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    Unused Railroad Crossing Before Hurricane Irma
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    Unused Railroad Crossing Before Hurricane Irma

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today we have
    an unused railroad crossing here this line hasn’t officially been abandoned
    but it is totally unused this is the old SAL in Homestead, Florida
    this here’s track view North this here is track view South. As you can see its primarily
    an agricultural area around here. and the crossing itself Here we have Safe Tran Signal base. We have a Safe Tran gate mechanism. The emergency contact info See CSX S line Homestead Extension It’s mile post 63 point 99 there’s a mile post 64 over there. The
    lights on the crossing are Reco lights and these are also safe tran
    we’ve got four safe trans ok and then look at the wood old school old school SAL, Seaboard I believe the relay
    case still has power, see the light there and then this crossing is probably the same
    gear We got Safe tran systems signal base safe tran gate mechanism safe
    tran lights all around you see the spider web there and Reco lights on the
    crossing gate emergency contact info then we got track view south and we got
    the mile post right there as I said as I showed you before yeah all around you
    those are maybe like orange trees or lemon trees think those are mangoes
    avocados then I’ll think on this idea it’s also
    more mangoes or avocados Off in the distance there is the railrol82 mobile and then we
    got the wooden cross ties so yeah guys the last time a train was here was years
    ago and they haven’t sent a train ever since, it hasn’t officially been
    abandoned so that’s why we’re gonna call it unused
    alrighty guys thank you for viewing please subscribe like or share take care
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    New 5 Track Railroad Crossing
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    New 5 Track Railroad Crossing

    August 9, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    going to show you guys something bittersweet here this crossing was an
    old cantilever crossing from probably like the 70s that I took the video on
    I’ll include the link in the bottom so you guys can see that before and after
    but yeah they turned it into a 5 track crossing now you can see the sign right
    there five tracks and then it’s all new equipment you got a progress signal
    base over here WC Hayes gate mechanism and bracket this cantilever is probably a well it’s brand new Green bull, don’t see oh progress okay then you see the emergency contact them for their across the number two seven three
    seven three four be and let me give you a shot of five tracks now see some voodoo here oh yeah and look at the rail right there
    says new alright so 1 2 is this track view East, three four and five so this
    track here is actually a brand new track there’s the relay case by the way this
    track is gonna connect the tri rail coming from the well from that track
    which used to be the old CSX that’s a SFRTA and it’s gonna come this way
    towards downtown Miami and link up over there you see those are those signals
    there and you as well okay and then here you got the same setup you got a
    pedestrian crossing gate with progress signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism
    WC Hayes lights leds there’s no bell on this side the bells
    on that side is an e bell that was replaced, it replaced a mechanical that was here before we cross when it’s safe and then on this side you got
    another relay case but another progress cantilever five tracks the WC Hayes LED
    lights up top as well e bell uptop crashed
    emergency contact info and then this is the brand new track the brand new track
    the they actually built this a few months ago. They cut into the business’s yard right there to build that track brand new they’re going to downtown on this one then that’s the iris interlock in there
    that’s where the CSX meets the FEC this is track view West still nice to see the wooden ties here that looks like it used to be a team
    team track back in the day this was abandoned yeah, it looks like it because it doesn’t go into anywhere this is never, this trick never crossed the crossing whoa look, this rail here is from 1949 Wow Carnegie, USA Carnegie 1949 Maybe Jesus Christ saw trains on this line oh yeah there’s some concrete ties. I want to show you guys the team track here this used to be a team track back in the day and a there’s a switch over here I wanted to show you guys too. that switch is automatic and manual at the same time, wow so yeah iris interlocking and then I’m going to be standing in a part of history right now this bet right now
    this is a team this used to be a team track and then this line with the 1949 rail just came up here. wow look at all this 2016 ties this track here is CSX this
    one’s FEC and then some more rails here these are gonna go to the big rail
    yard in the sky now all right you guys thank you for viewing please subscribe
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    Abandoned Railroad From Cold War Opa Locka Airport
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    Abandoned Railroad From Cold War Opa Locka Airport

