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    FEC Rebuilding the Overseas Railroad
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    FEC Rebuilding the Overseas Railroad

    August 15, 2019

    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wondered
    what the Overseas Railroad would look like and today I’m going to rebuild it for you
    guys. Let’s start by adding rock. Good! It’s looking just like the one that ran parallel
    to US 1 in Miami. Now, we add some rails… Exactly as how I remember it! There is, however, a slight modification:
    because as you guys know, where those cars are currently running on used to be the actual
    railroad. In this example, the Metrorail never got installed
    in 1984 so it allowed the track to continue running parallel to US1 and eventually they
    built it back into the Keys. Let’s see that train! Now that’s what I’m talking about, we have
    a full fledged Overseas Railroad with a train and everything! How beautiful does this look, guys? Okay so now we have the full visual impact
    of what this would look like nowadays. Let’s get the audio version of this example. What would this sexy beast sound like? There it is my friends! Now we got to fully experience what this would
    look like nowadays. Not even the Mona Lisa is that pretty, right
    guys? Truly a beautiful sight guys. I’ll let you takeit in for a second… Who knows, maybe in our lifetimes we’ll get
    to experience this phenomenon again? Ok guys, please remember to subscribe, like,
    or share and thank you for viewing!

    Abandoned Railroad CSX McCoy Air Force Base Spur Orlando, Florida 3
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    Abandoned Railroad CSX McCoy Air Force Base Spur Orlando, Florida 3

    August 14, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for watching the 3rd part of my CSX abandoned industrial spur in Orlando. As l said in my first video, this one used to serve the McCoy Air Force Base. From the 1940s to the 1970s. Here I am going to be looking East If you guys catch my part 2 of this video, the previous video I made to this one, you can see where this track meets Avenue C just about a mile or so down that way Again, that’s East. Then here again we can see no traces of crossing signals or signal boxes, anything of that nature. Now, I’m going to walk you West where the track ends. See over here you can still catch some ties. wooden ties at that. They built a residential neighborhood just off to the side here. Again, I’m walking Westward. Toward the mainline which is a couple of miles away. And as you can see, it just goes into the big shrubs over there and you can’t really make out the rest of it. So yeah guys, Once again, that’s CSX McCoy Air Force Base Spur. That was in use from the 1940s to the 1970s. I thank you very much for viewing and please subscribe, like, or share this video. Thank you very much guys. bye. bye.

