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    Shinkansen. Japan’s bullet train. 360 video in 8K

    November 14, 2019

    In 1940, Japan’s authorities proposed to
    connect the country’s largest cities by a high-speed railway line. That’s how the project Shinkansen was born. The plan was to launch a train with a top
    speed of 200 km/h between Tokyo and Shimonoseki that is located at the southwestern tip of
    Honshu, 1,000 km away from the capital. Now the railway network has expanded to 2,765
    km with maximum train speeds of 130–320 km/h depending on the area. Over the 50-plus year exploitation, there
    have been no passenger fatalities. Until 2016, Shinkansen had held the speed record, and untill 2011 it had held the passenger traffic record. Let’s have a ride on Shinkansen. The high-speed trains Shinkansen successfully
    assume their responsibilities. They comfortably and quickly carry the passengers from the most distant points to the points of their destinations.


    🇯🇵 Kyoto Travel Guide 🇯🇵 | Travel better in JAPAN!

    November 14, 2019

    I’m Dan and this is Kyoto. I’m going to let you in on a secret… Kyoto
    is my favourite place in Japan. Its 17 UNESCO world heritage sites, made up
    of temples, shrines and gardens are everything I wanted to Japan to be. Traditional… beautiful…
    peaceful. But what gives Kyoto its understated edge
    is the blend of old and new. Sitting alongside the ryokan, pagodas and kagai flower streets
    is a modern city that may not have the buzz and general craziness of neon neighbour Tokyo,
    but I think it’s the perfect introduction for your first time in Japan. As you can see, Kyoto is a pretty awesome
    place, and for me it’s probably one of the most unique destinations I’ve ever been
    to. So, let’s take a look at how I got here. Flights from the UK will arrive at Osaka Kansai
    International airport 60 miles south of Kyoto. From here you can take one of Japan’s super-efficient
    trains into the city or hop on the Airport Limousine bus. The JR Haruka Express takes 75 minutes to
    Kyoto Station, stopping at Shin-Osaka along the way. My one-way ticket cost 1,880¥. The Limousine Bus departs from the first floor
    of both terminals and takes 90 minutes to reach Kyoto Station, after which it makes
    several further stops across town. If one of these stops is near your hotel, the bus
    may end up being quicker than the train, so check their online timetable before making
    your journey. If you hold a British passport you will not
    need a visa to enter Japan and can stay for up to 90 days as a tourist. You’ll need
    to fill out a landing card when you arrive and may need proof that your departure flight
    is booked. When it comes to discovering new cities, I
    am a massive advocate of getting the bus. Why? Because it’s a great way to do some
    cheap sightseeing, and in Kyoto it’s also a particularly good option and here’s why. Somewhat surprisingly for Japan, Kyoto does
    not have an extensive subway network. Yes, there is a metro, but we found that when visiting
    Kyoto’s tourist sites it generally worked out quicker to get the bus. And like I said,
    you get to really see the city. When boarding, get on at the back and off
    at the front. Kyoto buses have a single flat fare of 230¥ that you must pay as you get
    off. The driver will not have change, so make sure you have the exact money when buying
    a single. However, I recommend doing what I did and picking up a 24-hour pass for 500¥. I picked mine up from one of those vending
    machines right there, which are outside Kyoto train station, which is super nifty because
    as you can see, the buses are right there. As for navigation, get your data sorted and
    use Google Maps, it’s as reliable as ever in Kyoto. Alternatively, you can use the Arukumachi
    Kyoto route planner app, which is free on iOS and Android. Up next, my top tips for Kyoto’s surprisingly
    busy tourist hotspots. First up is Kyoto’s old town, Gion. This
    is the place to go for traditional Japan and my personal favourite; if you’re a fan of
    Memoirs of a Geisha and all things historical and cultural, while topping up your Instagram
    feed, this is an absolute must-visit, though it can get rather busy… Kinkaku-ji, or the Golden Pavilion, is you
    guessed it, covered in gold. According to local custom the gold plating will purify
    negative energy. The temple itself is stunning although there isn’t a whole lot else to
    do here once you’ve got the obligatory photo. My top tip for visiting this popular tourist
    attraction: go early to avoid the crowds and then move on to my personal favourite, Ginkaku-ji,
    or the Silver Temple.. Now this is what I had in mind when I thought
    of traditional Japanese temples. A gentle, quiet and relaxing garden with some beautiful
    buildings. Next up is the Fushimi Inari shrine and its
    thousands of orange torii. This legendary site is one of Japan’s most famous and most
    photographed. It’s just a short hop out of Kyoto city centre. To get here, take the JR line to Inari. A
    return from Kyoto Central where we got it from was 280¥.
    The gates line the paths up to the Inari mountain and if you can get ahead of the crowds is
    a beautifully serene experience. The walk to the top will take a couple of hours, but
