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    Railway Journey Sehwan to Dadu & Larkana Sindh Pakistan
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    Railway Journey Sehwan to Dadu & Larkana Sindh Pakistan

    November 16, 2019

    Traveling Pakistan by train, In this video journey from Sehwan Sharif to Larkana my journey is almost 170 km on Pakistan Railways 213 up Mohenjo Daro passenger train on Kotri Attock main Railway line 2. Sehwan is well known for the Sufi saint Shahbaz Qalandar’s Shrine. The train is passing through three districts Jam Shoro, Dadu and Larkana. Railway Stations on its route are Sehwan Sharif, Bubak Road, Bhan Sayadabad, Khudaabad, Dadu, Phjlji, Piaro Goth, Rehmani Nagar, Balishah, radhan, badah, Mohengo Daro, Bakrani road and Larkana. Main crops are wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane, maize.barley, gram, pulses and oil seeds, Larkana is the headquarters of Pakistan People party. my worst experience, in Dadu and Larkana in Sindh and Sariab Road Quetta Balochistan. Children hit the stone on the train be care full and shut down the window if you are traveling by train in these cities.

    How to Master a Track in Logic Pro X – Music Production Lesson | Mastering using Stock Plugins
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    How to Master a Track in Logic Pro X – Music Production Lesson | Mastering using Stock Plugins

    November 16, 2019

    Hi this lecture is all about mastering. So
    what mastering is is really the final touches for our mix. So first of all I’d like to say
    if your mix isn’t really that good go back and improve your mix rather than trying to
    master. Mastering really is just the icing on the cake, it is just the finishing touches,
    so just remember that first of all. When you are mixing and mastering your music remember
    to listen to it on multiple platforms, so not just your studio monitors or headphones,
    hifi speakers ear buds, your phone, your laptop speakers because your audience and the people
    listening to your music won’t exactly have the same setup as you, they might not have
    the same studio monitors in the same room or be in a studio or soundproof room, so the
    best thing to try and do is to try and get a good balance on all these different headphones
    and speakers. Okay so in this video I’m going to show you
    how to EQ, multi band compress, enhance the stereo image and also limit our track. So
    the track I’m going to master is a by a guy called FourFox and the track is called Rhino. Okay so first of all the thing we need to
    do is check the direct current or DC, so if you have any errors or problems with any wiring
    on hardware this can really show up in your track and it can limit your headspace, but
    if it’s mainly electronic and MIDI generally you won’t really have any DC but lets just
    check this track. So lets double click on the track and then go on File and then go
    on Functions and remove DC offset. Okay great there is no DC offset found, it’s just to
    check if your song is just MIDI or software instruments you should be fine, but if you
    are working with a lot of external gear or a lot of audio tracks I definitely would advice
    checking this DC current. Another thing is if you are mastering a whole
    album rather than a single you should master all the tracks together. This way you will
    get a more consistent sound, obviously the tracks are going to be a lot different and
    might have different instrumentalists or different feels or vibes, but if you’ve got one track
    that’s too loud or too quiet or too bright it will sound a little bit peculiar. Okay now lets trim our track, so at the start
    I do want the track to come in straight away and have a slight automation of volume so
    it gradually come in and at the end I normally wait about 2 or 3 seconds and then I cut the
    song. So first of all lets go on our master output
    here, right click this and go on create track and now we can actually automate the stereo
    out and lets go on automation and change this to volume. Okay we can kind of tell by our
    waves where the song comes in, I know this song it has a kind of a high pass section
    here then the song really comes in about here, so this is more of a high pass intro, but
    lets just have a look. So looking at the waves we can kind of tell it comes in about here
    but lets just have a listen, so it really comes in about here.
    So it’s there okay, zoom in a bit more and we can also change the automation type to
    a curve. Lets just hear this, so I’d start the track about here, back slightly.
    Okay and lets just trim this ending and about there, lets just zoom in, about here. It is
    silence there so we don’t really need the automation curve tool. Okay great so that’s trimming the track because
    it will be a bit embarrassing if you put your song online and there is a few seconds at
    the start of complete silence a lot people we also switch off like physically switch
    the track off if it is just silent for a few seconds as well because the first few seconds
    do really count. A lot of people also listen to music on their phone as well which is in
    mono so we need to check the mono capabilities of our track, so lets just put some plugins
    on, lets put them all on our stereo out. Okay lets go to Imaging and then Directional
    Mixer and all the way out like this is stereo and the more you bring it in the more mono
    it gets, so all the way like this is completely mono. Lets just get a loop going about here,
    so that’s mono, lets make it stereo and lets make the spread a lot wider.
    We just need to check that there is no real phase problems in mono but this sounds fine
    so far. Lets just get rid of this that was just to check. Okay lets now put on multimeter
    it’s under Metering and lets just play our track through this. The yellow is the peak
    levels which is the highest at that time and the blue is the RMS which is the overall loudness
    of the track at that point in time, also we need to make sure that the track isn’t peaking
    so we don’t want anything in the red. Also looking at this track we can tell there’s