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    August 14, 2019

    whoa all right we are packed up ready to
    go on the road again that’s right Sharers we have to go all the way back to Utah
    because I forgot the plasma nerf blaster we’ll see if it’s kind of like on the
    way home so it’s like we had to go there anyway so it’s not that big of a deal
    true and then we get to hang out with Carl and Jinger again so it works out I
    wonder what awesome videos we can get into this time I think we’re gonna do
    some really cool stuff yeah shows you give any awesome crazy ideas what we can
    do at Carl and Jinger’s house come with them down below oh we got a long drive
    ahead of us though Liz you ready to get going yeah okay yeah I’m just learned
    how to drive last year this is awesome Sharers
    car do we get to sit in the back and relax in the back okay front seat whoa
    let’s go let’s go let’s go you’re talking Carter Carter what are you doing
    Carter what are you doing what are we doing I’m getting out what where are
    Carter we written like literally the middle of nowhere I know that’s why I’m
    getting out never been here before before in my life I’m never gonna be
    here again so I’m intro on my vlog out here oh my
    goodness sure is this is the craziest pit stop we’ve ever done I might as well
    get out and see what this place even is whoa there’s literally nothing out here
    Carter well Carter decided the intro his vlog in the middle of the desert and
    this is how dry it is the dirt just crumbles look at this look at that it’s
    so dry the dirt just crumbles that’s insane and yeah it’s definitely really
    really hot out here just look at Carter in the
    of nowhere there’s Carter there’s the desert all around okay let’s get back in
    the car we probably sold like four hours left Carter yeah I think we have four
    hours left to go from the middle of nowhere it’s a Carl and junior so let’s
    go yeah let’s hope the car starts Liz this is snackin starts Lizzy are you
    gonna try to see if the car starts yeah if we’re broken down that’s gonna be bad get stranded this time oh my gosh should
    we pretend like we’re gonna leave Carter behind oh yeah
    Carter we’re leaving you better hop in the car all right I’m gonna drive I’m
    gonna go be to one oh okay I guess we’re leaving without Carter let’s do this
    Carter are you getting in or what sing go is he saying go or not bye coming up
    coming let’s go let’s go wait I like the car I do not want to be left out here in
    the middle of nowhere like that whoa and we’re off to car on gingers
    continuing the super long road trip strange tracks are going down
    something’s going on part of what’s going on Cher’s now what’s going on
    we’re never gonna get the karlon Ginger’s house shares the trains been going back for
    about 10 minutes and it’s still going this is crazy
    opening back up we are off oh yeah goodbye mr. train oh we out of gas Liz
    yeah we’re out of gas okay we’re literally stopping in the
    middle of nowhere is that the gas is so expensive here really yeah
    alright let’s go get some gas just got a little history lesson apparently this
    place used to be a crazy busy town least we have 250 employees but after a new
    road was built this town just kind of became more abandoned this hotel hasn’t
    been used for over 40 years the gas prices here are super expensive it’s
    $4.99 for regular gas there’s only like two things in this town right now there
    was a post office there’s a gas station in an abandoned hotel
    although the hotel doesn’t look too bad like it actually looks pretty good in
    fact you know what I’m gonna go peek inside and see what it actually looks
    like Wow check this out it’s abandoned but it looks pretty nice Oh
    Cher’s I also just realized check this out there’s birthday balloons and
    they’re still inflated how long have these been inflated for what is going on
    certainly get a bad vibe about this place but I want to keep exploring
    because I feel like there could be something cool here it looks like it’s
    been untouched since it closed down in the 70s wow this is pretty cool it’s all
    like retro and old-school in there here’s the
    old horse there’s even a piano oh and there’s electricity in there those
    lights are actually working is it locked oh no it’s locked we can’t go inside
    what whoa whoa let’s look at this there’s abandoned cars how cool is that
    there’s antique abandoned cars Oh what sit tight here whoa what is this what is
    this place I’m getting out of here quick oh let’s get back on the road whoa and
    there’s more abandoned hotel back here whoa this is crazy look at all this all
    abandoned whoa what there’s a note what does the note say says our rain book has
    been taken it’s all faded hard to read on April 21st we had a storm from hell
    60 to 75 miles per hour send busted everything oh they had a
    sandstorm that’s probably why these windows are cracked and there’s glass
    all on the floor so sandstorm probably destroyed all this
    but this is a new month hoping for a little rain there’s some never rains out
    here yes there probably it probably got all dried up there’s a huge Desert Storm
    with just strong gusts of wind and sand blowing destroyed this place this is
    interesting and there’s a lot more of these buildings there’s like one two
