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    Prank! Breathing on girls (ORIGINAL)
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    Prank! Breathing on girls (ORIGINAL)

    November 13, 2019

    Hi guys. What’s up? Steven here from Lensbreak Studios and welcome back to another worldwide unique prank video. Today we are walking along the trains to paint some hearts to girls. Let’s see what the reaction will be. (sad)


    Ylvis | Elbil med toghorn | TVNorge

    November 13, 2019

    You are probably familiar with the problem. You are sitting in an electric car, but the sound the car horn makes is way too low. We have solved this today. We have installed a… big horn… on a… small car. Three, two, one…

    LAFC x Metro: Go Metro to Banc of California Stadium
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    LAFC x Metro: Go Metro to Banc of California Stadium

    November 12, 2019

    (train horn) Please stand clear. The doors are closing. LA. (newspaper rustles) LA! LA! FC! (marching drum beat) LA! FC! LA! FC! LA! (together) FC! LA! FC! LA! FC! (electricity crackling) LA! FC! LA! The next stop is Expo Park / USC Station… (sound warps) (energetic music and crowd cheering) We are Los Angeles. We are Los Angeles. Shoulder to shoulder. ուս ուսի 나는 LAFC입니다. Todos somos LAFC. (LA!) We are LAFC! (drum beat)

    On The Move Riders Program
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    On The Move Riders Program

    November 12, 2019

    My name’s Lilly Ortiz and I’m with Metro’s On The Move Riders Program. On The Move Rider’s program is a program designed to encourage older adults to learn how to use the busses and the trains. It’s important for older adults to learn how to use public transportation because it allows them to maintain their independence. We provide presentations to senior centers, senior residences, churches, wherever older adults are, we want to be there to give them the information. On The Move Riders Clubs are our travel training program, our peer to peer travel training program. The clubs are lead by volunteers, the volunteers plan monthly outings for the people in their community. The goal is that folks who are unfamiliar will become familiar by practicing with their club. The clubs go to places like the museum, festivals, the theatre, all sorts of fun places around LA. If people are interested in getting connected with our clubs they can visit our website at (music fades)

    Shanghai Metro Overview
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    Shanghai Metro Overview

    November 12, 2019

    Welcome to Shanghai, China! Shanghai, population 23,019,148 (city proper), is the world’s most populated city. Public transportation in Shanghai includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, intercity rail, and a maglev line. Shanghai also has one of the world’s largest rapid transit systems, which is what this video will focus on. Typical operating speeds are 50-80 km/hour (30-50 mph) although some faster and longer distance lines will be opening soon that will operate at speeds of up to 160 km/hour (100 mph) Fares are between 45в and $1.50 (converted to U.S. currency) depending on the distance a passenger travels. The Shanghai Metro is one of the fastest growing metro systems in the world. Currently there are about 430 km (268 miles) of track in the system. This makes it the world’s longest metro only counting passenger routes. By 2020, it is expected that there will be 877 km (545 miles) of track (more than doubling in size). Currently there are 12 rapid transit lines in the city (two of which are technically light rail). By 2020, it is expected that there will be 21 lines. 23 new lines and line extensions are expected to be completed between 2012 and 2020. In 2011, the system transported over 2 billion passengers, the world’s fifth busiest. Amazingly, the Shanghai Metro only opened in 1995!

    Tramwaje i autobusy w Porto / Trams and buses in Porto
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    Tramwaje i autobusy w Porto / Trams and buses in Porto

    November 11, 2019

    Porto, apart from transport grid in the form of metro, still has a bus network supplementing rail transport, but also a small urban tram network. About its present significance, gas and electric drives of buses and atypical means of transport that allow to overcome dozens of meter height differences; we’ll talk in this episode. Let’s watch! Porto Almada and Lisbon High Speed Railway Heavy Metro Light Metro Trams Ferries and Buses Transport in Portugal Thanks for your fan $ support! Trams and buses in Porto Porto has a much longer streetcar tradition than light metro network launched at beginning of 21st century. First trams pulled by mules were already running here in 1872 and later also steam trams appeared. After more than 30 years, the network was fully electrified and at its peak in mid-twentieth century it reached length of 82 kilometers of tracks and then it was even longer than today’s metro network. At the time, over 190 trams were in service. At turn of the 1950s and 1960s a slow process of suppressing this mode of transport began in Porto, initially to change on trolleybuses and later mainly on buses. Today, the classic tram essentially has only historical and tourist meaning, and active network has just over 9 km of tracks and is served by 7 trams. Roots of tram network from the very beginning have remained to this day – it is the route no. 1 leading from Infante along the river Duero to Foz (today route ends at Passeio Alegre stop). However, this route was much longer and led via coast of Atlantic Ocean to known to us from the previous episode, the Matosinhos city, Remaining’s of this line have survived to this day and here and there fragments of tracks still appear in roadway. Today, two more lines operate – 18 and 22, penetrating downtown of Porto. Most sections of network are single track, part of routes are ridden only in one direction and on those used in both directions there are short double-track sections. It is quite surprising that tram network is only maintained for historic journeys. Each of the three lines runs every day with a frequency of 30 minutes. Departures on today’s network have touristic meaning and 7 trams are sufficient for servicing a small network. These are restored old wagons from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. An interesting operation here is change of direction at route end. Driver changes direction boards on tram, also switches power collector to reverse direction together with puller, while at the same time passengers switches bocks of the seats to the other side. After all, tram can start another course. Out of curiosity let’s check out, how many passengers are transported on this small network. Throughout 2017, trams carried 730,000 passengers, so 2,000 passengers use them on average every day. As for available number of connections and frequency of running, it seems to be quite a good result, although very distant from metro network in Porto with an annual number of 58 million passengers. I suspect that anyway number regarding the tram network include any journeys and occasional rentals. In addition to possibility of a tram ride for visitors, there is also a museum set up in old depot, where you can see even more wagons once used in Porto. Bus network in Porto is quite big today. Agglomeration network covers almost 500 kilometers of roads with 59 day and 11 night lines. Lines have an interesting numbering, because there are three-digit numbers and first digit is associated with municipality or part of the city, which line is servicing. Basic daily line network operates between 6:00 and 21:00, however two thirds of lines operates longer and ends 30 minutes after midnight. Later, only night lines can be found on streets of Porto. Network is operated by 420 buses, of which 49 are articulated, 15 double-decker, eight minibuses and remaining are standard length buses. Biggest distinguishing feature of bus fleet in Porto is its fuel – compressed natural gas. In coming years, urban rolling stock will be dominated by this type of drive. Today more than 65% of the fleet is made up of CNG buses and there will be even more of them. Currently are held further deliveries of a total of 173 new gas buses that will end in 2020. Eco-friendly drive in new vehicles meets Euro 6c combustion standard and buses are equipped with 6-cylinder engines with 310 horsepower. Latest buses produced for Porto have their Polish episode – their chassis are being built in MAN’s plant in Starachowice (Poland) and theirs body is built by Portuguese company Caetano Bus. In 2017, average age of bus in Porto was 15 years and these purchases will definitely improve this parameter. At the same time as purchase of CNG buses there is a project to implement 15 electric buses. These are Caetano vehicles of the e.City Gold model that take 72 passengers on board. Buses are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, they can be charged only thanks to plug-in connection and on a single charge they are able to travel a maximum of 200 kilometers. One electric bus with a charging station cost carrier approximately 460,000 euro, so it is a price level very similar to the Polish one. From the tourist perspective, most interesting bus line is 500, which runs from center of Porto along quay of Douro River and Atlantic Ocean coast to Matosinhos. There used to be trams on a similar route and today it is an alternative route to the metro line A. On “500” service run MAN double-decker buses. Dimensions of these city buses make a big impression, because three-axle vehicle is 13.7-meters-long and 4-meters-high. Of course, best views are provided from first row of seats on top deck of this bus. “Sightseeing Tour” bus network is very popular in Porto, with an offer especially aimed at tourists who want to quickly get to know city and its main attractions from deck of a double-decker bus. From central square in the city – Praça da Liberdade – buses of three companies dealing with this type of transport depart: Gray Line, City Sightseeing and Yellow Bus. Getting even more pleasure from ride allows an open roof on upper deck of buses of these networks. 5% of road network served by STCP bus transport has designated bus lanes. While on weekends these lanes are not necessary for efficient bus traffic, they are definitely helpful in weekdays in center of Porto. Car traffic in Portugal is generally increased and during rush hour there is a state of high traffic congestion. In Porto, however, this is not yet as shocking as in case of Lisbon, which we will discuss in next episodes. Porto is one of those cities where transport between different levels of altitude is also ensured. Near metro stop of D line at Ludwik I bridge, but on side of town of Vila Nova de Gaia there is a cable car that allows passengers to slide over city’s roofs to coastal promenade. In five minutes, differences of 57 meters are achieved and a distance of 560 meters. In total there are 14 gondolas on the move and each of them can accommodate 8 passengers. In effect, rail is not only a tourist attraction providing possibility of passing over city buildings, but also has practical applications in transport between this level differences. The other specific high-altitude means of transport in Porto is Funicular dos Guindais. It is also a means of transport mainly for tourists, allowing, among other things, for a change between tram line No. 22 moving in upper downtown of Porto, to line No. 1 going along coast of Duero river. Railway route is 281-meters-long and height differences of 61 meters are overcome. At the same time, one cabin on board can take up to 25 passengers and on route there are two cabins passing each other in the middle of route. Protoplast of metro in Porto is city tram network, although today its importance in city’s life is marginal and brought to tourist and historical attractions. Trams have been supplanted by buses that are struggling with heavy traffic conditions on streets of Porto and metropolis. However, their impact on environment is limited to a minimum, today bus fleet is largely made up of gas buses and there is also an experiment going on with electric drive. Buses also serve tourists and most popular are city and private connections serviced by double-deckers. Transport in Porto, moreover, works not only in the plan, but also vertically, where several dozen-meter height differences are overcome. As we have seen, tourist potential of second largest city in Portugal is tried to be used by as many transport means as possible. Meanwhile, thanks for your attention and see you next time. Bye!

