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    Auckland’s new public transport network
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    Auckland’s new public transport network

    January 9, 2020

    With Auckland growing so fast, getting our
    public transport network ready means there’s lots of changes going on right
    now. Big changes like the City Rail Link are
    getting under way and changes to improve how we travel, like more double-deckers,
    forty kilometers of new bus priority lanes, quieter and more comfortable
    electric trains, and a whole new simpler fare system. But that’s not all,
    we’re also transforming our whole bus network, so that it’s more connected and
    with buses coming more often. The current network tries to connect lots of
    different places through many individual routes, so you get buses going everywhere,
    but they don’t run very often. There’s a better way and it’s much simpler. By
    moving to a more connected network and using more transfers, we can make
    services much more frequent using the same number of buses. We’re calling it
    the new network. It might mean you have to transfer, but
    with services coming more often, all you have to do is turn up and go. It’s an all-day
    thing too with high frequency buses running right through the day from 7
    a.m. to 7 p.m. Jumping on a bus to catch up with your
    friends going to the gym or heading to the shops suddenly become super easy. You
    might not even need a car anymore. By thinking ahead AT has already put in
    place a simpler fare system for buses and trains. Now with an AT HOP card and
    simpler fares, it’s easy to work out the cost of your journey and you don’t pay
    more to transfer between services. With new routes, new timetables, new bus stops
    and in some cases, new bus companies, this is a massive change. The new network is
    being implemented in phases in each part of Auckland. We’ll let you know when your
    area’s next. If you use buses or trains, this new system is going to mean some
    changes for you, literally. But AT are going to guide you through. There will be mail outs
    and information events, and AT staff will be out on the streets ready to help. For
    details you can call this number and of course it’s all on the website. So check
    out what your bus journey is going to look like on the new network, make a note
    of it and keep it with you, so you’re ready for day one. It really is a change for
    the better, for the future.

    City Rail Link Mt Eden Station redevelopment
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    City Rail Link Mt Eden Station redevelopment

    November 6, 2019

    The City Rail Link will be the heart of Auckland’s
    transport system, connecting the city centre to the rest of Auckland.
    Auckland Transport has changed the design of the City Rail Link, replacing Newton Station, with a redeveloped Mt Eden Station. The change will improve rail reliability and reduce
    construction disruption, while also saving over 150 million dollars. The change is come
    from design work which is challenged the initial concept and is continuing to refine the project. In the previous concept design, the City Rail link bypassed Mt Eden station, stopping at Newton
    Station, 42 metres below the ground. Heritage buildings limited the potential for development
    around the Newton site and there was a flat train junction where the lines crossed ahead east and west. With the new design, an additional platform
    will be added at Mt Eden to connect people to the City Rail Link and the separated train
    junction will improve the reliability of the entire rail network. The new platform will be in a trench similar to
    New Lynn with the station building connecting the platforms. Strong walking connections between the redeveloped
    Mt Eden station and Symonds Street will be enhanced. There will also be greater opportunity for development
    around Mt Eden station with fewer heritage buildings, fewer view shaft restrictions and the redevelopment of the adjacent construction site after the CRL is operational.
    Overall the changes will make the CRL more affordable, more reliable and less disruptive
    during construction. City Rail Link the heart of Auckland’s transport
    system. AT connecting Aucklanders.

    Go bus. Go train. Go ferry. Go Metro
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    Go bus. Go train. Go ferry. Go Metro

    November 4, 2019

    We’re now connecting more of Auckland than ever… With more frequent services. Better links between bus, train and ferry time tables… More night buses… More convenience… More savings… More destinations… adventures… and unforgettable memories… In fact, more Aucklanders are discovering more reasons why the new AT Metro Network’s the way to go So what are you waiting for? Go Metro.

    Tramways Union and Union First bus drivers set to strike tomorrow
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    Tramways Union and Union First bus drivers set to strike tomorrow

    October 20, 2019

    Auckland roads are expected to be
    thrown into absolute chaos tomorrow as the city’s bus drivers
    mount an all day strike. Bus routes will go
    out of service from 4am, and its thought up to 70,000
    passengers could be affected. So what has led to the drivers
    taking such drastic action? Oriini Tipene-Leach reports. In exactly 12 hours, most of Auckland’s buses
    will come to a standstill, threatening complete chaos
    to the metropolis. There are two major strikes
    against two bus operators by Tramways Union and First Union against NZ Bus
    and Howick and Eastern. And there’s also Auckland Transport
    who contracts to both operators. Anne Paparoa is one
    of more than 1100 drivers who are walking off the job. She has been driving
    for nine years, but she is fearful
    with the status quo. Split shifts go for 13 hours. During peak traffic, that’s four hours in the morning
    and four hours in the afternoon. Paparoa says they are not allowed
    to take breaks or make toilet stops. Despite the difficulties
    predicted for tomorrow, a lot of people we spoke to today
    said they support the strike. NZTA does not support individuals using private transport vehicles
    affected by the strike in case they cause traffic bedlam. As for Anne Paparoa, she believes the issue
    won’t be dealt with straight away through one strike. There’s a fierce battle yet ahead. Oriini Tipene-Leach, Te Karere.