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    Abandoned Railroad CSX Former SCL Hialeah, Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad CSX Former SCL Hialeah, Florida

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I’m here on location in Hialeah, FL. At SE 10th CT and SE 14th ST. and ‘I’m going to show you guys an abandoned railroad spur. This here is a loading dock. And in a few seconds you’re going to see where the railroad led into the loading dock. This railroad used to be a former SCL line. A former SAL line at that if you want to go even more back in history. Here it is. I was trying to, there’s some imprint on the rail here with the date and the manufacturer but it is so corroded there’s no way you’re going to decipher what it says. Ok yeah, so the railroad led into that and I’m going to walk with you To where it went back and connected to the mainline. You see some nice palm trees here; very indicative of South Florida. And right now, I’m currently walking Northbound I’m going to give you a shot of where we started walking over there. Yeah, the loading dock. This here is the It’s an abandoned SAL station. And over there, that’s the current Tri Rail Station. Where the Tri Rail passenger train that travels from Miami to about WPB commutes. See the crossties here. The old wooden crossties from the SCL days. If you guys know when it was the last time somebody used this stretch of railroad please comment below, I’d love to know, I’m probably going to assume it was sometime in the late 80s or maybe even early 80s You see these rails are pretty rusted. Here is SE 12th ST. And were going to continue walking here There’s a crosstie right there. You can see some ballast over here, look at that! Railroad spike. Guys, I apologize if the filming is erratic, but the terrain is uneven here. crossties. ok here we see Some signs of what used to be. We got some pavement markings. But I’m going to show you here This is where the spur I was walking on was. So it met up with the mainline About maybe 150 North of here. I cant go because there’s obviously a fence here. So that right there is the mainline. The CSX known as the SFRTA here in S FL. Oh, I’m going to show that spur that comes out of there, you see that? That one is also abandoned. and it comes through there. And there’s the end of the spur. Right next to the Jeep Cherokee. And then here we have this spur that came out of that spur. This used to be a really vibrant area when it came to industry. It’s the warehouse district in SE Hialeah. Back in the days This is CSX, but I remember also FEC had some spurs that came into this area. Yeah, see There’s a warehouse right there. That warehouse is still operational. There’s another abandoned spur right here. So we’ve seen like what? Like 4 abandoned spurs? in these past minutes. That’s an indication of what once was over here. Alright guys, we have officially reached the end of the line over here. I thank you very much for viewing. Please subscribe, like, or share. Take care, over and out.

    Abandoned Railroad Industry Spur
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    Abandoned Railroad Industry Spur

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. I’m over here in East Hialeah, Florida I just next to the east 71st street crossing over there and This here is I used to be a spur that serviced these warehouses. Obviously abandoned now they used to lead into there And here we see the rails this would be facing North now. There we see where the rails were cut off and then here is where the cross ties are. These are old SCL wooden cross ties These cross ties I guess they were recently pulling them you can see that they’re freshly scraped off And then that right there is East 71st street crossing. We have a big signal And I saw another Cross tie over here, i’m going to show you guys. This probably would have been the end of the track here. There’s 1 And then there’s a little here and then over here was where that spur was paved over you can see Right about there, you can see the indents in the pavement Alrighty guys, please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Crossing & Spur
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing & Spur

    August 9, 2019

    Hey guys, this is an abandoned railroad spur, abandoned CSX railroad spur. It used to be a former SCL in Miami, Florida. NW 10th Ave. and 22nd ST. Off to our left there, we’re going to see the stop dismount sign. And I’m going to continue to walk on the spur to show you guys where it led I don’t recall ever seeing a train here, if you guys seen a train coming thru here or rail cars or anything please comment below the last time you saw activity on this track I’d love to know. If it was a long time ago, if it was sometime recent, please comment. I’m going to continue walking here. You can see some cross ties, some wooden cross ties from the SCL days. The warehouse to my right is still operational. But yeah, these rails are pretty old. I’m looking for a date on them, but I don’t see one. And Right now I’m walking North, Sorry South… Southwest! And I’m coming up on NW 21st ST. there. This crossing had no lights, bells, or gates. It was just the wood and the cross bucks. If you guys log on to you can see where this spur originally led into. An option where you can see aerial views from different decades in the past. So here you go guys. Here is the last of the rails. as you can see they paved over where the rails met the the street. And I don’t see any cross bucks or any crossing gates or anything of the sort. They just made that loading dock there; the concrete looks fresh. So I’m guessing this didn’t go out of service for sometime in the not that long ago. in the distant past. So yeah, this would be looking back North of where we came walking through. Alright guys, please subscribe, like, or share. And thank you for viewing. Take care, over and out.

    Abandoned Railroad Near Downtown Miami
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    Abandoned Railroad Near Downtown Miami

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. We have another abandoned railroad here where just a block north of North West 20th Street on Northwest 12th Avenue here, we see the Metro rail there we see facing West at the track leads into that produce place and It’s are no longer active you can see the cars parking on it. You can see the crossing and then here We see the actual spur Or what’s left of it? This is an old CSX spur. Perhaps dating back to the SCL days Where the cars used to load the old wooden cross ties over here how beautiful Yep over there. We see some guys planting some trees So we’re walking East right now, and yeah, I got with the bulldozer right there. There’s no more rails there there’s oh That’s where they end. Here it’s barely noticeable. So yeah, and then let me give you a walk West from where we originally began filming See if we can see a date on the rail. 1924 there it is. I don’t know if you guys can see it? Backlight 1924 the rail says 1924 on it. Wow! See the Tie plate you can’t see a date on it Yeah, this is a old, this is SAL it not even a SCL. Seaboard Airline. Alright guys and we’re back. This is the spot I originally began filming Do not stop on Tracks very important, please subscribe or like. Thank you very much for viewing.