    the views over the city make it well worth it in my opinion. Fushimi Inari is open 24
    hours a day all year round and best of all, is free to enter! Last on our list is another site further along
    the line from Fushimi Inari, Nara. Or more specifically, Nara Park and its hundreds of
    friendly Sika Deer. Just got off the train at Nara Park and there
    are deer everywhere. I don’t know if you can see them behind me. Looks like a mum and
    two babies, so I don’t want to get too close in case they eat me. So of course, I was eaten right away! You
    can buy crackers to feed the deer, just be aware that once they know you have some, they’ll
    go for you! Pro tip here is to stay calm and hold out one cracker at a time, just like
    this. To get to Nara we took the JR Nara line from
    Kyoto to JR Nara Station, which cost 690¥ each. Make sure you get the 45-minute direct
    service instead of the local service which will take 70 minutes. I love pretentious food, so when I found out
    Kyoto had over 100 Michelin stars, I knew this was the place for me. Now that’s a
    lot of restaurants to go and try. I’d recommend starting at the department stores though.
    Here’s why. Department stores in Japan are typically multi-storey
    behemoths, with each floor dedicated to different sections. And while the stores in central
    Kyoto can’t match the scale of those in Tokyo, they’re certainly cut from the same
    cloth. Often, the top floors are dedicated to restaurants and places to grab a quick
    bite. So here’s the thing about Japan – the attention
    to detail and the care taken in food preparation is unrivalled. The food on offer here is nothing
    short of spectacular, and the best part about sticking to the larger department stores is
    the wide variety of options from which to choose. My tip for Kyoto is to head to the station.
    The Isetan store in the station building has both the top and bottom floors dedicated to
    food. The top is a selection of restaurants, but best of all, the bottom floor is a huge
    food hall with just about anything you could imagine. This is the absolute best place to
    load up your packed lunch before a day’s sightseeing. The currency here is the Japanese yen where
    £1 buys between 140 and 150. Now, despite the country’s technological advances,
    Japan is still a heavily cash reliant society, preferring coins and notes over credit and
    debit cards, which can be a bit of a pain unless you’re prepared. My advice: work out your budget, work out
    what you’re gonna bring and bring the whole lot in cash. ATMs are available in major banks, post offices
    and 7-Eleven stores, though these can be closed from 9pm and not always available at the weekend.
    If this is the case, some convenience stores and shopping centres are 24/7. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and
    department stores, but only some restaurants and ryokan. Another thing about money in Japan – tipping
    – here it’s just not done and I can’t tell you how refreshing that is. It’s because
    you’re seen as being charitable rather than generous, and in Japanese culture it’s about
    delivering a fantastic service, it’s expected. So if you’re leaving a tip, you’re actually
    being quite insulting, so just don’t do it. Here’s what we spent: Return flights from London with one stopover
    like ours can be had for around £650. Our 3-bedroom rental house was 165 pounds
    per night. Worldwide travel insurance with Holiday Extras
    was £16. This pork katsu was 1,512 yen.
    Entry to Kinkaku-ji was 400 yen each. This green tea ice cream was 350 yen at the
    Kinkaku-ji golden temple. And entry to Ginkaku-ji was 500 yen per person. For up to date exchange rates visit,
    and as our time in Kyoto comes to a close, don’t forget to subscribe for more tips
    and even exciting travel guides. That’s it for Kyoto, I have had an absolute
    blast and I cannot recommend you get yourselves here quick enough. If you have any tips of
    your own or any questions just leave us a comment. Sayonara!

    Hong Kong 4K – Sunset Drive
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    Hong Kong 4K – Sunset Drive

    October 23, 2019

    Tour Highlights: Hong Kong’s Main Street The “Mid-Levels” Hills of Hong Kong Hollywood Road Art Murals Classic Neon Lights & Ads 90+ Bars, Clubs, and Neighborhood Restaurants

    Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Most Fastest Train in Japan | HD
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    Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Most Fastest Train in Japan | HD

    October 22, 2019

    Abandoned Tube Stations. Bullet Train – Shinkansen – Japan. The Maximum operating speed is 200 MPH. The coaches are air-sealed to ensure stable air pressure when entering tunnels at high speed. It uses tunnels and viaducts to go through and over obstacles rather than go around them. To enable high-speed operation, Shinkansen uses a range of advanced technology compared with conventional rail. There have been no passenger fatalities due to derailments or collisions. In the event of an Earthquake, an earthquake detection system can bring the train to a stop very quickly. Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks.