    three there’s four more of these there’s an entire abandoned Motel behind this
    and we’re just in the middle of nowhere but shares I really want one of these
    old cars they look so cool how cool that range the car and we have now No
    oh that’s actually probably dangerous cuz we could break down all I really
    want one of these old cars they look so look at this how could you not want this
    thing it’s like the coolest car ever it’s huge lets cars are awesome oh and
    there’s an animal what is that let’s go check this out
    oh I don’t know if this is real this might not be a real animal let’s see
    what is this this is so random why is this here in the middle of the desert
    it’s so random what kind of animal is that thing I don’t even know and there’s
    a lot of cages and stuff back there uh okay this is getting a little scary sure
    is we should probably get on the road I mean we’re in the middle of nowhere and
    there’s like cages fake animals probably people living back there and that our
    views yeah we should probably get on the road
    probably good idea right yeah and that sign says keep out so uh yeah let’s get
    on the road let’s get going let’s go let’s go let’s go oh there you are you
    ready to get out of here yeah I’m getting bad feelings about this
    place yeah yeah there’s some one way out there wait is that Carter I think that’s
    Carter yeah we can you go then we need to pick up Carter let’s get out of here
    oh it’s getting really dry and windy Wow it is really windy out here I may be
    another wind storms coming oh I heard the train siren let’s go let’s go let’s
    go we gotta get Carter let’s get out here he doesn’t know there’s a storm
    coming let’s go it’s getting windy let’s go what you say loose there’s a
    sandstorm coming in so we really gotta go
    Desert Storm is during the blue sandstorm is it’s getting windy I’m
    rolling up the window it’s getting pretty windy and dusty out there you got
    to be careful which open the door because the wind just take the what just
    takes it to get to Carl Jr’s house right now let’s go what’s wrong what’s wrong
    with Jeep wait what the road is closed look look at all these signs it says
    it’s a road is closed a detour wait are we supposed to be supposed to go
    straight yeah we’re not gonna turn in the middle the desert like oh well we
    got a nice empty road ahead of us I I guess that’s the only way to go oh no
    carefully because every time we go somewhere there’s something cab yeah I
    don’t think they want us to get to Carlin Ginger’s I think they’re trying
    to redirect us somewhere else well let’s just I guess go down this
    road and see what happens at least there’s another car right there
    it’s a black fancy please don’t turn around oh it’s white on the other side
    oh that’s weird black on the front and white in the back that’s not a good sign
    I’m gonna keep an eye out we’re gonna keep traveling now we’re on a different
    road than we were supposed to take but I’m just going to assume that this empty
    road leads to something okay it looks like we’re getting into some
    civilization there’s a bridge there there’s a car there there’s a car up
    there we’re getting somewhere I think we’re going the right way Liz haha thank
    goodness I was getting so scared yeah well this oh wait I thought there
    was a city up there but I think it’s just more rocks
    Steven it’s not a city is it it’s just more rocks more shrubbery houses up
    there but it’s not false alarm sharers those are not houses we are not at
    civilization we are back on some empty road going nowhere whoa check it out
    there’s some random rocks right there I don’t know what that is
    whoa this is so crazy look at this where are we guys I don’t know I think we’re
    in like rock land there’s the land of the Ross let’s don’t
    see if I think those are dinosaur eggs they are not dinosaur eggs Carter
    they’re rocks even look there’s a government security I think we might be
    really close to area 51 the super top secret place then I think that’s part of
    it’s one of the lookout town you’re right it’s like one of the lookout
    towers look at that what is that thing it’s so weird to people who live in that
    thing that’s bizarre Oh looks like we are approaching as some
    sort of civilization up here see that’s like a scientific like pillars of metal
    oh yeah you’re right see what they like shiny what are 90 things oh no we got a
    car in front of some big deep smack whoa what was that noise I don’t know we hit
    something well it looks like we are approaching
    some sort of civilization so maybe there’s food out here Cara I’m getting
    hungry what about you you’re probably starving
    yeah I want to snack so bad we’re in there’s
    sign for Siberia we are definitely in some sort of town I hope it’s not
    another abandoned town see if we need some snacks yeah oh there’s another
    train track thing coming up it’s actually kind of looks like it could be
    a creepy type of town well look all that stuff right things whoa there’s
    abandoned stuff there I gotta cross another train track here careful that
    looks like a nice restaurant although it doesn’t look like it’s open well train
    track crossing right now that’s a bandit I think Carter I don’t
    think anyone lives there sure this is the right way to go I think this is the