    a lot of headspace which means we can really push the volume up later on when we are limiting.
    Okay lets drag this plugin down and now lets put on a phase EQ, basically we want to roll
    off anything that is below about 25 hertz because the ear won’t audibly hear this and
    sound systems won’t really play it and it just muddies up the track really so we just
    get rid of this and just roll it off below 25 so on here we can see the number so 25
    and make it tight, there we go like so. Okay now we are going to add an exciter, this
    basically boosts the harmonies and we can make the song sound a lot brighter and have
    a lot more presence, so it’s under specialized and then exciter, so colour 1 is a lot brighter
    than colour 2 and we can also choose the frequencies here. The best thing to do though is to just
    do it by ear but remember we don’t want the track to change too much we just want to make
    it brighter and have more presence and increase the volume so try not to change the song too
    much. So this is with and this is without. It’s
    just a slight difference but it does make the song
    a little bit brighter. Okay next we are going to add a multi band
    compressor in Logic it’s called multipressor, basically it gives us 4 different frequency
    ranges and we can compress each range separately, lets just open it up it’s under dynamics and
    then multipressor. Okay so here it is more the sub range and here is the low mid and
    the high the high mid and the high. We can change the gain or the volume here similar
    to EQ and we can also change the compression by moving the arrows down here, we just need
    to make sure it doesn’t go into the red and also we don’t want to compress too much or
    you might get rid of a lot of the dynamics of the track. We can also solo each section
    by clicking solo here, so the best thing to do is to solo each section and then hear it
    in the overall mix and try and get a nice balance, remember do not compress too much
    or you will loose a bit of the dynamic range in the song. Lets just have a play through
    this and we can also increase the make up gain
    by putting it louder up here, so this is with the multipressor
    and this is without, so with and without. The difference is very gradual but in mastering
    it’s all about the little gradual parts because we don’t really want to change the song too
    much we just want to improve it slightly and just boost the presence and boost the harmonies
    and boost the loudness of the song really. Okay next is the stereo spreader and that’s
    in imaging. So this splits up the frequency range and you can hear them in your left and
    right speakers but generally I’d say you want to pan more for the higher frequencies and
    pan less for the lower frequencies so lets just choose the higher frequencies and bring
    this down because you don’t really want the bass panned
    out too far. As a general rule you have the lower frequencies panned in the middle and
    then you spread out as you get higher, so I would generally have it about here, so this
    is with and without. This is a very gradual change as well. Okay
    next is the adaptive limiter. This is the mastering limiter in Logic Pro X and it’s
    under dynamics, adaptive limiter. So here we can see the input, reduction and the output. So the input is before it goes into this limiter,
    reduction is how much is being limited and the output is now what the signal is like
    its gone through this limiter. The gain will increase the volume and the out ceiling I
    always have on -0.1 just so it won’t peak just in case. We don’t want to push the gain
    too much because if we do limit this too much it will really loose a lot of the dynamics
    of the track so just be careful or that ,of course we want to make the track louder but
    yeah don’t limit too much, this track has got quite a lot of headspace though so we
    can push the volume quite a bit louder and there we can see the out ceiling it’s
    up here which is great and the input’s here and the reduction is 4.8 maybe a little bit
    lower about here. Okay so lets just try with and without. With.
    I do think we can boost a tiny bit of the bass on this EQ as well, but only a tiny bit,
    you just have to be careful as well. Lets just hear
    this back. Okay lets just hear this track without the
    plugins and with the plugins and with the plugins. So yeah the main difference you can hear is
    it’s added a lot of presence and it’s also made the track a lot louder. Okay lets now just bounce this track, so we
    need to find our trims here and move the cycle range to our trims
    and now lets bounce this shortcut command B. When we bounce lets leave this as a PCM
    as this will be non compressed and we can choose the file format as either AIFF or a
    Wave, lets choose a Wave. For the resolution lets leave it on 16 bit because iTunes and
    CD it’s 16 bit and sample rate lets leave it on 44.1 because on CD and iTunes and other
    uploading sites it compresses a sample rate of 441 anyway so lets leave it on that. Lets
    leave the mode on offline and lets not normalize it because we’ve got the limiter on, lets
    leave the file type are interleaved because we don’t want this track split into two different
    tracks we just want one track and dithering. Dithering is when we convert the track from
    a 24 or a 32 bit down to a 16 bit, it will just make the process a bit smoother, so lets
    just choose POW 1 dithering and now lets bounce this.
    Lets call it Rhino. So this is mastering in Logic Pro X. Remember
    you are not completely changing the track you are just polishing the track up so it’s
    about adding harmonics and presence and colour to the track, making it a bit brighter and
    also a bit louder. Hi thank you for watching these videos, I
    hope you found them useful. If you want to take your learning to the next level remember
    you can get my Complete Guide to Logic Pro X for only 10 pound or 10 dollars depending
    where you are, which is actually 95 percent off, so just follow the links in the description
    if you want to learn even more with me. Thanks again.