    The High Speed Rail Revolution | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 4
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    The High Speed Rail Revolution | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 4

    October 21, 2019

    The Chinese aren’t just flying in record
    numbers, they’re falling in love all over again with the preferred method of travel
    in the 20th century, as hundreds of millions of Chinese acquire middle class status and
    the extra income to afford cars. This is presenting a relatively new challenge: heavy congestion
    on their motorways. So to tackle this problem, China has set itself apart from the rest of
    the world by embracing high speed rail at a breakneck pace. It’s goal to build a system
    with more than 35,000 kilometers of track is now more than half complete, making it
    one of the most expensive megaprojects in history. The other reason behind this plan is to allow
    people to commute to work from much farther distances than they could than if they had
    to drive, making high speed rail the key to urbanization. And because China has as much
    high speed rail as every other country combined, it will have more and more of the world’s
    largest cities. In fact, of the top 10 urban areas on Earth
    with more than 20 million people, three of them are in China—and those cities are growing
    so fast that two of the three weren’t in the top 10 last year. The explosion in high speed rail in China
    is especially mind-blowing when you consider that it was first introduced there in 2007,
    that’s less than a decade ago. Since then, daily ridership has grown from 237,000 to
    over 2.5 million. To accommodate all those passengers, it’s
    Railway Ministry has swelled, and now has the same number of employees as there are
    civilians working for the entire United States government. China got to this point under the heavy-handed
    leadership of Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, or “Great Leap Liu,” who pushed his patriotic
    workers in shifts around the clock to plan and build rail lines as fast as possible.
    He famously said, “to achieve a great leap, a generation must be sacrificed.” Liu meant
    his workers, but when a poorly designed signaling system caused a dramatic crash on a viaduct
    high above a valley in 2011, it was clear that some of the first generation of passengers
    would be sacrificed as well. News anchor: “China’s railway system has
    been plagued with problems including corruption and quality concerns. Authorities have come
    under fire for the way they’ve handled the accident, especially when they buried several
    carriages before carrying out an investigation.” Bryce: But, despite the 40 deaths – and more
    than 200 injuries – in the Wenzhou train collision, the attempts of the government to cover the
    disaster up, and Great Leap Liu’s subsequent fall from grace, the high speed rail boom
    in China has roared on and the system is now considered to be among the safest modes of
    transportation in the entire world. It also leads the globe in annual ridership,
    has the longest single service at 2,400 km from Harbin to Wuhan and has the fastest commercially
    operated train with peak speeds of 430 km/h. Now, having successfully linked up much of
    its own country with high speed rail, China aims to do the same for the rest of the world.
    It is building systems in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and South America, and is bidding on projects
    in Russia, Brazil, Myanmar, and the United States. Thank you very much for tuning in. Until next
    time, for The Daily Conversation, I’m Bryce Plank.

    BEST Thai NIGHT MARKET Street Foods! – Rod Fai Train Market Tour
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    BEST Thai NIGHT MARKET Street Foods! – Rod Fai Train Market Tour