    Disneyland Paris Train Tickets | Airport (CDG) to Disneyland Paris
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    Disneyland Paris Train Tickets | Airport (CDG) to Disneyland Paris

    November 11, 2019

    We’ve walked through the airport for about 5 minutes following the signs for the trains Now we’re going to get our tickets There’s a ticket office where they can help you find the train you need direct to Disneyland Paris or there are some ticket machines that are really simple and easy to use also

    Palm Springs Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Palm Springs Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    November 10, 2019

    The desert oasis of Palm Springs lies at the
    western edge of the Coachella Valley in California. Just under two hours from Los Angeles, Hollywood A-listers have flocked here since
    the 1920s to escape the dizzying pace of showbiz. With many golf courses, hotels and spa retreats, it’s no wonder the rich and famous are drawn
    to this place. Actors, musicians and politicians continue
    to be glorified, and their names are embedded into the city’s
    very own walk of stars. Of course, where there are celebrities, there’s
    bound to be gossip. The city is rumored to have been the secret
    rendezvous point for many alleged affairs, including Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately, Hollywood’s greats often
    steal the limelight of a story which is less often told, the area’s fantastic natural wonder. Few are aware that Palm Springs is a haven
    for abundant life surrounded by miles of scorching plains and rocky mountain wilderness… A place which welcomed Native Americans into
    its bountiful arms a thousand years ago. Start exploring the flora and fauna of Palm
    Springs, at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Dedicated specifically to species from arid
    environments, the zoo is home to hardy creatures from all
    over the globe. Watch as the Desert Bighorn Sheep effortlessly
    traverse the rocky mountain slopes. These graceful animals are a favorite here,
    as they are native to this region. Mother Nature is not the only
    headliner at this zoo. Enthusiasts will also be delighted by a miniature
    model train display. Palm Springs is not simply a playground for
    Hollywood stars, but also a city devoted to cultivating change. Visit Sunnylands Centre and Gardens. Here, national and global issues are peacefully
    discussed by world leaders at the onsite conference
    center. And after talking business, VIPs often indulge in a friendly game of golf, or a stroll through the immaculate gardens. Delve deeper into the history of Palm Springs,
    by visiting Indian Canyons. Admire the thriving fan palms, which are prolific throughout the rocky gorges, fed by cool mountain streams. Their fruit once provided rich sustenance
    for the area’s earliest inhabitants, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. The clan also wove the leaves into huts, baskets
    and sandals. Fan palms provide a habitat for much of the
    local wildlife too. Birds, small rodents and insects all live
    beneath their shady skirts. Make your way to Moorten Botanical Garden
    and Cactarium, which is home to over 3,000 species of prickly, spiky and furry desert plants. Lucky visitors may even glimpse a feathered
    critter here too! Take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up into the misty wilderness of Mt San Jacinto Peak. At the top, kick back with a cocktail and
    take in the view that John Muir once declared “the most sublime spectacle to be found
    anywhere on this earth.” If you’re feeling energetic, venture out onto some of the 50 miles of hiking
    tracks. Remember to bring a coat though. On these trails, you could be
    greeted with a dusting of snow. When you’ve got your feet firmly planted
    back on the ground, visit the Palm Springs Art Museum. The region is not only home to natural wonders, but it also provides a fertile ground for
    creative expression. Wander the exhibits and discover the creativity that this spring-fed city continues
    to inspire. Palm Springs has long been a sanctuary amid
    a barren desert of rock and dust. The Agua Caliente Band were the first to be
    enticed by its plentiful natural resources, then came the stars of Hollywood, and today travelers from all nations congregate
    to this sun-soaked escape, chasing its unique story, peaceful seclusion and spellbinding scenery.

