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    Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail*Hoover Dam*Lake Mead
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    Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail*Hoover Dam*Lake Mead

    August 23, 2019

    There’s no doubt you can have a lot of
    fun on the Las Vegas Strip but if you’re looking for wide-open spaces with a ton
    of recreational activities that you can choose from you might want to go check
    out Lake Mead. Today we’re going to be taking one of their hikes. Getting ready
    to start the historic railroad trail at Lake Mead I’m gonna be hiking about
    total three miles Okay so we’re on the trail back over here this is Lake Mead and then I’m gonna turn you around here and you can see behind me is part of the
    canyon that we’re hiking along. What we’re walking on here is part of the old
    railroad right of way. Really pretty hike Saw some railroad ties down here off the
    side of the trail. I don’t think we’ll find any railroad spikes or tie plates on this trail These are concrete plugs there it says on the slope below or some
    broken concrete plugs that were built as placeholders in the powerhouse floor at
    Hoover Dam they were removed later when the turbines were installed to generate
    electricity the final one was removed in 1961 It’s kind of far there’s some
    railroad ties down there Too far to hike down to. You never know you could find treasures down there That’s too
    steep If I got down there, I would never get back up Here’s the first tunnel that we
    came here to see. This is on the hike This is tunnel number one. The reason why these tunnels are so tall is because they needed them that tall so they could
    get the equipment through I just want to show everybody the inside
    of this tunnel it’s so cool. This is home to some bats during certain times of the
    year they said thousands of bats migrate here Very cool.
    You really can’t tell how tall this is just from this shot I don’t know if you
    can let me see if I can turn you around You can’t really tell how tall it is
    it’s really tall really cool we’re Don’t look There’s a rat. Where? Right next to you. Film it. Where is it? I
    don’t know. Right over there. where? We’re exiting the first tunnel up ahead you
    can see there’s another tunnel. I never did see whatever that’s squeaky mouse or rat was I never did see it I could hear it Scurrying around in there That white stripe out there, they call
    that bathtub ring out there There’s the harbor This says notice the tembered framework along the vertical walls and ceiling in tunnel 2. The tunnels are
    unusually large 18 feet wide 27 feet high so trains that carry huge pieces of
    pipe and construction equipment to the dam site. Mexican free-tailed bat. Haven
    haven for bats like many other repeat park visitors Mexican Freetail bats
    migrate to the recreation area every year you may see the bats hanging out in
    tunnels 1 2 & 3 between May and early October. This is the inside of tunnel
    number 2 This is tunnel number three. And you can
    see that it is fenced off it’s got a gate across it. Just like all the message
    boards said. And we are not going to climb up and around The trail ends at tunnel 3. it’s closed for repairs. It’s fenced off. I know a lot of people go around it. But we did not go around it. Fences are there for a reason. So safety first. Hi The little boy scared me. I didn’t even see him it’s so dark in here. All of a sudden there’s this little person sitting there This has been a fun hike, hasn’t it?
    Very good, very good Old historic railroad trail. Oh love railroads love
    railroad trails, everything about railroads. fun hike. I’d recommend coming out here if you’re in the area. Nice little hike. I’ll talk to you guys later Hit the subscribe button ✔ so you’ll know when I add new videos to my channel Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up! 👍 Thanks so much for watching ❤