    October 20, 2019

    [voiceover] Oh my god, a little scared, a little hesitant. Oh my god. Hey guys, this is Mike Chen. Bangkok has the biggest and best markets in Southeast Asia. Yeah, I mean, it’s got floating markets, it’s got flower markets, But there’s something about night markets that really appeal to me. And that’s why I’m at Rod Fai #2 One of the biggest night markets in Bangkok. Well technically, it’s a train market and it got its name from the original Rod Fai Market, located next to the train tracks on the outskirts of Bangkok. You’ll definitely know that you’ve arrived at Rod Fai because you will see its signature rainbow colored tents. At Rod Fai #2, though it is smaller than the original, it is easier to get to, and my main reason for coming here: all the food stalls are grouped together because you know I want all the things I love near me. The main characteristics of Rod Fai is there is a mix of everything from antiques, to clothing, to of course, food [pop]. It is super vibrant just beaming with energy. So now let’s go do what I like to do best at night markets. Let’s go eat! I saw someone mixing together cold noodles. They told me the name of this dish, which I promptly forgot, because it’s kind of difficult. It’s cold rice noodles with what looks like fish tofu. There’s pig ears in here which I love. Lots of different spices. Green beans, cilantro, chili. They gave me some greens I think you’re supposed to wrap these noodles in the greens I just want to taste these noodles on its own first with the pig ear. Oh, oh, oh. If you weren’t counting, that was three ohs. Which means this is obscenely good. If you’ve never had pig ears before, you should definitely give it a try. I love the Asian way of cooking it, usually it’s stewed and chilled and put into salad or eaten on its own cold. It’s just the most delicious, crunchy, gelatinous little bite of meat Oh, these noodles just… just embody Thailand for me. There is so many fresh, crispy vegetables. It’s vinegar-y, lime-y, it’s spicy. Just really refreshing to eat in the steamy night heat. Just wanna take a little bit and put it into the greens here. Make sure to get me some pig ears. Also some pork meat on here and just wrap that up. What a great start to this night of eating. Usually desserts comes at the end, but at this night market I’m going to be a lion at the safari and just eat whatever I see first. This is coconut pudding This whole thing is wrapped up in banana leaf. There’s a mysterious treasure on the inside. Wow… It’s a fruit of some sort… It’s not a fruit [chuckle], it’s coconut. I’m sorry I need another one of these. They sell these in a pack of five. I was thinking that might be too much, but nah. These are great. It’s like little gift wraps of joy. The pudding itself, super silky smooth. the nice chewy. coconut on the inside Oh Magnificent, so simple. So significant. Hey guys, lemme show you something. This is the most heavenly spread I’ve ever seen… in my life! I mean this is all that is great in the river, in the seas! We got a whole Thai grilled fish, the pla pao, river prawns, clams, escargot, mussels, calamari, crab, and you know, whatever. The grilled fish, I’m really excited about. The way it’s cooked is that the fish is covered in salt so that the whole fish is kinda steamed inside it’s own body. This is how Aquaman feasts! Actually, does Aquaman eat fish? Wouldn’t that be a little cannibalistic? Ehh, I don’t know. Tonight, we eat like Aquaman. First thing I wanna try is the steamed fish. Look how flaky and juicy that is.
    Look at this. Beautiful white flesh. Oh my god. That is so… mmm. It’s like flavor was just packed into this thing. That meat is just so incredibly flaky, juicy, and flavorful. Actually, I don’t think there’s much seasoning at all. Whatever flavor I’m tasting is just coming through the salt that was on the outside of the fish. This fish is a beaut. I think I’m going to dip this into the pepper, I think pepper and vinegar. Ah, that made it even better. In addition to this sweet, succulent, flaky fish, this sauce is giving dimension by adding a spicy, lime-y, vinegar-y flavor. Only enhances the deliciousness of the fish. You know what, this fish is like Goku, on it’s own, delicious. With the sauce, Super Saiyan delicious. This is the best fish I’ve had in a long time, I kid you guys not. Best fish I’ve had in a long, long time. And completely different from the fish I had at the other night market cuz this one just came off the fire and that makes such a huge difference. There are so many other things on this place I know I need to try. Let’s start with the calamari. I don’t know what the difference is between the two sauces, I’m going to try this one. Ok, this sauce is a little sweet, it’s garlicky. I’m in love with this sauce here. That’s… really surprised. I thought the calamari meat would be kinda rubbery, tough, but not at all, ridiculously tender. So much to get to, I’m losing my mind here. So much beauty on this plate Just take out this snail. Lemme see if I can hear the ocean… yep. It’s telling me that it’s delicious. Oh that meat is so nice and sweet. You can taste how fresh this is. Woah check out that tender, crabby, beautiful meat. Take that little piece of crab, wrap it in some basil, dunk it into the spice. I feel like one characteristic about this big plate of seafood is how