    Two Koreas to inspect railway lines along west coast of North Korea
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    Two Koreas to inspect railway lines along west coast of North Korea

    November 16, 2019

    Let’s begin with the latest instance of inter-Korean
    cooperation… that has been blossoming ever since the big Panmunjom summit in April. Officials from the two Koreas are conducting
    railway inspections north of the border on this Tuesday. Seoul’s Unification Ministry says South and
    North Korean officials will inspect rail lines along North Korea’s western coast. The authorities will check the section between
    Kaesong station and the Military Demarcation Line… and hold a meeting afterwards. Seoul is sending a 15-member delegation led
    by the railway bureau chief of the transport ministry… and Pyongyang is sending a six-member
    delegation headed by a senior official from its railway ministry. The move comes as Seoul and Pyongyang agreed
    to modernize railways in North Korea as well as those that cut across the inter-Korean
    border at their railway talks last month.

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    November 16, 2019

    all right boys it’s time to grip it and
    rip it couple Tendy terminators right here
    boys thats right boys low cheese Missy’s now you got a couple Mike monsters right
    Jacob that’s right boys yeah yeah Jacob tell em what we’re doing
    y’all know we’re the best ripping bissy’s from the West it’s Jacob and Olly
    in hockey you know we’re holy when it comes to rippin rope they call us the Pope and
    if you think you can win boy you got no hope we got the fundies on lock so you
    better not talk cuz if you chirp too much you’ll be outlined in chalk be starting up now like an
    opening face off you better look out the league’s getting a facewash start in the six they
    scooped Johnny T but you can’t get a ring without no D so you better take
    some notes from the young gun Oilers all those first rounds turned out to be
    spoilers round of applause for the Caps winnin Stanley I think it’s kinda weird with
    the age forty Cappy they shut down the Pens
    starting the drought we hope not though the golden boy might pout Low cheese Missy
    top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even if there’s a whissy quick wrappy extra
    greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claiming the cappy tha tha tha tha tha
    that’s right boys Jesus Jacob come on that’s right boys we’re on to the next and just
    like Eichael were cashin paychecks he followed the fundies moved up in rank
    you’re welcome buddy I hope your team dont tank back home we got the best Johnny
    hockey dangling and sniping looking kinda cocky
    sending over apples to mr. Money hands we got the best fans rockin red
    in the stands your bread for the fourth line so take it as a sign got the whole team
    chirping Kessler off the glass you’re probably gonna mess up a two-foot
    pass you got stammer in the east ripping one T’s like a beast
    what to mean he can’t scrap you got Stevie wide attack Ben and Seguin
    tell us what you think another 2v2 at your home rink we watched
    the old footy and took some notes and now it’s our turn to show you the ropes
    yeah you know we ain’t scared see you picked the night just last year was
    Tyler’s first fight low cheese missy Top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even
    if there is a whissy, quick wrappy extra greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin’
    in the cappy okay End to end boys, everytime – everyshift we don’t ice the puck boys. Ottawa dished their number one D got
    their back-end looking a little empty okay one quick quest’y what y’all know
    about the Marchand spec’ie we know he’s not everybody’s cup of tea but he
    tucks a perfect hippie right at your knee you got Boeser in the West y’all
    know his name Sedin’s retired they might win a playoff game nope kiddin
    though they had a great career despite the sarcasm I’m being sincere he’s got
    the best wheels and the league Larkin our boy with nothing but speed he’s a
    purebred beauty but 15th pick he would have been one with some Gordy hat-tricks
    Low cheese Missy top corn snizzy we ain’t stopping even if there’s a wizzy quick
    wrappy extra-greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin the Cappy. That’s right boys That’s right boys
    I’ll take it you know I rip best when i tickle the mesh played seven years Pro
    out in Bangladesh the greasy lip sweater my lettuce on lock if a fight
    breaks out you know I’m ready to rock I’m a concrete cowboy rocking handle
    chops my beard games strong I’m always getting props every time I shoot I’m rippin top corns
    my theme song has always been a goal horn you’re looking at the
    finest it’s easy to see ain’t no one getting past Jacob and me nope you
    think you can you’re welcome to try yeah just don’t get mad if we make you cry
    it’s only step one we’re calling the whole league out if you didn’t hear
    your name there’s no need to pout we’re the best in the biz and ready to scrap
    You just learned the fundies of how to rap Low Cheese top corn snizzy we ain’t stopping even
    if there’s a wizzy quick wrappy extra greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin
    the clappy Low cheese missy top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even if there is a
    whissy quick wrappy extra greasy snappy Olly and jacob we claimin the Cappy Low
    cheese Missy top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even if there’s a whissy
    Quick wrappy extra-greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin the cappy that’s right boys Jesus Jacob I think we’re done here
    yeah let’s get out of here we’re gone

    how to track a cell phone or mobile number location for free
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    how to track a cell phone or mobile number location for free

    November 16, 2019

    hello and a warm welcome to you guys and girls
    toda i am going to explain you a very intresting thing that if you have lost your mobile phone
    . Thene no need to worry about that becouse now google itself has launched its own tracking
    device software known as androide device manager so what is the facility is that its does not
    require GPS for your phone tracking , means GPS is not requied in your phone , it will
    work evin . ok . what facility that software is providing and how i am showing you , first
    of all you can trace the exact location of the phone ( your lost phone) if any sim card
    is under operation , dosen’t mater that is yours sim card or any once other sim is there
    , any one’s simcard is there , it will track it , just it should be in network coverage
    , second thing is that you can remotly lock your phone by , you can change your phone
    password , you can create password ok . third thing is you can remotely delete your data
    of your complete phone , fourth thing is that you can remotly make a ring wthout sending
    any number with high vibration and sound, so Lets see guys how to do that , ok so for
    that purpose the software works for android phone only ok , so first of all you have to
    look up for the software called android device manager , for that purpose you need to go
    to google playstore and in google playstore , just type – android device manager , and
    you will fils this app , just go and select this application , install it on you mobile
    phone , this is launched by google itself ok . so once you install the application , accept
    the terms and conditions and download and install on your phone , once it get installed
    , after that just go to menu and look up for icons which would be created in menu . this
    is the iicon , just click over there , and except the terms and conditions , you neet
    enter your gmail email id here and pasword of that email and sign in with that , once
    you sign in afrer that what you need to do is just go to settings and in the settings
    you have t g there in security tab , in security tab you have device administrator , go to
    that place and there after you find that software is at thet place , you need to enable that
    check box , once you click over here you will find these kind of options just accept every
    thing and activate it and click on activate , once you do that , you will gert a check
    mark thats it . suppose you lost
    your phone thene what you can do , and how to track i am going to show you the main thing
    , go to google , since itself its a google application , so what you need to do is that
    , type in google that – android
    device manager ok , go to this url , whene you click there it will ask your user name
    and password of the email id which you had used in your android phone , mine is xxxxxx
    ok , now i will enter my password – xxxxxxxx , once you enter your password and sign in
    would be redirected to a page where you find that google is trying to contact your phone
    , if your phone is switched on , if any sim card would be there , even if no gps would
    be there , still it will track your phone location , exact location , once it will track
    your phone , you would have these options hee , to make a ring . Yah ! lets see the
    phone location had been tracked some time it could not find the exact road/street name
    , in case like if you are in a small locality , hre we had got the exact are but road / street
    name is not showing exactly . you nave a facility if you click here , it will automaticly ring
    your phone , where ever that would be, if you click on the lock button thene what would
    happen is that you can set password remotely in that phone if your phone does not have
    any password as well , you can set your password from here , if you do this automatically , whereever
    your phone will be it will automatically locked , ok guys , if you allready password you can
    change the previous password aswell remotly . if you click her you can be able to delete
    all the data on the phone remotly . and you important doucoments canbe saved , hence guys
    it is reall very important software which is helpful for you , so thanks a lot for watching
    , if you love my videos tutorials subscribe to my youtube channel , i have many more important
    and useful video on my youtube channel , reguarding web designing & development , hardware networking
    ets . bye guys i love you

