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    Il fonce à travers les piétons!
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    Il fonce à travers les piétons!

    November 12, 2019

    I stop by squeezing to the left.
    To let cyclists who want to turn right pass. This cyclist cannot turn right because it is blocked.
    She’ll have to go around to the left. First light burned I see the cyclist zigzagging for no reason.
    I use the bell to inform him of my arrival. He can’t hear me at all.
    He’s in his bubble. I slow down and keep my hands on the brakes. I slow down and keep my hands on the brakes. I slow down and keep my hands on the brakes. Here, it’s a simple light. Second light burned as it passed through pedestrians. Third traffic light with a nice slalom through the pedestrians. This time, he takes the time to stop for a pedestrian who bites the bike path on a sidewalk. (me)wait mr you just burned 3 fires in a row, slalom through pedestrians it’s not you who have to make mr reflections (him) What the hell is wrong with you? (me)if it’s going very well I have a dashcam, I film you, I see you doing stupid things and you make reflections… (he) he is the one who is at fault (me)no, you watch out for the pedestrian mr. (me)you have to be careful with pedestrians (him) shut the fuck up, I explained nicely (me)there is no nice you slalom through pedestrians (him) yes! (me) you burn the fires (me) if you want to think about it, you have to be perfect, man. (him) shut up you can drive any way you want! (me) I drive fast but I respect the signs. (me) if I follow you, you’ll still burn all the light. I see how you drive… Thank you to the motorist who gives me priority (me)Beware of pedestrians, have a nice drive. I brake at the level of the driver.
    I wait to see her look to continue.
    He nods kindly. Have a good trip!


    Transform your bicycle into a motorcycle!

    November 10, 2019

    There once was a little
    boy with a big idea. He attached a card
    to his bike to make it sound like a motorbike. The idea spanned generations
    ’til it eventually sparked an even better idea. [BELL DING] Introducing the re-imagining
    of a classic, TurboSpoke. A far cry from the pitter
    patter of playing cards and clothespins, TurboSpoke
    transforms any bike to look and sound
    like a motorbike. Running entirely on pedal power,
    it doesn’t need batteries. And the faster you
    go, to louder it gets. TurboSpoke fits on 95%
    of bikes and installs in under five minutes. Just snap the clamp
    onto the bike’s frame and tighten the two bolts
    with the included hex key. Slip the exhaust pipe and one of
    the three unique sounding motor cards into the clamp,
    then secure them with the yellow
    tab, and you’re off. The ultra durable
    waterproof cards range from the sounds
    of an off-road dirt bike with the blue, to the deep
    growling snarl of a muscle bike with the red, and the yellow
    sitting somewhere nicely in between. The exhaust pipe takes the
    vibrations of the motor cards and projects the thunderous
    roar like a horn. Though it looks like metal,
    it’s actually flexible plastic, making it lightweight
    and very tough. You can customize
    your TurboSpoke with the 15 included stickers. So if you’re not exactly
    impressing anyone with your so-called
    tricks, at least your bike will look and sound
    good while you try. So save the cards
    and clothespins and transform your
    bike with TurboSpoke. Buy it now at [SINGING] [DIRT BIKE SOUND]

    KTM Vs Royal Enfield | The Conclusion #2 | Which Is Best ? | Bikers Funny Fight | Sillaakki Dumma
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    KTM Vs Royal Enfield | The Conclusion #2 | Which Is Best ? | Bikers Funny Fight | Sillaakki Dumma

