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    Sweden. Inland Railway: MORA – SÖRTJÄRN (1997) Train Driver’s Cab View from Y1 1360

    January 6, 2020

    MORA (Mra) Mora lasarett (Mrl) There are many conversations in the driver’s cab during this journey. Many of them I don’t feel comfortable publishing. That is why a large part of this journey will be without sound. Vattnäs (Vtn) ORSA (Ors) To the right: The line to Furudal. Orsa plattfabrik (Orsp) Tallhed (Thd) Storstupet The train goes very slow for now. It was a very hot day. Two or maybe three out of four engines had temporarily disconnected. The filters to the cooling system hadn’t been cleansed properly and where covered with dust. Emådalen (Emd) Change of batteries. ÄLVHO (Älo) Vassjön (Vön) Lillhamra (Lhr) Tandsjöborg (Tdö) Sidertjärn (Stn) FÅGELSJÖ (Feö) Kropptjärn (Ktn) Hundsjövallen (Hövl) Bodarsjön (Bdö) Byheden (Byhd) Bäckedal (Bdl) Unfortunately the batteri went out. SVEG (S) Change of tapes. Älvros (Äls) YTTERHOGDAL (Yl) Överhogdals grusgrop (Öhlg) Överhogdal (Öhl) Sörtjärn (Srn) I hope you have had a pleasant journey! Thank you for watching!


    Sweden. Inland Railway: ULRIKSFORS – VILHELMINA (1997) Train Driver’s Cab View from Y1 1360

    December 13, 2019

    ULRIKSFORS (Uf) To the left: The line to Strömsund. Some parts of this journey will go in silence. The reason for that is conversations that I don’t want to publish. Lövberga (Löb) A small part including driving over a reindeer has been cut. Change of batteries. The River: Flåsjöälven. The River: Tåsjöälven. Hoting campingplats (Hcp) HOTING (Htg) To the right: The line to Forsmo. The River: Rörströmsälven. Kilvamma (Kiv) Dorotea campingplats Dtc DOROTEA (Dta) Dorotea emballagespår (Dte) Storbergets industrispår (Sti) Saxvattnet (Sx) Change of batteries. Granberget (Ggt) Meselefors campingplats (Mcp) The River: Ångermanälven. MESELEFORS (Mlf) Volgsjöfors (Vgf) Change of batteries. VILHELMINA (Vma) Vilhelmina timmer (Vmat) I hope you have had a pleasant journey! Thank you for watching!


    How Often Should You Train Your ABS?