    Milford Track: Alpine Tramping (Hiking) Series | New Zealand
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    Milford Track: Alpine Tramping (Hiking) Series | New Zealand

    November 16, 2019

    Tucked away in the Southwestern corner
    of the South Island lies a 1.2 million hectare time capsule of a beautiful
    prehistoric New Zealand. Luckily keen adventurers can explore
    Fiordland’s unique landscape through one of the many walking tracks that weave
    through this glacially carved land. One of New Zealand’s Great Walks, and
    arguably its most famous, will take you deep into the most stunning granite
    valleys in the world. The Milford Track takes you 53.5
    kilometers right through the heart of Fiordland over the course of four days. The track itself is well developed due to its Great Walk status, however, day three of your walk
    can be quite challenging as it involves a long steep climb up and over MacKinnon Pass. This brings you into an Alpine environment so there’s a few things you
    need to know to stay safe on your journey. The best time of year to attempt
    the Milford track is during the Great Walks season. During this time facilities
    are actively managed, huts will have rangers, bridges will be in place and the
    avalanche conditions are constantly assessed by DOC. It’s not recommended to walk the Milford Track outside of this period as all of these facilities are
    greatly reduced. Bridges are removed and heavy snow makes it a very dangerous
    tramp. The average daily summer temperature sits around 7 to 11 degrees (C) on MacKinnon pass and true to Fiordland form you can expect rain for over 200
    days of the year. It’s important to remember that you will be in an Alpine
    environment which means there is a good chance you’ll experience heavy rain strong winds, snow and freezing temperatures even during the Great Walks
    season. So, warm and waterproof clothing will be essential. You’ll also need a good pair of tramping (hiking) boots and make sure you carry enough water for the whole day As with all walks and tramps in New Zealand make sure you leave your ‘intentions’ with a trusted contact and inform them when you’ve finished your trip. You can find out more about ‘leaving your intentions’ at the Mountain Safety Council website Day one of the Milford Track starts with a boat ride to Glade Wharf where you’ll then spend the next two days tramping (hiking) up the Clinton Valley to Mintaro Hut. It’s fairly sheltered in the valley, but watch out for rising rivers during periods of heavy rain. The third day is when you will tackle MacKinnon pass. Your day starts from Mintaro Hut with a short walk through the forest before you start to climb. From here you will slowly zigzag up the side of the mountain. The track can be quite uneven along this section with a few spots that are prone to rock fall, so pay attention to what’s happening above and below you. After a 350m climb the bush will give way to an open alpine terrain. The good news is that there will be fewer sand flies up here, but now that there is no shelter from
    high winds, rain or snow. These conditions are more common than a fine sunny day. You will continue to zigzag up, but now rocks will take up a good majority of the track. Good balance walking poles and basic rock scrambling skills will be needed to prevent lower leg injuries, especially on a wet day, when the track becomes quite slippery Upon reaching the top of MacKinnon pass you’ll either get a great view down the Arthur Valley, or you will be absolutely battered by bad weather! This is a good spot to stop and have some lunch on a nice day. Just remember that temperatures will be considerably lower up here, so layer up and stay comfortable. If the weather is bad then it’s best to continue on to MacKinnon pass shelter there is seating, a toilet, and multiple gas cooking rings available here but it should not be used to sleep in unless it’s an emergency Both sides of the pass are incredibly steep with some spots reaching a 500m meter sheer drop to the valley floor so stick to the track and don’t venture too close to the edge. The descent begins shortly after MacKinnon pass shelter. From here, you’ll lose about a thousand metres of elevation before reaching Dumpling Hut. It’s a long and steep descent on rocky terrain so take care to have proper foot placement as you move
    down the mountain. The decent is made up of three
    parts. The first section has you zigzag quickly off the summit. Just be aware that wind can get especially aggressive here. The second section takes you around a cliff band. The track narrows down a lot
    with little room for error so use the handrails if you need help to keep your
    balance and be ready for any sudden gusts of wind.
    The third section starts when you enter the bushline. You will be well protected
    under here, but the track remains quite steep with tree roots and rocks making
    it uneven. Eventually, you will reach Anderson Cascade Shelter which is a nice
    peaceful spot to take a break. You’ll find another toilet here but again there should be no sleeping unless it’s an emergency. This whole descent takes you right through a large avalanche path below
    Jervis Glacier. Avalanche activity is closely monitored by DOC during the
    Great Walks season. This means they may close off the main track and open up an
    emergency track to keep you out of harm’s way. This emergency track lets you
    descend directly to Anderson Cascade Shelter, but it is very basic and
    shouldn’t be used if the main track is open. DOC will clearly sign which track
    you should use during the Great Walk season. You’ll finish the day off by
    continuing the descent through the bush all the way to Dumpling Hut. Put your feet up and have a well-deserved rest as tomorrow you will follow the Arthur
    Valley all the way to your final destination: Sandfly Point. The Milford Track is one of New Zealand’s ‘must do’ walks but you are still entering challenging Alpine terrain so be sure to know what you’re
    committing to. Aim to walk only during the Great Walks season, find out the
    latest information on track conditions by talking to the DOC staff at the
    Fiordland National Park visitor centre in Te Anau. Make sure you check out the
    official Fiordland National Park weather forecast at
    Finally, ensure you have adequate fitness for MacKinnon Pass as this is a
    demanding climb. Now, get out there and enjoy your journey along the finest walk in the world. #MakeItHomeNZ

    Track Apps™: Mustang | Ford How-To | Ford
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    Track Apps™: Mustang | Ford How-To | Ford

