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    Shiva – Full Episode 95 – The Track Suit
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    Shiva – Full Episode 95 – The Track Suit

    December 1, 2019

    Oh, let’s go there. Oh no! Don’t trouble me.
    – She’s my best friend. Hey, stop shouting! The principal is arriving. He’s coming in. Students He’s Vicky Taneja. He’s the new student
    in your class. He has some medical problem. That’s why he’ll come to
    school in a tracksuit. Vicky, introduce
    yourself to everyone. I’ll leave. Hello, Vicky!
    – Hello. Good morning, students! Good morning! Today there will be a test. I’m writing the questions
    on the board. All of you open your test copies. Vicky, today is your
    first day in school. So you don’t have
    to give the test. No, ma’am. I’ll also take the test. I have prepared a little
    in all the subjects. That’s very good, Vicky. It’s your first day in school. Do you also want to give the test? I’m very impressed. Kids, all of you should also
    learn some dedication… …towards studies from Vicky. By the way, can you tell
    me who will stand first? Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!
    – Okay. Okay. Oh! His writing speed is even… …faster than a bullet train. Ma’am, take this. I’m done. How did you do it so soon? This answer is right. So is this. Yes, this too. And this one too. Vicky has got full
    marks in the test. 50 out of 50. Well done, Vicky!
    It’s your first day in school. You have also got full
    marks in the test. Keep it up.
    – Thank you, ma’am. Kids, today we’ll have a
    race during sports class. All of you line up. Okay, students! On your marks. Get set, go! Unbelievable! Is this a kid or something else? I think that… …he’s the child of an alien. He has just dressed
    like us and come here. Udi, be quiet. Shiva, Vicky really
    has a great speed. First in writing and
    now in running. Yes, Reva. Vicky is very talented. Yeah! Vicky, you are the best. In the upcoming international
    school sports competition… …you’ll run on behalf
    of our school. I’m proud of you. Shiva, you used to roam around
    as the hero of the school! All the people would sing… “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva!” Now that’s over! Now it’s only, “Vicky, Vicky!” Vicky! Vicky!
    His name will be chanted. Shiva’s time is up! Now Vicky’s time is here. Shiva, you’re a very
    great Kung Fu fighter, isn’t it? Vicky will defeat
    you in Kung Fu too. It’s not good to fight amongst
    ourselves without a reason. I don’t want to fight.
    Come on, friends. Are you afraid? Step ahead
    if you have courage. Hi, Prof. Hi, dad. What’s the matter, Vicky, my son? You seem to be very happy. Yes, dad. Today due to this tracksuit… …I stood first in
    the school’s test. I also stood first in the race. In the next international school
    competition, the principal… …is going to send me. Well done, Vicky! I want you to be treated like… …a hero everywhere. You must be ahead everywhere. You should stand first. Dad, there’s a boy named
    Shiva in our class. The entire school
    considers him a hero. But today he turned into a zero… …and I became the hero. Vicky, all that is fine. But if you want to use
    the tracksuit… …you have to be
    physically fit. Or else you’ll not be able to handle
    the energy of the tracksuit. Isn’t it, Professor?
    Aren’t I right? Yes, Vicky! It’s very important
    for you to be fit. It’s very important. That’s when this tracksuit
    will do everything for you. Okay, uncle. I’ll
    become physically fit. Dad, that Shiva is
    a Kung Fu expert. Organize a Kung Fu
    competition with him. I’ll defeat him. Then only I will be praised… …in the entire school. Okay, Vicky. But until then… …you maintain your
    physical fitness. So Vicky… …you were prancing
    a lot on being… …charged up by your stooges. Come on. Let’s have a
    Kung Fu fight with Shiva. Right here, right now! No, they just got
    excited and said it. Anyway, I’ve just
    come out to jog. I don’t want to fight. Yes. Come on, Shiva. I’m not afraid of anyone. I’ll drink water and come back. How did he change
    his attitude suddenly? Step forward now.
    Come here and fight me. I am ready. He just spoke of not
    fighting with Shiva. Now he’s all charged up
    after drinking water and… …wearing the tracksuit. Vicky, don’t pay attention to them. I don’t want to fight you. We’re all going home. Don’t you want to fight
    or are all of you afraid? Vicky, now my men will
    run with the principal’s bag. You show some courage… …and get that bag back from them. Then you will be called brave by… …everyone and not
    just the principal. Ready? Hey, my bag! Principal, I will
    get your bag back. Wow.
