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    Japan’s MAGNETIC LEVITATION Train | Linimo

    October 16, 2019

    This is not your average train. This train is levitating. This is Linimo. Its first name was Aichi Kōsoku Kōtsū Tōbu Kyūryō-sen). Renaming it Linimo was probably a good idea. It’s a magnetic-levitation train, or maglev, and you can ride it right here in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Linimo is one of only two Maglev trains in the world open for public usage. The other, in Shanghai, was built as an airport connection. But Linimo seems almost… out in the middle of nowhere. It was actually built to connect people to
    the site of the 2005 World Fair, which now functions as a park. Linimo is still active, though, and connects 9 stations over 9 kilometers, with about 7 million people who use it each year. But how does it work? I’ll send you over
    to Andrew Marston to find out. Hey there, internet! I actually live on the
    Linimo. Not like ON it on it, but like next to it. I can see the Linimo from my apartment. Anyway, I have a basic understanding of how the Linimo works, which I will now attempt to communicate to you in 30 seconds or less. Let’s do this. So the Linimo is a Maglev-style train. This means that it uses magnetic levitation to literally float above the track and propel itself without touching anything. This also means there’s almost no friction, and is the reason that Maglev trains are the fastest in the world. One has even been clocked at
    over 600 km/h. At this speed you could go from LA to NYC in under 7 hours. But actually, the Linimo doesn’t go nearly this fast. It was designed as an alternative to conventional trains rather than as a high-speed train. So its top speed is only about 100 km/h, which is still pretty quick. All right, we made it. There’s a lot more that could be said
    about Maglev trains and the Linimo specifically, but I’m just going to summarize by saying “Science!!1!” And that’s all I got right now! See you guys around the internet. Linimo is only three cars long, and because
    it’s fully automated there is no driver. Once it’s above ground, there are no staff
    on board at all. It’s also foreigner friendly, with announcements in both Japanese and English. In consideration of other passengers, please
    refrain from putting on makeup, eating, drinking, or talking on your mobile phone, etc, while
    in the train. Special seats and wheelchair spaces have been designated for the elderly
    and physically disabled. Thank you for your cooperation. To reach the Linimo, you have to follow the
    yellow Higashiyama line from Nagoya station aaaaaall the way to the end, to Fujigaoka. You can’t use your IC cards on it because it’s a private line, and it’s a bit more expensive than normal trains. But I mean, come on. This isn’t a normal train. You’re levitating!! You can use it to get to the Aichi Commemorative
    Park, which is kinda empty since the end of the World Fair, but it still has some stuff
    to do like the Totoro house, the forest school, a water park and an ice skating rink. But I think just riding the train is enough in itself because guys… SCIENCE!! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out Andrew’s channel! He once biked across the entire country of Japan, and now he makes really well edited videos that may
    or may not put ours to shame.

    Japan Bullet Train – What happens if you LOSE your Ticket?
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    Japan Bullet Train – What happens if you LOSE your Ticket?

    October 13, 2019

    we just bought our tickets and we’re going to wear nobody out I lost the ticket not this time again why Michael really yes you have to buy it again even with the receipt yes [Music] so we’re heading to Nagoya today Micah’s hometown see the parents I’m excited Nagoya is known for milk honey tomatoes and Toyota cars it should be a good time so I’m holding my bag and I’m holding this thing and I can’t turn off the camera stupid bag so we got to go buy our tickets over there [Music] that news I just lost my ticket no no it is I think I dropped my ticket in between buying the ticket going through the turnstile and then trying to get on to the train or in Chandigarh now we’re about to get on the Shinkansen it’s about thirty minutes with the Train I’m kinda scared you might have to repurchase it because it’s gonna be like 10,000 yen so we’re gonna try to negotiate with them we don’t know what’s gonna happen I need to get this one in the day in age where everything is digital how difficult is it to just print out a new receipt [Music] I mean doesn’t masturbate hi so uh pardon me hi today no way about it thank you yes you got a ticket I love Japanese people so cool hey look it’s a Nicki Ben you know what I mean so we’re on the way to see microspheres but on the way there and we’re gonna stop by Michael’s friend’s house think they’re gonna make us some dinner we’ve arrived so we’re in the wine store Michaels taking forever but this happens easily like a good boyfriend Iowa [Music] reversal [Music] [Music] [Music] sweets all right time to get on the train birds so we don’t have a lot of time we stayed with Mexico and heat away too long and now we got a rush pick up our stuff and catch a train to my girl’s parents place [Music] [Applause] [Music] so you made it back months ago and healer job we’re awesome we had a great dinner we had some wine really excited to go see Michael’s parents you know it’s really interesting to see how like different people live in Japan I mean they have like the whole fifties things going on I never expected that to like be a thing in Japan but they really liked it they’re really really good people and hey in the future we might go see them again [Music]