    A Bullet For The General (Full Spaghetti Western Movie, HD, English) *full free western movies*
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    A Bullet For The General (Full Spaghetti Western Movie, HD, English) *full free western movies*

    November 10, 2019

    Take aim! We’re dying for our country
    and our freedom! – Long live Mexico!
    – Fire! Kill me, kill me, you bastard! Kill me! A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL – Hey, there’s a line.
    – Go to the end of the line! Where do you think you’re going? – Where are you going?
    – As far as the train goes. – As far as Durango.
    – Okay. To Durango, then. Senor. Are you from the United States? Senor. – Do you like Mexico?
    – No, I don’t. – Look, there’s a man on the tracks!
    – Look! Stop! Stop! Driver! Can’t you see there’s a man there?
    Stop, by God! Lieutenant!
    Call the lieutenant. Where’s the lieutenant? – Why did we stop?
    – I don’t know. Driver! – What are we waiting for?
    – There’s a man on the tracks. A man? Who is it? He’s tied to the tracks… with chains. He looks like an officer. – Is he alive?
    – Yes, he’s alive. Sergeant, tell the men
    on the flatcars to be on the alert! You soldiers up on the engine, get down! Go unchain him! He has a captain’s uniform! What’s going on? Help! – Where’s Rosalba?
    – Mama! I’m here! – My child is with you!
    – Yes, over here! Lieutenant, why aren’t we moving? We have no cover up here. Driver, get as close as you can, but don’t run him over. Yes, Lieutenant. It’s impossible.
    It’s impossible. – Sergeant, send two men down.
    – Yes, sir. Giamo, Gomez, hop to it! They’re shooting
    from the other side as well! You guys go to the other side!
    Shoot toward the mountain! Fire! Here I am! We’re going to have a party! They’re going to kill us!
    Let’s move! Paulito, take cover! Let’s go! Driver! That’s it! I’m not staying here. García, stop! Are you crazy?
    Come back, García! Lieutenant, we have to get out of here! Tell the driver to move,
    or they’ll kill us all! Captain, I’m Lieutenant Alvaro Ferreira! I belong to the 7th Rurales Regiment. I await your orders.
    I don’t know what to do. I’m Captain Enrique Sanchez Campoy of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. I’m sorry to be the cause
    of these complications, Lieutenant. Give me my orders! Decide what I should do! You decide, Lieutenant. I can’t. – What?
    – I can’t! Sergeant! Answer me, by God! The sergeant is dead. Officer, can you hear me? If you leave us your weapons,
    I’ll let you go home. I’ll let you go back to your wife. Officer! You’re busting my balls! And when my balls get busted,
    things get ugly. I’m going to find a safer place.
    I’m leaving! No! They’ll get you! Come back! What the devil can we do? Are they revolutionaries? They’re damned rebels.
    Sons of bitches! – What do they want?
    – Our hides. No way they’ll let us live. Captain, I await your orders! Don’t ask me. What kind of an officer are you? You’re nothing but a coward! Take responsibility for your actions. I know I’m responsible for my men,
    but I can’t kill you! One man is worth less than sixty. All right, then. Bastards! God damn them all. Muchachos, leave the officer to me! Driver! Achilos, stop the train! Hurry! !Vamos! To the train! !Andale! Let’s go, Achilos. Adelita! The horses! !Vamos! Let’s go, muchachos! !Adelante! What’s he doing?
    Hey, you can’t go there! They killed Matías! Bastards! Over there!
    The train’s stopping! Let’s go! We’re with God and the people. We fight for God and the people. We’re your brothers! Have no fear! Nino, did you stop the train? Yes. – You killed the driver and the soldier?
    – Yes, I found a gun. With handcuffs? How did you do that?
    Tell me how you shot them with cuffs on. Like this. Easy, nino, easy. So tell me, why did you do it? They were taking me to the border. – To El Paso?
    – Yes. Why? – There’s a bounty on my head.
    – Oh, yeah? How much are you worth?
    How much money? Not as much as a train. I get it. You’ve already paid me
    by giving me the train. All right, nino, I’m in a hurry. Hands in the air. Hands in the air!
    Get ’em up! Nino, we’re even now.
    Go back to your mother. Muchachos, leave the civilians alone! Just take the weapons! And all the ammunition you can find! !Viva México! – Is there a machine gun?
    – No, only rifles. Where do these bastards
    keep the machine guns? – Vicente, any machine guns?
    – Nothing! …in peace. Amen. And you? Who are you? A priest living with those thieves? Christ died between two thieves. God is with the poor and the oppressed. If you’re a good priest,
    you should know that. Don’t touch him!
    Respect the dead! – Get out of here.
    – I said leave him alone! Hold it right there, you bastard. He killed me!
    He killed me! They’re going to kill us! They killed them! Achilos, the mules. Load the munitions on their backs. They’re going to kill us all! Quickly, muchachos! Let’s go. – Who’s that?
    – The gringo who stopped the train. Nice. Look. Do you want it? Do you want it?
    I got it for you. – Where are you going, nino?
    – I’m coming with you. Hear that, boys? This nino wants to come with us. – Why?
    – I don’t want to be hanged. I understand. – If they catch me, I’m done for.
    – Oh, yeah? I stopped the train. Besides, you need men.
    You lost several today. One. Matías, poor guy.
    He’s gone forever. Guapo, what do you think of this kid? If he’s brave… – If he’s brave, why not?
    – Okay. He stopped the train.
    He killed the driver and a soldier. Two shots, two kills. Good. – Picaro?
    – All right, but let’s get going. – Pepito?
    – He’s a gringo. I don’t like him. That’s why?
    Because he’s a gringo? No, because I don’t like him. He’s in love.
    He doesn’t count. – Santo?
    – If he helped us, we should help him. Okay. But tell him if he’s with us, he’s with the revolution. Got it, nino?
    Do you like the revolution? Wasn’t it the revolution
    that shot off my handcuffs? That’s true. It’s me.
    I’m the revolution. Muchachos, we’ve found a new comrade! Let’s celebrate! Oh, Mother of God! The horse is killing me. I can’t take it anymore. Buck up, Emilino. We can’t stop. Be brave. – I can’t.
    – Hang in there! Hey, Chuncho! – Sixty rifles.
    – Good. – How much at 30 pesos apiece?
    – Sixty times 30 makes… – A lot.
    – 1,800 pesos. 1,800. Thank you, kind sir. – There are 15 of us. How much apiece?
    – One more now, with the gringo. – But Emilino is dying.
    – Right. Then one less. – So how much apiece?
    – 120 pesos. – 120 pesos. That’s easy.
    – That’s great! Hear that, nino?
    You made 120 pesos. Happy? – It’s not much.
    – I know. We need to find some machine guns. They’re worth a lot more money. – What is it, nino?
    – Nothing. – I thought you were revolutionaries.
    – We are. Who do we sell our weapons to?
    To the revolution. To General Elías? My God. Do they know our great general
    even in the United States? I’m glad, gringo.
    Look at him! This is General Elías. He gave me this medal.
    I fought with him. My brother says he was sent by God. Hey, Picaro! Sing one of our songs
    for Emilino. He’s dying. – I don’t feel like it.
    – I’ll give you five pesos. Sing! Come on, boys! Let’s all sing! Cheer up! “Adelita!” Forgive us. Forgive us for this day. For today we have shed yet more blood. And we have killed many of our brothers. But you know that it is only
    our love that guides us. Our infinite love
    for all the creatures who suffer. Is he crazy? He’s my brother. I didn’t think he was your brother.
    He’s blond. Why not? Same mother,
    and the father, who knows? We grew up together. He’s the best of all of us. And he’s not crazy! He’s pure… as pure as a child. He doesn’t know
    we get paid for the weapons. He thinks we donate them
    for the triumph of the revolution. – Where are we taking the weapons?