    right way we’re going straight to this little town Wow yeah it looks abandoned
    there’s literally nothing there although it doesn’t look like it’s that rundown
    but well okay that’s definitely a bandit ooh another abandoned town is that
    abandoned it’s holy a bit as totally abandoned look at those huge pillars see
    look we’re getting close yeah I don’t know what these scientific pillar things
    are but that’s kind of scary let’s just keep driving through this town I don’t
    know what this town is but we definitely this was an abandoned town that was a
    real gold okay we need to keep driving we got to get out of here how are we
    doing on gas Liz yeah we’re either half empty or half
    full I hope that last gas station we stopped that actually had real gas in it
    wasn’t just like water or something it’s $4.99 for regular gas so shares I didn’t
    realize this but we might actually have a big issue one there is zero zero
    service out here like no bars we’ve been driving for probably like another two
    hours since last time I checked in with you and the gas is still dropping
    yeah the food age is going down there has been zero gas stations out here
    there’s actually been zero civilization out here we didn’t fill up I didn’t
    realize this but we didn’t fill up a full tank when we were back at that gas
    station we only put six gallons in so we might have a slight issue karna do you
    see anything up is your phone working or anything no I have no service at all and
    I don’t see anything let me they just melt there’s nothing on you I really I’m
    really hoping run into some sort of town quickly because we probably have about
    maybe like 30 miles left of gas and if we don’t run into anything quick enough
    we’re literally going to be stuck out here well there might not be a town
    around but if it gets if we break down we could hitch a ride on that train
    right there the Train is stopped as of right now so this is your only oh wow it
    is really just going super super simple in it you’ll know it that’s how we doing
    on gas we’re so good yeah I think we’re good we’re good
    there’s no civilization around we’re good on gas though we’re keep in line
    with the trains that way if we do break down we’ll just like hit you out on that
    train or something oh wow okay there’s another abandoned town there’s all the
    trucks that yeah you definitely whoa bandit robbed you know who this is from
    that’s the wrecking truck from cars Manor that’s mater’s it might be well
    there’s something weird out there what is it what is that Carter colorful
    rocks it’s getting weird out here Oh see if I got a little bit of service okay
    update us update us a slower than usual traffic on your
    route why did it say they’re slower than you I just need to know car I need to
    know how far do we have it before we get to a gas station I think it’s over an
    hour until we get there over an hour how many miles we gotta start calculating
    gas look it’s just straight there’s nothing I don’t know why it says C but I
    don’t know why it says there’s a lot of traffic
    please how’s the gas going I think we’re okay yeah we gotta find gas soon this is
    a bad idea shoes if you’re ever driving through the desert remember fill up
    fully because you never know when there’s gonna be a gas station again oh
    yes I think we civilization coracii messy coronary cars or civilization yes
    traffic info tune in there’s radio here okay we’re back with some sort of
    civilization are we doing a guest list we’re almost empty one was empty so at
    least your civilization who’s gotta find a gas station watch out for that truck
    watch after that show us good we’re not used to cars around here okay this is
    good news shares looks like we’re back in some sort of civilization and that’s
    a crazy truck driver watch out because oh yeah we scared me see what are you
    doing well I’m so happy we made it shares we are just outside of Vegas this
    is the first gas station we’ve came to and let’s just see eventually the gas
    prices are a lot cheaper oh yeah 3:30 sinks for gas versus $4.99 it is much
    cheaper in here because we’re actually in like some sort of City we’re super
    empty let’s fill this thing up I think this car is gonna be so thirsty touch
    square a little bit already what no don’t just Kate don’t ever do
    that gas is super dangerous so make sure it gets in the car yeah fill up the car
    let’s do this I don’t think we should run into any more problems so even
    though we’re in Vegas we still have about an hour and a half before we get
    to Carlin Ginger’s house and Carter’s pumping gas and snack
    the same time movie oh this up it’s done sure it took so long the pump up Carter
    started snacking but it’s alright no way close it off sweet let’s get back in the
    car I think Carter’s driving now oh yeah I didn’t have to drive this entire trip
    we’re about to leave lots of aghast and head to a st. George to see Carl ginger
    let’s do it Oh Sharers and we made it we made it to Carl
    Ginger’s house we are back seven hours or something okay let’s get some sleep
    tonight because tomorrow we have some crazy epic stuff plans okay Sharers well we’re here we’re gonna
    go to bed we’ll see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do, Stay awesome and Share The Love, Peace!