fresh everything is. And yes, this whole plate is for me and yes, I’m going to finish it. I wanted to get this big plate because there were items I wanted to get individually. I wanted to get the fish, I wanted to get the river prawns. I wanted to taste all the other things I haven’t had before. And all this, only 750 baht. that’s like less than US$25 This is less than US$25 The best deal! I mean that one fish is US$30 So yeah I’m eating the crap out of this. This is apparently Fanta… from Mars. Tastes… Tastes… Tastes like a Martian Sprite, I kid you not. Woo, can’t leave here without getting some pad thai. Had a bad pad thai experience yesterday so hopefully this will be a lot better. This is definitely a lot smaller but it’s cool because it’s sitting on a little bamboo serving thing on top of paper. Straight out of the wok. Beautiful egg in this pad thai. Looks better than the one I had yesterday. Let’s see if it is! [unimpressed look] Try the egg. Wow, it’s almost like a steamed egg, it almost just rips apart. I’m iffy on it because it doesn’t particularly have a lot of flavor. Right now, it just tastes like stir fried noodles with eggs. Alright, this calls for emergency pad thai resuscitation with chili and some vinegar. Let’s see if this is any better. As of 7:30pm this pad thai is officially dead. Chili and lime could not resuscitate it. It officially died on this parchment paper. A very un-flavorful death. I think now we all just need to move on. I am a sucker for tom yum goong. I’m always so excited to try tom yum soup and check out this pretty little bowl they gave me. Beautiful! I mean, you know, weird but it’s beautiful. They told me tom yum actually means mixed soup, and goong means prawns so you could actually have, tom yum, I don’t know tom yum beef, or tom yum chicken I guess. Ooh, this bowl of soup is beautiful. I thought my night had taken a bad turn because my pad thai didn’t turn out well but wow! Holy cow, did this soup save it. Spicy, lime-y, and it’s got such a great creamy, soothing, smooth flavor to it. Officially overtake the market tom yum goong as the best tom yum goong since I’ve been in Thailand. I mean that soup is so good, it made me forget how hot and steamy and humid it is right now I just gulped it up. Now I’m steamy and hot on the outside and on the inside, but I feel good. Let’s continue! This is fried milk with condensed milk on it, hot and spicy power on top. Not as enjoyable as the one I had in Taiwan It’s more like eating rice pudding. My local friends told me I gotta try a chicken foot soup. Look at these braised chicken feet here. That’s yummy looking. Then we got some white meat, noodles, sprouts. Let me just try the soup on its own. That is a lot of flavor, a LOT of flavor in here. I feel like this soup is so thick and so fatty. It reminds me of the bowl noodles I had, that were really thick because of the blood. Here are the rice noodles, all covered in sauce and spice These guys taste a lot like the pulled noodles I had the other day. I’m gonna suck on one of these chicken feet. That is yummy. That feet has been sitting in some thick, flavorful stock, just tenderizing away. The meat just completely breaks off without any effort. It’s just so soft, gelatinous, and flavorful. I think I underestimated the hot oil, that thing is a heavyweight. But no wonder there’s a line at this place. The soup is flavorful, the chicken feet is falling apart. I love it. I am finishing this bowl. I know it’s gonna make me sweat even more but this bowl needs to be finished. I love it when I run into something adorable, like these little pancakes here. This is a mix of pandan, blueberry, strawberry, and chocolate. Oh, know what it tastes like? Tastes like a pancake. Another one, this one is pandan. Soft, moist, fluffy, sweet, pancake-y. This is great to have after I just burned my tongue off with all that spice back there. This is coconut milk custard and the way they make it is really cute, it’s kinda like playing with Play-Doh and you mold it, and they come out looking like these little pancakes. [chuckle] Looks kinda slimy. White on top, green on the bottom. You know what, I’m just gonna one bite this baby. Woah, the top is extremely creamy, and coconut-y, a little salty. And the bottom is mochi like, where the sweetness comes from. I think this would actually go better with ice cream. On it’s own, still pretty good. Oh yeah, angry bird this! This is Thai iced tea bingsu. Ok look, I got it because it’s smoking. Whipped cream, and then a volcanic eruption thing at the top. It’s really interesting. Cornflakes in my bingsu. Oh, that really works, that is a nice, crunch inducing element. I really like this because for (US$) 3 bucks, you get something that looks good and is smokingly delicious. Check this out, I got to the bottom and I found something. I don’t know what this is yet. It looks like a little bread… bread thingy. Mm, that is great, that little piece of bread has soaked up all that juice. Oh and check this out, the bingsu is melting and is making this little soupy thing at the bottom so the cornflakes are kinda… Eating breakfast with cereal, but instead of milk, you have Thai iced tea Icee Man, this guy is a pro when it comes to making this (som tum). I can’t walk out of here tonight without trying some papaya salad. Look at that beautiful bite. Oh, so incredibly refreshing. I