    – To the headquarters in the Sierra. – Where is that?
    – In the mountains, in the Sierra. – That way?
    – Yes… But first we need to collect more weapons. – Are you coming?
    – No. – Why not?
    – I don’t feel like it tonight. – Is he dead?
    – Yes, he’s dead. May he rest in peace. Amen. It’s cold at night… if you sleep alone. Nino, I think Adelita likes you. But watch out for Pepito. Good night. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke… he doesn’t even notice women. – What do you like, nino?
    – Money. – Get me the commander.
    – Guard! The commander is busy. – Why do you want to see him, gringo?
    – I’m handing these two criminals over to him. – What have they done?
    – They attacked the train I was traveling on. – Bandits or rebels?
    – Is there a difference? No, there’s no difference. Well, look at this. – Are you the guy with the drum?
    – Yes, I am. With our national flag? You bandit! Guard! – Inside!
    – Let’s go. Move! I said inside! Let’s go! You come along too. Get a move on! Walk! Inside, you pig! – Go get the commander.
    – Yes, sir. What kind of gringo are you? English? American. American! Tiny heart, lots of money. Who gave you a medal?
    Your general? For all the soldiers you slaughtered? Well, we’re going to kill you. Should we kill you today, or should we kill you tomorrow? Should we kill you today, or should we kill you tomorrow? – Are you pulling my beard?
    – Yes, I’m pulling your beard. Then I’ll break your balls! Hold it, or I’ll shoot! Where is he? Where is this American senor? I’m Commander Hernández Montoya. Come on. Let’s go. Hurry, Eufemio. – Kill him!
    – Let’s hurry it up. !Rápido! If you touch Adelita, I’ll kill you! Give it to me. – Give that to me!
    – Good. Pepito! Come on! – Let’s go, muchachos.
    – !Hombre! Give them here. More soldiers are coming.
    They called in reinforcements! Let’s get out of here! Long live the revolution! Commander, what’s she look like? – Blonde? A brunette?
    – Is she pretty? Gentlemen, this is a real woman. She’s stupendous! The most beautiful
    that’s ever come this way. Corporal, help the lady. Fernando, some champagne. Quickly. – Welcome.
    – Welcome, beautiful lady. – At last!
    – Welcome! Hello, boys!
    Dona Dolores sent me. Good for Dolores! No more abstinence! – Muchachos, take it easy with my things.
    – Yes, miss. – It’s the new girl.
    – Reserved for the officers. – Hello, whore!
    – And what are you? A virgin? – Oh, no! I’m a whore.
    – We’re all whores here. !Guapa! – Welcome!
    – No more chastity! Easy. There’s some for everyone. Come here! Just a minute, gentlemen! One, two, three- My sister is a nun, and she embroiders
    very nice hankies for me. I was good at embroidery too as a child. Dona Dolores is a true friend to the army.
    She’s our godmother. What’s she doing? !Senorita!
    Come over here. Lieutenant! – Adelita, are you okay?
    – Yes, I’m okay. – I give up!
    – I give up! Eufemio, the weapons! – Is there a machine gun?
    – No, nothing. – Shit!
    – Nothing doing. You can have whatever you want. No need to get rough. Come to me, morena! – Are there any machine guns here?
    – No, only whores. – Excuse me.
    – No problem. What kind of shitty army
    has no machine guns? Let’s get out of here! Aim! Fire! Did you run out of courage?
    Why are you shaking? Hold it right there! Aim! Fire! Let’s go get the officers. – Water.
    – Water. – Have pity on us.
    -Water, senor. This way. Come on. Come on up. We have to agree on an exchange
    of prisoners for our officers. – Sorry, you’re out of luck.
    – Let’s talk about it. – You’re just unlucky.
    – We can arrange something. Have a little dignity.
    Please, sir, hold still! No, wait!
    This is too good for them. Leave them to me.
    Move it! Quickly! What are you going to do to them? Get down there! Take the ladder out! Throw the key in the river. This way you’ll die… a slow death. You’ll have all the time you need
    to repent your sins. Santo, this is no time for your sermons. We’ve got to hurry. Let’s go, muchachos. In the name of our president,
    Venustiano Carranza… Stop! Stop! Why are you decorating criminals? They’ve killed women and children. They’ve tortured common laborers. They’re a disgrace! They’ve pillaged, raped, slaughtered, exterminated poor, innocent victims. Tigers of Mexico, I curse you! Is that priest crazy? Nino, get a move on
    with the ammunition. Vamos, let’s go! Chuncho! There’s been an uprising in San Miguel.
    The people hold the town. – And the soldiers?
    – They killed them all. Muchachos, let’s go to San Miguel! Tonight we eat, we drink,
    and I want a woman. What’s wrong? There will be girls
    for you too in San Miguel. Come on. A little revelry! You’re always sad, nino.
    Let’s go. Let’s take the weapons to Elías’s camp first. – Then we can go to San Miguel.
    – Come on! Wake up, nino. If you come
    to San Miguel, you won’t regret it. !Vamos! We’d better go to San Miguel now. You never know when the army will come. And then the party’s over, nino.
    It’s time to live! – !Vamos, Pepito!
    – Let’s go dancing! Long live the revolution!
    Long live Mexico! Long live the revolution! Chuncho. Raimundo. – Crazy man!
    – Old fart! Welcome! – How are you, Raimundo?
    – How are you? – What happened to your arm?
    – Lost. – Where?
    – In the last fight with the army. General Elías said to me, ““Old man, go home.
    You’ve done enough for the revolution.” How about you? Me? I travel with the boys.
    I kill soldiers. I steal weapons from the army
    and give them to our general. Excellent. Elías needs them. – And who’s this?
    – An American. He’s very brave. A good guy.
    A comrade from America. The United States gives money
    to Carranza’s government. – But also to the revolution.
    – They used to. These days, they only help our enemies. -Why , gringo?
    – Why? I don’t know. I’m not friendly with
    the president of the United States. He’s “not friendly.” – But what do you think?
    – Me? I’m with Chuncho. We take weapons from the army,
    and pass them on to the revolution. Of course. Is he offended? Oh, well. Let’s go celebrate our reunion. !Vamos! No, wait. First we must kill Don Felipe. – Who’s Don Felipe?
    – The owner of the lands. All right. Muchachos,
    first we’re going to kill Don Felipe. Let’s go find this Don Felipe. – Are they coming?
    – Yes. What are you doing? Wait! – What do you think you’re doing?
    – What you should be doing. – No, darling. Please don’t.
    – Go get the cartridges. Let’s not be foolish. – I’m not saying this out of cowardice.
    – Coward! Let me go! We can talk, negotiate.
    Raimundo is a reasonable man. Let’s at least preserve our dignity. Oh, God! Oh, God! I feel ill. Rafael! It’s not fear.
    Believe me. – Rafael!
    -Yes, senora. I truly feel ill. – Rafael, come quickly!
    – I’m right here, senora. – Help me take him to the other room.
    – I can’t breathe! Come. Lie down. I’ll talk to those criminals. – Are they all at home?
    – Yes, sir, all of them. No, no, that’s champagne.
    You’ll get diarrhea. Drink something else.
    Drink red wine, hombre. Good morning. Please, come in. – Take a seat.
    – Thank you. Beatriz, Henriqueta,
    more bottles for the gentlemen. Sit down, muchachos.
    You too, Adelita. Senora, where is Don Felipe? We’re here to speak with your husband. Senora, excuse me. Could you pass the cheese? – Thank you very much.
    – You’re welcome. Senora, please have someone
    go get your husband. My husband is resting right now. You may speak to me.
    There’s no difference. – There is a difference, senora.
    – Please, sit down. – You’re Raimundo, right?
    – Yes. Is your family all right? Since when are you interested
    in my family, senora? So, what do you want? – Money?
    – No. What do you mean?
    It seemed as though that’s all you wanted. – You’ve done nothing but ask for it.