    – Sir… …take your bag. Thank you, Shiva. Kids, come back to school soon. Shiva, Vicky left with his dad. When Vicky fell down… …there was a spark
    in his tracksuit. As if there were wires in it. Friends, I still think… …that Vicky is surely an alien. Aliens dress like robots. I’ve seen it in movies. No, Udi. It’s something else. There is something
    different about his tracksuit. In the school when he
    was giving the test… …he was wearing a tracksuit. He was also wearing a
    tracksuit while racing. He was very energetic
    both the times. But when we met
    him while jogging… …first he refused to fight. But when he wore the tracksuit
    in the van and came out… …he got his energy back. I have always doubted Vicky. We will think about Vicky later. Let’s go to school now. Shiva, Vicky’s dad came to meet me. He says that… …we should train the
    school kids with Kung Fu. To promote this… …he said that he will… …arrange for Kung Fu
    competition in the school. The student who will win… …he will give that
    kid a trophy… …and scholarship on his behalf. That’s great, sir. Shiva, that’s not enough. You also need to participate
    in the competition. No, sir. I am not interested. No, Shiva. I want you
    to participate. You are the best
    student of our school. So, you should surely participate. Okay, sir. I will participate. Reva, it is very important to know
    whether something is wrong with… …his tracksuit. Yes, Shiva. You are right. I have a plan. Listen to it. That’s a good idea, Annie.
    Go do it. Listen. Shiva has a similar
    tracksuit like you. He will also be wearing
    that tracksuit to fight. Be careful. Hi, dad. Dad, Shiva has a similar tracksuit. He will be wearing
    his tracksuit to fight today. You were saying this tracksuit
    is one of a kind. Professor Bose.
    How is this possible? Did you make a similar
    tracksuit for someone else? Impossible. No one has a similar
    tracksuit in the world. He is lying. Vicky, don’t worry. No one else in the world… …owns a tracksuit like yours. Go, fight and win. Go, dear. Thank you, uncle. Oh, so I don’t have to… …fight Vicky, but his tracksuit. Students, Vicky’s dad Mr. Taneja… …has held this competition. The one who wins… …will get a scholarship
    till the tenth class. I would like to thank Mr. Taneja. Okay, sir. Let’s start. Hurray! No one has to fight anyone. All of you fight me. The one who wins
    will get a scholarship. Sahil, you cannot defeat him,
    don’t fight him. But I’m in grave need of
    this scholarship, Shiva. If I win, then… …my education will
    be free till the tenth class. I will try my level best to win. He’s going to get beaten up bad. I’ll fight in place of Sahil. If I win… …then give the
    scholarship to Sahil. Okay, Shiva. Wow! That’s fabulous. You have a huge heart indeed. Sahil, you can sit. Hey! Wow! Wow! Okay, fight! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Vicky! Vicky! Yes, Vicky. Very good, my boy. Shiva! Don’t fight for me… …I don’t want the scholarship! I’m not fighting for you. I’m fighting to make
    the wrong, right. Shiva! Hey! Return my tracksuit jacket! Fight without your
    tracksuit now, Hero. Dad, what do I do? Nothing, you will have… …to fight me for real. Get ready! Son! Use your legs to hurt him. Use your legs. Dad! I cannot fight, I cannot fight! I can’t believe, without
    any tracksuit… …how do you fight so well? Mr. Taneja, I fail to understand. What is the matter
    with this tracksuit? Principal, I’ll tell you the truth. Mr. Taneja! You have cheated us all. Actually, I was
    cheating my own son. Instead of letting him
    work on his own… …I was giving him the tracksuit. Sorry, Shiva. Sorry, everyone. The scholarship will
    be given to the boy… …for whom, Shiva fought. Woohoo! Shiva, you are a true hero. You have made me realise and… …from today, I’ll teach my
    son to work on his own. Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Wow!

    Hunting for Dinosaur Tracks!
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    Hunting for Dinosaur Tracks!