    Along The Railroad 2018 | Abandoned Poland

    August 21, 2019

    In this video I’m traveling along the 22 miles long railroad line. I walk and climb alone on the last day on 2018. Well, hello, I am finally back so forgive me if something is wrong on the video. I have no idea how to set up this camera because now it’s 9 a.m And we have a lot of light but… Today, we have a railroad trip. I have no idea how long it will take. It’s around 40 miles. It’s abandoned right now, but they want to renew that line and yeah, it’s now or never So here is our first station Going that way There is main station in the town Or should I say in the city? Yeah This is as you can see very very small station I’m at the same train station as before and Here is the station Devastated and There is no way in and what’s more there is alarm so yeah, let’s go Finally we have some snow finally It was raining early in the morning, but now we have snow So this is the first biggest road we are passing by and by saying we, I mean you and me And it’s pretty empty right now So here we have a small house is locked so yeah Let’s continue So I’m on another station, Bielsko-Biała Aleksandrowice And it’s the first station If you count from the beginning Or fourth if you count the main station But this is my second counting the one I left behind So I have around three more stations or something like that. I don’t know Well, I walk and walk and I think that It’s really, really destroyed So, I don’t know if people are wrong and You know, fake news But I don’t believe that a train can pass here. And I don’t know maybe they will rebuild this But that gives me a lot of time to return here someday and maybe go differently So here we have the first bridge Nice place to climb there and just rest but you know today is wet and it’s not really safe I think There is some kind of old woman she was going here, but I think She was scared or I don’t know anyway really nice place. Well, look at this. There is that the bridge and here we have some kind of abandoned.. I don’t know what is this But looks amazing Let’s check it out Of course someone hated that light and had to destroy it. Don’t be that person, please So there is that construction I have no idea what is this, but you know,
    it’s not really abandoned I think So here we have another session in Wapienica Well the building looks Not very good, but it’s not abandoned. I I will go there but I think I’m in the right place because now Those trucks should go right for a very short time,
    and I want to check it out. It’s very very hard to you know, go there because of all that trees but Well, it doesn’t look good I don’t know if I should go there there is nothing really there Now I you show you the map So I will go back on the main line All right. This is strange I see the light and it’s turned on. I wonder why No idea anyway I’ve come from that way and and going there and there is another light Even stronger because this is a little old And not really, really strong So I thought that when I will go back I will choose the mountain path But I have no idea if this is Something I should do or not We’ll see Well, as I said, I have no idea why this is turned on. Maybe they’re testing something or… I don’t know But this isn’t working I wonder why So now I’m near the place where We have two trucks, so trains could pass by each other without any problems Another light which is turned on. And another. But as you can see, I don’t think any train could pass right now Maybe they are testing something. Maybe they want to reopen this And we have another station every Jaworze-Jasiennica As always the lights are on So here we have another station this time nameless And the highway Wow, this looks awesome a station in the middle of the forest Well, look at this It’s really damaged But the view Well, it’s something And I think this is the last abandoned station on my way Okay, so I had a break here and this is the last straight line What’s next? I don’t know Anyway it’s quite cold right now the clouds are dark Well It’s a little sad that such a long distance is abandoned I don’t know why. I don’t know much about this So maybe I will find something The railroad line was abandoned in 2009 because tracks were old and destroyed. Trains had to drive really slow so everyone was travelling using the highway. There is a project of renovation the line but the cost is too high and the project might be on hold Some people say there will be a bike road. Some people say the line will be repaired after 2023. I don’t know what will happen. But I want to return there one day to create a short movie with a better quality I’m getting closer and closer. You see those power lines are broken On the distance, I don’t know from 5 to 10 miles And here there are, so I’m getting closer Okay, so I think That it’s over of the abandoned part This looks also not very, very new And the lights are disabled But I think that’s active. Look at this I have no idea So I will go through the forest and see what is there Ok, so what I’ve learned is that this line is closed as I thought and this is opened the trains are going here every hour or something like that so Maybe some day I will go there. Maybe not I have no idea And there going that tracks you can go to the main city There’s a bridge the river But it’s getting darker and darker. So I will go back now. I don’t want to risk that you know some kind of railroad police will catch me or something that I’m going on tracks where trains go Well you survived the adventure along the abandoned railroad And now I must go back but there are some things I must do before. Say but this On the top of that Yeah, this is the best station Anyway, I’m in Poland I failed with my dreams and goals in the UK I was a homeless person for a while But I’m here now again And This year is almost ended it was not very good So I count that the next one will be much better It’s a little depressing that everything started so nice and then everything was taken from me Well, I’ve made it And the Item of Power has a will of its own.
    It betrayed Smeagol a long time ago Darkness crept back into the forests of the world rumor grew of a shadow in the east whispers of a nameless fear And the Flashlight of Power perceived Its time had now come It abandoned me Yeah, my flashlight is gone Somewhere Near the tracks. Well I have no flashlights left I had three flashlights. Now I have nothing so There won’t be any videos from night adventures or something like that well the only thing that I like about that is someone found that flashlight probably or it’s under the snow and it was his or her happy day, so Yeah It’s really nice that Someone Is happy that found a nice flashlight So that’s all I hope you enjoyed this the adventure.
    Now, it’s cold. It’s winter finally And my fingers are almost frozen so yeah see you in the next adventure

    The Railroad
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    The Railroad

