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    Sweden. Inland Railway: MORA – SÖRTJÄRN (1997) Train Driver’s Cab View from Y1 1360

    January 6, 2020

    MORA (Mra) Mora lasarett (Mrl) There are many conversations in the driver’s cab during this journey. Many of them I don’t feel comfortable publishing. That is why a large part of this journey will be without sound. Vattnäs (Vtn) ORSA (Ors) To the right: The line to Furudal. Orsa plattfabrik (Orsp) Tallhed (Thd) Storstupet The train goes very slow for now. It was a very hot day. Two or maybe three out of four engines had temporarily disconnected. The filters to the cooling system hadn’t been cleansed properly and where covered with dust. Emådalen (Emd) Change of batteries. ÄLVHO (Älo) Vassjön (Vön) Lillhamra (Lhr) Tandsjöborg (Tdö) Sidertjärn (Stn) FÅGELSJÖ (Feö) Kropptjärn (Ktn) Hundsjövallen (Hövl) Bodarsjön (Bdö) Byheden (Byhd) Bäckedal (Bdl) Unfortunately the batteri went out. SVEG (S) Change of tapes. Älvros (Äls) YTTERHOGDAL (Yl) Överhogdals grusgrop (Öhlg) Överhogdal (Öhl) Sörtjärn (Srn) I hope you have had a pleasant journey! Thank you for watching!


    Sweden. Inland Railway: ULRIKSFORS – VILHELMINA (1997) Train Driver’s Cab View from Y1 1360

    December 13, 2019

    ULRIKSFORS (Uf) To the left: The line to Strömsund. Some parts of this journey will go in silence. The reason for that is conversations that I don’t want to publish. Lövberga (Löb) A small part including driving over a reindeer has been cut. Change of batteries. The River: Flåsjöälven. The River: Tåsjöälven. Hoting campingplats (Hcp) HOTING (Htg) To the right: The line to Forsmo. The River: Rörströmsälven. Kilvamma (Kiv) Dorotea campingplats Dtc DOROTEA (Dta) Dorotea emballagespår (Dte) Storbergets industrispår (Sti) Saxvattnet (Sx) Change of batteries. Granberget (Ggt) Meselefors campingplats (Mcp) The River: Ångermanälven. MESELEFORS (Mlf) Volgsjöfors (Vgf) Change of batteries. VILHELMINA (Vma) Vilhelmina timmer (Vmat) I hope you have had a pleasant journey! Thank you for watching!