    November 25, 2019

    (tense music) – What’s going on guys? Now, you’re used to us
    bringing you episodes of Breaking Trail where
    I’m catching live animals, but, today, we’re gonna do
    something a little different. We’re headed off into
    the back country of Utah to search for dinosaur tracks! Now, as most of you know, I
    absolutely love dinosaurs, so what I’m gonna do is trade in my cowboy hat for this helmet as we ride on these
    awesome Polaris RZRs onto the rough
    and rugged terrain to search out these tracks. Alright, hop in, guys! This is gonna be awesome! Woo! (engine roars) Yahoo! (tribal theme music) In most of our adventures,
    we break trail on foot, however sometimes the best way to cover many miles
    of distance quickly is by way of
    all-terrain vehicle. Today, the crew and I
    are in Hurricane, Utah, one of the best
    places in the west to find and get close
    to dinosaur tracks. This is awesome,
    we finally made it! Let’s head back in there
    and find the tracks! Woo! (haunting music) Aw, man, this is epic! Just this backdrop, I
    mean, you can’t beat this! It is hot, it is dusty. Look at this, check this out. Do you see all the
    dust coming off of me? – [Mark] Oh, yeah. – Woo, it is, what
    do you think it is? About 100 degrees
    out here, right now? – [Mark] At least. – At least 100 degrees, and look at how bone dry
    this is, check this out. Look at that, it
    is just red dust. It’s amazing to think
    that, at one point in time, dinosaurs were walking right
    through this environment. Alright, I think, if we head
    down through this ravine, here, we’re gonna find some! Wow, check that out! Dinosaurs passed this way, this is the whole area that we’re gonna be exploring,
    right here on the side. That’s where we are. You’ve got Megapnosaurus
    and Dilophosaurus tracks. Dilophosaurus are much larger. You see, right there,
    huge compared to a human. I can’t imagine what
    it would be like to have actually seen
    one of these walking in this environment
    120 million years ago. Now, let’s go find the tracks! (piano music) And even though
    this is sloped down, at one point in time, before water washed through
    here and wore the rock away, this could have been flatter, so I’m always
    looking at an angle for any indentation in the rock has the potential to be a track. I mean, look how
    deceiving this is. That almost looks like
    a toe, right there. Wow, I wonder if that
    could be a track? It’s not defined enough
    to prove that, though. Alright, let’s keep going! This is actually great
    substrate, right here. Check this out, look at
    this, Mark, look at this. We just found our first
    set of dinosaur tracks. This is Megapnosaurus,
    right here, a small, upright
    walking therapod, and you can see
    where this animal moved right through
    the environment. Look at this, I’m gonna step
    right next to the tracks. Look at that stride! Wow, that’s so cool, walking
    right along side dinosaurs! You ever think you’d be
    able to do that, Mark? – [Mark] No! I’d never thought I’d
    see a dinosaur track. – I know! – [Mark] This is amazing! – Check this one out. That’s actually really cool. So, it took a real
    sharp turn, right here, and probably headed
    off in that direction, but if you come up here
    a little bit further, you got the larger
    Dilophosaur tracks. Check this out. These are Dilophosaur tracks. Look how big this animal was! Here, come up through this way, you can see this one best. Look at that! – [Mark] Wow! – Wow, what a giant! Dilophosaurus is famous
    because it was featured in Steven Spielberg’s
    Jurassic Park. If you remember,
    it was the one that had the big frill that came
    out and it spit the venom. Now, scientists do not believe that this dinosaur
    actually had those frills, but the filmmakers took
    the liberty of giving that dinosaur these
    traits to make it a little bit more scary. Look at how big they are! In the movie, the
    Dilophosaur they featured was much smaller than this, but you can see with my hand
    right down there in the track, this is not a carnivore
    that you would just wanna stumble upon
    out here in the desert. How awesome is that! – [Mark] Did you ever
    think you’d be, like, standing right in
    a dinosaur track? – No, I didn’t! I’ve never seen dinosaur
    tracks before out in the wild, and you can almost feel
    the energy of this animal when you put your hand
    into the track like that. Okay, so these tracks that
    we’re looking at, right here, anybody can come and see these. What we wanna do now is actually
    head off into the desert and see if we can find
    some for ourselves. You guys ready to do this? – [Mark] Let’s do it! – It’s gonna be dry,
    it’s gonna be hot, and it’s gonna be dusty, but I’m pretty confident that we’re gonna find some
    tracks of our own! (hopeful music) There’s a hole. Oh, check this out! This could be a track! Yes!