mean seriously spicy but it’s still refreshing. This guy was making it like he was making guacamole tableside. Actually, if someone actually makes papaya (salad) tableside, that would be the coolest thing ever. Just wish I had someone to eat this with so that I’m just not completely eating that because look at this thing. I asked for extra spicy, and he definitely did not hold back. For my final food item at this night market tonight, you guys gotta see this! This is the amazing thing I’ve seen all night! Look at this, let me explain why this is so awesome. First of all, it is a mountain of pork ribs. And literally, on top of that are chilies! It’s not just a drizzle, oh no. This is a chili blizzard! It is going to be phenomenal. What also really funny about this place is that looking around, no one is really talking. Because everyone is just spiced up. Everyone has sweat dropping down from the forehead, snot coming out of their noses, going through joyful suffering. Yes, joyful suffering is a thing and I’m surrounded by good company. I’m loving it. If you want more proof that this is a literal mountain of pork Look no further than the lake that is surrounding this mountain. Yeah this porky mountain has got a moat. Also, guys, let me show you this. This is the forks they gave me, does it look out of the ordinary to you? Because it looks like someone tried to stab this fork into a stone. It’s all bent. Let me just dig into… Oh my goodness. I’m just using a fork to kinda… look… how easy this meat is separating. So although this pork mountain looks really sturdy, it’s actually super, super tender. Look at this, it’s just coming off the bones. There we go, we got some of the mountain, we got some of the river, we got some of the pepper. Woah Mm Wow this is so Thai. The broth is vinegar-y, extremely spicy, so flavorful because you can tell these bones have been simmering here for a long, long time. Let me get a piece of meat, no pepper, nothing else, just a piece of meat Oh Just breaks apart in your mouth and it tastes just like a pork bone should. Fatty, a little gelatinous, beautiful porky flavor. Mm I understand now why they cover it in chili because if you try to eat it meat itself, it’s going to be a little too much for you, it’s just a little too fatty for you. But you got the vinegar-y soup, you got the spice coming from the chili. This is a beautiful, beautiful combination. You know, you know what this is? Someone literally went into my dreams and created this dish from my dream. This is literally what… what defines me. A bunch of meat, and a bunch of chilies. Now it’s time to get a little hands on with this baby. And you know, we saw what happened when you try to use the fork. Let’s do it. Look at that, that is the spine and look how easy, and my finger, it just… it’s just brushing this meat off the bone. It’s so gentle, I don’t need to exert even that much pressure and the meat is coming off the bones. You’ve got a nice dip, add some chili on there and just dig in. Get down and dirty with this beautiful this. This is my heaven. Just sitting here gnawing on a pork bone. That soup goes perfectly with this. There is so much good meat on these bones. There’s the lean meat then you got some tendon in here. You guys, here’s the thing. Yeah, this is all for me. But do not be intimidated by a bowl like this because it’s just a bunch of bones. So come here and order an extra large, or an extra, extra large. Now I’m kinda regretting I didn’t get the largest size. What was I thinking? Kinda mad at myself right now. Alright guys, this is about to get a little more barbaric. So I need a moment here. [background music] Oh you see that right there? That is marrow. Whenever you see marrow, you do this. Mmm [background music] What a great meaty, spicy conclusion to a wonderful night market food tour. And the great thing about feeling so hot and spiced up is that now I feel like the temperature around me has cooled down. I’ve been to a lot of night markets, this one has got to be my favorite so far. I mean it’s got tons of different shops, it’s got live performances, but I just care about the food. And from the food quantity, to the variety, to the quality. This place is just ridiculous. I mean you got all the food stalls, then surrounding this night market are restaurants and even bigger food stalls. This has been a great way to spend my evening here in Bangkok. If you are ever around, or you live here, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And for those of you who haven’t been here, I’ll leave the information for you guys in my description box. Definitely come by and check it out. Alright, thank you guys for watching this video. And until we meet again, which will be very soon. I’ll see you later. A little scared,… A little hesitant… Because I’m about to eat some worms. I mean I keep passing by these things. And it looks like it might not be so bad. A lot of my local friends are kinda saying I really should try some. I’m gonna do it. This little guy here is a bamboo worm. It looks like it’s stir fried in spice and chilies. It looks crispy. Here we go. [ticking background music]
    (regrets) I really… really made a mistake. I thought it was crunchy. [stuttering] It wasn’t crunchy at all… It’s actually really chewy And the skin is really soft and oily Definitely not something I want to try again…?