    August 9, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna
    show you guys something that not many people know that live in South Florida
    I’m gonna show you guys, first of all this facing east facing west and that
    there is the opa-locka Airport I’ll include a Google Maps into this location
    but at this very spot that I’m standing you see right there behind that there’s
    a gate, I’ll walk over there right now but let me show you what I mean
    first there used to be a spur here that used to go into opa-locka Airport I
    think this might have been built I’ve seen footage see you right there well you can still
    see the Y over there and be here the tri-rail in the background up in the
    pavement there in the asphalt you can see it there’s a Y and one rail one
    track one over here in those bushes there there’s a rail right and then to
    tri rail in the background there this was an old seaboard line
    so I’m guessing seaboard was the last well I don’t know because I drove by
    here as a kid in the in the 80s and I remember seeing a crossing
    I remember seeing but there was cross bucks here and over there in Lejeune
    they if they even had like a flashing red light indicating that there was a
    there was a railroad crossing there so The one that I remember, so that rail there right? if I were to continue a straight line on
    it they would come out somewhere like over here which makes sense because
    that’s where the gate is that I wanted to show you go ahead and this is a
    pretty busy road here I’m gonna go ahead and cross it whenever it is safe to right now and it went right in over here there’s
    our on historic aerials dot-com and on you can see the
    old maps of this area and you will definitely see that the
    tracks went in there there was even a wye inside the airport so that’s this is
    where the grade crossing would have been and I’m gonna see if I can find at least
    like a very faded portion of the pavement marking if its still here let’s see yeah yeah I think we’re out of luck on this one
    because I remember like the last time I saw that spur was like 1990-1991
    perhaps yeah there is no pavement working here at all I’m guessing since
    1990 27 years ago they’ve repaved the road quite a few times all righty guys so I appreciate you all
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    All Gates Broken Railroad Crossing
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    All Gates Broken Railroad Crossing

    August 9, 2019

    Okay ladies and gentlemen another
    crossing here with hurricane Irma damage this one all four crossing gates
    suffered damage here okay this is the crossing at South West 137th Avenue just
    south of 160th Street and south of Gold Coast Railroad Museum here are the
    FPL lights Sorry FPL power lines and then here is
    the first victim this guy cracked right over there. This is a
    fiberglass crossing gate you see that the fibers were torn off right there due to the heavy winds of a hurricane Irma it doesn’t matter much because this part
    of the CSX Homestead Sub division is it’s not officially abandoned but it’s
    all unused and then I’m gonna wait so look at this one here this is facing
    Northwest and then look at this guy this is the median crossing looking
    north on 137th Avenue and then wait I’m gonna wait till all these cars pass, I don’t want to get runned over today okay I’m gonna make a run for it and then here’s the other one okay so as you can see CSX Homestead
    subdivision milepost 54.60 Safe tran signal base safe tran gate mechanism you can see
    the DOT tag and safe tran systems lights E dinger up top and look at the
    gate itself As I said so this here is facing
    northwest the next crossing down this line will be the Southwest 152nd Street
    crossing See if I zoom in here and then that’s south
    Southwest yeah so this is North East and this is a Southwest view
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    Abandoned Railroad Urban Exploration
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    Abandoned Railroad Urban Exploration

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentleman as I
    disembark the RailROL82 mobile over here in North Miami, I’m going to show you
    guys an abandoned railroad spur here I’m also going to include a link to the
    Google Maps link a location on this place over here so this is facing south
    west north and east let me go ahead and start the tour okay see so you guys see
    that one and I have a feeling that there might be another one in there okay so
    here’s where this one starts yeah I knew it! Always go with your gut
    there it is that piece of a cross tie sometimes these nails have dates on them pretty
    on there so that tree looks about a few years old to say the least maybe ten
    years old and that rail over there is pretty old real that’s like the kind of
    really have on the CSX Homestead subdivision sometimes these nails have
    the dates on them let me see No not this one okay so now we’re facing east and
    let’s see if we find anything interesting along the ride here so it’ll be
    pretty difficult for train to come through here wouldn’t it and then there we got the one that’s
    covered with bushes actually we got three there’s a third
    one over there three and this one keeps going and I think we’re gonna be, that tree is
    gonna put an end to our filming yeah cuz I do not intend to go over there. Either way
    yeah that’s way covered in bushes that way so I will head back towards the
    RailROL82 mobile now and right now I’m walking west The rain so yeah guys, if you guys know when or if
    you ever saw the spur being serviced know of when it was abandoned, around what year or CSX or seaboard of the last one to use it. please comment below I’d love to know. Thank you very much for viewing, Please Subscribe and like over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Industry Spur
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    Abandoned Railroad Industry Spur

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. I’m over here in East Hialeah, Florida I just next to the east 71st street crossing over there and This here is I used to be a spur that serviced these warehouses. Obviously abandoned now they used to lead into there And here we see the rails this would be facing North now. There we see where the rails were cut off and then here is where the cross ties are. These are old SCL wooden cross ties These cross ties I guess they were recently pulling them you can see that they’re freshly scraped off And then that right there is East 71st street crossing. We have a big signal And I saw another Cross tie over here, i’m going to show you guys. This probably would have been the end of the track here. There’s 1 And then there’s a little here and then over here was where that spur was paved over you can see Right about there, you can see the indents in the pavement Alrighty guys, please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Crossing & Spur
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing & Spur