    August 17, 2019

    Après avoir skié l’arctique Canadien pendant 4 mois, j’ai continué mon expédition «the Manneken trip » le long du chemin de fer de la « Hudson Bay ». Le chemin de fer fut innondé il y à un an, coupant la seule route d’approvisionnement terrestre de Churchill. Omnitrax, entreprise propriétaire du chemin de fer, refuse de le réparer prétextant des dommages et couts exorbitants. Bloqués dans une impasse politique, les citoyens de Churchill sont pris au piège : hausse des prix, licenciements, et un sentiment amer d’abandon. Un an plus tard, rien n’a changé… Faisant partie de mon itinéraire, j’ai tenté de générer de l’attention et de partager l’état réel du chemin de fer. Continue à pédaler ! On se voit dans deux ans en Argentine ! C’est le début de ma deuxième journée. J’ai déjà tellement mal… Mes fesses sont déjà détruites. J’espère que je vais y arriver… En un seul morceau ! Plus que 150 miles. Route insupportable, nature magnifique. Peut être mon sauveur. J’ai trouver une poussette hier, et j’ai décidé de la transformé en remorque. J’ai trouvé et utilisé deux bout de bois, ainsi que deux tiges en aluminium. Je les ai simplement scotchées ensemble, et puis j’ai utilisé des bouts de cordes ou tout ce que je pouvais bien trouver. C’était amusant de créer quelque chose, mais je n’ai pas la moindre idée de si cela va fonctionner. J’espère que ça va tenir, et que je pourrai profiter un peu plus du voyage, parce qu’avec le sac à dos c’est difficile. Je suis actuellement au mile 412. Il y a quelques affaissements de terrains. Mais la plupart des voies sont en super conditions. Les affaissements sont peu nombreux, asséchés et faciles à traverser: je n’ai qu’à détacher la poussette et je les fais passer l’un après l’autre. Il y a un ours noir… Eh reviens gamin ! Gamin, c’est pour rire hein… Je suis à six miles de la fin du chemin de fer. Je suis super content, il y aura bientôt une route ! Il n’y pas tant d’affaissements que cela , et je pense que c’est facile à réparer. J’espère que Churchill récupérera bientôt son chemin de fer , parce que dans quelques mois se sera de nouveau l’hiver là bas. Résolvons cette situation politique ! Presque sur la route. J’ai survécu! Trois jours après la fin du périple, 41 communautés du Nord se sont jointes à deux entreprises pour racheter les rails et le port de la Hudson Bay. Un jour historique pour ces communautés qui se réapproprient leurs lignes de vie. Aucune date n’a encore été fixée quant ‘aux réparations… Ce pot à été produit le 9 février 2003, ce qui veut dire que j’avais presque 14 ans… C’est fou ! Et il est encore bon.

    Dirt the Railroad Cat King of the Shops at Nevada Northern Railroad
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    Dirt the Railroad Cat King of the Shops at Nevada Northern Railroad

    August 14, 2019

    Every so often there’s a feel-good story
    really worth sharing. And this is one of those stories. This is Dirt. Dirt is about 11 years old. He was born in a wooden crate in the boiler shop, which we’ll go in in a moment. He’s fixed so we don’t have any kittens running around. Don’t let Dirt’s looks deceive you, he’s a
    very loved kitty cat. 😻 She gets a bath every once in a while but it doesn’t
    last very long before she’s not covered in coal dust again.🚂 We’ll actually fire up the crane for that too we’ll take the crane out and do demonstrations. There’s two weeks in February where we have the locomotives hot. While they’re hot, Dirt will get up in the engine and lay next to the firebox and lay somewhere close and stay warm all night. Or we’ve got two big propane heaters in the shop and he’ll just go lay in front of them. if you’re interested in
    meeting dirt, what I heard is that she gets really curious when she hears the
    tour’s coming through the engine room she usually comes out to get petted if
    you just crouch down and hold your hand out she’ll come to you. 😺 Dirt even has her
    own merchandise just check out the Depot store for more info 😸 Hope to see you again sometime dirt As for us we’re back on the road We’ll catch you guys later, bye Don’t forget to subscribe and you’ll be notified when I add new content. Thanks for watching! 😸👍

    The Legend of the Haunted Railroad Tracks in San Antonio, Texas!
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    The Legend of the Haunted Railroad Tracks in San Antonio, Texas!