    September 28, 2019

    What’s going on nation? And welcome to bench break episode 12. How often should I train my abs? Now before we get started with this video I’m sure you know you guys are wondering where I got this kick-ass Inuyasha shirt. I got it from hot topic I actually have a whole closet full of anime shirts And I keep getting questions on my videos if I like anime if I like all these different ones And I do so I figured I’d start whipping out these shirts and showing you guys which Animes I like this was actually a shirt I wasn’t going to get and Erika convinced me to buy it. We’re at hot topic and she’s over here the day that we got the shirt I actually went to my dad’s house, and all my brothers said I was wearing a Hello Kitty shirt and then that was pretty fun to deal with Yeah, it was the last time we saw them Inuyasha’s badass, so I don’t know why they were complaining They just aren’t into anime as much as I am but whatever you know it was a fun day but let’s get back on track with this abs video, so How often I should train my abs? This is a question that I’m asked a lot and being in the fitness industry as long as I have I’ve heard many different answers and explanations So here’s my disclaimer guys everything I say here is based on a mix of research my experience with my [own] body and my experience with Clients not one thing works for everyone because we’re different so you can use this as a general guideline and with time [Fine-tune], what works best for your body Now first let me start by saying that there are two categories of people Those who just want a nice [tight] and lean core and a lot of women fall into this category And those who want the big blocky very visible six-pack. So keep this in mind as we go through this video Now let’s start talking about what types of exercises to do now I’ve seen people say that you never have [to] train abs because they’re worked hard enough during intense compound lifts like squats Or deadlifts [I] actually talked [about] that in this video right [here] if you fall under the first category And we’re talking strictly about core engagement and not building and sculpting blocky Abs you might be able to get away with this now if you want to grow your six-pack, you will need to do abdominal isolation exercises on top of the compound movements Just like you would for [any] other muscle group for example if you want to grow your biceps You don’t just do pull-ups [you] add some curls to your program to isolate and Destroy a specific muscle Group right well your abs are the same so stop [giving] into these gimmicks and work your abs the other point I want to make is that if you’re always relying on the Assistance from a weight training belt when performing your lifts such as the squads or the deadlifts Although you’re engaging your core You’ll quickly find that your core will be much weaker than someone who does not There is nothing wrong [with] using a [belt] nation just understand that the more you use it The more you need to spend time training your entire core which consists of your abs lower back and obliques to make it stronger [the] best thing to do would be to train without a belt when doing your lighter sets and only use your belt when you get Into your heavier more intense sets now. Let’s talk about frequency. I’ve found that abs are a lot like our calf muscles [they] need a lot more volume in order to grow so I myself do not do [abs] just once a week I actually hit them four times a week And I separate my ab days into an upper and lower ab workout And another day focusing on lower and obliques. [I] also do abs at the end of the workout after I do whatever muscle split I’m doing that day Ultimately, how often you will train your abs will come down to personal preference and how much time you have available But let’s talk [about] my training schedule my ab schedule is very simple And [I] even have two videos you guys can check out if you’d like to follow my routines starting Monday I like to train two days of abs rest on Wednesday then repeat Thursday and Friday Weekends are like ab rest days for me keep in mind This is not set in stone Sometimes if I’m in a hurry, [I] will do my regular muscle split that day and leave the ab workout for the weekend So it doesn’t have to be exactly like this, but if you want to follow along day one focuses on upper and lower Abs and you can check out my V cut six-Pack abs killer workout from my 2010 series it’s an older video Doesn’t mean it’s not amazing, and I still do this workout to this day day two of focus on lower Abs and obliques and this is called the ultimate core workout targeting lower Abs and obliques once again a part of my be a 10 2010 series those of you who haven’t seen it now There’s a lot of debate that you cannot target upper or lower abs because the rectus abdominis Is one big long muscle to these people I say lie on the ground and perform a reverse crunch with a 25 pound dumbbell between your feet and tell me what part of Your abs hurt the most in addition to this I’m also not claiming that if I’m focusing on lower Abs that the upper portion isn’t being worked at the end of the day both areas are Activated, but we can be creative and perform exercises that will target the area we intend to work more the reason Why I have one day to focus on lower and upper and the other to focus on lower and obliques is because it’s my belief That you’re targeting upper abs the majority of the time when training and if you really want to bring out the lower portion They need to be focused on a bit more in fact one of the most common questions. I get is Scott How do I bring out my lower Abs? Now guys obviously a low body fat percentage is key here But to me it proves my point that the area of the rectus abdominis that needs the most [attention] for most people is the lower abs now for the last part of this video Let’s talk about reps and sets typically what I like to do is on the first two days I focus on heavy weight as much as possible for 12 to 15 reps Just like any other muscle to build blocky abs you need to resistance train So you have to bump up the way on the next few days your abs may still be a bit sore So I focus on high reps anywhere between 30 to 50 reps per set per exercise, [but] there is one myth I would like to dispel before I end this video nation and that’s that the weighted oblique exercises will give you a huge waist This is a myth The only way you will gain a huge Waistline is by gaining fat or doing a cycle of roids [the] reason why gaining fat can increase your waistline is pretty obvious [the] reason why Roids play a huge part is because you’re not only unnaturally increasing the size of your muscle But your internal organs as well. It’s called a roid gut or a distended belly now let me make it clear guys I’m not judging anyone who uses roids. It’s yours decision, and I respect that [it’s] just a point I need to make for those of you who are watching this video who might be new to bodybuilding and are afraid of increasing [your] waist size if you’d like to learn more about Information about this topic guys I talked about it here this is a video I did a little while back but it goes over all of this and has a lot of great info for you guys to listen to before we wrap this video up if you’re lacking time in the gym and can’t possibly train your abs as Frequently as I do a great way to still get them in and hit them as hard is to [Superset] them between your regular routines so for example if you’re going to the gym today to hit chest Instead of taking a two minute break between sets use that time to hit an abdominal exercise Now I hope you guys enjoyed this video and it brought some clarity to [a] lot of questions You might have be sure to show some love by hitting that like button and subscribing for more Videos if you haven’t signed up for my lean muscle system yet. I’ll put a link right here so you can jump on the waiting list be ready for the next release of the Program and for those of you who are looking for a community of people who are all about making gains Supporting each other and being [all-around] just great people to hang out with be sure to join us on What’s your maximum output?

    Cass Scenic Rail road / train trip || Cass West Virginia || Old cottages, waterfalls and many more
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    Cass Scenic Rail road / train trip || Cass West Virginia || Old cottages, waterfalls and many more

    September 1, 2019

    Road trip to CASS West Virginia beautiful scenes lovely country side views lovely nature! driving through through West Virginian mountains our first break! for breakfast @ Fairfield rest area Time for a selfie !! Talking about the breakfast they have prepared 😉 Kidoos time! Back to the track entering West Virginia!!! WestVirginian town towards hill creak water falls! beautiful water falls family photo time! best friends ! kids day out! in the woods! Abandoned 🙂 Spotted a deer behind our cottage barbecue time! master chef in action 😉 Exploring in morning gaining knowledge 😉 shopping time in CASS Finally boarded the train! amazing CASS Scening rail road smokey steam engine ! breathtaking views top of hill!