    – That’s true. We ask, and your husband, just so he doesn’t
    have to give us anything, calls the green hats… the Rurales, our murderers. – No, he didn’t call them.
    – Yes, senora, he did. My husband has always been against bloodshed. – Believe me. My husband-
    – Is responsible for our dead! Let’s not talk about the past. Raimundo, let’s try
    to reach an understanding… reasonably. – What is it that you want?
    – The land. All right. – We’ll see what we can do.
    – Nothing, senora. – The land is ours now.
    – Yes, stolen! – You see, senora…
    – Yes? The fact is that these muchachos
    would like to kill your husband. Why? Why kill him? What has he done wrong? And why are you telling me
    and not them? Because… they’re not in the habit of talking. As children, they were always quiet. Forget it, Rosario. There’s no use in talking.
    It’s pointless. So, Raimundo,
    you’ve decided to kill me. Why?
    There must be a reason. Is it just because I’m rich? No, senor. It’s because we’re poor, and you’ve done your best
    to keep us that way. – Who is that man?
    – He’s one of General Elías’s men. A brave and decorated soldier
    of our revolutionary army. Can you tell me, then,
    why they want to kill me? I understand your question, senor. Felipe, what’s happening? It’s unfortunate, but, in this life,
    people die sometimes. – Guapo, toss me the cheese.
    – All right. – I have one favor to ask.
    – Anything but your life. Ask away. Let me say good-bye
    to my mother in there, and let her and my wife leave. – What do you say, Raimundo?
    – All right. All right. – Do I have your word?
    – You have my word. But let’s get a move on. Good-bye, dear. Forgive me if I’ve disappointed you sometimes. I’ve always loved you. Felipe, what do these people want? Nothing.
    I have to leave with them for a moment. – Tell me the truth.
    – It is the truth. – What kind of a rifle is that?
    – It’s a precision rifle. Nice. Do you like it? Here. My gif t to you. – Enough!
    – No. – Cowards!
    – Where are you going? Murderers!
    Get out! Get out of here! All of you, out!
    Get out of here! – What a beauty.
    – I’ll call the army! Thieves! I’ll have you all hanged!
    I said get out! What kind of commander are you?
    You’re a murderer! – You’re all murderers-
    – She’s hot! I’m sorry. Get ready to leave, senora. You really want to leave, senora? Too bad. I like you and your red hair. Didn’t you give your word? Words fly away with the wind, nino. – Out of my way! Let me go!
    – Come on. Let’s have a private party,
    just the two of us. Haven’t we wasted enough time?
    Let her go. Why are you defending her? I was only 15
    when some other Don Felipe raped me! Why should she get special treatment? Why? Adelita, look what I found.
    It’s for you. Come and try it on. – I like her. I like her.
    – And you want to get rich, you clown? Nino. – Lazy slobs like you don’t get rich.
    – I’ll kill you. Did you hear that?
    The nino is defending the lady. But the lady wants to stay with us. Can’t you see you disgust her?
    You smell like a goat! And you’ll smell like a- Chuncho! Why, Chuncho? Why? Chuncho! What have you done? Why? Why did you kill him? Because Guapo wanted to kill the nino. And the nino is my friend. Wasn’t Guapo your friend too? Guapo is dead. Don’t worry about him. – What are you yelling about, Eufemio?
    – Oh, nothing. I came to tell you
    Don Felipe has a car. Come see! A car? That’s great.
    Let’s go see it. Good-bye, Rafael. You’re happy, aren’t you? Stop, stop! Let’s go to San Miguel in the car. To San Miguel! A car! – What’s that?
    – The gear shift. – What’s it for?
    – To shift gears. – Do you understand?
    – No. – But the horses go faster.
    – Don’t tire the horses out! Don Felipe, what kind of a car
    runs slower than horses? There are too many of us. Did you hear that? Okay, get off. – Get off!
    – Down! Down! – Idiot!
    – Get off. And now, drive faster! Wow, it’s nice. You look beautiful tonight, Adelita. What’s up with you, gringo? Nothing. I wanted to apologize
    for not noticing sooner. See? It was a good idea
    to come to San Miguel. I thought you didn’t like women, but you do. So, what are you waiting for? Are you afraid? Of Pepito? No. – Of what, then?
    – Of complications. Look… That’s never happened to me before. – Why are you here, then?
    – To say good-bye. I’m leaving. So are we. – When?
    – Tomorrow. No, you’re not. Can’t you see Chuncho?
    He’ll never get tired of the applause. He’s starting to appreciate
    the revolution again. Oh, really? And just because they’re clapping,
    I should give up on my money? After we risked our lives! No way.
    I won’t give up on it. – Why don’t you tell Pepito?
    – You bet I will. Where did that idiot run off to? Pepito! – Adelita, what is it?
    – Come here. I have to talk to you. And quit drinking! – What’s wrong, my love?
    – I’ve had enough. I don’t want to rot in this town, and I don’t want to waste my life
    always in the saddle, waiting for the money
    from the weapons forever. What’s wrong? I don’t get it. Really, you don’t get it? What are we doing here?
    Chuncho sings, Santo preaches. Everyone’s drunk, but when
    are we going to deliver the weapons? I want my money, and I’m leaving. After this trip is over, we’ll be set. The trip ends here.
    Ask the gringo. What does she mean? I was telling Adelita that Chuncho
    has no intention of leaving. Says who? Ask him.
    He’s over there. What are you waiting for, idiot? Ask him. Go on. Ask him. If everything goes well, I’ll take you with me to my country. Together? To the United States? Don’t make fun of me. – Do you like me?
    – Do you like me? – Let’s go.
    – To my house. Chuncho! – I need to talk to you.
    – Tomorrow. No, now.
    When are we leaving? I know when. When I say so.
    When I feel like it. – Let’s go.
    – Forgive me, querida. Get out of here. Forgive me.
    They’re so rude. – Look at the bull!
    – The bull of our pueblo! Eighteen, 19, 20. – Only 20 cartridges?
    – Enough to kill 20 soldiers. Watch it! – I don’t know how to shoot.
    – Then give it back! – Wait! Where are you going?
    – No, it’s mine and I’m keeping it. Raimundo, a machine gun!
    I found a machine gun! – A machine gun?
    – A machine gun? There was a machine gun hidden
    in the warehouse with tons of bullets. – No kidding!
    – And it’s brand new. – Where is it?
    – In the warehouse. Let’s go. Where are you going, my love? It shoots 20 bullets at a time.
    It can kill 1,000 soldiers in an hour. – Who found it?
    – Get out of here. Let me see. So beautiful! I’ve wanted one of these
    even more than a woman. Come on, women.
    Hurry it up! Double time! Brother, if the cavalry comes,
    we’ll roast them on a spit! You said even horses
    are God’s creatures, didn’t you? But not the government’s horses! – Anything new up there?
    – Nothing. – Keep your eyes peeled.
    – Of course, General. Excellent. – What’s going on?
    – I was waiting for you. We’re ready. – Ready for what?
    – To leave. And the rest of you?
    Are you all leaving with him? No, it’s the gringo who’s coming with us. Chuncho, come with us.
    The party’s over. Our money is waiting for us
    at General Elías’s camp. What are we waiting for here?
    The army? So they can capture us and the weapons? We can’t leave the village
    of San Miguel to be slaughtered. And what should we do?
    Get slaughtered too? That’s not why we came here. But if we’re all here with our weapons… and with a machine gun,
    we at least have a chance. Why take that chance?
    I don’t get it. We can take more weapons from the army. – That’s something.
    – We have so many already. – No, I’m done.
    – We’ve done enough shooting. The truth is, amigo, you have shit
    in your veins instead of blood. Maybe, but living shit
