging) – [Man] Boy! That’s a long
    early morning metro train – [Eric] Yes! – [Man] Wow! Everybody
    needs to get to work. – [Cody] Sir, get back here. – [Man] Uh oh… might be too long. – [Eric] It can’t. – [Man] Over to the ferry! Might have to take a couple at a time huh? (music playing) – [Eric] Might be… this person is actually too tall! – [Man] He is?
    Oh !I guess he is! Look at that. – [Eric] Oh that’s the end. Can’t hold any… – [Man] Okay go across the ferry. (ferry horn blows) – [Cody] We do it again? – [Man] Here we go! (boy mimics train) – [Eric] Oh the switch is wrong! We want to go this way!
    It sure is a long train! – [Man] Everybody is going to work… A bear who cares… A noob in a suit. – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Rolling into the station! – [Man] Look! We’ve got everybody waiting to get loaded up! (screeching) – Okay let the people get off… Stopped at the work site, hauling all that load for the day! Lots of customers with lots of loads! – [Eric] This guys riding the gentry, this guy getting the forklift. – [Man] Cool (engine whirring) – [Eric] This guys not driving – [Man] Okay! I’m ready for a load! Looks like the ships almost unloaded! There we go! See you later!
    Going for another load! (mimics boat horn) – [Eric] Hey there guys!
    Come on, hop in! – [Man] Is it lunch time already? – [Eric] Yes! – [Man] Oh! Okay! I’m off! Beep!
    I’m off! (engine whirring) – [Cody] (train sound effects) – [Eric] Well I’m heading
    back from the metro. Because the big long
    train is getting ready. And now the driver’s are gonna switch. – [Man] Okay – [Eric] Train ways – [Man] Did you have a
    good time with Brio today? – [Eric] Yes. – [Man] How about you Cody? – [Cody] Yes! – [Man] We love Brio! – [Eric] We love Brio! – [Man] We love Brio. – [Eric] Yeah! Too much! (laughter) – [Man] See you later!
    Everybody’s going home. (train whistle) – TrainLab!

    Thomas the Train Totally Thomas Town Surprise Box
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    Thomas the Train Totally Thomas Town Surprise Box

    August 30, 2019

    Hey Liam what do we got here? Thomas mystery surprise box. there’s never
    anything ever fun in this box. what is it we got? an awesome package from
    totally Thomas town! Wow let’s leave it wrapped up. thanks for watching bye!
    yes look at Wow awesome what’s the first thing you see yes Hooray for Thomas and
    other adventures. DVD this is gonna be great. I can watch this when you kids go
    to bed. whoosh OH metallic Percy. I love how shiny he is.
    got some cool stickers yeah look at his beautiful orange packaging, what’s inside?
    what do you think we’re gonna find first? oh wow batteries ok this is
    totally worth it. I’m gonna own this now. now what package do you want to open up
    first? It’s Trackmaster take a guess who this
    gonna play the odds I can see it’s Thomas everyone at home guess who it is. Peter Sam we got Peter Sam from old
    Trackmaster he has the square funnel it looks like we just had some Trackmaster
    races Peter Sam new contender we got a lot of narrow-gauge guys still weak
    totally Thomas town included the batteries do you think he’s ready to go
    oh yeah Peter Sam he’s all actually pretty quiet for ol child any
    immediately so I know what I want paper which oh wow look at that one we think
    got a design master I think it’s all in railway piece is it
    oh let’s Rio awesome oh we gotta open this up right now oh yeah let’s see what
    we got what’s that oh look at that you can work
    on the engine looks like a tractor how cool oh look how cool this is the frame
    inside of a parking frame there’s a magnet right here that’s awesome
    this guy has the forklift oh okay yes oh look at that show me that show me
    that again show me that again so he’s got he’s got the metal right there let’s
    see what happens look at that that’s the coolest thing
    ever oh yes we can even lift up our dynamite this is gonna get played out in
    a lot of our episodes I think this thing oh hey that’s that nice okay William
    what’s the next thing Oh going right to the bottom there how
    do you think that’s moorwen railway stuff gary guesses of who it is you
    think it’s Thomas and Percy yeah look at this nice family
    welcome sadly Rosie you know what these are this is learning curves this was
    called the early engineer so these are slightly bigger than normal when railway
    there’s a normal wooden railway Nixon is really engineer so you know why I got
    these Sodor super station Speedway races I think that these are gonna do awesome
    we’re gonna have a team of early engineers we’re gonna see how they do
    racing okay let’s do a quick test run and see how these early engineers are
    gonna work are you ready who’s that first sadly welcomes Tommy
    well done Stanley Percy burger see oh yeah good jump in purse roses what was
    this red top nicely done and go to another classes
    and tell now nice okay I hope this is that very good
    for you wait look at that Veronica is there a piece in here that
    you would like to see are you gonna go underneath you okay who do you think it
    is what do you think it is pink you think it’s a Trackmaster engine I’m
    gonna guess Ashima okay let’s see who it is oh it wow we
