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    January 26, 2020

    Train’s just come in… I’ve got four minutes, before it goes. It’s up here… [MUSIC]
    Hello I’m Neil and this the TightwadDad Vlog. It’s a place where we try to be happy with
    the stuff that we’ve already got and this is gonna be a bit of an experiment this morning
    I am – it’s really early in the morning I don’t know if you can see… but it’s not
    great weather. I’m gonna take you along the journey with
    me to show you what it’s like traveling on the trains here in the UK while there’s a
    strike going on I don’t know if it’s gonna be any good
    Now it’s Friday – so I thought it might be quiter today… but as you’re about to see
    it’s not. [MUSIC]
    The train is late which is pretty normal So the dilemma now, as to whether I get on
    this one or wait for one that’s less busy [Music]
    [Music] So now at Waterloo, and we’re late and I’ve
    had to pay extra to come in to London so that I can go straight back out again, that way. To Clapham Junction. South Western Railway isn’t a very nice company
    maybe I should let South Western Railway explain themselves in their own words. Here’s a quote from them. “Our first second and third priority is revenue.” So maybe that’s why during a strike they’ve
    cancelled the few trains before this train. And they’ve canceled at least four trains…
    well not cancelled, they’ve just disappeared them. They’ve deleted four trains – the four trains
    after this train – I’m trying to find the humour in this – bear with me. And on the tannoy announcements they’re blaming
    it on the strike But… there are still revenue protection
    guards on the trains to check that we’re paying the same amount of money for the rubbish service
    – and the services they’ve deleted. So they have the staff – they’ve got the staff
    From my point of view this is because perhaps South Western Railway isn’t a very nice company
    and in their own words their first second and third priority is revenue
    [Music] So anyway now I’m gonna get on this extra
    train that costs me more That takes longer. So that I can earn some money myself to then
    give to South Western Railway next week. What am I doing?! What are we doing?! There’s beautiful London that I paid a ticket
    for – to get in to – and I’m not even gonna get to see it – This is purely so I can change
    trains. [Music]
    This is Clapham Junction this is the station I wanted to change at – I wanted to get the
    ticket through – because it’s a lot cheaper. I’m here 20 minutes later… than when I went
    through it the first time. [MUSIC]
    Okay, my train’s been cancelled, so I’ve got a nice 11 minute break here
    Hope it doesn’t get crowded [Music]
    And we’re in the London Overground now and there’s some overhead wire problems. So the whole line’s suspended
    This train’s going in a different direction What’s good about TfL and London Overground
    is they’re actually arranging for a shuttle service to run between Shepherds Bush and
    Clapham Junction South Western Railway wouldn’t do that – when
    – last night when they had a problem – they just shut the whole line and didn’t bother
    running a shuttle over the 40 miles up to the problem because their priority… the
    first second and third priority is revenue. So I feel like I’m in good hands here. There’s a problem, but London Overground staff
    are clearly doing something about it for the passengers not for the revenue
    Okay so they say there’s a shuttle service to Shepherds Bush but there’s a train five
    minutes before then from another platform so I’m going to try and get on that one but
    that one isn’t very reliable – that’s a Southern train service
    We’re gonna see if it’s running today [Music]
    You need the pastry shops to give you the energy
    To be able to do this. [MUSIC]
    [MUSIC] I think it’s gonna be busy. [MUSIC]
    I’m too old for this. [MUSIC]
    [MUSIC] So I’ve made it – about half hour, 40 minutes
    after I would prefer it to be. let’s see how it works in the other direction
    okay so just found out all those people I walked past… The barriers are shut over there – and no…
    no-one mentioned it. Commuters never talk to each other
    That’s sort of why it’s a bit weird and difficult for me to do this
    I’m literally walking around talking to a camera – I’m talking full stop
    Let’s try that again So, I’ve made it in – probably now another
    five minutes later than usual Let’s see how this goes in the other direction
    “YOU CANNOT–” So my greatest fear actually happened
    That shot there – that I just thought was a funny innocuous shot of the “Please don’t
    run” sign… This guy starts shouting at me. “YOU CAN’T FILM HERE! YOU CAN’T FILM!” It’s a guy in a in a Hi-Vis suit but it didn’t
    have any London Underground or Overground branding on. I need to see some… “YOU CAN’T FILM! YOU CAN’T FILM!” It’s like… And here’s me saying good things about the
    London Overground I still think it’s a good line – and run well. But he’s going “YOU CAN’T FILM!” I said, “I’m sorry! I don’t know who you are.” Because he had a company lanyard that said
    Vinci on it? I said “I don’t know–”
    “YOU CAN’T ASK ME WHO I AM. YOU CAN’T FILM!” So it’s like… “I don’t know why you’re yelling at me!” So he walked me over to the station supervisor
    and said “I WILL CALL THE POLICE!” And it’s like, but, I still don’t know who
    you are – I’m so sorry “THIS IS WHO I AM”
    He held up this ID card that said he was a contractor working for London Overground
    Well that’s great that’s great But if you just go up to people yelling at
    them – you know it’s like we take everything at face value. Anyway station manager very calmly politely
    said that because of the current threat that no filming is allowed at all anywhere on the
    Lond– on the– I can’t even say it. Anywhere on the–
    Any INEPT filming. Like my filming is good enough to help the
    threat I’ll be lucky if some of it’s in focus. But you’re not allowed to film anywhere on
    the London Overground [Music]
    [MUSIC] Okay I’m going home by tube, because I got
    such a kaa-kaa shower on the Overground, I couldn’t face it again. So I’ll see if I can get on this train. [MUSIC]
    [MUSIC] So after this morning turns out there was
    a massive landslide on my railway line So they they stopped the line and I can’t
    tell if the bad barebone service they’re giving at the moment is because of that, or the strike
    or, just because they can’t be bothered I’ve got to wait an extra 45 minutes to get
    my train so I’m just gonna stand here for half an hour and then sit down
    Trains just come in I’ve got four minutes before it goes – it’s up here
    [MUSIC] That’s it – I think – so I’m going to end
    this now I hope that this will be the end
    That’s what it’s like traveling on South Western Railway in the middle of a strike
    If you’ve got to this part of the video thanks for sticking with it – it’d be great to hear
    from you if you wanna give me a thumbs up Leave a comment – it’d be lovely to hear from
    you. But thanks for coming on this journey with
    me. It’s just a little piece of history – just
    to prove on video that it is hard Harder than usual
    Thanks. Gonna stay here, I think. Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers
    just click on his face. thanks bye
    How’s that