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    Railroad Crossing Under Metrorail
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    Railroad Crossing Under Metrorail

    August 28, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82
    here so we’re coming up on the Northwest 12th Avenue crossing and the CSX
    downtown spur Miami downtown spur see the pavement markings and the sign okay so this is Northwest 22nd Street
    I’m gonna include a Google Maps into this location and just a few feet away
    from me we have the crossing that right there is the Metro Rail it’s an
    above ground light rail system passenger train and then here we have what we came to see so here’s the emergency contact info CSX S line sorry S line
    extension downtown milepost 442 and that’s the crossing number we have an MI cantilever, those are WC hayes lights e bell WC Hayes gate mechanism I think that’s a WC hayes base as well I’ve never seen this before here that
    sticker and then the lights are yeah WC hayes, you see those visors were cut off
    well they were cut off because of the gate the gate would interfere with them today
    as I said this was uh a my modern industries and then you got the lights
    over there my favorite visors and this is the spur
    itself it’s facing east towards Miami, see some
    voodoo right there I’m gonna try to cross over here what you hear there is the metro rail this is facing west and this side we
    also have mi lights they look to be incandescent, MI cantilever safe tran signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism electrocution hazard emergency contact info the lights two tracks cross bucks see the
    E bell in the background and the Rico lights on the crossing gate Also MI lights, see the metrorail all righty guys so yeah give you a track view again here track view west there’s the switch thank you for viewing, please subscribe or like. take care over and out


    Abandoned Railroad & Crossing

    August 24, 2019

    all right ladies gentlemen RailROL82 again, we’re continuing our tour on the CSX downtown Miami spur, I’m not
    an expert on E bell so you guys could correct me if I’m wrong but I think this
    is a type one e bell like I said my Forte’s in mechanical bell so you guys have a
    car for sale there you have the relay case and then I remember in the 1980s I
    used to drive thru here as a kid this used to be a WRRS cantilever
    crossing with the small the cantilevers where like half of that like maybe up to
    here so this was replaced sometime in the 90s or 2000s there you have the
    emergency contact info foundation cracking many places Lincoln industries
    signal base safe tran gate mechanism safe tran lights are around
    Rico lights are now crossing gate these lights are also safe turn up top This is track view East towards downtown miami track view west toward hialeah and you can see this spur that came off and it ends ended right here, it’s a cross tie right
    there okay this is a pretty busy street let me see
    if I can give you the tour from this side okay yeah so here we have safe Tran lights up top I guess that would be another generation E bell as
    opposed to the one that’s above me save tran lights there wc hayes gate mechanism Rico lights on the crossing gate and as I said track view West previously there used to be some Spurs
    that went that they merged going that way I’m gonna show you them right now
    okay so you have a perspective that’s the crossing right and then this is
    Northwest 22nd a view and 22nd Street and this is where the Spurs that I just
    told you about went into these were taken off many years ago but they’re still
    visible at what used to be the grade crossing so I’m walking east on 22nd
    Street and then right here you can see railroad archaeology at its finest guys
    look at that so they went over there and to that warehouse and then you can see the loading docks
    right over there and then I’m gonna show you over here so
    again this there’s the rails and you can see the curvature it’s built at an angle
    to accommodate the railroad which was probably here first all right you guys
    so thank you for viewing Please subscribe or like take care
    over and out

    Hood Railroad Crossing
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    Hood Railroad Crossing

    August 19, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82 here so today we’re gonna continue our tour on the CSX downtown
    Miami Spur, here we have a concrete foundation safe trans signal base safe
    Tran gate mechanism emergency contact info 4 safe tran lights all around
    with one it’s kind of like you got hit on this I think
    rico lights on the crossing gate safe tran bracket E bell and then here you
    have a switch 1967 modern industries signal base sorry
    relay case here you have the crossing on the sidewalk, voodoo track view west
    sorry East. Voodoo is messing me up okay and then here you have this
    building looks creepy like all that black paint looks like it got burned down you got the railing protecting the crossing here this is a premier products
    signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism emergency contact info safe tran lights Rico
    lights on the crossing gate cross buck and then here it’s track view west
    towards Hialeah just to give you guys an idea of how good this neighborhood is
    this is military style military grade barbed wire here yeah slice yourself up really nice on that then this is the sidewalk crossing over
    here from the looks of it this cell line gets a activity because it’s pretty
    polished guessing about maybe twice a week so yeah guys okay thank you for
    viewing please subscribe or like take care over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Near Downtown Miami
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    Abandoned Railroad Near Downtown Miami

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. We have another abandoned railroad here where just a block north of North West 20th Street on Northwest 12th Avenue here, we see the Metro rail there we see facing West at the track leads into that produce place and It’s are no longer active you can see the cars parking on it. You can see the crossing and then here We see the actual spur Or what’s left of it? This is an old CSX spur. Perhaps dating back to the SCL days Where the cars used to load the old wooden cross ties over here how beautiful Yep over there. We see some guys planting some trees So we’re walking East right now, and yeah, I got with the bulldozer right there. There’s no more rails there there’s oh That’s where they end. Here it’s barely noticeable. So yeah, and then let me give you a walk West from where we originally began filming See if we can see a date on the rail. 1924 there it is. I don’t know if you guys can see it? Backlight 1924 the rail says 1924 on it. Wow! See the Tie plate you can’t see a date on it Yeah, this is a old, this is SAL it not even a SCL. Seaboard Airline. Alright guys and we’re back. This is the spot I originally began filming Do not stop on Tracks very important, please subscribe or like. Thank you very much for viewing.