    (tense music) Chance, come up
    here, look at this! You got one here, one here, wow! I think this is it, I think these are
    actual dinosaur tracks! This one, right here,
    is almost perfect. Bring your camera up. Come here, come here, come here! Look at this! Look over my shoulder,
    look at that. Three distinct toe marks. Alright, I’m gonna blow
    the sand on you, ready? Yes, there’s no
    question about it, that is an upright
    walking therapod, most likely a carnivore, and guessing on the
    size of these tracks, I’m saying it’s
    probably four feet tall, and close to 11 feet in length. Not an animal that
    you would want to run into out here
    65 million years ago. Holy cow, this is exciting! Dude, high five! I cannot believe we
    actually came across tracks, and look at this, you got one
    here, and look at that stride. Here to here, shorter there,
    planted, and then off, and who knows, I mean, this rock could have broken apart
    millions of years ago, but you got one right
    here, and one right there. And, oh my gosh, we actually
    came across dinosaur tracks. Now this was objective number
    one, find dinosaur tracks. Well, we found them. The good news is that we
    still have a couple hours out here in the desert,
    and we have those RZRs, so objective number
    two is gonna be to head to the sand dunes
    and really have some fun. I hope you guys are ready,
    ’cause this is gonna be awesome! – [Mark] Yeah, come in, guys. (tribal drum music) – [Coyote] Woohoo! What up? – [Mark] What’d you think man? We brought you out in the field! – I know, this is
    frickin’ awesome! This is killer!
    – I mean, dude! – [Mark] Can you
    think of a better trip to come along with, jeez? – Yeah, the walls
    in the editing bay do not look like
    these mountains. It is amazing out here. (engine roars) (rock music) – [Coyote] Woohoo! Yep, I’m stuck! Woohoo, it’s a little
    bumpy, right there! – [Mark] I don’t know
    if I got the whole flip, but that was gnarly! – [Coyote] Ouch! – [Mark] You alright? – Well guys, rule number one, if you flip the RZR, is always
    to keep your arms inside. Thankfully, I’m walking
    away from yet another one. Aw, man! I was barely even turning! I don’t know how
    that thing flipped! (tense music) But it, ah, yeah, I flipped it. You know, if I’m not
    falling off of a cliff, I’m flipping a vehicle. That’s why we just usually
    don’t let me do these things. (laughs) A good lesson here is that if you do roll a
    machine like this, you just hold on to
    the steering wheel, keep your hands inside, you’re always wearing
    your seat belt, always wearing the helmet, and, so far, I’m walking away from this one
    completely unscathed. My back and neck might be
    a little sore tomorrow, but no broken
    bones, no stitches. We’re having to bungee
    cord the door shut, ’cause that’s broken. I cracked the top of
    it, and, unfortunately, I may have just bought the
    Brave Wilderness team a RZR, because this is gonna be
    an expensive one to fix. My bad! – [Mark] Woo,
    alright Coyote, well, that’s one way to do it in Utah. – Yeah, I say it was an
    extremely successful day. We found dinosaur
    tracks, that was awesome. Then we came out here to
    the dunes to rip up the sand with our RZRs, and I
    kind of rolled mine, but the good news is, no
    cuts, no broken bones, and, yet again, I walk away from another Breaking
    Trail mishap. All I can say is that
    Utah is unbelievably epic! – [Chris] Yessir! – I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, always
    wear your helmet, we’ll see you on
    the next adventure! Here we go! Eh, buckle up! Woo! (engine roars) If you thought flipping
    my RZR was a close call, make sure to go back
    and watch the time I missed a jump and fell
    off a cliff in Arizona. – [Woman] Oh my God! – [Coyote] Yikes,
    and don’t forget, subscribe to the Brave
    Wilderness channel, so you can join me and the
    crew on the next location. (coyote howls)



    August 13, 2019

    – [Coyote] You ready? – [Cameraman] Oh,
    spider, huge spider! Right there right there,
    Oh, whoa. right there, right there.