    August 13, 2019

    In this area, it has a legend haunted story! In 1940s or earlier, There was a school bus carrying around 10 kids to the school. The engine was broken down while the bus was on the railroad! A bus driver was puzzled and tried to figure out a way to solve the engine issue. Apparently, a bus driver didn’t realize the bus was on the railroad. Then, he saw a train coming and it was too late to save kids or himself. The train crashed the school bus and everybody were killed. So what’s happening next now? Now, I’m getting a baking soda. What is this for? We’ll take a car on the railroad, then we will wait and it will eventually move. Maybe a car was being pushed by kids who were killed in the train crash. You might see kids’ handprints on those baking soda. Maybe they’re trying to save us from getting killed. You see the sign says no stop on the railroad, which means they know people do come here to confirm the experience. Now, I’m taking my car on the railroad. Justin will set a camera tripod to capture the entire action. I’m here to make sure that we’re not getting hit by a train. It’s what terrified me the utmost right now. I have that imagination what if it will hit us or not. You funny. I know you’re doing it. I’m parking here. We’re giving it a try again. Now it’s moving backward. I have to admit it’s the ideal spot for feeling tension or terrifying a bit. We were nervous about cars driving through us. I think it’s moving on its own. I didn’t do anything lol. Let’s check the baking soda. What! It’s true! We did several tests. Some did move on its own. We just had to see if there are any kid hands. And hands are right there! The total is 10 hands. I think it’s more than just ten hands. (Joking: not true about hands) (There are two cars testing the railroad now. I just learned that there is 2 inches horizontal off. When you park on the railroad, it will stay a while but it will move later. Why? It has a steep a bit. Once it’s moved, then everybody immediately assumed it is pushed by kids!