    Why Abandoned Railroads Still Matter πŸ›€
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    Why Abandoned Railroads Still Matter πŸ›€

    August 14, 2019

    Hey everybody thanks for tuning in! Today I want to zoom out a little bit so to speak and talk about the much larger and broader idea that led me to propose a hydrogen-powered streetcar in Long Beach. Ever since I was a toddler, every time my family would drive by some abandoned railroad tracks, I would crane my neck and try and get a good look. Where did the train used to go? Why did it fall into disuse? Would it benefit the public if it was brought back to life? Once I was old enough to go exploring on my own, I would follow overgrown railroad tracks for hours trying to imagine where they used to go and how long ago they stopped being used. This fascination, this obsession with lost railroads has stuck with me to this day, but new reasons for it have developed as I’ve learned more about the history of passenger rail in the United States and as of late becoming increasingly excited about the possibilities that exist for such rail in the future cities like Long Beach. Long Beach like most other Southern Californian cities, was built around passenger rail lines financed and built by real estate tycoons such as Henry Huntington. But… Voiceover: For the tremendous development and progress of this amazing area coupled with its usually pleasant climate is but a never-ending stream of population pouring into Los Angeles and the surrounding communities, mass production of modern houses with liberal financing arrangements enabled many thousands of young Americans to own their own homes for the first time! Near the lake there now arose a city, built by subdividers who had planned it, planned it as no other American city had been planned since L’Enfant laid out the District of Columbia 170 years ago. Me: We lost those very arteries connecting different neighborhoods with one other in the years of the postwar building boom, the time when middle-class GIs returning home from the war purchased cars and homes in the suburbs of our cities, creating urban sprawl while an excessive reliance on the private automobile began to characterize urban and suburban life throughout the country. Voiceover: Congress responded with the federal aid Highway Act of 1956 providing the staggering sum of $51,000,000,000 to be spent by the states on highway construction by 1971. The most talked-about phase of the act is the interstate highway system, a 41,000 mile network of our most important roads. Most of these roads will be four, six even eight-lane expressways constructed for through traffic. They will take the over-the-road driver from city to city, coast-to-coast at highways speeds, even through large population centers. Me: Both politicians and the public came to yield the automobile as a silver bullet for the transportation needs of Americans, leading to alternative forms of transit being underfunded and largely neglected in infrastructure spending all throughout the 1960s, 70s and through to the present-day. Even now federal transit funding for government owned passenger railroad Amtrak is outweighed by federal highway spending more than 50 to 1. Part of this is a consequence of the freeway system’s massive expansion in the postwar years to a road network of over 4 million miles, all of which must now be constantly repaired and maintained. While roads are generally less expensive to build than railroads, they cost far more to maintain per mile than railroad tracks, and with the exception of a small fraction of highways that require a toll be paid in order to use the road, generate no revenue. Railroads on the other hand, while often at least partially subsidized with tax dollars, those subsidies are actually generally offset by ticket sale revenue, ultimately saving the taxpayer money over highways. Build trains spend more now, pay less later. Build roads and save money now, pay MORE money later, it’s that simple. With the decline of the private railroad industry in the 1970’s cumulating with the bankruptcy of the Penn Central Railroad and numerous other privately owned railroad throughout the country, many lines that had been required to provide passenger service by law were abandoned when their respective railroads went bankrupt due to a combination of poor management, excessive tax burdes and the rise of the automobile. And these abandoned, mostly disused or otherwise maligned relics of pre WWII America are everywhere. Depending on how long ago a line was abandoned, and the subsequent decisions made once under public ownership, abandoned lines like this can be more or less visible. The tracks may be present, rusting away in neglect, or they may have been removed entirely leaving only an intact strip of undeveloped or partially developed land. Many of the landscaped medians often found in the roads of Long Beach and throughout Southern California, little useless parks that look nice but nobody walks their dog in due to their strange sizes and locations, were actually once rail lines. This is true for the medians of 2nd Street in both Belmont Shore and Naples Island. Some were simply paved over in their entirety and turned into roads for cars, such as the lower eastbound lanes of Livingston Avenue. Whether or not the tracks remain following abandonment generally depends on how wealthy an area is. Poorer areas tend to retain the rails themselves, while richer neighborhoods often remove them and landscape the old routes, but they remain at least for now so quite clear to see with the benefit of some historical knowledge and a bird’s-eye view. So, you might be wondering what that bigger picture is that I brought up in the beginning of this video, while others might have already guessed what I’m getting at here. Those old lines? We should use them for transit! Right? Despite the total loss of the actual railroad infrastructure in some cases, these strips of disused right-of-way which litter the American cityscape are usually at least partly publicly-owned, and therefore would be a bargain to bring back to life saving the taxpayers hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars over the cost of building a line between the exact same two points only a few hundred feet away from the existing line. There is no more prohibitive cost in developing a new transit line than real estate. And we can actually do something with this knowledge and develop these as light rail transit lines NOW, before the rights-of-way are sold off and subdivided saving ourselves billions over the costs of developing similar lines a few decades down the road. Does anybody really think people are going to stop moving to sunny, nearly winterless Southern California anytime soon? I didn’t think so. I know I’m not going anywhere. So we have to be ready to welcome our new neighbors from the cold northern states of the U.S. and throughout the world, and we’re not gonna be able to do that without developing an expansive world-class light rail transit network, otherwise nobody not even those of us who want to will be able to practically own and drive a vehicle around here once the population density reaches its inevitable breaking point. So, building a reliable fast and comfortable light rail alternative to total automobile dependence is going to be an inevitability as population density soars throughout Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and all throughout Southern California, but it is only going to be cheap if we do it now, before things get out of hand. We can avoid the problems now being confronted in densely settled areas like West Hollywood, where residents are only now finally going to get a subway extension paid for with several billion dollars in funding from Measure M. Unlike West Hollywood, though, we here in Long Beach and the surrounding communities actually still have a few intact light rail corridors that have not yet been divided piecemeal for housing. If we were to turn only a few of these into regional light rail lines, our transit map could quite swiftly go from looking like this, to looking like this, then this, then perhaps this and beyond. A lot more if you might consider using mass transit than do now if it could get you right to your destination is a similar amount of time as driving, would you not? What if could get you there in less time? Some of you might now be thinking “what’s wrong with our bus system?” and the answer to that question? Nothing! There’s nothing wrong with the public buses operated by Metro, Long Beach Transit, Torrance Transit, OCTA and other municipal agencies in the area. In fact, they’re great! Our local bus systems are clean, safe, super affordable and on-time more often than not, although not quite as often as Metro rail, but they cannot be the entire picture of mass transit in Southern California or even in Long Beach simply because they take so, so much longer than driving. Time is money, man. Buses work best for short hops to destinations that are a bit further than you would want to walk or bike from a train station, but the further you travel on a bus the more one will find that the overall speed of the journey becomes hampered by the compounding factors of frequent stopping picking up and waiting for passengers to pay the fare, and the fundamental vulnerability of buses to be delayed by the same traffic congestion as suffered by private motorists, only exacerbated by the enormous size and lack of maneuverability of a bus. As a result, and you can check this on your phone yourself if you think I’m exaggerating, interurban bus journeys during peak hours often take more than three times as long as driving between the same two locations in a car. But the best approach to these fundamental shortcomings of bus transit is to use buses properly within a larger framework public transportation infrastructure. Buses on shared city streets simply don’t work well for interurban journeys and buses work better when they’re used only for that last stretch of travel from the train station to your destination. Public transit works the best when these networks are developed with a strong efficient and fast arterial foundation of a solid rail network is complemented with reliable bus service from the train station to anywhere the train can’t go due to either a lack of demand and density in the service area, or simply geographic obstacles that have not yet been overcome. That’s all for now! Thanks again for tuning in and please do like and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this one! Do you hate driving on the 405 as much as I do? Join me next time as we explore the possibility of developing direct rail service for a massive bargain between downtown Long Beach and Lomita, Torrance and perhaps even Los Angeles International Airport by using the existing disused rail line already bought and paid for by the county.