    is better than dead shit. – Amigo, shit will always be shit!
    – Fine. – Then give me my share of the weapons.
    – Give them to him. – What’s his share?
    – Thirty rifles. – And the ammunition.
    – Four boxes. Come on!
    Everybody, gather ’round. We have to unload the rifles and ammo. Look at these shitty warriors running away from San Miguel
    while the army is on its way. What heroism! Nino. I’m not mad at you. You’re a gringo. What do you care about Mexico? – I’d leave regardless.
    – Even if you were Mexican? – Why should I stay here?
    – For them! – Is it worth it?
    – Why? Aren’t they men like us? Look at this town, nino. They’re poor and dirty, but they’re men,
    just like us. Look at him. He doesn’t go to the barber
    or wear cologne, but he’s a man like us. Go unload the weapons. Do you understand me, nino? No. Gringo. Are you coming or not? Good-bye, General! Chuncho, you can’t do
    a bunch of things at the same time. You have to do one thing at a time. The thing that’s most worth your while. – So, are you coming?
    – No, I’m staying here. Good-bye. – Good-bye, nino.
    – Let’s go! Be brave! – Good luck, Chuncho.
    – Go on, you slut! Sons of bitches! I hope you get fucked in the ass! In the ass!
    That’s where your motherland is! Let’s go. Okay, Vicente. Hurry! – What, are you leaving?
    – We’ll be back. !Adios! Did you see that?
    They’re leaving San Miguel! Like this. Give me that. This isn’t a stick. It’s not a spike.
    Is it a spike? Is it? No? Say no. No, right? It’s a rifle, a Mauser. A great rifle.
    Everyone, look at it. You open it. You load it. You close it. You aim. You fire. Is that clear? Try it. Go on. Try it.
    It’s not hard. You open it. You load it. You close it. You aim. And you fire. – Did you drop this rod?
    – No. – So whose is it? Yours?
    – Not mine. Are we done? Should we try again? – I’m wondering why I stay with you.
    – Just because. And why should you stay with me? – Why?
    – Because we really like staying with you. Why are you leaving? Chuncho, what’s wrong? – Should we try again?
    – Go ahead, shoot. You can kill each other. You aim. Like this? That’s good. Get me the machine gun. Enough. Give me the rifle. Now go home. – Leave me alone.
    – My love, are you coming? Leave me alone. I don’t love you.
    I’ll throw this at you! – Come on.
    – Go away! Leave me alone! – What’s wrong, brother?
    – She only wants one thing. She’s never satisfied. You know, I was thinking
    we shouldn’t have let them leave. It would have been better if we had all stayed here
    together with our weapons and ammunition. Thirty Mausers
    and a machine gun will be enough. As long as you and I are here,
    no one will enter San Miguel. I know, I know. General Elías needs weapons
    more than we do. Who knows if the general
    will ever get those weapons? Why? I don’t know if the nino and those
    good-for-nothings will find the way. Didn’t you tell them how to get there? I said up the mountains, in the Sierra. What else could I say? There are no paths, nothing. – The General is waiting for those weapons.
    – I know. I know that. Watch it! I’ll kill you! Look… if it weren’t for the army,
    which could get here any second, I’d go after them, catch them and bring them back with me. I could, right? But we need you here. Yes, I know. Chuncho! They stole it! – They stole the machine gun!
    – When? Who? – This morning, when they left.
    – They asked for it in your name. In my name? Who? I don’t know his name.
    The one who sings. – Picaro?
    – Yes. Did you hear that? And you’re the one who knows
    how to read and write? Hermano, I’m going. – A horse!
    – Chuncho! Give me your hat. !Vamos! Come back soon, brother! – Come back soon.
    – !Tranquilo! I’ll be back with the machine gun tomorrow! Hurry. It’s Chuncho! Picaro! Eufemio! Get my horse. Get off! No one can steal a machine gun
    in my name! Is that clear? All right. Should we go? Not that way! This way! Why? Because you can’t go
    to General Elías’s headquarters. It’s too dangerous.
    There’s fighting there. There’s a different place where Elías’s men
    bring us our money. We’ll go there. Didn’t you want to see the general? Of course I’d like to. But, for now… I’ll be satisfied with his photograph. Some other time,
    some other time. Adelita, guapa, let’s go! Let’s go, horse! General Elías’s men! Chuncho!
    How come there is only one? I told you they’d come. – But only one?
    – There are the others. – No, they’re soldiers!
    – Pepito! – Rurales!
    – Pepito! – Where are the others?
    – There, at the watering hole. – What’s going on?
    – Rurales! – We’re screwed.
    – Get us more ammunition. Go, Vicente! Nino, the machine gun! Take cover! Quick! Hurry! – News of the general?
    – Everything’s fine. – Did you bring the weapons?
    – Of course. – But where are the others?
    – They were captured. Now we’ll have some fun.
    Grab a Mauser. Vicente has been hit. – Fire, nino.
    – Easy. What are you waiting for?
    Come on! Come on, damn it! Shoot! Listen to the machine gun sing! Come on, nino! Another one. Another! They’re coming back. Watch out for Adelita, nino. Another one. Pepito, more ammunition. Quick! Pepito… What have you done? What have you done, you idiot? Come here, sons of bitches! !Cabrón!
    Come here! Wait, nino. Stop. I’ll take care of those guys. Where are you going? Come here! I have to shoot you! Good thing you had the machine gun. Come here. Don’t leave! Is he dead? Maybe he didn’t have it. Maybe one of the others was carrying it. But why them? Fuck! That means he didn’t bring the money. Or did you take it, nino? – Yeah, and I already spent it all.
    – Yeah, yeah. Now we have to go to the general’s camp. And Vicente is dead. – Eufemio?
    – Dead. Pepito? Dead. Adelita, buck up. – Buck up, muchacha.
    – I’m leaving. – Where are you going?
    – I’m leaving. Muchacha. In this life, people die sometimes. What about your share of the weapons? Did you get the money? No, nothing here. But if you come to the camp with us… we’ll split the money three ways. Do you have any money? I don’t know what you’re looking for. I’ve never understood you,
    and I don’t even care anymore. Pepito is down there.
    Bury him. Are we going to waste more time
    burying them? What’s wrong, nino? Do you feel sick? Come here. Let’s go. It’s nothing, nino.
    You’re not used to this life. Now… with a little fire,
    everything will be all right. No, it’s malaria. Malaria? Get my pills from my bag. – Get what from your bag?
    – The vial with the quinine. The vial with the quinine. It’s a little glass vial. Glass? Okay. – The whole thing?
    – Four. Four. Take this. Take it. This is no good. I’ll give you
    some good medicine, nino. Chew this. It’s good. Mescal is good for the body,
    for the head and for love, nino. It helps you sleep, dream. – Drink up, nino.
    – Thank you. – Chuncho.
    – What? I don’t understand you. You keep wasting time,
    thinking of others. – Me? Who do I think of?
    – Me, for instance. You could have left on your own
    and taken all the money for yourself. Well, I don’t like to work alone. – Chuncho.
    – What? Do you know a Hotel Morelos
    in Ciudad Juárez? I don’t know any hotels. If we get separated, find it. – Why should we get separated?
    – Something might happen. Nothing ever happens, amigo. Nino, why do you have
    a gold bullet in your bag? It’s… a good-luck charm. – Like this is for me?
    – Right. Good luck! Let’s go. The general’s camp is nearby. Just think, nino. That money is all ours.
    We’ll divide it all between us. !Vamos! LAN D AND LI BERTY – Chuncho, are you still alive?
    – Chuncho can never die. – How are things here?
    – We’re waiting for weapons. – How about down there?
    – It’s hell. Vamos. – Too hot?
    – Hot and bloody. This here is heaven. A heaven where we starve. – Not enough to eat?