    November 8, 2019

    Hey What does Sillakki Dumma Means? This is RE This is RC Remove Your Glasses In the first part you asked me what does RC means. RC is Race Competition. Hey! Race and competition are the same. What is new in this? You always speak well but don’t forget that you have lost in the race in the first part. Why have you come again to race? Hey.. She is looking at RC. Seat in your bike is a bit far while comparing with my bike. So, I will go romantically. Don’t judge it with your bike seat. Let her decide whether it is RE or RC! When did you get back at him? Bye!!!! Bye???? Oh! Is It a dream? Ha ha ha …. Bye!!! Hey Hey Dude! I need your bike urgently! Why do you need Royal Enfield, now? My girlfriend wants to have a ride in Royal Enfield, dude! One should have the dignity to go in Royal Enfield! Dude! Why do you plead him for a bike? Take my bike dude, you will have a romantic experience. KTM???? Yeah! Look at that! Oh No! I will walk with my girlfriend!I don’t need your bike! Wait! Wait Oh! Today is Sunday! A tall boy is coming on a bike! Let him come! Stop Stop!! Remove your glasses, first! Sir, new RC Sir! Please, Sir! What??? RC means what? I didn’t ask your RC Book. If it is a race bike, ride it on the track. Why are you riding it on the road? Licence… Insurance … RC Book… Road Tax … What? Is the vehicle new? Then take the bill! Don’t you have the bill? At least do you have the bill number? No???? Constable, arrest him! File all the cases against him! Sir, just file the code 69, Sir! Oh! Are you speaking law and order? You have got Rs. 2.5 lakh worth bike and also a gold chain! come here! Wow! Bullet! Bro… stop stop! Welcome, bro! How is your dad? My son is also asking for this bike and I am planning to get one. Sir, License…. RC… Roadtax No Need…. You will have everything perfect. You carry on your work! One second… constable do a water wash for the bike. Do you have petrol… ok ok … you carry on Bike! My son! This is the first time in your life, you have done an useful thing! Only now you look like a prince! Son, Will you take me with you in your bike? Come on, Mom! Let us Go! Hi Gomathy, This is my son’s new vehicle… Hey Kamala, my son’s new vehicle…. Hey Kanaka…. come home… This is my son’s new bike… Son, without thinking twice, I have told about your bike… Everyone’s eye will be on you. Come home, let us break the evil’s eye! Ok Mom! Let this break all the evil eye on you’ especially the guy who has got the ATM bike. Mom! It is not ATM… it is KTM Yes… the KTM bike fellow’s evil eye … Let this break all the evil eyes… spit in this … Bye my son! Ha ha !!! Mommy! This is my favorite bike… my dream bike… my bike is so hot… You will be surprised to see my bike… Mummy!!!! Nice, is it not! Oh My God! My 2 Lakh rupees has gone!!! Why did you buy a plastic bike? How will a mother sit in this bike? Hey Kanaka … my 2 lakh has gone…. Hey Gomathi, look at this plastic box…. What sound is this ????? Your son is like you! Get lost… Mummy…. Mummy…. Take Arati for my bike… Don’t you see the road properly! Stupid guy! Bro! Don’t you have petrol? May I help you? Thanks, Bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Bro! KTM! Why do you push the vehicle? Let me drop you! Thanks, Bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Bro, KTM… Shall I help you to push the vehicle? Bro, it’s okay bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Even the pedestrian comes to rescue you! You are a blessed one! Oh, God! I couldn’t push this bike, further! Could anyone help me? The petrol station is nearby… Please help me… At least give me your cycle! Kindly help me! TOW! If my vehicle damages, who will give me the money! I couldn’t push it further! We could lift a bike…. But not a bulldozer! Don’t speak about my bike… Go, brother! Really, it sounds like a plastic! Let it be! Hey dude! Hey, dude! Shall we go for a long drive? Long drive!!! 20 km? Don’t make fun! We are going to Pondicherry now, 300 km! Hey!!! I have to fill petrol for Rs. 4000! I will take care! Let us go and drink! Let me fulfil your wish! Oh No! Lorry… Without thinking, I have chosen a long drive… God, save me! I will give offerings to you, If I reach home, safely. RE!!!! Lovely! KTM! Sexy!!! Why are you groaning! You are just sitting on your bike. but I am just lying on it…. Oh! You are lying on it! It is just 3 Km now… you will lie down completely, soon Hey! Rc is the pride RE is the pride! Grrr… go RC is just like a lover. You don’t know when it will leg pull you! RE is just like the wife. Even if it mishaps, it will save us. Understand this! To drink a coffee, will you buy a coffee estate? Hey! Go away and play! What are you doing here? kids playing REand RC Whether it is RC or RE, our bike is our pride. When the time changes, the style and the mass of the vehicle changes. Buying a costly bike is not important. It is important how we ride it. So, no Rash Driving!