    Dirt the Railroad Cat King of the Shops at Nevada Northern Railroad
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    Dirt the Railroad Cat King of the Shops at Nevada Northern Railroad

    August 14, 2019

    Every so often there’s a feel-good story
    really worth sharing. And this is one of those stories. This is Dirt. Dirt is about 11 years old. He was born in a wooden crate in the boiler shop, which we’ll go in in a moment. He’s fixed so we don’t have any kittens running around. Don’t let Dirt’s looks deceive you, he’s a
    very loved kitty cat. 😻 She gets a bath every once in a while but it doesn’t
    last very long before she’s not covered in coal dust again.🚂 We’ll actually fire up the crane for that too we’ll take the crane out and do demonstrations. There’s two weeks in February where we have the locomotives hot. While they’re hot, Dirt will get up in the engine and lay next to the firebox and lay somewhere close and stay warm all night. Or we’ve got two big propane heaters in the shop and he’ll just go lay in front of them. if you’re interested in
    meeting dirt, what I heard is that she gets really curious when she hears the
    tour’s coming through the engine room she usually comes out to get petted if
    you just crouch down and hold your hand out she’ll come to you. 😺 Dirt even has her
    own merchandise just check out the Depot store for more info 😸 Hope to see you again sometime dirt As for us we’re back on the road We’ll catch you guys later, bye Don’t forget to subscribe and you’ll be notified when I add new content. Thanks for watching! 😸👍