    F&W071: 20′ & 40′ Container von PT Trains
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    F&W071: 20′ & 40′ Container von PT Trains

    October 12, 2019

    I brought some new containers because you can’t have enough of them And this time I brought the debut work from new Portuguese manufacturer PT Trains that outstrip everything you might have seen to date. Stay tuned! The container arrive in a more wagon or locomotive like packaging They feature a slipcover box and are double protected in plastic First a deep-drawn piece and then the container itself is also wrapped into plastic foil The packaging is one of the major negative points Of course, it’s a bit contradictory as a plastic model builder to brag about too much plastic in the packaging but a little bit less elaborate packaging would have been fine, too. Especially since a container packaging is different from that for wagons or locomotives something that will end up in the trash very likely. However, there is nothing wrong with the containers themselves. They are very true to scale, have a matt finish, printed absolutely flawlessly on five sides using the pad printing process, which includes opaque surfaces printed door rubbers and easy-to-read small lettering. And in terms of the retail price, they are on the same level as the container models from Kombimodell, which are also very good The 40′ is at 17 Euro MSRP and the 20′ at 15 Euro, but they are also available for 14 and 12 Euro respectively. But all of this was obviously not enough for PT Trains. As a special highlight, you can open the doors on all models And also the inside of every container is painted, this is also true for the floor. Wait, why’s that a highlight as there are containers by PIKO ………there are plastic boxes by PIKO they call „container“, but honestly… Whereby it is almost an Afront to compare the toy from Sonneberg with the models by PT Trains. Because even with the doors they stick to optics and function known from real containers. Each door consists of five individual parts, as you can see on the unpainted model. In addition, the containers have individually attached and, depending on the prototype, varying number of vent covers, which in the end sums up to up to 20 individual parts per container. That the corner castings are opened up is almost a side note. And if that’s not enough for you, you can enjoy the fact that PT Trains has implemented both the 40′ and the 20′ container in two different basic forms. One with square openings at the front and rear next to the corner castings. And on the other hand with the triangular openings typical to MSC. I might be mistaken, but according to my knowledge it’s the first time that something like this has been realized in H0. Differently corrugated doors however we have seen before, but even here PT Trains distinguishes three variants. The door with five beads comes with external or internal locks depending on the prototype. Even more variants will appear with the new releases announced for December. The price you pay for this: The containers are only partially compatible with most container wagons. Only the wagons from Kombimodell really fit. And most likely their announced very own wagons will fit. While for most of the other wagons the containers need to be reworked, for example by gluing in small pieces of wire as pins for loading onto MäTrix wagons, because these are models, not simple cargo complying to NEM 380 The containers also only fit on the container chassis by herpa by expanding the corner castings. In the case of the 40′ containers, the Goose Neck Tunnel, which is too flat, must also be deepened or removed, respectively. There are two more or less trivial issues Each container is currently only available with exactly one container number. Several numbers, such as offered by Kombimodell, would be desirable. And many large shipping companies are missing. In addition to Maersk and MSC, containers in the colours of COSCO, CMA CGM, Evergreen, OOCL, Hapag-Llyod or ONE or the merged companies NYK, MOL and K-Line, would be desirable. And not to forget Hanjin, containers in their colours can still be seen from time to time even today. But the December announcements will improve the situation on these issues, too. Hapag-Lloyd will be added, and there will be alternative container numbers for Maersk, MSC and Hamburg Süd. In summary, the negative points for these containers are not really any as they are either negligible or the issue is already being addressed by PT Trains. These containers are not just simple cargo, they are real models and PT Trains has given them all the attention that one needs to give to a model to make it good. PT Trains has thus launched the first product in the company’s history that can confidently be described as THE reference for the coming years. This is how you construct a container model today (I’m curious to see if you’ve paid attention to B-Models)…

    車椅子で電車  LRT: Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit System クアラルンプール マレーシア
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    車椅子で電車 LRT: Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit System クアラルンプール マレーシア

    October 11, 2019

    There is an elevator the other side, but … Wheelchair Walker We took the LRT from Masjid Jamek station A long ramp took us to the ticket gate Take a little sip We are taking a break Ticket-vending machine ① Select English ② Select the line ③ Select the destination station ④ Select the number of tickets My son bought the tickets by himself ⑤ Pay the price ⑥ Take the tokens Make sure you don’t forget the change The gate opens when you touch the sensor with the token It is narrow We took an elevator to get to the platform This step is bigger than the one on MRT There is a wheelchair space It says you should give up these seats to those who need them We should get off now I am a bit scared There is an escalator, but how about an elevator? There isn’t one! There is an elevator the other side, but … It’s difficult to find the elevator There aren’t many signs here in Malaysia It looks like there is nothing here But just at the end, there is an elevator It’s difficult for tourists to find it I was panicking already We were panicking I recommend you ask the station staff if the elevator at your destination works or not The elevator on the other side of this station under maintenance We posted everything on WheeLog! Please, check it out! Please like and subscribe to my channel!