    China train journey: 2,000km from Shanghai to Chengdu, interviews & pandas!
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    China train journey: 2,000km from Shanghai to Chengdu, interviews & pandas!

    October 20, 2019

    Welcome to Nanjing! This was the first stop on my 2,000km train journey, starting from Shanghai and ending up in Chengdu. A few days after this, I started the longest leg of the trip of a 16 hour train ride from Wuhan to Chongqing. The best part of this trip was using my OK Chinese to make some really cool new friends, even though they spoke no English. Check it out! Do you travel by train every week? Every week? No, we are traveling for work. We are on a trip, a business trip, for a meeting. We went to Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province for the meeting. They traveled to attend a friend’s wedding. We traveled to attend our friend’s wedding taking place yesterday. We left home for Wuhan. And today we are traveling back from Wuhan to Jianshi County of Hubei Province. It is adjacent to Chongqing and it is a place of beautiful scenery. Just now you said you didn’t know any other foreigners while traveling by train. Right. Am I the first? You are the first that I’ve sat in a carriage with. You are the first that I’ve talked or chatted like this with. We are very happy to have such close communication with you. In fact, I could have just fallen asleep, but I don’t want to. I want to seize this opportunity and have a nice chat. Before we have chatted with foreigners, “laowai” as we call them, but this is the first time ever that I’ve talked like this on a train. You foreign people don’t like to be called as “laowai”. Just now they called you “xiongdi” which sounds affectionate. It’s as if you were their own brother or sibling, so they called you “xiongdi”. However, when we Chinese people meet a foreigner, we usually use the term “laowai”, Then, I got the camera out of their faces so we could speak more naturally. What are you doing? I’ve already paid for it. It doesn’t matter. But are you sure? Sure, I’m sure. He’s treating you to bananas. OK. Thank you. What blood type are you, A, B, or O? Blood type. I get it. I’m type O. People of type O blood should fall asleep very easily. I’m type O, too, universal blood donor. But now I have a different job. I’m a travel writer. I hope that you will write about this trip and us as your friends. What’s your name? My name is Benny. I don’t have a Chinese name. Betty. Benny. We may understand it in our own way and see him as a person with “benling”, which means he’s very good, impressive and capable. Benling. Yes, that works! Hehe. So it’s Betty. No. Betty is a female name. Your name is the best among us all. “Benling”. Most capable, “Benling”. OK, I see. It’s easy to remember and understand. So after they had given me my official Chinese name, we went to the train restaurant to eat together, and I ordered a simple, but tasty tomato fried egg meal. It was a really long trip, but to be honest, since I was chatting most of the time, it actually flew by! To pass a few hours of the evening train journey, since she was very curious about my story, I let my new friend Lihui read a copy of my book, The Language Hacking Guide. The two dozen translations of it include Chinese of course! After she had read it for several hours, I asked her for opinion. I find that some of your ways of language learning are very helpful. You say that learners should improve their efficiency in a scientific way and work hard, and you also offer some specific ways of learning which I find impressive. One way that I like the best is that the learner should give up using their mother tongue while picking up a new language. Communicating with the natives in the spoken language including using slang is particularly effective in improving language competence. This is what I like the best. What’s more, the second opinion about being persistent is also useful. Without persistence, you’ll achieve nothing. We used to envy others and say, “Wow, he’s so good at foreign languages. He’s a great language learner.” But the truth is, we are too lazy to make the effort ourselves. If people do try hard and find an efficient way of learning, they can all succeed, right? Right, yes. Thanks! Yeah so… this is me, ready to go to sleep. I had a great time with the people I was sharing the room with. They are going to be replaced with somebody else at the moment. It’s 11 o’clock at night, and I’m ready to turn in. We are from Enshi of Hubei Province, you know? People from Enshi speak relatively good Mandarin. I’m from Chongqing and I can’t speak Mandarin very well. I’m a Sichuan girl. It’s alright. I’ve been living in another place for a year and I often speak Mandarin, which is why I speak better Mandarin than you. Besides, we need to speak Mandarin at work. OK. Here’s the stop. After 16 hours, I had finally reached Chongqing! I took a taxi ride to my stopover room, and we picked up someone on the way to work who I chatted with for some advice of things to do in this city. Is the night view here beautiful? Yes, very beautiful. There’s a particular place for night view here called One-tree Viewing Stand. He can’t understand. I can understand. You can understand me, right? You can go there at night by taxi at around 8 or 9 p.m. There you will see an amazing night view. I find it even more beautiful than that in Hong Kong. I have seen Hong Kong night view before. Ah, thanks for your advice! Next, it was time for the last train to Chengdu. Up to now, I had been buying the ticket for the following trip in advance, and since I was stopping in Chengdu a whole week, I thought it was plenty of time ahead to buy a ticket to Xi’an, to continue this train adventure a further 800km, and meet some people in the hard-sleeper carriage this time. But after getting in line an entire hour and a half, this is what I finally heard at the ticket stand! 386, yes. There’s no ticket left for No. 386. Oh there isn’t… And it turned out that the whole of next week was booked out except for standing room, since I was travelling around a holiday. I didn’t fancy standing for 17 hours, so sadly, I had to buy a flight to Xian, and board the last train on this entirely by-land part of my journey. This train was just a two hour trip, most of it travelling really fast! But I was lucky enough to make a new friend here too! Liu Zhe. Liu Zhe. Right. OK. So we are going to Chengdu now. Chengdu, yeah. What will you do in Chengdu? I’m a university student in Chengdu. I go to school there. Which place in China do you think I should go visit? Are you asking me for advice? Yes. I think China is a great country. First, I have never been abroad, but I’m very glad that this friend has been visiting our country China. I hope you will visit Yunnan and check out some minority groups there. There are 56 ethnic groups living together in China, most of which are minorities. So we Chinese people are made up of a huge group. I hope you will visit Yunnan because it is the place where most minorities gather, so you can experience their ethnic cultures. I also hope that your friends will visit China, too. You are all welcome here! OK. Great advice. Thank you! OK. So, bye bye. Bye bye. Liu Zhe and I actually hung out while I was in Chengdu and chatted for several hours, and will be keeping in touch and meeting up again some day for sure. While it was great to meet so many interesting people on the trains, the last thing I did before continuing the second half of my China trip was to meet some interesting Pandas of course! In case you were wondering, the Chinese word for panda is Xiongmao, which literally means “bear-cat”, which I think is appropriate as they are bears that seem to lounge around like cats! Chengdu is host to a famous Panda Sanctuary, and you can get pretty close to quite a lot of them and see families together, watch them eat bamboo, and even see them play around with one another. Getting to know China has been great so far and I look forward to all the upcoming interesting experiences and cool people I still have yet to meet, but I’ll certainly never forget this first train-based part of my trip! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more updates soon!