    Is that a tarantula? – [Coyote] No no no no no. I think that’s a
    funnel web spider. – Okay, a bite from this
    is potentially lethal. I’m just gonna set that down
    and see if I can coax it. It’s in, it’s in
    there, it’s in there. (highly energetic music) Australia’s arguably the most dangerous continent
    in the world. I’m sure that as your
    imagination begins to run wild, you are likely
    thinking about being snatched from a river’s
    edge and eaten alive by a giant Saltwater Crocodile. Or perhaps you are envisioning
    how terrifying it would be if you were to stumble
    upon and be bitten by one of it’s incredibly
    venomous snakes, like the Eastern Brown. However, it’s not
    only the reptiles that you need to be weary off. Tonight we are exploring
    just outside of Sydney, the most densely populated
    city in Australia, which also happens to be home to the world’s deadliest spider,
    the Sydney Funnel Web. Armed with a set
    of massive fangs, and an incredibly toxic
    venom, just a single bite from this spider has the
    ability to kill a human. Sounds terrifying, yet these
    spiders are rather illusive and tend to avoid
    humans at all cost. In fact, they can be
    rather difficult to find, as building their silk
    lined, funnel shaped burrows under rocks or in rotting logs keeps them hidden
    and out of sight. Ooh, covered in ants,
    watch out for that. Let’s go on the back
    side of this tree. There’s some logs
    to flip over here. So, unless you’re like me
    and are flipping over debris in the environment, your
    odds of encountering one are pretty unlikely. You ready? Lift this up. Oh, spider, huge spider. Right there, right there,
    Oh, Whoa. right there, right there.
    Is that a tarantula? No, no, no, no, no, I think
    that’s a Funnel Web Spider. Right there, just came out
    from underneath that log. Look at it’s
    abdomen, right there. Holy cow, that’s definitely
    a Funnel Web Spider. Hold on, I need to get
    it in this container. Oh my gosh, did you see? It’s a good thing I picked up
    the log from the other side. It was just burrowed
    right underneath there. – [Cameraman] That’s a
    tiny container, dude. That looks too big
    to be a Funnel Web. – [Coyote] No, no,
    no, it definitely is. Look at the front of it’s body. – [Cameraman] Oh yeah. – [Coyote] Wow, that
    spider’s so big, I don’t think it’s going
    to fit in this container. Mario, you have that bigger jar? – [Mario] Yeah, I think might
    have one in my backpack. Hang on. – [Coyote] Let me see
    if I can peel back some of these grasses.
    It looks like a tarantula but, Ooh, it’s moving, hurry up. – [Mario] I understand, here. – [Coyote] Okay, bite from
    this is potentially lethal. I’m just going to set that
    down and see if I can coax it. I’m going to try to coax it
    right into the container. Now they cannot jump but
    they will lunge forward. Oh, it’s in, it’s
    in there, it’s in. There we go. Wow, look at that.
    Oh yeah. That is 100 percent
    a Funnel Web Spider. – [Cameraman] That is a big one. – Wow, we can not
    miss getting this up close for the cameras. Okay, let me grab my bag and
    let’s head up to those rocks. Wow, that is without
    question a Funnel Web Spider. The question that remains
    is what species is it? I want to find a
    good, flat open rock. – [Cameraman] How about
    that one right there? – This? Yeah.
    Yeah, that looks pretty. – [Cameraman] Or that
    one. Is that better? – Yeah, that’s a
    little bit better. Let’s see if it will just
    sit on top of the rocks if it’s just like this. – [Cameraman] Yeah, I
    like this, this is good. – Wow. – [Cameraman] Let’s have a look. – That is intimidating. It does, it looks
    like a tarantula. I know you said,
    “Is it a tarantula? “You sure it’s a
    Funnel Web Spider?” 100 percent certain it’s
    a Funnel Web Spider. One of the ways that you can
    identify this species as such is they have a very
    bald cephalothorax. Now, they do have hairs on
    their legs, and on the abdomen, but that is how you can
    recognize a Funnel Web Spider, and that’s the perfect
    sort of place to find them. Underneath logs
    where they can wait and ambush for their prey. Now, they will also,
    obviously, be inside of burrows with those little funnel web
    systems, and whoa, am I glad that I picked up the log
    from the end that I did. Now, my fingers didn’t
    tuck underneath the log. I was on the top side
    and that’s why you always pick up a log from an
    area that you can see, because if you tuck
    your fingers underneath, you grapple onto that
    spider, and you take a bite, you are on your way to the
    hospital, without question. Okay, now, I know it’s probably
    kind of tough to see it inside of this container, so
    let me see if I can take it out and place it on the rock here, and let’s get some
    shots with you. Are you ready for that? – [Cameraman] Okay,
    let me help the guys break out the light real quick. – Okay,
    It’s getting dark. We’re losing light here. (dramatic music) Alright guys, we have
    the lights set up now, and in the lights, the
    spider is even more intimidating looking. You can see the sheen on the
    legs and the cephalothorax. Ah, it’s already cast
    a little bit of webbing inside the container
    there, and uh, I think if you guys are ready, let’s take it out
    of the container and see if it will just hold
    it’s ground here on the rock. Now, this is an extremely
    aggressive spider species, and often times, they won’t run, but what they will do is rear up and show you those fangs,
    and those front legs. Okay.