    Number Train | Learn to Count from 1 to 100 for Kids in English

    October 18, 2019

    Welcome back to Brain Candy TV Hey Brainiacs, check it out… Here comes the numbers train! Let’s read the numbers and see if we can count
    the all of the objects on the train! One One sailboat Two One, two, sports cars Three One, two, three tractors Four One, two, three, four bicycles Five One, two, three, four, five trophies Six One, two, three, four, five, six butterflies Seven One, two, three, four, five, six, seven soccer balls Eight One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight balloons Nine One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine hamburgers Ten One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten rockets! Great job! Now let’s count up to twenty! Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen and twenty! Now let’s count up by tens Thirty Fourty Fifty Sixty Seventy Eighty Ninety One hundred! Nice work, we did it! Great job! Wow, that was so much fun! OK Lizzy, let’s review the numbers by 10s Here’s 10 balls Hold on Lizzy, you have to wait until we finish
    the lesson This is 20 Here’s 30 40 balls This is 50 60 70 Now we’re up to 80 90 100 balls! OK, Lizzy, go get ’em! Hey Brainiacs, if you liked this video, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on the red button Or ask your parents to give you a hand You can also see more of our videos by clicking here See you next time

    The 5 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry
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    The 5 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry

    October 16, 2019

    cleaning bikes can be a real pain but I
    hate riding dirty black actually hate it so that’s come up with a way of keeping
    my bikes clean that didn’t take ages and wasn’t a faff here’s my five minute by
    cleaning routine that I can do immediately after every ride especially
    in the wet so my bike never gets really filthy and
    I can always set off with a shiny bike the first thing I do when I get in is
    immediately filled a bucket of hot water with washing up liquid now some people complain that it damages
    the paint but I’ve never found this to be a problem before i start watching
    that here is my controversial technique I use
    wd-40 as my degreaser i know i can almost hear the disgust from here but
    I’m disorganized it’s always on hand and it works for me
    so give it a try put the chain in the big ring and the
    smallest sprocket at the back and then spray wd-40 on your chain and cassette
    and give them a bit of spin now get my bucket hot soapy water and
    start getting stuck in with a cast sponge start at the top of the bike with
    the handlebars first I’m pretty generous with the amount of
    water that i’m using also do the saddle at this point because if any crap comes
    off it then I still have time to wash it off
    the rest of the part is it drips down actually got the end of a broken brush
    to clean underneath my setup still works pretty well even though it’s got a
    handle anymore now wash the top tube and the down cheap
    the rest of the bike the front of the right now it’s time to
    pop the front where that so I can wash it properly and also watch the inside of
    the forks and particularly inside the brake calipers we’re all that black crap
    hangs around front will next take a sponge and quickly run it over the tire
    pressing quite firmly on the brake surface of the rim just to get any kind of black gunk off
    the rip and collects if you’ve been breaking then returned to the rim you can do this really quickly and then
    the spokes and then finally the hub with the front wheel still out it’s time to do the same with the back
    will now rest the bike on the tips of the four blades and on the brake levers
    that it’s much better for it then having upside down and it also means you can
    clean the grumpiest bit of the bike the rear triangle see these days brake
    calipers and then change days particularly the drive side next the
    back will approach it exactly the same as the front except give the cassette a
    good going-over as well the wd-40 you sprayed on earlier will
    have loosened up any kind of oil grease so it should come up really quickly at
    the tire on the rim times but the wheels back in now has 12 the last bit the drivetrain while you can clean the rest of the
    black the wd-40 well then gently degreasing the chain to
    the change down the big ring I take my black donkey sponge and just
    start to rock shit like that you can see the straight way comes up
    really clean now the chain has been really really thickly coated in old oil
    it might take a second going over the wd-40 if that’s the case given us brown real
    mac now and it shouldn’t take much to keep this clean because I clean it
    regularly a sponge all dick just put it against the jockey wheels
    give it a bit split right channels now nearly there remember to the both front and back of
    the chainrings back to the chain out clean sponge and just a quick going over
    with soap and water and it should be pretty much close to spotless now now that’s all the cleaning done all i
    need to do now is rinse all the dirty soapy water off the bike house but we’re
    great for that failing that is the bucket of clean
    water yeah yeah now for the ultimate cheeks trick use
    wd-40 for the lubricant as well as a degreaser now I know every rule in the book says
    this isn’t going to work but I’ve use nothing but for the last
    five years in the UK in winter doing five hour training rides that says quite
    a lot and then use it for the road as well use it for something across the
    mountain biking to if you use a normal degreaser the wd-40 isn’t going to work
    ill last five minutes and the drive chain but if you use it for both the
    greeting and lubricant some reason it seems to work now before you cry foul actually w40
    have not paid me to endorse their product so this is just me being a lazy black
    rider looking for a cheap trick spray it on your bike on the chain is
    set to rail at trailer brake caliper brake caliper try making it part of your
    writing routine just five minutes after ride and you always get to ride a shiny
    bike will last longer and it will work better and if after that you still think
    the wd-40 sucks feel free to complain in the comments
    section down below to find out how to do a more thorough deep clean of your bike
    including decreasing your chain click on that video to subscribe click
    on me