    Exploring Abandoned Railroad & Crossing
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    Exploring Abandoned Railroad & Crossing

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen so an
    update on an abandoned railroad crossing over here at Southwest 8th St. and SW 69th Ave so over here a few months ago I filmed this crossing where you can
    see the cantilevers are missing the light and gates, crossbucks. I came to see
    what else had been removed and at first glance it appears that they
    haven’t touched anything else this is walking westward and SW 8th ST Where that Walmart is, that was the sight of Everglades Lumber, until 2008 when it closed. So on that side, opposite side
    which would be the North side of the crossing you had the relay case and then here it
    this would be track view South. And here you have the cantilever and where the
    crossing gate once was. Notice the cut wires there and the four screws that held it
    up this was all a Harmon Cantilever yeah you can see the brackets for the lights there. Nothing else. Track view South This line actually ends four blocks
    South of here home at Southwest 12th ST have a video where I filmed the end of the line. It’s fenced off. yeah you can see this beyond that you
    can see the remnants of the rail bed but nothing else give you a quick
    glance here that there is Voodooo.
    There’s a dead chicken in there. Whoever dropped that off thought that this track
    will still active and that the train was going to take away the bad spirits but
    there’s no train or bad spirits so jokes on them right ha ha ha. Track view South. Give you a walk here… see concrete cross ties one and two
    among all the wooden cross ties. that house has probably been there as
    long as the railroad it’s about the late 1920s or maybe earlier than that. Wow!
    look at that building it’s totally covered in vines oh crap that’s amazing. Oh! Again I got all these guys sticking
    along with me. This here is a mango tree. Been picked clean. okay Mobile home park there. damn I hate when these go inside your shoe, pinch you all over the place makes it uncomfortable to walk Can you see a date on there? hey guys this is all the end of the line
    is about a hundred feet that way getting kind of cloudy and windy so I don’t want
    those oh well you just walk a few hundred feet here and show you the There’s a spur here. Man! Look at this. This is freaking torture. Cheese 2 so this is the FEC track that
    connected to the main along US one in Southwest 88th ST and then led into the
    Oversea Railway but look at this. It’s a Wheel stop by Hayes, old school. so yeah the end of the track is just like I said about a hundred or so feet over there
    where I have a video on so I’m going to head back before the rain guys- feel it
    in the wind now walking northbound and this way it
    went about maybe five or so miles then it went were the Miami International
    Airport is went around the airport into the Hialeah yard which still exists.
    Currently the Hialeah yard is the southernmost point for the FEC Railway now. Oh God! Another one. Those things are ruthless. I don’t know why I find this to be such a beautiful sight you think so? If you agree with me, comment below. I
    don’t know it’s just maybe the history and it’s the potential
    that that there is here or that there was here Or that nature is reclaiming what once belonged to man. take that in for a second look at how
    old that is all in all, this track isn’t in bad shape for something years old right? and here we go SW 8th ST. Our original filming spot. So now, we were facing West. Now we’re going to be facing East. Alright guys, I thank for your accompanying me on that tour. Please Subscribe or Like! Take care, over and out.