    August 13, 2019

    – [Coyote] You ready? – [Cameraman] Oh,
    spider, huge spider! Right there right there,
    Oh, whoa. right there, right there.
    Is that a tarantula? – [Coyote] No no no no no. I think that’s a
    funnel web spider. – Okay, a bite from this
    is potentially lethal. I’m just gonna set that down
    and see if I can coax it. It’s in, it’s in
    there, it’s in there. (highly energetic music) Australia’s arguably the most dangerous continent
    in the world. I’m sure that as your
    imagination begins to run wild, you are likely
    thinking about being snatched from a river’s
    edge and eaten alive by a giant Saltwater Crocodile. Or perhaps you are envisioning
    how terrifying it would be if you were to stumble
    upon and be bitten by one of it’s incredibly
    venomous snakes, like the Eastern Brown. However, it’s not
    only the reptiles that you need to be weary off. Tonight we are exploring
    just outside of Sydney, the most densely populated
    city in Australia, which also happens to be home to the world’s deadliest spider,
    the Sydney Funnel Web. Armed with a set
    of massive fangs, and an incredibly toxic
    venom, just a single bite from this spider has the
    ability to kill a human. Sounds terrifying, yet these
    spiders are rather illusive and tend to avoid
    humans at all cost. In fact, they can be
    rather difficult to find, as building their silk
    lined, funnel shaped burrows under rocks or in rotting logs keeps them hidden
    and out of sight. Ooh, covered in ants,
    watch out for that. Let’s go on the back
    side of this tree. There’s some logs
    to flip over here. So, unless you’re like me
    and are flipping over debris in the environment, your
    odds of encountering one are pretty unlikely. You ready? Lift this up. Oh, spider, huge spider. Right there, right there,
    Oh, Whoa. right there, right there.
    Is that a tarantula? No, no, no, no, no, I think
    that’s a Funnel Web Spider. Right there, just came out
    from underneath that log. Look at it’s
    abdomen, right there. Holy cow, that’s definitely
    a Funnel Web Spider. Hold on, I need to get
    it in this container. Oh my gosh, did you see? It’s a good thing I picked up
    the log from the other side. It was just burrowed
    right underneath there. – [Cameraman] That’s a
    tiny container, dude. That looks too big
    to be a Funnel Web. – [Coyote] No, no,
    no, it definitely is. Look at the front of it’s body. – [Cameraman] Oh yeah. – [Coyote] Wow, that
    spider’s so big, I don’t think it’s going
    to fit in this container. Mario, you have that bigger jar? – [Mario] Yeah, I think might
    have one in my backpack. Hang on. – [Coyote] Let me see
    if I can peel back some of these grasses.
    It looks like a tarantula but, Ooh, it’s moving, hurry up. – [Mario] I understand, here. – [Coyote] Okay, bite from
    this is potentially lethal. I’m just going to set that
    down and see if I can coax it. I’m going to try to coax it
    right into the container. Now they cannot jump but
    they will lunge forward. Oh, it’s in, it’s
    in there, it’s in. There we go. Wow, look at that.
    Oh yeah. That is 100 percent
    a Funnel Web Spider. – [Cameraman] That is a big one. – Wow, we can not
    miss getting this up close for the cameras. Okay, let me grab my bag and
    let’s head up to those rocks. Wow, that is without
    question a Funnel Web Spider. The question that remains
    is what species is it? I want to find a
    good, flat open rock. – [Cameraman] How about
    that one right there? – This? Yeah.
    Yeah, that looks pretty. – [Cameraman] Or that
    one. Is that better? – Yeah, that’s a
    little bit better. Let’s see if it will just
    sit on top of the rocks if it’s just like this. – [Cameraman] Yeah, I
    like this, this is good. – Wow. – [Cameraman] Let’s have a look. – That is intimidating. It does, it looks
    like a tarantula. I know you said,
    “Is it a tarantula? “You sure it’s a
    Funnel Web Spider?” 100 percent certain it’s
    a Funnel Web Spider. One of the ways that you can
    identify this species as such is they have a very
    bald cephalothorax. Now, they do have hairs on
    their legs, and on the abdomen, but that is how you can
    recognize a Funnel Web Spider, and that’s the perfect
    sort of place to find them. Underneath logs
    where they can wait and ambush for their prey. Now, they will also,
    obviously, be inside of burrows with those little funnel web
    systems, and whoa, am I glad that I picked up the log
    from the end that I did. Now, my fingers didn’t
    tuck underneath the log. I was on the top side
    and that’s why you always pick up a log from an
    area that you can see, because if you tuck
    your fingers underneath, you grapple onto that
    spider, and you take a bite, you are on your way to the
    hospital, without question. Okay, now, I know it’s probably
    kind of tough to see it inside of this container, so
    let me see if I can take it out and place it on the rock here, and let’s get some
    shots with you. Are you ready for that? – [Cameraman] Okay,
    let me help the guys break out the light real quick. – Okay,
    It’s getting dark. We’re losing light here. (dramatic music) Alright guys, we have