    November 16, 2019

    [MUSIC] Your vehicle offers a unique
    feature that’s both fun and helpful in measuring the performance
    metrics of you Mustang. It’s called Track Apps. To access all Track App features from
    the information display located between the speedometer and tachometer gauges. And using the five way switch on
    the left side of your steering wheel, scroll down to Track Apps and select
    the performance metric you wish to use. You can choose from accelerometer,
    which displays the vehicle’s rate of acceleration or deceleration on
    a virtual gauge in the cluster. Acceleration timer, which measures the
    vehicle’s rate of acceleration based on selected tests for speed. 0-30 miles per hour, 0-60 miles per hour, 0-100 miles per hour, or
    distance, 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile. And it also features a racing
    Christmas tree style start timer for a real world type of racing experience. Brake Performance records the rate
    at which your car decelerates, from 60- 0 miles per hour and
    100-0 miles per hour. Line Lock, when engaged, locks the front
    brakes so the rear wheels can spin freely, allowing you to do burnouts to heat
    up your tires for better traction. Launch control helps maximize
    traction from a standing start by allowing you to set
    a preferred RPM threshold. This helps control the amount of torque
    distributed to the rear wheels based on engine speed to help prevent wheel spin. And finally there’s a View feature
    where you can see your saved and all time best results for the acceleration
    timer and brake performance. To clear all results just go to Clear in
    the View/Clear section, and hit Okay. Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]

    How to TRACK MEMES into your videos
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    How to TRACK MEMES into your videos

    November 16, 2019

    Hi guys, welcome back to another video in
    our Game On series. Today we’re going to be looking at some cool editing techniques
    along with fun ways to add images to your videos.
    Before we get started we’ve teamed up with AMD to bring you guys an exclusive prize draw.
    Download the latest version of HitFilm Express, our all-in-one editor, compositor and VFX
    software from the card on-screen or the link in the description and you’ll be entered in
    with a chance to win an awesome gaming PC courtesy of Armari and AMD.
    If you’re still using a previous version of HitFilm, you can actually still enter the
    prize draw by downloading version 13 of HitFilm Express for free!
    The deadline for this prize draw is September 29th 2019.
    Let’s say we have some standup footage that is currently edited like this.
    Cutting your clips at the right time can make all the difference. One way to increase the
    snappiness of your edit is to use what are called J and L cuts.
    It looks like two clips on the timeline next to each other. You can create a J or L cut
    by hovering your mouse over the edge of one of the clips to get the bracket icon. Hold
    down the Alt key, and drag either the video or audio. Holding the Alt key means that only
    one of these tracks will be edited. The result is the audio of the second clip
    starts playing while the first video is still onscreen. Here’s what it looks like.
    Cutting your clips at the right time can make all the difference. One way to increase
    Using J and L cuts allows you edit clips together more seamlessly and makes for a much better
    and less jarring viewing experience for your audience.
    We’ve got some awesome features inside HitFilm Express that allow you to add 2D images onto
    your videos. Using 2D tracking you can add various cartoons or reaction heads onto your
    face. Here I have the clip I want to use on the
    Editor timeline. In order to motion track, we need to turn it into a composite shot.
    You can make it easier for yourself if you isolate just the few seconds that you want
    to track. To do that, I’ll use the Slice tool to make two cuts before and after I want
    the reaction faces to appear. Now right click the clip and make it into a Composite Shot.
    Composite shots are where we do visual effects in HitFilm.
    Come over to New Layer and create a Point. This point is going to hold the motion tracking
    data. Highlight the video layer and come into the Controls panel. Next to Tracks, click
    the green plus to begin a new track. You’ll be switched over to the Layer window,
    and will see two boxes appear on screen. The green box is the search area, and the red
    box is the area you want to track. Because I want to track the rotation of my face as
    well, I’ll come over to where it says Type and change that to Double Points. Place the
    two tracking boxes over the areas of your video you want to motion track. Now press
    the play button to track forward. Under Layer, select the Point we created earlier.
    Checkmark Rotation, then hit Apply. Now come back to the Viewer window. If you select the
    Point layer, you should see it moving along with the tracked area.
    Import the image you want to use if you haven’t already. PNG file types are able to have transparency,
    so it’s best to use this type if you want it to appear cutout. Bring the image in from
    the Media panel onto the timeline, above the video layer.
    In the Controls panel for the PNG, resize and position the image to be in the correct
    spot. Then, parent that new image layer to the Point Layer. It will follow the motion
    of the Point, which in this case has been tracked onto my face.
    Thanks for joining us again today guys. If you’ve missed any of the other videos in
    series, they can be found up here. Next time we’re going to be giving you some tips and
    tricks about creating your own customized motion graphics. Remember to subscribe and
    I’ll see you then!

    Тампере: российских чиновников на них нет!
    Articles, Blog

    Тампере: российских чиновников на них нет!