    We have to be very cautious. Yeah, I’m just going to
    gently tilt this down like this, and let’s
    see if it will crawl out and just stop right
    there, here we go. Okay, see if I can
    get it to stay still. Ooh, you stay, you
    stay, you stay. Actually, maybe I’ll do this. It seems to be more comfortable
    inside the container. – [Cameraman] Yeah,
    that works for me. How about you, Mario?
    Okay. This is such a dangerous spider. I mean, even more so
    than a wandering spider. – [Cameramen] Ohh.
    Okay. Look at those hooked legs,
    allowing it to hold on to the edge of the container. Let me see if I do
    this, maybe if I put the container over
    top of it, and give it just a second to
    stay right there. Now, one reason that
    the bite it so bad is that because when they
    bite, their fangs are so long, they actually will
    hook into you, hold on, and continue
    to pump venom. And it’s not like a Black
    Widow or a Red Back Spider where they might give
    you a warning bite. A bite from this spider
    species is full on, as much venom as I can inject. Okay, let’s try this. Everybody got a decent
    shot on the spider? There you have it, wow,
    and just for scale. Look at how big that
    spider is next to my hand. Not taking my eyes
    off of the arachnid. That is definitely as close
    as I feel like I can get. Alright Mark, let’s try this, I’m going to try to present it from just it’s still
    position, right there, and like all spider species,
    you see those very defined eight legs, but they also have
    very long pedipalps upfront and that helps them to
    grapple on to their prey, and when they rear up,
    they show those fangs, and their fangs are
    incredibly long. Longer, in some
    cases, than even some of the snake species
    here in Australia. Now, one of the reasons that
    this spider is considered so dangerous, is because
    they can often times be found in residential areas. The Sydney Funnel Web
    specifically is often times found right in
    people’s backyards. That’s why they tell
    you if you’re out there working in the garden, make
    sure you have on gloves. You can be tilling up
    dirt, accidentally grab one of these things, it bites
    you on the tip of the finger, and you may be seeing symptoms
    in as few as 15 minutes. Now, the immediate bite, you’re
    definitely going to notice. The fangs are long
    enough to draw blood, but immediately you’ll feel
    throbbing in your finger, and shortly after,
    you’ll start to feel a tingling in your
    mouth and lips. Now, if you’re bitten
    by one of these spiders, you want to apply compression
    to the entire arm. So, let’s say you’re bitten
    on the top of your finger, put compression straps up
    the length of your arm. That will help slow the movement of the venom into your body. Wow, that is impressive. Now, there are around
    40 recognized species of Funnel Web Spider, with
    one of the most dangerous being the Sydney Funnel
    Web, and I can’t identify exactly if this is
    a Sydney or not, but what we do want to do
    is actually take this spider back with us into civilization. Where we want to go is the
    Australian Reptile Park. They are, oh, it’s moving. The Australian Reptile
    Park is the one place in Australia where they
    actually extract venom from these spiders
    and then in turn build an antivenom for
    people that are bitten. So, this spider that
    we found right here, might actually be used
    to save some lives. How cool is that?
    Awesome. I think the best thing to
    do now is put a cap on this, place it in my pack,
    and call it a night. I’m Coyote Peterson,
    be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
    the next adventure. Alright, we are
    taking this spider to the Australian Reptile Park. Wow, what a find! Australia’s home to a collection
    of dangerous arachnids, from the Red Back,
    to the Huntsmen, and ultimately the Funnel Web. This beautiful continent is
    crawling with venomous spiders. Catching a Funnel Web
    Spider is something I had always hoped to do, and
    now with one in my possession, it was time that the crew and I headed to the
    Australian Reptile Park. Famous for being the only
    sanctuary of it’s type in Australia, they’re
    renowned for their spider and snake venom milking program. Will our spider’s venom be
    used to save human lives? Stay tuned for the
    fascinating conclusion as I get dangerously close
    to this creepy arachnid. And don’t forget, subscribe so
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    Breaking Trail. Things are about
    to get dangerous. (animal noises)