    Le cauchemar des nouveaux feux parisien !
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    Le cauchemar des nouveaux feux parisien !

    October 13, 2019

    The new lights on the Avenue de Flandre (Paris) The stop line is not respected.
    he blowing the traffic light. In this place, I can’t jump the little ledge.
    I have very thin tires. The driver tells me they have a lot of space. I explain that it’s dangerous for me and thank him. The first car is in the wrong direction and pass the stop line. I have to jump the little ledge.
    (handlebar grip) The second one runs the light (exceeding the stop line). The car runs the light and is in the wrong direction (stop line) The car runs the light (stop line). he cuts off the bike lane without looking and adds “revises the traffic regulations” Any driver about to leave a road on his left
    (right) must give way to the cycles running on the cycle paths that cross the roadway on which it is going to be used to commit.
    (Articles R415-3 III and R415-4 III) Blinker at the last second without controls… force me to brake No blinker and no controls….
    force me to brake. The light turns green for me.
    The police are in the wrong direction and are forcing the line to yield.
    No flashing lights, no normal sirens. Have a good trip
    Watch out for intersections!
    because we won’t pay any attention to you.

    How to Take Your Bike on the Subway or Train
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    How to Take Your Bike on the Subway or Train

    October 13, 2019

    How to Take Your Bike on the Subway or Train. Taking your bike on the train can be daunting
    at first, but once you know the drill it can open up new possibilities for commuting and
    leisure. You will need Rail line number or website
    Bicycle Train fare and bike box. Step 1. Call the rail service’s information line or
    visit their web site before your trip. Find out if there are any fees, restrictions,
    or requirements, such as getting a permit or making a reservation. You may be required to pack your bike in a
    box. If so, make sure you label it clearly with
    your name and contact information. Step 2. Plan your route, including transfers, and
    note the travel times. Get the correct change for purchasing your
    fare. Avoid traveling on the train with your bike
    during rush hour. Some rail lines prohibit travel with a bike
    during rush hours. Step 3. Allow for an additional 5 to 10 minutes on
    short trips to get your bike past turnstiles and down elevators. For longer trips, arrive an hour before departure. Step 4. Purchase the fare for your trip, including
    fees for bringing your bike. Some trains have designated doors for passengers
    travelling with bikes. Ask about this at the information desk. Step 5. Stand with your bike on the platform behind
    the boarding line until the train comes to a stop. Wait for other passengers to exit and enter
    before boarding. Step 6. Board the train with your bike. Stow it away from doors and aisles, in a position
    where it won’t fall over. Hold onto your bike and something secure during
    the ride. Step 7. Let other passengers exit ahead of you when
    you reach your stop. Exit the train with your bike and follow signs
    to the appropriate station exit. Did you know In 2009, Philadelphia had a higher
    percentage of bicycle commuters than any of the other 10 largest cities in the U.S.

    CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic
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    CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic

    September 15, 2019

    – Los Angeles is known for
    its incredible car culture. But is the car really the
    best way to get around? Well today, we’re gonna be racing through rush hour traffic, in
    the city with the worst traffic in the entire country. I’ve got my car, Zach’s got his bike, Raghav is gonna be taking
    public transportation. ‘Cause he doesn’t own a car or a bike and he’s the only one we
    found who would do it. Racing 13.6 miles from downtown LA to our office in Santa Monica, this is car versus bike versus public transportation. (car engine starting) (bike helmet clipping) – Let’s do it.
    – Yeah. – Oh wait, are we going for real? – Alright, I guess this is it. – Alright. – Start us off Nolan,
    give us the countdown. – Okay, three, two, one. (car roaring) – Raghav, have a great day at school. – Oh camera’s rolling, oh
    geeze, Zach just passed me. Zach just passed me. – We’re here at the office
    and we’re gonna track the guy’s progress with
    this state of the art lap top computer and
    global positioning systems that each of them have
    on their cellphones. – This guy just walkin’ through. – Nolan has moved two
    feet, looks like he hit some traffic right away. – It’s called a cross walk. – Yesterday I was like, I
    don’t really care if I win, right now I really wanna beat Nolan. – My car 2006 Mustang GT,
    save your crowd jokes, I don’t wanna hear ’em,
    I’ve heard ’em all before. (upbeat music) – I’m just tryna time the lights right now as best as I can. – I’m using Google Maps which is giving me the fastest route. (upbeat music) It’s not hard to see why
    people like driving their car to work, you know,
    you got your own music you can listen to, you got
    your climate control, and you can kinda just
    have your own space. Totally forgot dude, I got pizza. – Ridin’ a bike, you get
    immersed with the locals, see your neighbors. What’s up? – Hell yeah, pineapple
    and ham, again, save your jokes, I love pineapple and ham. – What’s up man? What’s up? – It’s like hating on
    Bruno Mars, you know, he’s a great musician. (train passing) (crowd chattering) – Or maybe we lost Raghav
    ’cause he’s underground. Ooh, Nolan and Zach, neck and neck. That’s not, that doesn’t
    bode well for Zach. That doesn’t. – I have no clue where I am. – I’m excited, this is really fun, this is the most fun I’ve
    had sitting in traffic. – Unless something happens, I
    think Nolan just passed Zach. – Let’s give Zach a call. – I think I’m gonna call Nolan soon. (phone ringing) What’s up Nolan. – Zach, how are ya? – Good dude, where you at? – Probably east of Culver I think. I’m pretty comfortable, got the AC on, I’m feelin’ good man. Yeah I think that the
    final stretch is gonna be key I think. I realize I was using my
    phone while I’m driving. Not supposed to do that. It’s dangerous. – I like when people are
    like, ah man, I’d move to LA but how do you guys deal with the traffic? That’s where Nolan is right now. – C’mon. – Zach didn’t have to make any turns. Zach is just like whew. – Wonder how Raghav’s doin’. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat music) – Why is everyone on the road? What are you doing, going to work? With your jobs. (super fast zooming) – No, no, no. I’m legit like stressing
    out (laughing) over this. – Five minutes away. – Err, oh my-are you kidding me? That would’ve been Raghav’s train. No dude, no. – [Train Announcer] Now
    arriving Expo Sepulveda Station. – Five minutes, goin’ crazy. (upbeat music) – Did I win? – Yeah. – Ahh. – You just smoked him. – Dude I’m exhausted, like I
    need to go home and shower. (laughing) Yeah I need drive back. – Agh, well done, well done. 10 is just like you change lanes, ’cause one’s faster and then it just becomes slow immediately. – Yeah. (applause) – We actually clap for
    Raghav, everyday when he comes into work, I dunno how the joke started. (laughing) – The takeaway is I think
    the bike is probably I won’t say the best.
    – Fastest. – The fastest way to get around LA. – During rush hour.
    – During rush hour. But you get really sweaty. Public transit is really
    cheap, but it takes a while. – Cars, you gotta spend
    a lot of money on gas, but it is comfortable. – [Crewman] And insurance. – And insurance and
    everything else, but I think the best way to get around
    LA, is on a motorcycle. (laughing) – So Zach forgot his helmet
    and we knew we couldn’t make a video of him, with
    him not wearing a helmet so Eddie did this commute twice. – [Nolan] Yeah. – To go get Zach’s helmet from his house. – Especially in La, it
    never rains and you can split lane so, it’s basically the best. Thanks for watchin’
    please like this video, tell us in the comments
    about your commute, we’d love to hear about
    it, maybe we should make more motorcycle videos. – I guess we have to go to work now. – Yeah (laughing) yeah dang.