    November 16, 2019

    A motorist must suffer! Real Finnish care for people with limited mobility. Please note: gender equality. Finns and do not know that
    their climate is not suitable for bicycles. Mountains of granite crumb!
    Why they do not clean it? Hello. As you understand,
    Maxim Evgenievich and I landed in Helsinki, and our Finnish adventure begins. We will study the ecology, cities, dive into the urban Scandinavia. I hope it will be interesting, so put “Like”. Helsinki has a very cool airport but even cooler is the airport in Oslo. They just finished the renovation, and there everything is amazing:
    wooden materials and so eco-friendly. By the way, look here, even “curtain and birch trees.” That is, there is not just some kind of fence, and a picture with birches. Pay attention, you see, everywhere
    on the floor there is such a queue sticker-pointer. In Europe, no one observes, but Japan,
    if you remember, people are strictly along this line. Like real urbanists, we decided to rent a car, and feel all the pain and humiliation, which Finland will give us, since we’re motorists…
    we obviously will not be a priority here. Even car rental is not in the best position. We have to suffer even going to the parking.
    [Finnish style] We did not have time to begin our journey, and Maxim Evgenievich is already trying to intervene in the work of the channel. Says: “There is nothing interesting for filming” In his opinion, this is the beauty and amazing navigation, an excellent interior design of the airport
    “Helsinki” is unworthy of our attention. And we continue to experience pain and humiliation, go to the farthest parking at this
    airport, because there are rental cars. Please note: full gender equality – both men and women of the same color. No humiliating pink. By the way, I don’t understand why they don’t make any comfortable wardrobe at Sheremetyevo like here, because during winter it is a huge problem. Suppose you want to fly without any luggage to some warm country, and you fly in this huge down jacket, and you need to carry it. People who fly a little, of course, now they won’t understand me: – “An extra 3.6 lbs bag in the form of a down jacket… not bad not terrible” And for those who fly often it would be very convenient to make such a small storage cameras, which are conveniently located, it would
    be great to leave an extra load there for a while. Please note that there is a wheelchair
    area in front of the parking entrance. For those who are in a wheelchair, wheelchairs are here. Guys, if you take the car at the
    airport “Helsinki”, lay at least 20-30 minutes, because it takes a very long time to go
    through these terminals, through these transitions. Haha, you will return this car. Yeep… Maksim Evgenievich is SO happy. Says: “Ilya, you will return the car, so please, make a deposit for it also.” As the saying goes: 💛 a REAL “BFF” 💛 Mr. Katz could say: “Listen, let me see you off, I will drive this car away.” But not today 🙂 Oh right, a motorist must suffer, especially if we are talking about Finland. We go to the farthest parking. Two hours later we arrived at our hotel. We parked our little Volkswagen Golf in the underground parking, and what do I see? I see parking for bicycles! A long time ago I had a video on my channel about my friend Lev, who draws up different cards with bonus programs, saves “miles” on them, and then takes free tickets. Thus, he gets to fly on vacation almost three times a year, and not just fly in a tin can, but fly like a prince in a business class. Want to try the same? Then here is one of the options. Promsvyazbank has a special World Premium Business card with an S7 loyalty program. You can issue this card to your business, pay all expenses to it, and thus accumulate points, and then buy air tickets. You will receive one point for every 100 rubles spent on the card. That is, if your business spends about 200 thousand rubles a month, then in a year you can accumulate 24,000 points. Under the loyalty program, 1 point equals 1 ruble. That is, you will receive 24,000 rubles, which you can pay for S7 tickets, extra baggage, meals on board, and other services. Together with the card you will also get unlimited travel insurance. which can be used for visa, and free concierge service. This means that you will always
    have a special person in touch who at your request will book you
    a taxi, book hotels, or look for lost luggage. Card service costs 1190 rubles. But if you have time to issue it in June,
    you can use it for 3 months for free. I will leave a link to the detailed information about the card in the description. By the way, we arrived at some very expensive hotel, and Maxim Katz is worried. He has never been in such luxury hotels. Varlamov always takes mega pretentious hotels, for sure. Yeah, Lavygin (another guy from YouTube)
    in video told about you, how difficult it is to travel with me, because
    “VIP Varlamov always chooses expensive hotels”, so that the red carpet was in front of the entrance. Yes, I’m used to luxury. – Good morning!
    – Come on. Hehe, Maxim Katz, who loves to sleep
    was woken up at half past seven in the morning. “It is unacceptable!” In general, I do not understand how this is possible. He already grumbled all the way,
    now he will grumble even more. So true. How do you rate the interior of this hotel? The room has a concrete floor, and the walls are carpet. In my opinion the builders confused something. Such a stunning view of the city. Look, some kind of Orthodox cathedral. With domes and crosses. Here is the Tampere railway station. Now all the trains have left, but just recently there was a bunch of such beautiful green double-decker trains here. This is a view of the city. I can’t wait to go see it,
    especially on all these numerous high-rise buildings. In Scandinavia, they also liked to build
    high-rise buildings, so let’s see how they look. Winter is over, and here you can see
    such mountains of this granite crumb everywhere. Here everything is filled with granite chips.
    It’s a ramp … sort of. Real Finnish care for people with limited mobility. They made a ramp: it is somehow slippery,
    dangerous, without steps, well, that’s all right. In addition, it’s completely covered
    with granite chips, nothing is removed. The bias so high that I would not dare to go there. Especially with the stroller. Eighty-year-old trees were cut down in order to make a normal street, because the landing line was
    not very optimal, so they had to remove it. They will plant new ones, and everyone
    was worried about this, there were protests. In general, everything is sad. Tramways are built here. And then they will go into the tunnel,
    which you see here they are doing. Soon. Railway station. Near the station parking for taxi. Such a nice taxi parking. Listen, I am now unpleasantly surprised
    by the amount of this dirt of granite. Even asphalt is not visible! I do not know how to go with the suitcase to the station here, because the whole sidewalk is covered with a thick layer of this granite crumb, a lot of dust. In other cities in Finland, everything looks different. Maybe this is done specially during the spring – any movement leads to the raising of dust. Dust! Look, look at that! Dust a lot and for some reason they
    do not clean it, although now it is dry. Strange. I wonder how they will collect it. Well, apparently they have some special equipment. It is not so easy. Here about
    a kilogram of 100 of this granite crumb. Here is the construction of the tram line. Look, what a beauty. There is nothing nicer than building a tram line. Oh, we captured in Google maps. Maxim Evgenevich, as a former deputy walks with displeasure. He says that if I were a deputy here, there was no such
    crap here and the whole street was in the benches. And here there is not a single bench,
    but an elderly woman goes with a bicycle. And look, everyone rides a bike despite the climate. Again, a bike parking. Such is the beauty in the city center. Yes, the Finns do not know that their climate for bicycles is not suitable, otherwise they would have demanded hundreds of free parking lots from the head of the city. Look, some kind of political agitation! Soon the elections will begin,
    so there’re election campaign events in the city. Even hand out sweets! Listen, they give
    sweets to everyone – this is a bribe to the voter. In this way it is much more interesting
    to start a conversation, so true. “Here’s a sweetie for you, and now let’s talk
    about our candidate. He’s just as tasty, as sweet.” Same with hotdogs. We handed out balloons at the Navalny meeting (it worked). [Russian mayoral elections in Moscow 2013.] For example, in the park, children with
    their parents said: “I want a ball with Navalny”. And in a moment there is a crowd of people around you. It’s not so easy to take away a balloon
    with an inscription from an opposition politician. It is necessary to send here St. Petersburg troops, which will require the immediate cessation of the construction of bicycle parking, will require the destruction of bicycle infrastructure. “So much space is lost here!
    You could put 15 cars here.” Yes, you can make a cool parking lot, that’s right. By the way, the bike path is well designed,
    because it is separated from the footpath. It’s a big mistake to make them together,
    because streams are beginning to intersect. You just need to remember that the bicycle
