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    200系新幹線ラストラン Bullet train Shinkansen 200 series Last running
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    200系新幹線ラストラン Bullet train Shinkansen 200 series Last running

    October 19, 2019

    Today is March 15, 2013. Change of timetable of a railroad will be performed on tomorrow. Many old model trains will be abolished in connection with it. Notable among them is the 200 series Shinkansen. 200 series is the train which wore the lovely face of the round nose. It is the same face as 0 series that used for Tokaido Shinkansen that was made in 1963. If 200 series is abolished, all the trains of a face with a round lovely nose will be lost. This is a very unfortunate event for the railway enthusiast. I came to the train base of the Tabata. But it stopped behind that train, it is hard to see. A little can be seen from here. It has stopped. Shinkansen shooting is difficult. Because it running a high place like that. This wire net, a high place, and a wall are obstructive. The last train will come at night. I think I’ll try to shoot in different locations. Tokyo station now. “Toki 347” bound for Niigata is the last train of the 200 series. “Toki 347″… Oh my god! Ticket was sold out! It is very crowded. I can not shoot. Platform crowded with journalists and many enthusiasts. It is great! It is original color. It is very crowded. I can not shoot. The popular reason in 200 series… Although a style is also one reason. Probably, another reason is the derailment accident which occurred in case of the earthquake in 2004. By the big earthquake which occurred in 2004, the 200 series Shinkansen caused the derailment accident during the run by 200km Speed. It was the first big disaster in the history of the Shinkansen. In spite of having been the worst ever accident, dead or injured person was nobody. The safety of the Shinkansen of Japan was proved under those circumstances in the world. I think that 200 series is loved also from such a reason. Since it is very crowded, there is no telling whether it can ride or not. I will try it. A lot of people! It is only said that I ride on. It arrived in Omiya station.


    A travel by Shinkansen (bullet train) – MAXたにがわ号に乗ってみた

    September 8, 2019

    上毛高原、越後湯沢、長岡、終点新潟に止まります。 Maxたにがわ311号ガーラ湯沢行は1号車から8号車… お下がり下さい… 禁煙です。 Maxとき… はい。新潟行 ガーラ湯沢行 ドアが閉まります。 オーライ。 (車内チャイム) 本日もJR東日本をご利用下さいましてありがとうございます。 この電車は上越新幹線MAXたにがわ号ガーラ湯沢行とMAXとき­号新潟行です。 次は上野に止まります。 Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Welcome on board the Joetsu-Shinkansen. This is the MAX Tanigawa super-express bound for Gala Yuzawa, combined with MAX Toki super-express bound for Nigata. The next stop will be Ueno. Maxとき311号新潟行とMaxたにがわ311号ガーラ湯沢行が発車致します。 次は上毛高原に止まります。 黄色い線までお下がり下さい。 ドアが閉まります。ご注意ください。