    4-Stroke 38cc Friction Drive Motor Bicycle Engine Kit Installation | The Flying Horse Lock-n-Load
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    4-Stroke 38cc Friction Drive Motor Bicycle Engine Kit Installation | The Flying Horse Lock-n-Load

    September 10, 2019

    In this video, we’re gonna show you how
    to install our Lock-n-Load Engine Kit. This kit is the easiest to
    install out of all of our kits. This is the world’s easiest engine kit available. Lock and load and
    you’re ready to roll. Here’s what you need for the simple installation:
    Two small adjustable wrenches, zip ties, a box cutter or sharp knife, a wire stripper, electrical tape and a
    compact drill with a 5mm and 1mm drill bit. The kit you receive should come with
    everything you see here. This bike can ultimately go on any 26 inch, and
    sometimes 24 inch tire bike. The first thing you
    need to install is a square-shaped mount that will go on the seatstay. Place the mount in place, then take the 3 designated bolts and
    nuts and hands screw them in place. Be sure the mount is centered. you can
    use a 14mm socket wrench if you have one… but otherwise, two small adjustable
    wrenches would do the trick as well. Next, we’ll attach the main mount to the
    engine. Put the beveled side of the cylinder
    connector on the engine and place the mount on top. hand tighten the 4 black bolts with washers Then tighten them using a wrench in an
    X pattern. Next we’ll put on the 2 side-mounting bars.
    On this bike, we’ll put on the lowest setting. But it may differ for you depending on
    the dimensions of your bike. Be sure the top slit of the bar goes
    in an upward diagonal angle that goes from bottom
    left to top right. putting this the wrong way will prevent
    you from lifting your engine up. Next, we’ll mount the engine onto the
    mounting plates. This part is much easier with two people
    but… It’s possible with one person. Put the
    engine in place like so. Then drive the bolt through. Be sure to put
    a spacer between the mounting plates and the main mount for the engine. Then use two wrenches to tighten the end-nut. Let’s put the quick release lock on the back, similar as the front main
    bolt. slide the bolt through– be sure to put a
    spacer between the side mounting plates and the main mount. In some cases, the spacer on the engine
    side may be too large… if this is the case, all you have to do is take a file, and file it down slightly. After that, it
    should fit perfectly. Be sure that the release handle is on the
    opposite side of the engine. Also, be sure that there is a nut on
    both sides of the middle bar. Time to install the throttle cable. Take the metal side of the throttle cable and hook it onto the engine like we do here. Installed the throttle cable by zip-tying
    it to the bike like so. Don’t tighten them all the way until you set everything in place. Next we’ll install the killswitch along
    the same path. To hook the kill switch wires to the
    engine, it’s simple. Just black to black… and red to red. If your engine doesn’t come with a plastic cover to connect male to female, you may need
    to splice the wires. It’s simple: Just strip one of the wires… twist the two wires together, then
    wrap it with electrical tape. Once the throttle and kill switch wires are in place, you can tighten the zip-ties. NOTE: clip off the excess. Next we’ll install throttle handle
    and kill switch. First remove the existing handlebar
    grips off or… use a box cutter to cut off your current
    handlebars. Then you want to drill a small
    5mm hole on the handlebar– about 4.25 inches from and end of the handlebar. First, drill a pilot hole with the 1mm drill bit, then
    follow up with the 5mm drill bit so that we have the actual size hole that we want.
    Then install the kill switch by simply placing around the handlebar. Inserting the kill switch notch into the
    drill hole and tightening the screws. And that’s it for installation! Make the final adjustments to the throttle
    cable. First remove all the slack from the throttle cable by adjusting the tension on both the throttle handle side and the
    engine side where the throttle connects. Once that’s done, you can fine-tune the idle
    speed with this screw here. First you will want to add oil
    into the engine. For new engines, we recommend Maxima
    Scooter Premium 4-Stroke Break-in Oil. You will want to use this
    oil during the first 2 full tanks of operation or about 100 miles of use. During the
    break-in period, take it easy on the engine and vary the RPM’s.
    This will ensure a long-lasting engine for many years of fun and enjoyment. Once you’re done with the
    break-in, we recommend Maxima Scooter ProPlus+ 4-Stroke Synthetic 10w30. We offer a self-priming siphon hose for
    easy changing of the oil. Now let’s get the engine started! Press the primer button 2 to 5 times
    then pull the pullstart a few tugs and it should start. The first time may take multiple attempts but
    after that it’ll be easy. Now engage the engine on the rear wheel. It’s important, when you lock the friction motor, to not press it down too hard or too soft on the tire. It’ll take a few tries to find the sweet
    spot but after you get it, it’ll become second nature. Now have fun! If you guys have any questions you
    can email us at… [email protected] or visit our website at