    the lights set up now, and in the lights, the
    spider is even more intimidating looking. You can see the sheen on the
    legs and the cephalothorax. Ah, it’s already cast
    a little bit of webbing inside the container
    there, and uh, I think if you guys are ready, let’s take it out
    of the container and see if it will just hold
    it’s ground here on the rock. Now, this is an extremely
    aggressive spider species, and often times, they won’t run, but what they will do is rear up and show you those fangs,
    and those front legs. Okay.
    We have to be very cautious. Yeah, I’m just going to
    gently tilt this down like this, and let’s
    see if it will crawl out and just stop right
    there, here we go. Okay, see if I can
    get it to stay still. Ooh, you stay, you
    stay, you stay. Actually, maybe I’ll do this. It seems to be more comfortable
    inside the container. – [Cameraman] Yeah,
    that works for me. How about you, Mario?
    Okay. This is such a dangerous spider. I mean, even more so
    than a wandering spider. – [Cameramen] Ohh.
    Okay. Look at those hooked legs,
    allowing it to hold on to the edge of the container. Let me see if I do
    this, maybe if I put the container over
    top of it, and give it just a second to
    stay right there. Now, one reason that
    the bite it so bad is that because when they
    bite, their fangs are so long, they actually will
    hook into you, hold on, and continue
    to pump venom. And it’s not like a Black
    Widow or a Red Back Spider where they might give
    you a warning bite. A bite from this spider
    species is full on, as much venom as I can inject. Okay, let’s try this. Everybody got a decent
    shot on the spider? There you have it, wow,
    and just for scale. Look at how big that
    spider is next to my hand. Not taking my eyes
    off of the arachnid. That is definitely as close
    as I feel like I can get. Alright Mark, let’s try this, I’m going to try to present it from just it’s still
    position, right there, and like all spider species,
    you see those very defined eight legs, but they also have
    very long pedipalps upfront and that helps them to
    grapple on to their prey, and when they rear up,
    they show those fangs, and their fangs are
    incredibly long. Longer, in some
    cases, than even some of the snake species
    here in Australia. Now, one of the reasons that
    this spider is considered so dangerous, is because
    they can often times be found in residential areas. The Sydney Funnel Web
    specifically is often times found right in
    people’s backyards. That’s why they tell
    you if you’re out there working in the garden, make
    sure you have on gloves. You can be tilling up
    dirt, accidentally grab one of these things, it bites
    you on the tip of the finger, and you may be seeing symptoms
    in as few as 15 minutes. Now, the immediate bite, you’re
    definitely going to notice. The fangs are long
    enough to draw blood, but immediately you’ll feel
    throbbing in your finger, and shortly after,
    you’ll start to feel a tingling in your
    mouth and lips. Now, if you’re bitten
    by one of these spiders, you want to apply compression
    to the entire arm. So, let’s say you’re bitten
    on the top of your finger, put compression straps up
    the length of your arm. That will help slow the movement of the venom into your body. Wow, that is impressive. Now, there are around
    40 recognized species of Funnel Web Spider, with
    one of the most dangerous being the Sydney Funnel
    Web, and I can’t identify exactly if this is
    a Sydney or not, but what we do want to do
    is actually take this spider back with us into civilization. Where we want to go is the
    Australian Reptile Park. They are, oh, it’s moving. The Australian Reptile
    Park is the one place in Australia where they
    actually extract venom from these spiders
    and then in turn build an antivenom for
    people that are bitten. So, this spider that
    we found right here, might actually be used
    to save some lives. How cool is that?
    Awesome. I think the best thing to
    do now is put a cap on this, place it in my pack,
    and call it a night. I’m Coyote Peterson,
    be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
    the next adventure. Alright, we are
    taking this spider to the Australian Reptile Park. Wow, what a find! Australia’s home to a collection
    of dangerous arachnids, from the Red Back,
    to the Huntsmen, and ultimately the Funnel Web. This beautiful continent is
    crawling with venomous spiders. Catching a Funnel Web
    Spider is something I had always hoped to do, and
    now with one in my possession, it was time that the crew and I headed to the
    Australian Reptile Park. Famous for being the only
    sanctuary of it’s type in Australia, they’re
    renowned for their spider and snake venom milking program. Will our spider’s venom be
    used to save human lives? Stay tuned for the
    fascinating conclusion as I get dangerously close
    to this creepy arachnid. And don’t forget, subscribe so
    you can join me and the crew on this season of
    Breaking Trail. Things are about
    to get dangerous. (animal noises)