    – Nothing at all. I have a machine gun for the general. – Go on, eat it.
    – Thank you! Hombre, he’s a friend of mine. Let’s go! Adios, senor. Hey, kids, who’s the oldest? Come here. Divide it fairly.
    One chunk apiece. Come forward. – Two.
    – Two. Hold it. How many? – Five.
    – Five? – Three.
    – Three. Catch. Paquita. Catch. Good, Paquita. Another one. Stop. – Senor, now do you like Mexico?
    – No. So what are you doing here?
    Why don’t you go back to your country? I sell weapons.
    It’s a job like any other. I wouldn’t sell weapons to people I disliked. Because you’re not a professional.
    Chico, learn from General Elías. He buys my weapons and doesn’t complain. – Good-bye, revolutionary.
    – Adios. – How many survivors in the town?
    – Not many. – Are they here?
    – Yes, we put them in the chapel. – Are there many dead?
    – Yes, many. Hombre. Senor. A machine gun. Look. It’s fantastic.
    The latest model. It uses the same bullets as the Mauser. One… machine gun. Go on. Out. One, two, two. That’s it. How much? – How much what?
    – The amount. Five thousand pesos. Good. First, the general wants to see you. The general? To see me? Great. They resisted as long as they could,
    but there were too many soldiers. – Nothing could be done.
    – General. Here he is. Come forward. – Come, Chuncho.
    – Well met, General. I have a picture of you.
    It’s your spitting image. Take a seat. Move. It’s been a long time
    since you fought with us. Now we must talk about money. And about the weapons I brought. Did you hear about the machine gun?
    It’s amazing. Yes, I know. – What’s the total, Tomás?
    – Five thousand pesos. – Five thousand pesos.
    – Pay him. This time, Chuncho… has done well for himself. – Thank you, General.
    – Just a minute, Chuncho. I need your advice. – Mine?
    – Yours. Sit down. Three days ago, Carranza’s army
    took back the town of San Miguel. All the townspeople died, because they had no weapons
    to defend themselves. It was a massacre. – Really?
    – Yes. One man profited from this massacre. A man who profits
    from the deaths of his brothers… Does he seem like a man to you? What would you call him? A bastard. And what would you do to him? I would kill him. Your comrades from San Miguel
    are dead, all of them. And you’ve made 5,000 pesos. Have me shot. – Ramirez.
    – Yes, General? No, I must punish him. He’s my brother. My blood. And you? What do you have to say about it? What can I say, General? Who knows? Maybe death will be less ugly
    if my brother shoots me. Here, cashier.
    I don’t need any money where I’m going. Good-bye, Chuncho. Good-bye, General.
    Long live Mexico! Good-bye, beautiful.
    I’m leaving! I don’t like this spot, brother.
    It stinks of pig shit. Let’s go a little further. Hermano, Santo, won’t you let me
    make confession or absolve me? There is no absolution for what you did. – Prepare yourself.
    – But you said God is good and generous. God is, but I’m not. Where, then?
    Will you make up your mind? Wherever the hat falls. Where are you aiming? Here or here? – Wherever you want.
    – Here. Brother, what is it? They shot General Elías! The general was shot with a golden bullet. General Elías is dead. REBEL ““GENERAL” KILLED
    BY GOLDEN BULLET No bills, please. – Isn’t it the same?
    – No. Gold! You promised me
    100,000 pesos in gold. Pay him. It’s hard to believe you succeeded. Why? You’re very young. They said the same thing when I volunteered. And yet I’ve done what I said I’d do. – But how did you get away?
    – I was lucky. Just a moment. The receipt. For important services
    rendered to the government. Senor Tate, there are other rebel leaders. If we should need you,
    where can we find you? If I need money, I’ll find you. Adios. – Keep the change.
    – Thank you, senor. Thank you very much. Senor, can you spare some change? I’m hungry. Get out of here, for the last time! What do you want? Get out! Stop bothering our clients! Where are you going?
    Stop! What do you want?
    Watch out! He has a gun! Stop him! Call the police! Leave him alone.
    Leave him. He’s armed.
    Can’t you see he’s got a gun? He’s a friend of mine. It’s just a joke.
    It’s not loaded. How are you?
    I’ve been expecting you. – Shouldn’t we hand him over to the police?
    – Go away! Here. Don’t shoot right away.
    Wait five minutes. Manager, I gave you a case yesterday.
    I’d like to collect it now. Very well. Of course, senor Tate. Just a moment. – Right away?
    – Yes. To be secure, I put it in the safe. Here it is.
    The case and a letter. For senor Chuncho Munos. Read the letter. ““Dear Chuncho, I waited for you
    for a week, but now I must leave. I’m leaving you the 50,000 pesos you earned. It’s half of what I made with your help. I hope we meet again someday. Thank you for everything, and-” For you. Senor, just a moment. A signature, please. Come. Sign the paper.
    Any mark will do. Good. Come. Let’s go up to my room. – Should we call the police?
    – No, I think they’re friends. – It’s another one of your tricks.
    – No. If I’d wanted to trick you,
    I would have left with all the money. That’s true. But the general… Why did you kill him, nino? Yes, of course, I know. For all this money! You see how much that man was worth? You’ve made more with this one job
    than you could have in your entire lifetime. For sure. – But why did you kill my brother?
    – He was about to kill you. Yes. That’s true. Well, what’s the matter? – What’s wrong, Chuncho?
    – I don’t know. I came here to kill you. And now I don’t know. ?Quién sabe? Scruples? All right. Let’s do this. If you’re having scruples,
    I’ll take all the money. Hands off! Who took you to the general? I did! Yes, with this money, I’d be a rich man,
    even in the United States. You are a rich man, Chuncho. It’s time to start looking like one. Relax, senor. What is your profession? I’m in business.
    I’m leaving tomorrow. For the United States. If I come back, I’ll look for you. I like you very much. – How did it go last night?
    – Very well. A fiery woman. – How much did you give her?
    – Nothing. I’ve never paid! – What do you do to women, Chuncho?
    – They fall in love. Sometimes I might give them
    a little present, if I feel like it. But when you pay,
    there are no complications. In your country, perhaps.
    I don’t know. But here money doesn’t fix everything. Hey, beautiful! – Get out of the way.
    – It was my turn. And now it’s mine. Life is beautiful
    because it’s full of surprises. The last man goes first. Senor. Senor, may I shine your shoes? Buy yourself some bread. Cut it out! Buy yourself some bread. Shall we go? Thank you, senor. Tell me, Chuncho.
    Have you ever taken a train before? Thirteen, or 11.
    I’ve lost count. – No, I mean as a passenger.
    – As a passenger, none. You’ll see, it’s much nicer. Nino, if we go to the United States,
    won’t it be dangerous for you? You said there’s a bounty on your head. That was just a trick
    so you’d let me join your gang. What about the handcuffs? I took them off a dead soldier. – How did you know I’d attack the train?
    – I had to join the rebels to get to the general. I’d been riding trains
    with weapons cargoes for two weeks. – Then you met me.
    – That’s right. Nino, you’re very clever.
    You never make a mistake, right? – Let’s get on. The train’s leaving.
    – You’ve been a good friend to me. It’s true, but I have to kill you. – Are you starting with that again?
    – No, nino, I’m almost finished. Don’t be stupid.
    I made you rich, Chuncho. – Why do you want to kill me?
    – Nada. I just have to do it. – But tell me why!
    – ?Quién sabe? Why do you want to kill me? ?Quién sabe? What do you mean, “who knows”?
    You have to know. I do know why. Wait. Tell me why! Go back to the United States! And you, don’t buy bread
    with this money.