    Railroad Crossing Former Site near Miami International Airport
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    Railroad Crossing Former Site near Miami International Airport

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. We have another heartbreaker over here on Northwest 72nd Avenue. Just a few blocks away from the Miami international airport I’m going to zoom in to the control tower That right there was the control tower for Miami international Airport And over here. I’m going to show you the sad sight we have for today. This is a concrete foundation That held up the cantilever at the crossing You see the four screws that hold it up? And the wires that were cut right there And here we see the foundation for the crossing gate with all the wires that supplied it with electricity Over here, you can still see parts of the crossing, some of the ballast. This would be facing West. see I was trying to see if there was a tie plate or railroad spikes, but no such luck So yeah now I’m going to go facing East So you guys I think there’s still some rail left on on the east side Okay bear with me. It could be a very busy road at times Okay guys, so I made it to the median and here you can see the median crossing or what was the median crossing? and then Over there is the east side And I am going to cross now as soon as all these people coming Northbound cross. So this is where the crossing used to be on this side Here you see the four screws that held it up, the wires are gone. There you see another part of the crossing and where the relay case was Please subscribe or like guys. Thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Hidden Abandoned Railroad for Many Years
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    Hidden Abandoned Railroad for Many Years

    August 9, 2019

    all right ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, your railroad archaeologist today I was over here filming the CSX
    subdivision homestead subdivision and I was doing tractors along the track and I
    just noticed something I’ve never ever seen before filming this area and being
    a real fan here this is an abandoned rail spur that used to come into here
    and I just blew my mind I’ve never seen this one before
    look at this the ties from 19 from 1926 well I guess I’d never seen him before
    because they probably just recently cut the grass but yeah I never knew this was
    here you got tie plates over here piece of
    history that would be facing south west facing north east that’s the last time
    cross tie there and then this is the crossing itself I’ll include a Google
    Maps link to this location it’s on Southwest two five six feet so here you
    can see there’s there’s sugar cane going on the track it’s as far as the eye
    could see oh I’m gonna have to do an update video on this series because this
    growth is gonna get incredibly dense in the coming months with rainy season
    coming up so this is gonna get really scary you know matter of fact you can’t
    even tell at some point that there’s rails you and this is the south side of
    crossing on the north side give you a close-up here oh look at that this thing
    is practically my size watch craziness so Southwest to 56 feet
    milepost 62 point 44 got an old rusted machete here I’m still blown away that I
    was able to find that that old super over there that has been abandoned for
    decades and I’m assuming this is where it crossed at me over here you can’t
    even see where it connected to the main anymore so this is a a bar over here
    looks like something out of Armageddon and we got more growth more sugarcane on
    the line oh okay so I found one shred of evidence that it was a spur here look on
    this tie type it was and adventure it out that way
    wow this is one of my greatest finding guys and I thank you for sharing it
    would be incredible so over here it feels like I’m in the
    Amazon all these overblown trees and shrubs and sugar cane whatnot yep
    this is one it when our hobby starts getting sad guys when you see all this
    lost potential wasted potential and this history thrown away here
    this was bill in 1926 it’s a piece of Miami and South Florida history and real
    history and they’re just letting it rot unbelievable
    Wow this I have a feeling this is gonna be all girls are gonna be pulled and
    this is gonna be turned into a bike trip so amazing
    well plus weight well at least we have this video to preserve this line and then the switch was probably
    somewhere over here at that time so yeah all right my friends thank you for
    viewing and sharing history with me greatly appreciate it
    please like or comment below over and out

    Forest Growing on Abandoned Railroad Tracks
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    Forest Growing on Abandoned Railroad Tracks

    August 8, 2019

    hello ladies and germs yeah so I just
    thought this is RailROL82 your railroad archaeologist I just pulled
    this video on this abandoned train here and now I’m gonna show you guys these
    supers over here see I’m guessing by the looks of these trees that it’s been
    years and years since they’ve been in use try see if I can find a date on the
    rail well we do in an organized fashion so
    I’m gonna follow this / great and then I’m way back I’ll follow the one to my
    right if it’s follow ball so here we go 1927 a railroad from 1927 well it sounds like the rainforest so we
    get all kinds of birds and animals this is super fantastic over here so
    riflemen archaeologists up in mud yes I think this would have been the end of
    the line here there’s a hole right there and there’s a pretty dense forest here yeah I’m not gonna be role walk through
    here at least not safety but there you can still see the tracks on that side you’re for accessing so I have to kind of leave this between
    those wheels here okay and then this one yeah see the ties fungus growing on the
    north side of the track longest always blows in the North yeah
    it just goes there’s a pick on and now hear it it’s not gonna step in that
    so yeah just moving more and then that way it’s even more dense Dhar she is look at this
    man those treason was Beach like decades old with Alitalia yeah it’s taller than
    the power lines all righty guys and we’re back here
    where we started from so give you one more shot of the
    abandoned Spurs back here I appreciate you watching this video please comment
    below what you think of it subscribe if you haven’t subscribed please hit that
    notification bar so you can receive alerts of my videos when I post them on
    Wednesdays and Sunday mornings alrighty guys thank you very much take care bye