    A Brief History of Yellowstone National Park | National Geographic
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    A Brief History of Yellowstone National Park | National Geographic

    August 12, 2019

    (light music) – [Marielena] Yellowstone is epic, strange, and iconic. It is well-deserving of
    its protected status. But how did it come to be the worlds first National Park? (light music) Archeologists have found evidence of human activity in Yellowstone that dates back at least 11,000 years. Oral histories of Salish Native Americans suggest their ancestors were here 3,000 years ago. Today there are still 26
    Native American tribes that are connected to this land. Some of the first
    European visitors included fur traders and trackers
    in the late 1700s. But the first big incentive for settlers came in 1863, gold. (water sloshing) Prospectors flocked to Yellowstone in hopes of finding more. The Northern Pacific
    Railroad Company heard of the wonders of Yellowstone. A big attraction like this
    could help their plans to expand their railroad west. So they sponsored the
    Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition of 1870. As the first formal
    expedition of Yellowstone, they explored vast regions of the park. Including Tower Fall, Yellowstone Lake, and the geyser basins. Their most memorable achievement, naming Old Faithful. (light music) Painter Thomas Moran as
    well as a photographer and sketch artist were also on the expedition team. Their work introduced
    Yellowstone to the world. And captured the imagination of Congress. Then, on March 1st, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed an act establishing Yellowstone National Park. The country’s very first National Park. (light music) The Park is around two million acres. An expansive wilderness with places that even today few have seen. Filled with wildlife including 285 species of birds. And over 65 species of mammals. (wolf howling) But what’s on top of this park is nothing compared to the giant reserve of magma that lies below. Thermal power is what
    makes Yellowstone tick. Old Faithful remains true to its name. And to this day gushes
    up thousands of gallons of hot water every hour or so. (light music) It’s one of the most famous natural features in Yellowstone. But, it’s not the only one. There are over 10,000 thermal features in Yellowstone. Including hot springs, mud pots, and steam vents. They sit in one giant
    caldera of a super volcano. Some 45 miles across at its widest. 2.1 million years ago Yellowstone erupted and covered over 5,000
    square miles with ash. About 6,000 times the volume of material ejected from Mount St. Helens in 1980. It’s among the largest volcano eruptions known to man. Yellowstone is still active and another eruption is possible. But it probably won’t
    happen in the next thousand or even 10,000 years. In the meantime, Yellowstone hosts millions
    of guests every year. There are now 59 National Parks in the United States. But Yellowstone will always be the world’s first.