    Bob The Train | Adventure Series | ABC Adventure | Shapes Song | Bob Cartoons

    November 9, 2019

    Hi kids! I am Bob! Today we are going to learn the Alphabets. ‘A’ is the first letter we need to find. Lets go and find ‘A’. Kids can you see ‘A’? He is hiding behind the Lamp Post. Boooo! Hi, Bob!
    ‘A’ will you join me? Yes Bob! What are you doing up there ‘B’? I was looking for you and here you are! Look kids there ‘C’ is!
    He seems to be going somewhere. Hi, Bob! Hi ‘C’ Where are you going? I’m going to the park. Why don’t you join us instead? Yeaahhh! ‘D’ What are you doing behind the trees?
    I am playing Hide & Seek. Will you join me on a fun ride? Yes! Hi ‘E’! How are you?
    Would you like to join us? Hi Bob! I’m fine. Thank you.
    Yes, I would love to join you. Kids, what is that? Oh my goodness it’s ‘F’ Hi Bob! Hi ‘G’!
    Where are you going? Hi Bob! I am going to meet ‘H’,
    Come along. Hi ‘H’, Hi Bob!
    ‘G’ lets join Bob! Yes! Kids the next letters are ‘I’ and ‘J’ We’re waiting for the bus. That will take us to the floating islands. I’m going to the floating islands too.
    Both of you join us! Kids look at ‘K’.
    He is on the swing. Bob can I join my friends ‘I’ and ‘J’ Yes! Yeah! Wait for me. I wanna come too. Hi ‘M’ What are you doing?
    Hi Bob! I’m going home. Why don’t you join us instead?
    Yes! Woooohoooo! Hi ‘ N’ Hi ‘O’
    Hi Bob! Hi Bob! Hi ‘P’, Where is ‘Q’? Hi Bob! I’m trying to find ‘Q’ can you help me find ‘Q’ Where ‘Q’ is?
    Hiding behind the house. Look kids there’s ‘S’ Hi, Bob! I am waiting for ‘R’ Hi, Bob! Hi ‘T’ are you going somewhere? Hi Bob! I’m going to the city to meet ‘U’ and ‘V’ Let’s go meet ‘U’ and ‘V’ together! Hi ‘U’ and ‘V’ will you come with me to meet ‘W’ Yes! We are going to meet ‘W’ too! Let’s go together! Hi ‘W’ Hi Bob! I am waiting for my friends ‘T’ , ‘V’ and ‘U’ Have you seen them? Yes!
    They are aboard, why don’t you join them? Yeahhhhhh! Woooohooo! Look at all our friends, could we join them too Bob? Yes! ‘X’, ‘Y’ & ‘Z’ This was fun! See you next time.