    August 9, 2019

    Hey guys, this is an abandoned railroad spur, abandoned CSX railroad spur. It used to be a former SCL in Miami, Florida. NW 10th Ave. and 22nd ST. Off to our left there, we’re going to see the stop dismount sign. And I’m going to continue to walk on the spur to show you guys where it led I don’t recall ever seeing a train here, if you guys seen a train coming thru here or rail cars or anything please comment below the last time you saw activity on this track I’d love to know. If it was a long time ago, if it was sometime recent, please comment. I’m going to continue walking here. You can see some cross ties, some wooden cross ties from the SCL days. The warehouse to my right is still operational. But yeah, these rails are pretty old. I’m looking for a date on them, but I don’t see one. And Right now I’m walking North, Sorry South… Southwest! And I’m coming up on NW 21st ST. there. This crossing had no lights, bells, or gates. It was just the wood and the cross bucks. If you guys log on to you can see where this spur originally led into. An option where you can see aerial views from different decades in the past. So here you go guys. Here is the last of the rails. as you can see they paved over where the rails met the the street. And I don’t see any cross bucks or any crossing gates or anything of the sort. They just made that loading dock there; the concrete looks fresh. So I’m guessing this didn’t go out of service for sometime in the not that long ago. in the distant past. So yeah, this would be looking back North of where we came walking through. Alright guys, please subscribe, like, or share. And thank you for viewing. Take care, over and out.

    Contaminated Railroad Crossing
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    Contaminated Railroad Crossing

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today, we have another I Would call this an unused railroad crossing? It’s not officially abandoned yet, but as you can see or you’re gonna be able to see It’s are not in very good state So first of all let me show you guys this little sign here Contaminated area, right So god knows what kind of stuff they load over there That tank so anyways me give you a look at the crossing here then This is gonna be right now. I’m standing on the east side of the crossing and you can barely Barely see the rail here This I don’t know you can hear that those are that loud speaker. These are all publix warehouses and Saying something I can’t hear anyways, so this is the east side of the crossing And this would be the west side of the crossing it started to rain try to hurry it up here you can see the emergency contact info and It’s just crossbuck and a yield sign wooden post so here you got the grade Look at that You gotta have like x-ray vision to see I or the rails are there for some reason oh, I guess think these people maintain the They mow the lawn here It’s starting to rain Let me just, I could film in the rain for a few and then this is the where I will standing originally over there West side of the crossing Then you got this one this one’s still in use You see this one’s brand-new because it has the concrete ties but uh You can’t see it, but these try no these three tracks over here, and the crossing they actually Weeds are so big, but you can’t see that they put a 2 cross 2 ties on the tracks Stopping any train coming this way, so they’re sealed off oh God one of my my buddies here along for the ride again Yeah, so we got three tracks here one two three All right guys please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing give you a last shot of the rail here Over and out

    Railroad Crossing Former Site near Miami International Airport
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    Railroad Crossing Former Site near Miami International Airport

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. We have another heartbreaker over here on Northwest 72nd Avenue. Just a few blocks away from the Miami international airport I’m going to zoom in to the control tower That right there was the control tower for Miami international Airport And over here. I’m going to show you the sad sight we have for today. This is a concrete foundation That held up the cantilever at the crossing You see the four screws that hold it up? And the wires that were cut right there And here we see the foundation for the crossing gate with all the wires that supplied it with electricity Over here, you can still see parts of the crossing, some of the ballast. This would be facing West. see I was trying to see if there was a tie plate or railroad spikes, but no such luck So yeah now I’m going to go facing East So you guys I think there’s still some rail left on on the east side Okay bear with me. It could be a very busy road at times Okay guys, so I made it to the median and here you can see the median crossing or what was the median crossing? and then Over there is the east side And I am going to cross now as soon as all these people coming Northbound cross. So this is where the crossing used to be on this side Here you see the four screws that held it up, the wires are gone. There you see another part of the crossing and where the relay case was Please subscribe or like guys. Thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Miami Railroad Crossing & CSX Train
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    Miami Railroad Crossing & CSX Train

    August 8, 2019

    Bell Sounds Hey guys, guys and gals this is CSX train O721 at the North West 71st Street crossing. Hialeah, Florida. train horn He’s going to be headed, right now he’s heading South South and then he’s going to be heading West To pick up some rocks in the rock hoppers. out near the Everglades inaudible Show you guys this big signal over here train horn This is for
    iris, iris interlocking where the FEC crosses with the CSX alright guys please
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