    Signals Removed @ Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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    Signals Removed @ Abandoned Railroad Crossing

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen this is an update videos few months ago, I was at this crossing while they were removing the gates, lights and I wanted to come back here a few months after and see what had
    taken place since then so it’s pretty much the same as I left it on the
    cantilevers are still there obviously – the lights and gates and cross bucks but I
    don’t think they’ve removed anything else yes, the concrete foundation for
    the cantilever which is still here. I guess at some point they had a larger
    cantilever or another one. You see the 4 screws over there. this is a track view North. This is Flagler Street in Miami Florida I’ll include the Google Maps link to it
    to this location and then there we see the relay case off to the left this is facing West on Flagler Street
    and I’m going to give you a shot at the cantilever right now, the sun’s in the way. this
    would be the South side of the crossing. You can see the cantilever they’re still
    there but the lights, gates, and cross bucks removed. You can see there’s a whistle
    post and a mile post right there. Let me see if I can give you track view South here. It’s a pretty busy street so bare with me guys. yeah that would have been track view South there. there used to be a signal right like a
    few feet South of that cantilever there, but not anymore This is the FEC track that went to US 1 and met up with the main and then went to the Oversea Railway. That was pre 1984
    when they installed the metro rail Up until 2008 this line was in use it
    serviced Everglades Lumber which was just near Southwest 8th ST and then
    when that closed, this line was pretty much isolated because it was nobody left
    on the line to service and looking North is over there where that overpass is the
    link was, the line was cut so this line here is just isolated. See the wooden
    cross ties. all righty guys please subscribe or like
    thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma
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    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma

    August 12, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen so I filmed
    this crossing right before Hurricane Irma you’ll remember this was the unused
    crossing over here at Southwest 280th Street and here you can see the damage
    it yanked it right off of the arm and then this one appears to be still
    intact but as you can see uh the track is
    impassable over there you can see off in the distance uh there’s trees covering
    the middle of it so either way it makes no difference because it’s not like a
    train was gonna come here this track has been unused for years this area, its the Friday after this
    area still has no power so they’re probably not gonna fix this anytime soon
    I’m guessing and this is actually one of the older all crossing gates this one’s
    made out of fiberglass you see the fibers there Reco lights poor guy Alright guys, thanks for viewing this video. Please Subscribe or like over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing & Skydivers
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    Unused Railroad Crossing & Skydivers

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen Today we have another unused railroad crossing here SW 162nd AVE near Cutler ridge Naranja, Homestead area. This is all blurred lines over here. On the boundaries of the cities, so yeah here we have SW view on the track This is the CSX S line Homestead Subdivision Here you can see this crossing which is just wood and cross bucks as i said crossing number The on the bottom you have CSX S line Homestead Subdivision 58.37 milepost There you got the reflective sticker and the cross bucks up top and here you have the old wooden crossing characteristics of an old SCL crossing and then here you have track view NE Here Hurricane Irma ripped off the reflective tape of the wood and cross bucks and you have the emergency contact info there cross bucks and wood just like the other side yeah wooden cross ties too. You can see the rails are really rusted here usually when a track is active its polished this one this was the last time a train came through here and that was a long time ago Where the wheel made contact with the rail so but yeah there voodoo right there, I can smell the dead chicken. So that’s track view NE, OH YOU GOT SOME PEOPLE SKYDIVING, look at that! see if I can find him I can see them I don’t know if you guys can see them if the camera picks them up there he is wow I would never do that Oh he’s going to land, he’s going to land So yeah guys and then track view SW again Please Subscribe or Like! Follow me on instagram at railrol82 Thank you for viewing, over and out

    Abandoned Railroad CSX Industrial Spur Miami Gardens, FL.
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    Abandoned Railroad CSX Industrial Spur Miami Gardens, FL.

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I want to show you guys another abandoned CSX over here in North Miami. See the cross bucks here were lifted some time ago. There’s no evidence of where they used to be. and that side either. yeah This is facing North. and There used to be another rail coming out coming in through here. You can see that it’s paved. Right now I’m going to take you guys to the South side. Let these cars cross the road first. And look at this. Look at those crossties. Wooden crossties from the SCL days. Yeah I’m trying to look for a date… Oh! Wait! Wait! Wait! 1931! Wow! There it is. But yeah right on the other side of that shrub there is the CSX mainline the SFRTA And then over here, there are also some abandoned spurs. See, there’s a couple rails here. Yeah I’ll take you guys to the end. So, that’s facing North. That’s where I was over there. Where I began filming. and this is where it’s interrupted by all the shrubs. OK guys, I thank you very much for viewing and please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much, bye. bye.