    got Lady Trackmaster this is so cool Wow even the wheels are golden this is Wow
    are we ready to see if Lady works so Co lady lady number she’s gonna have a
    number that quick race are you ready Sat oh oh
    Peter Sam it’s slightly buggies off also one push it over four yo granny cleans
    up Wow carry em it’s your turn yeah oh that’s a big one do you think that’s do
    you think I’ve shot master we’re right that the last purple one was lady who do
    you think this one is Rosie oh yeah Pennsylvania torpedo this is a battery
    operated and wooden railway engine I may be giving big that might be another one
    yeah wait dad is that the day later real train yeah look at these so these are
    the Lionel wooden railway power engines they go forward and backwards they’re
    essentially the same engine except for the bodies ones daylight I want to
    Pennsylvania do you want to race these guys sad yeah although they got lights
    on them look at that they’re going at a pretty evenly matched ox wig but they
    got daylight look at those headlights on them
    Pennsylvania’s Frehley ahead you will go on to win but this is going
    to be some exciting races that we’re gonna have with you you guys cover it up
    and then you can go back where it’s Pennsylvania seems to be going the
    torpedo seems to go saucer oh the lights are on when they go backwards to look at
    this he knows the way they like goes to night time you having fun with the early
    engine hairs look at this we got James rosy Stanley and Percy what’s next in
    here in this totally Thomas town unboxing Oh what’s this it looks like oh
    wow oh good so much for guessing this is Tim a station oh wow this is the much
    fabled we’ve never seen this in real life
    Ted my station this is in great condition
    oh we’re in the backyard in mapa Sodor 2005 it says here but look at the bricks
    and then this piece goes on there but this is Tidmouth station and this time
    that can go through now Tim escape oh man look how much bigger these early
    engineers tenders are Wow here’s regular wooden remains bullying is early
    engineer’s tender here comes James into Tidmouth station oh wow looks like James
    kids cop this was really just short look at the size difference why did she go
    next out here guys is here – Veronica what are you gonna pick okay is there a
    track master everyone gets to it as a it’s godlike in you go blueish purple
    Gordon Veronica guess who it is Oh rosy can all
    guess promise or is it I think I know who that is
    Arthur blue yes we finally have an Arthur from Yale and ass wow look how
    big is this old truck maskers well let’s get some batteries in him this is Tommy
    Arthur are you ready to see if he will race William ready set and off you go Z
    loud and probably he’s definitely work and putting up a racer what do you think
    and the boat without couches on go they’re off it looks like neck and neck
    but others go ahead Wow look at him go what happen to you oh you got caught up
    there let’s have another fair race clothes are off it’ll secure job gets
    ahead a little bit Arthur will move ahead don’t go up and
    he will go over the bubble wrap even beat us down Wow Arthur definitely had
    control the farther he went the faster he went he’s going to do very well I
    think of the races what is it let’s see it what’s going so fast I don’t know
    what okay so we have the brick the wheels turn it around oh that’s kind of
    cool we have the real car we got some Freight
    we’re gonna put it in here we’re gonna close it and we’re gonna say the magic
    words what are the magic words abracadabra and we open it up in this
    what happened what happened weird it go abracadabra oh there it is come back to
    the boxcar this is great little Rio stuff was done
    Oh Freight Oh mr. Joey can’t chocolate that’s Sir Topham Hatt’s boxcar you
    better be careful about skipper dude and you can’t come down and lift up the back
    oh no he dropped it come over and pray for Annika what do you want
    what that one what color is it do you think it’s other choc master he wrote
    Sir Handel let me say Rosie oh it’s hoppity he’s going backwards oh that’s
    another tow man oh he’s got a funny funnel this is the UH is this the funnel
    you got with the bubble loader thing funny funnel Thomas we have another Tom
    mr. race huh let’s see if this guy is any fast hurry is bubble Thomas with the
    bubble blower and the bubble funnel is he going to bubble along the bubble
    here we go let’s go go Thomas is he on the sea magic truck yeah
    he is bubbling along and he will bubble onto these wooden hallways and he
    immediately gets started what’s gonna happen here let’s wrap oh here comes the
    Lionel dayliners what’s happening here look at these guys College Oh ready now
    kitchen do it Oh push in the loo and looks like we have a malfunction at the
    junction Oh through now just taking out the window
    away from behind a narrow gate away I think bubble Thomas will do very well on
    our little railway here on kids toys play but we have more to unwrap guys
    look at all this stuff we still have this lock let’s open it do you think a
    Sodor Trackmaster giving you guesses on who this one is gonna be she’s ready