    infrastructure and the cyclist are the third road user. Bicycler is not nearly a pedestrian, and not nearly a driver. It is an independent member of the road. A cyclist needs own separate infrastructure. By the way, we were in St. Petersburg now, and we communicated with an entrepreneur, and asked him: whether you went to work by bicycle or not, he says, I don’t know, he’s driving by car. And suddenly he says: “But I lived in Copenhagen for a month, and I liked it so much, I went there by bike every day.” Because there is infrastructure. In Copenhagen, the climate is warmer than in St. Petersburg, but not much. There is also winter, there is also snow. Yes, and by the way, when we talk about infrastructure, storage of bicycles is very important, because most of our houses, especially in residential areas, are completely unsuitable for bicycle storage. And for many people, an important component
    is how to let bike down/down from the apartment. because if you live somewhere on the 20th floor in a high-rise building and you don’t have an elevator there, It is inconvenient for people to drag the bike
    to the balcony and wash the wheels. One more example! Look at the number of bikes. One of mine an unrealized projects
    was the installation of bicycle parking in the yard, which opens with a key that only residents have. See, see how many bicycles. And they are all used daily. Herringbone parking is not a perfect scenario. In terms of architecture, the urban
    environment is so pretty sad here. No, but the mountains of granite chips are
    especially annoying, why don’t they clean it? Look, just here are the real mountains of this crumb.
    I’ll have to ask them. Also the whole thing. It’s not easy to use granite chips. This entire infrastructure is needed for such
    things, and many negative factors, such as dust. Here is the yard (well, it is closed, we will not get there), but there in the distance is a huge parking lot. Moreover, this is not something special, this city is not known for its bicycle infrastructure, and indeed it does not exist. Here there is no bicycle infrastructure. It is extremely rare to find
    elements of the bicycle infrastructure. By the way, a bicycle can be especially relevant in Russia just in small towns, where short distances are, and where a bicycle can be a completely normal alternative for a car and public transport. Bike transport there can replace everything. It can be the main way to travel. It’s funny that they have on the strip club
    hang ads without censorship. Very strange. Striptease prices: half an hour 51 euros, and 10 minutes 27 euros. Pre-election meeting. I do not know whether the candidate has arrived or not, but of course I am interested, because we are doing the same in Russia, in Moscow. But we did better. There is some poor trailer instead of the stage,
    there is no backdrop, the background is bad. But they feed for free. So what? In Russia, this is considered the “bribing of voters” and leads to withdrawal from the elections. It is immediately the removal
    of the entire list and the candidate. Well, free food, free juice, and hand out sausages. Traditionally for developed democracies, including Scandinavian politics, older people are involved in politics. That is, if you look not only the
    composition coming to the meeting, and the composition of agitators, organizers,
    those who work are mostly elderly. Because young people are not interested in politics, because everything is going fine. Young people are only interested when something goes wrong. And because of this happened Brexit. A very small turnout of young people was. Because they not used to go to the polls. But in Britain this has changed. In the last parliamentary elections, the turnout of young people was very high, after Brexit everyone understood that it was impossible. Well, so far I do not know how here,
    but there is no young at this rally. Here we go into the usual yard. The yard is definitely not the best in the world. Far from the best. The only thing worth paying attention to in this courtyard is the huge number of bicycles that stand in front of the entrances. Don’t pay attention to anything else,
    because everything else is very bad. Entrance. See how many bicycles are parked near the entrance. Someone put the car of course. Cool ashtray in front of the entrance. Entrance and a lot of bicycles! Here we come to the next house, and just
    look at the number of bicycles everywhere. These are the simplest of buildings,
    this is not some cool housing here. By the way, despite the fact that this is a big house, and all the apartments are signed with the names of those who live. We do not do that. Nice door. It can be seen that it has been
    standing since the construction of the building. That is, here the wooden handle
    is not simple, with some holes. Facing with copper, an ashtray, a brush, a mop. An interesting feature!
    Each entrance has a brush from a street crumb. All in bikes. Nightmare. *irony*
    Listen, the yard is generally terrible. An example can be taken only with how they
    keep the door. Everywhere installed original doors. That is, you see, everywhere are wooden. Wooden door with wooden handle – all in this style. If it breaks, they will install exactly the same. A huge number of bicycles. Wooden doors to the basement. As intended in the original. There are 6-storey old panel buildings, and now
    local “Renovation” program is taking place here. It looks like they are attaching balconies,
    changing part of the facade plates. Yes. Here are these new ones already. Rebuilt balconies. There’s a pipe from the roof that goes straight into the rainwater drain… a surprising thing. In Russia, we do not know how to build. Special brush for cleaning shoes from the stones. This is how it works. Then you can go to the entrance. Look, there are new doors here. And they put new doors in the
    same style with a wooden handle. The elevator is old, looks great. Before us is an old elevator. Elevator 1958 release. Apparently the houses were built in the late 50s. Look at the table: surname list of apartments.
    Someone handed the key. Everything is very nice. And I really like the battery. They have a battery like a soft mattress. And a brush! Here is the construction of tram tracks. Unprecedented for Russia spectacle. Someday we will go so far as on the streets of Russian cities there will be the same views where new rails are built. They have made a lot of space here, because they will plant trees. It must be very beautiful. There will be a lawn and trees, and the tram
    will go through such a green corridor. Fantasy! When a road like Leningradka is being built … which must be dismantled and bc of that the property around gets cheaper. [talking about Petersburg] And when public transport is under construction, new tram lines open or a metro station then real estate becomes more expensive. The building that just started to reconstruct.
    You see, it is completely tightened. I don’t think anyone lives there. Here everything is tightened. I wonder what they do with the tenants. With tenants? To the hotel. You think tho? I do not know. And what do the tenants do? And maybe nobody touched the tenants, I don’t know. So… When I saw them doing five-story buildings (a superstructure of two floors), and people lived inside, they didn’t move anyone away. The windows are tight, but people just live there. C’mon, it’s actually sucks. What’s exactly? This old porch. Yes, people live there.
    Nobody was temporarily relocated. The entrance is the same. True, people live here. See, this is a school, look at the number of bikes near the school. This is a blow to the topic of the development of bicycle infrastructure in Russia where it is just as cold and snowy. People start talking, how will we carry our children, we have to take them by car
    to school, how will they drive … They will ride a bike and it will be cool. It is good for health, it is good for ecology, and it generally adds independence to children. They do not have to wait for you to drive them to school. In addition, the transportation of a child to school is a very inefficient use of roads and vehicles, because the “half” of the person goes (back and forth). That is, you are taking from home to school, and then you are going back, and you are not taking anyone (besides, the return route is not needed). In fact, if you have 3 kilometers to school, In total, you drive 6 kilometers to take your child to school. This is all terribly inefficient. But it is cool, effective and great. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the bicycle infrastructure in Moscow, in Russian cities, so that children ride a bicycle to school. For notes, in Tampere (where we are)
    climate is like in Moscow. Temprere is even to the north. There is nothing supernatural here. Now it’s minus 3, the weather is colder now than in Moscow spring, still a lot of snow, but, nevertheless,
    the whole parking lot is full of bicycles. See how many bikes there are. This is school. And here is car parking. The number of cars is 10 times less than bicycles. Not the most developed city
    in terms of bicycle infrastructure in Finland. They also have Oulu, where 30%
    of the population ride a bike on daily-use. By the way, here representatives of the City Hall
    say that their infrastructure is not developed. “More bike paths – more cyclists.” In reality, this bike parking will double again, and car parking will decrease by half or three. Because it is not needed, I think
    that teachers probably also ride bicycles. Please note that the bikes here are absolutely for children, apparently these bikes belong to schoolchildren from primary schools. There is a whole bunch of children’s bicycles. This is a special special parking for primary classes apparently. Someday our school parking lots will look the same.