    Shonan Monorail
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    Shonan Monorail

    September 18, 2019

    我現在在日本東京留學。 今天我要跟朋友們去一日遊。 首先我們要到西鎌倉去吃中餐。 接下來,要坐湘南單軌電車到江之島。 要好好去玩嘍!

    湘南モノレール ピンクリボン号デビュー! Shonan Monorail Pink Ribbon-Go Edition
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    湘南モノレール ピンクリボン号デビュー! Shonan Monorail Pink Ribbon-Go Edition

    September 10, 2019

    In the early hours of
    March 23 2016 The 7th train of all the new 5000 series (Pink Line) was delivered to Shonan Monorail HQ Workshop in Kamakura City from Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Mihara Plant in Hiroshima Prefecture. 3 cabins of suspended monorail were hoisted up in 6 hours Assembly, Safety Inspections, Driving Test, etc. were repeated in 2 months’ time Shonan Monorail came to a decision to name it as Pink Ribbon-Go in April 2016 in order to back up Pink Ribbon Kanagawa enlightening women about early diagnosis and early medical treatment against breast cancer. Pink Ribbon-Go was wrapped by pink ribbons of symbol mark of Pink Ribbon Kanagawa after the prayer for safety and shrine ritual on May 20 2016 and waiting for its debut. Pink Ribbon-Go Launching Ceremony
    May 28 2016 Early diagnosis and early medical treatment against breast cancer was called at the special booth of Pink Ribbon Kanagawa right in front of Shonan Monorail Ofuna Sta. Head marks put some thought of campaign against breast cancer into were handed to Shonan Monorail by Dr. Doi – Head of Pink Ribbon Kanagawa and Mayor of Kamakura Mr. Matsuo respectively. Pink Ribbon-Go became ready to run with the head mark. The operation of Pink Ribbon-Go was commenced being celebrated by many people Ofuna Kannon was lighted-up in pink color with some thought of campaign against breast cancer Pink Ribbon-Go runs
    to the eradication
    of breast cancer I will be happy if the number of women who go to the diagnosis could be increased riding Pink Ribbon-Go, and its consolation rate would be increased accordingly in Kamakura City, and then many life are to be saved with the aid of early detection.


    Drone Edition “Kamakura Enoshima Sky Trip 2” (Shonan Monorail) ドローン編 鎌倉・江の島スカイトリップ2 (湘南モノレール)

    September 9, 2019

    穿越鐮倉的高山和峽谷,湘南的海浮現在眼前,駛向江之島。 <法行寺>
    被稱作杜鵑寺,創建於1495年的古寺。 每年春天,笛田公園山麓院內全是杜鵑。特別是從本堂的後山看,院內能縱覽全部的杜鵑。 <雷亭>
    擁有鐮倉山中的5萬平米的周遊式庭園的蕎麥面宴席店。 滿載著石佛·石塔·五重塔和梅林·竹林·季節花草的庭園。也能縱覽富士山·箱根·天城連綿的群山·大島。 <鐮倉山天滿宮>(雷亭內)
    神的學者棺原道真被供奉,每月25日舉行祭神 <百佛崖>(雷亭內)
    很多無緣佛被安置,春分秋分時進行供養 <八角堂>(雷亭內)
    模仿法隆寺夢殿造的寺廟。使用了各種各樣的古代瓦 <樂米柳>


    A travel by Shinkansen (bullet train) – MAXたにがわ号に乗ってみた

    September 8, 2019

    上毛高原、越後湯沢、長岡、終点新潟に止まります。 Maxたにがわ311号ガーラ湯沢行は1号車から8号車… お下がり下さい… 禁煙です。 Maxとき… はい。新潟行 ガーラ湯沢行 ドアが閉まります。 オーライ。 (車内チャイム) 本日もJR東日本をご利用下さいましてありがとうございます。 この電車は上越新幹線MAXたにがわ号ガーラ湯沢行とMAXとき­号新潟行です。 次は上野に止まります。 Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Welcome on board the Joetsu-Shinkansen. This is the MAX Tanigawa super-express bound for Gala Yuzawa, combined with MAX Toki super-express bound for Nigata. The next stop will be Ueno. Maxとき311号新潟行とMaxたにがわ311号ガーラ湯沢行が発車致します。 次は上毛高原に止まります。 黄色い線までお下がり下さい。 ドアが閉まります。ご注意ください。