    thinking it’s gonna be like – we even make a doorman over this what who’s this
    is this the coffeepot I’ve actually never seen this guy in
    real life this is grand Wow look at this that’s his boiler right there Wow look
    at all the old controls that he has mr. coffeepot Glen alright we’re gonna have
    a test race here with Glen vs. are thoroughly I’m Andy predictions on this
    race I think Arthur’s gonna do it are you
    ready that’s why Arthur is yellow math engine Wow good might be a coffee pot
    but I think you pulled decaf mr. coffee glad the original number one engine not
    very impressive but at least we got about this is gonna be great we’re gonna
    have good crashes with we’re off and here they go and here’s Peter Sam he’s
    rushing to have a Glen it’s just not tonight this is a wooden railway track
    but it looks like Glen is pushing just a little bit and he is pretty get the
    upper hand as all in he comes to the help Lynn and Arthur goes to help Peter
    set up the carnage folks back and forth through the back they go the coffee pots
    a narrow gauge Lutheran go away and they’re fighting back and
    forth through this wasting values at this point folks lots of you jog master
    so far this is gonna be very exciting to see these guys race in the future we
    just look at all this stuff we still have guys are you diving in there oh
    we’ve come out with what is that what color is that yellow you think yes Rosie
    moly let’s check it out let’s open it up
    who’s it gonna be what green salty green salty do you like green salty just six
    foots away from st. Patrick’s Day here is salty but he’s green yarr I’m a
    little green around the gills matey here it is green salty I think he’s
    gonna go fast what do you think William should we have him race against one of
    these other engines yourself green salty and Peter Sam are you ready Peter says
    Oh Sophie now Wow look at this what a great race doc turned out to be as you
    come the line okay lighter and the torpedo and they’re gonna go on Walter
    peels you see these guys cue looks like we have another racer with
    green salty this is going to be really good for shot master race oh he’s
    picking on me already getting pretty slim but there’s still some pickings
    here at the totally Thomas on unboxing BM you’re gonna pick this last one what
    color is this kind of green we just got a green salty any predictions on who
    that’s gonna be uh yes points craftsman thank you okay
    oh you wanted Porter its Porter hey Porter hey Porter did you tell me the
    time I love the detail that these older ones happen oh thanks she does it is
    that small looks small next to rusty I know that yeah you’re right that’s a
    small fee another square head I forgot about that Glenn
    poor Don green salty let’s see what happens here are you ready they’re all sad and kept going Wow we definitely
    have a racer here he had Peter Sam and Peter Sam was going the other direction
    he kept going boy that Bursaspor right set go well that’s how much
    competition and we managed to find the wooden railway counterparts for all
    these Trackmasters so far except for Glen because he doesn’t have wouldn’t
    know a counterpart I suppose we already open up these last few packages hey
    bells I think this will go with Glen with these – hey bells – our packages
    are we ready for this oh is it smooth soon as I knew chuck master – this looks
    really good maybe that’s going maybe they’re both twins who knows and what
    more do you think this is another trailer Oh Oh what’s this great Railway
    Express wow these are this is really neat
    interesting coach lionell okay so you’ve got this awesome tender from Lionel it
    clicks on like that and what is it do bullion shows what happened you just
    push the coal down train here is a wrap-up from totally Thomastown William
    let’s list off everything we got video training carpet I like this set early
    engineers this is great for my baby sister Joseph yeah this is great for
    Joseph II which one of these is your favorite real boxcar oh look we got
    chocolate in there yay too much ticket ship let’s juice about to see nope
    that’s a Thomas mini for taller person I’m with track master
    we have green salty I’m red from Thomas dear Sam our fur lady rusty what I mean
    Porter Liam what was your favorite thing that you got that we got from totally
    Thomas town in this unboxing yes you like you like yeah you really like
    this is this one orange engine don’t you cuz it opens up and you can work on it
    yeah it says lift on it I think my favorite was probably Porter to be
    honest with you I love Porter I’m really excited to see him race
    yeah his cool like yeah look oh you’re right look how low his coal is that’s
    very low guys get in the comments section let us know what your favorites
    are you demands for mystery Thomas town unboxing and we’re gonna have
    a link to totally Thomas out in our description guys we love totally Thomas
    town it is the best place that we find the rarest and coolest Thomas and
    Friends stuff take it totally Thomas town I think this is my favorite part of
    totally Thomas town and unboxings are just popping bubble did I help you oh
    yes he’s gonna pop some bubbles your real guy