    Help Shawn teach the car about traffic signs! (SPANISH) – Señales de tráfico
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    Help Shawn teach the car about traffic signs! (SPANISH) – Señales de tráfico

    August 12, 2019

    Look what I found! It’s the car that ran away from us when we were learning how to count. Wait car! I didn’t mean you go. Let’s learn the traffic signs and teach this car how to drive. You look nice and shiny! Frank the fire truck did a good job washing you. Ok, car, don’t drive fast and listen to what we tell you. The first sign is the stop sign. Make sure you stop in front of each stop sign. Ah, ah, ah! Never try to beat the train! Always stop in front of the railroad crossing signs when the light turns red. You see why… Hi, Donald! Do you hear that, car? It’s a fire truck! Pull over and let emergency vehicles pass you. Look red light! Always stop at the red light. Good job! Don’t speed. It says: “School zone, 15 miles per hour”. Always stop if a school bus is loading or unloading. This is a construction zone. Be very careful! No, car, don’t go there! Not again! Great! And I just washed you not long ago. Ok, car, let’s find the fire truck so we can wash you again. Now you see how important it is to know traffic signs.
    Thank you for learning signs with us!

    The “Secret” Underground Railroad in Indiana
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    The “Secret” Underground Railroad in Indiana

    August 10, 2019

    bjbjVwVw m searching for a road that shouldn
    t exist. I m looking for a path that is unknown to others. I m looking for a cemetery that
    might be an illusion of what it truly is. I m searching for a man that is more than
    what he appears. I am looking for an Underground Railroad cemetery in Indiana. Since I was
    a kid, I have grown up and heard stories about an old cemetery that was full of run-a-way
    slaves. That was located a couple of miles North of Lexington, Indiana. Dr. Hutchings
    use to take care of the sick for the run-a-way slaves on the railroad and the ones that would
    die he would bury them right in his back yard off of his farm. We re here today in search
    of that cemetery and the old location of the old farmhouse. The only problem is how do
    you find something that shouldn t be there? Where do you begin? What do you look for?
    Hello, Pam, Travis. Hi, Travis I m Pam Peters. An historian, who has devoted her life seeking
    the truth of the Underground Railroad, might be able to help me with my own discovery.
    The Underground Railroad wasn t really, it was a movement. It wasn t an organize system
    where there were three houses all along the way. I mean sometimes maybe that happened
    as you got further north, but down here you really couldn t say there was a system of
    safe house because they had to get out of this area. Even though Indiana was a free
    state, bounty hunters made it difficult for the African Americans to use anything other
    than the Underground Railroad. The one that went up through Watson and Charlestown headed
    a little bit further Northeast towards Otisco and headed through towards Lexington, that
    was the Louisville branch, but at the time of the Civil War they had to stop building
    because they needed the men for the war. So the entire unfinished, unused train track
    ran through Kentucky, to Indianapolis and up to Michigan. I m here in Lexington, Indiana
    talking to local historian Joe Gibson about this find. Could this be the path that led
    many to freedom? Hey Joe, what do we have back here? Well, this is one of the stone
    arches built by the Irish starting in the 1850 s when they were building the railroad
    track through Lexington and it started in Jeffersonville and past through all of Scott
    County, Eastern part of it all the way up to Vernon, Indiana. What year did it start?
    1850s? They started in the early 1850s and they started and had some financial problems
    and stopped it for a while and they picked it back up and again stopped because of the
    Civil War that intervened with them and after the civil war they started it back up and
    finished the track. So the railroad ceased production during the Civil War time. Yeah,
    it was just an open bed just sitting there where they had been working. Now Joe is it
    possible during this time of the Civil War, I mean you got a line running from Jeffersonville
    which was basically just like Kentucky all the way up here. Is it possible, it s a straight
    shot that you had run-a-way slaves coming up this way? I would say they probably did
    use that. It was an open road, at the time no tracks on it, no trains, it would have
    been an ideal situation for them to use. Right and this same railroad system goes up straight
    north up to, close by to Dr. Hatchings house doesn t it? Yes, its right along the edge
    of Dr. Hutchings place. So if I want to find his place I m going to need to get on this
    and head north? That s right. All right. You had a clear shot from Jeffersonville which
    is close to Louisville, Kentucky straight due north. All they had to do is walk and
    this railroad supposedly goes right towards Dr. Hutchings place. Dr. William Hutchings
    moved to Madison, Indiana after the civil war to raise a family. Not much is know about
    his life in Lexington and his involvement in the Underground Railroad, which is still
    theoretical. The problem is we really don t know where this cemetery is, its somewhere
    a mile or two miles north of Lexington. All we have to go on is that supposedly there
    s a double Colbert bridge that there s a creek that runs east straight to the old Dr. s farmhouse.
    So we re here trying to find that bridge right now. We have some great evidence of a creek
    near by and that might possibly mean a bridge as well. Right over here across the field
    we have Sycamores that are lining the edge of the field. Sycamores always grow close
    to water, they take a lot of water to grow and as you can see they are lining that field
    possibly meaning that there is a creek right there and when there s a creek and we re walking
    on the railroad, to get across the creek someone has to build a bridge. So let s see if there
    is a bridge that we can find. Could this Colbert Bridge really be evidence that this story
    is true? It is almost exactly one mile north of Lexington, right where it should be according
    to the record. Could this bridge signify shelter and protection to those who sought their freedom?
    How can I truly walk in the footsteps of legends? Will I find what I m looking for? The problem
    with these local stories are that the directions are really vague, we have been walking for
    a good 15 minutes up, got to be a mile within up stream and still no sign of any cemetery
    or foundation of a house. We re just going to have to keep on looking, see if we can
    find it. As I press on, the fading of the day creates despair. Am I chasing a rainbow?
    Is there truly and end to my search? Only, I am left in the presence of nature and its
    inhabitants but yet, I find hope. Great thing about March is in Southern Indiana Easter
    Lilies come out early. The thing interesting about Easter Lilies is that there not wild,
    these things have been planted, buy say they planted them a hundred and something years
    ago, even if a location is gone, these things will still spread out in the area. That means
    there was a house of some sort around in this location. So lets follow the Easter Lilies
    and we ll see if we can find where they lead to. I believe, this is a theory of mine but
    I believe that this is an old road. These things probably just like a horse and, horse
    and wagon trail probably led them right up to his house and he had Easter Lilies planted
    on both sides of the road, as you can tell we are going up some sort of flat area, it
    s kind of overgrown now but these Easter Lilies are still here. Oh wow! Look at this. We have
    an entire bed of Easter Lilies that is amazing, out in the middle of nowhere. Let see where
    this goes to. That could be the front yard. We got, we got foundation. We got a big hill
    of rubble right in front of us. Let s check that out. If I can recall right his house
    was a brick house and that would explain why there is so much brick around in this area.
    We have a tin roof here, this is tin, they had tin roofs back then. What happen was this
    house probably fell down and someone came in here with a bulldozer and just kind of
    pushed it all together, but I believe this is it. Now if we can find the old, if we can
    find the old cemetery then we ll be right on the mark. Alright, we have the old rubble
    of the house up on that hill, we got a little clear field, this was probably his farmland
    because he did own a farm as well as being a doctor. Still looking for the cemetery.
    Is a pile of bricks and tin enough proof Dr. Hutchings lived there? The evidence is building
    but I still need to find the cemetery to make my theory a fact. Will I find it in the twilight
    of the evening? What do those look like to you? Do those look like, do those look like
    tombstones? Those do. I think we found this thing. Row after row of bedrock commands an
    isolated hill in an empty forest. You can almost feel the historical presence. Why so
    many unmarked graves? Why here? I heard there was around 20 unmarked graves up here. We
    ve already uncovered around 40 and those are the ones we can visually see on the surface,
    no telling how many more are underneath all the rubble. But, what are they doing here?
    Why in the middle of the woods you have 40 some unmarked graves. The sad truth is that
    these are the ones that didn t make it north. This is their final resting place. This is
    their story. Well we found the old Dr. Hutchings farm, we found the cemetery, this is a historic
    day in Indiana. Thanks for joining us with Indiana Outdoors, I m Travis James. Man, look
    at that view. urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags place urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags
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