    Lunch on the High Speed Rail – Chiayi to Taipei // The Travel Vlog – Ep 3
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    Lunch on the High Speed Rail – Chiayi to Taipei // The Travel Vlog – Ep 3

    October 13, 2019

    Hey guys so today we are leaving Chiayi It’s been a relaxing 2-3 days Now we’re just waiting at the bus stop to go to the high speed rail and the bus is coming! Is it good? We just made it to Chiayi high speed rail station and our train’s coming in about 15 minutes So yeah we’re just gonna take a break and get on the train we’re going. So I just have to scan this QR code. Convenience Store Time! Convenience stores in Taiwan really are convenient You can do all kinds of things. Like booking train tickets or even having your mail delivered there, like a PO box. We’re in car number… 4 Here we go! This lunch box cost around 60TWD ($3) We bought it at a store across from the bus stop at the beginning of the episode. So we’ve got pork some cucumber and ginger tofu vegetables. Tastes so good has like a BBQ charcoal flavour Ohhhhh That’s some sour ginger kinda balance out the pork. I know this is really bad for you but I love this stuff. Tastes so good. And I don’t think we can get it in Australia. Ahhhhh. Ok so that was a really insanely good lunch and yeah, now I’m just going to relax and have a sleep. See you in Taipei! The trip took around 2 hours passing through Taichung and continuing all the way up the west coast. Diverse scenery from mountains, to small villages and cities, really give you a feeling of Taiwan’s landscape.

    Chennai Metro Rail Overhead Phase | Indian Railways Video
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    Chennai Metro Rail Overhead Phase | Indian Railways Video

    October 11, 2019

    (Escalator at St. Thomas Mount Metro Station) Get down here (the coming station) to change to Blue Corridor (Famous KATHIPARA FLYOVER) (That’s the BLUE CORRIDOR – one could see a moving train) (That Fresh Green Fields ->Battle Field 1759 Chennai) (One could see CHECKED ROOF so that pilots don’t confuse it with runway strip of Chennai Airport, very near to that) Next Stopping is St. Thomas Mount Metro. Doors will open on the right. Change here for MRTS and Suburban EMU Trains (ORU MELLISAANA KODU ) (Could you see a small line? That’s the metro train) The next train to Shenoy Nagar is entering platform #2 (Check-in)