    Angelina goes to the San Diego Zoo – On the go with EF #56

    November 16, 2019

    Hi everyone and welcome back to “On the go with EF”.
    I hope you’re well. I am still here in San Diego and today,
    I’m going to explore the San Diego Zoo. I’m so excited because I love animals. The one animal I want to see the most is
    a tiger, so let’s hope that I get to see one. Let’s go! Oh, look! There are flamingos. Wow! It looks like a lot of them
    are standing on one leg and they’re resting their
    heads on their bodies. I guess that’s how they sleep. Oh, look at these baby monkeys.
    It looks like they’re playing with each other. Or maybe that bigger one is the mom. Hi! There are so many monkeys in here.
    That’s a baby one right there. That looks like the dad … or the mom.
    They all look the same. Here’s a map. Ok, let’s see. I’m here.
    I think I’m going to take the Tiger Trail. Oooh! Here are the tigers.
    I really want to see the tigers. Here’s the okapi, pronounced oh-kaa-pee
    and wow, look at that tongue. It says that the long, black
    tongue is used to eat, and that their tongues are so long that
    the okapis can clean their own eyes and ears. They’re really cute and they kind of look like
    a zebra from the back, but still … a little gross. Here’s something called a fishing cat.
    It’s from Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. It says “these animals bite.”
    Let’s see if I can read it in Spanish. “ Estos animales muerden.” Here’s a hippo. He looks like he’s sleeping.
    Oh! It’s opening its eyes. Hello. I found the panda. I’m excited.
    Let’s go up and see it! Okay, look. I can match my hand to a panda’s paw,
    which is the same length, but, obviously, the panda’s paw is much wider.
    This is the foot. Close! Here’s the panda. I don’t see it.
    Oh. There he is. It’s so cute and fluffy. Maybe it’s taking a little break from the sun.
    There’s quite a bit of sun out here. This panda’s name is Bai Yun and
    it’s the mamma bear. She’s so cute! Tiger Trail.
    Let’s go this way. Oh, look. This is nice.
    It’s called Skyfari. I wonder if I can go on one of those
    and maybe see the park from above. That would be cool. You can see everything from up here. Time to get off.
    Thank you. I think I’m getting closer now.
    Oh! There it is – the tiger. This is a Malayan tiger and I’ve heard that this is 1 of only 350 left
    in the world, so that’s pretty cool. I always think that tigers
    look so big and majestic. I just think they’re really cool animals. I’ve had such an amazing time
    here at the San Diego Zoo. One of the most amazing things was that
    I got to see the tiger, which was great. I also got to ride the Skyfari, which was awesome.
    And look what I got! I got this cute little panda. If you want to win this, you should comment
    below and please answer the question: What is your favorite animal and why?
    If you win, I’ll send this to you. I’ll see you next time. Bye! Next week: Kendra, Maria and
    Liam make holiday treats.