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    Abandoned Railroad Reclaimed by Nature
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    Abandoned Railroad Reclaimed by Nature

    August 27, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. We’ve got another abandoned railroad crossing as you can
    see I still got some more of these from the last time on me okay so I’m going to include a google
    maps link to my location down in the description This is where the spur went into this is the last trace of it then that
    this goes from here this is facing East now facing
    East No cross bucks, nothing I think that rail now I am facing west
    and that’s where I began filming originally over there see how the sidewalk was built to accommodate the the railroad this would have been either
    I don’t know if CSX was the last one to use it or seaboard incredible huh? so yeah guys I’m gonna include a Google
    map link and then I’m going to walk over here so you guys know what where the
    last rail goes or the last visible rail anyways so this side too, they built the
    sidewalk to accommodate the railroad and zoom in here yeah one little clue though that might help us date this back, as you know as we are railroad archaeologist I noticed that this this
    light post was installed October 1977 so if this industrial park was established
    around 1977 it’s safe to say that this spur was probably put in around that
    time all right guys. Please subscribe or like
    thank you very much for viewing over and out.

    Abandoned Railroad Near Downtown Miami
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    Abandoned Railroad Near Downtown Miami

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. We have another abandoned railroad here where just a block north of North West 20th Street on Northwest 12th Avenue here, we see the Metro rail there we see facing West at the track leads into that produce place and It’s are no longer active you can see the cars parking on it. You can see the crossing and then here We see the actual spur Or what’s left of it? This is an old CSX spur. Perhaps dating back to the SCL days Where the cars used to load the old wooden cross ties over here how beautiful Yep over there. We see some guys planting some trees So we’re walking East right now, and yeah, I got with the bulldozer right there. There’s no more rails there there’s oh That’s where they end. Here it’s barely noticeable. So yeah, and then let me give you a walk West from where we originally began filming See if we can see a date on the rail. 1924 there it is. I don’t know if you guys can see it? Backlight 1924 the rail says 1924 on it. Wow! See the Tie plate you can’t see a date on it Yeah, this is a old, this is SAL it not even a SCL. Seaboard Airline. Alright guys and we’re back. This is the spot I originally began filming Do not stop on Tracks very important, please subscribe or like. Thank you very much for viewing.