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    香港電車 101 底盤測驗 Hong Kong Tramways #101 Chassis Trial
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    香港電車 101 底盤測驗 Hong Kong Tramways #101 Chassis Trial

    October 22, 2019

    101 Chassis Trial Hennesy Road to Percival Street (Happy Valley bound) The new chassis designed by Hong Kong Tramways Ltd. The wheels and brake system provided by CRRC Corporation Ltd. The chassis generates bigger noise
    when the wheels friction with the track. Wong Nai Chung Road (Happy Valley bound) The new chassis’ sound different with the older trams’ chassis Tin Lok Lane to Hennesy Road Tram #10 was following tram #101 For pushing the tram #101 when emergency Hong Kong Tramways retrofits the junction rail track to minimize noise.

    🚆🚪🚇 All You Can Watch Train & Subway Doors Closing + Chimes, Buzzer & Beeps! 🚆🚪🚇 電車ドアが閉まります!
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    🚆🚪🚇 All You Can Watch Train & Subway Doors Closing + Chimes, Buzzer & Beeps! 🚆🚪🚇 電車ドアが閉まります!

    October 20, 2019

    Please mind the closing doors
    [JR East E233-2000 Series] [SBS Transit Alstom Metropolis C751C] [Sydney Trains (CityRail) Tangara T-Set] [London Underground 1996 Stock] [Beijing Subway DKZ4] [Mass Transit Railway C-Train] [KTM Komuter Class 81] [Taipei Metro C381] Please mind the closing doors
    [Tokyo Metro 01 Series] [Tokyo Metro 07 Series] Doors are closing [SMRT Trains C651] Doors are closing!
    [Kita-Osaka Kyuko 9000 Series] [London Underground 1973 Stock] [Bay Area Rapid Transit] [Beijing Subway DKZ16] [Toei 6300 Series] Do not rush into the train [Kintestu Railway 9820 Series] [Transperth B-Series] Pull your luggage away from the train door
    [Tokyo Metro 7000 Series] Do not rush into the train [Keihan 13000 Series] [KTM Komuter Class 92] [Tokyo Metro 9000 Series] Doors are closing Pull your luggage away from the train doors Do not rush into the train [Guangzhou Metro B2] [Kobe Electric 5000 Series] [Tokyo Metro 08 Series] [Tokyu 8500 Series] Please do not obstruct the doors
    [MTR SP1900] Thank you for your co-operation Please keep away from the door area Thank you for your co-operation Please keep clear of the doors Please stand clear of the train doors [Keikyu 600 Series] [Toei 12-000 Series] [Shanghai Metro 10A01/AC13] [Keisei 3000 Series] [London Underground 1992 Stock] [Sydney Trains (CityRail) K-Set] JR East 209-1000 [Hankyu 8300 Series] Doors are closing [San Francisco Airport Terminal Shuttle] [Osaka Metro 22 Series] Please hold the handrail
    [MTR Light Rail] [Gold Coast Light Rail – G:Link] [Tokyo Metro 10000 Series] [Guangzhou Metro A4] [SMRT Trains C751B] [Hankyu 1300 Series] [MTR K-Stock] Plaform 1…Doors are closing!
    [Keio 9000 Series] [British Rail Class 166] [Shanghai Metro AC08/02A02] [Osaka Subway 70 Series] [Toei 10-300 Series (Batch 2)] Platform 2…Door are closing [Sydney Trains H-Set (OSCAR)] [London Underground 1995 Stock] [Nanjing Metro Alstom/CSR Puzhen Metropolis] [SBS Transit C751A – Alstom Metropolis] [Tokyu 5050 Series] Doors are closing (Door are closing!) Pull your luggage away from the train door Do not rush into the train [Guangzhou Metro B4] [MTR M-Train] [Hankyu 1000 Series] [London Underground D Stock] [Osaka Metro 10 Series] [Queensland Rail IMU 100] Train is departing
    [Odakyu 4000 Series] Please mind the closing doors [Osaka Metro 30000 Series] Doors are closing
    (Notice the term ‘door’ used in Kansai region and Tokyo differ) [MTR/KCR SP1900] [Tobu 50000 Series] Train departing Doors are closing Do not rush into the doors [SMRT Trains C830C] [Harbin Metro Line 1] [Taipei Metro C301] [Tokyo Metro 02 Series] Doors are closing Pull your luggage away from the door Do not rush into the train [London Underground 2009 Stock] [Keikyu N1000 Series] Platform 1…Doors are closing! [SBS Transit C951 – Changchun Bombardier Movia] [Shanghai Metro AC08/02A02] [RapidKL Ampang Line – Adtranz Walkers EMU] [Hokuso 7300 Series] [Guangzhou Metro A5] [Sydney Trains Millennium M-Set] [SMRT Trains C830] [Tokyu 2000 Series] [Guangzhou Metro B1] Doors are closing [London Underground S Stock] Doors are about to close…doors closing!
    [Tokyo Metro 03 Series] [Nanjing Metro Line 1 – CSR Puzhen/Alstom Metropolis] [Transperth A-Series] [RapidKL – Bombardier ART Mk II (Innovia ART 200)] [Chiba New Town Railway 9100 Series] Please stand clear of the doors
    [MTR/KCR Metro Cammell EMU (East Rail Line)] This train is departing Please keep clear of the train doors [Beijing Subway DKZ47] [Tokyo Metro 05 Series] [Sydney Trains Waratah A Set] [London Underground 1972 Stock] [MTR A-Stock – Tung Chung Line] [Guangzhou Metro A3 – Bombardier Movia 456] [Kobe Electric 3000 Series] [Hanshin 9300 Series] This train is about to depart
    [MTR/KCR Metro Cammell EMU – East Rail Line] Please stand clear of the doors This train is about to leave Please keep clear from the train doors Please mind the doors [Kobe Electric 1100 Series] [Sanyo Railway 5000 Series] [Osaka Metro 21 Series] [Queensland Rail EMU 000 Series] [SMRT Trains C151] [MTR K-Stock – Tung Chung Line] [Taipei Metro C371] [Toei 10-300 Series (Batch 4)] [Tokyo Metro 02 Series] Do not rush into the train [Transperth A-Series] [China Railway High-Speed CRH3 CRH380BL] [Guangzhou Metro Line 1 A1 – Adtranz/Siemens Modular Metro] [Sydney Trains Tangara T Set] [Hankyu 5000 Series] [KTM Komuter Class 82] Kobe Subway 1000 Series Kintestu 1230 Series [Odakyu 2000 Series] Doors are closing
    [Keihan 8000 Series] [Osaka Metro 30000 Series] [Kintetsu 3220 Series] [MTR/KCR Metro Cammell EMU – East Rail Line] [Shanghai Metro AC02A] [Kansai Airport Terminal Shuttle] [Tokyo Metro 8000 Series] [Tokyu 5000 Series] Doors are closing Pull your luggage away from the train door Do not rush into the train Doors are closing
    [Saitama Railway 2000 Series] [Tobu 20000 Series] [Tokyo Metro 16000 Series] Please stand clear of the doors
    [MTR SP1950] [Guangzhou Metro A4] [MTR A-Train – Airport Express] Please mind the closing doors
    [Tobu 30000 Series] Do not rush into the train [JR East E231-0 Series] Platform 1…Doors are closing! Doors are closing
    [Tokyo Metro 02 Series]

    Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen Explained|外国人が新幹線に乗ってみた!
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    Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen Explained|外国人が新幹線に乗ってみた!

    October 19, 2019

    Hey guys, we are on the shinkansen tracks right now we are heading to Kyoto and we are taking the Nozomi and we have reserved seats so basically we are guaranteed a seat and I guess I will show you guys what it looks inside of a shinkansen! There are two types of cars, the green car and the normal car. You can tell by that sign in the left corner. So we took the green car to Tokyo and rode the normal reserved car to Kyoto. The normal cars consist of free seating, which is the cheapest and reserved seating, which is a little bit more expensive or you can ride the green car, which is a basically like business class on an airplane. In both cars, someone will check your ticket and stamp it. I guess the only difference is for the green car a female will come? and for the normal car, a male will come? lol In both cars, there will also be somebody to serve you food and beverages if you want to buy them. In the green car, the lady will give you a wet towel… One thing you have to buy is a shinkansen bento box. A little overpriced but such good food. In both cars, you can relax nicely and don’t worry about your battery, they will both have outlets! Snapchatting on a Shinkansen! Or you can just piss off your little sister… We are facing each other. I have to look at this girl now. Look at this girl. PISSED! lol The biggest difference between these two cars are the chairs. Can’t recline much on the normal cars, which means unconformable sleeping… She seems like she agrees. But in the green car, your chair can recline about 70% as seen here. And you can face each other! Look how smooth the train rides… Look at this material. It’s all like furry furry, fluffy fluffy. nice cushion… Since we turned our chair around there’s no back side of a chair obviously… so there’s no table but there’s a table right here, a portable table that you can take out like an airplane awesome! We also have a light switch like an airplane right here… So if you click this button, Oh snap! if you push this button, this light on the chair goes on…sweeeeeet All right guys, we are right now in this little area where the bathroom is and we are going to check out the bathrooms because the bathrooms here are really high tech! So it looks like…like a circle and over there it says “vacant”…right? so if you press the green button automatically opens…and look how big this bathroom is! but but in order to close this door… so now we are inside… to close it, press the red button if you don’t, it closes on its own… and boom! Automatically closes… So this is a normal bathroom… open it up and just like an airplane kind of bathroom look kind of small too automatically goes down, if you press that and up there…automatically flushing… The green car bathroom area is also nicer as seen here! Did you hear that song? This is the song you will hear when the shinkansen is coming to a stop. Make sure to check above the door to see where the shinkansen is stopping in both English and Japanese.

    Monorail in Okinawa Yui-Rail 沖縄ゆいレール モノレール
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    Monorail in Okinawa Yui-Rail 沖縄ゆいレール モノレール

    October 19, 2019

    Let’s get on the “Yui-Rail” Monorail in Okinawa! Naha Airport The westernmost Japanese station
    Yui-Rail, Naha Airport Station Disadvantaged groups Please wait a minute here. If you show your Japanese disability certificate to the station staff, you can purchase the ticket at half the price. We would like go to Asahibashi Station,
    May I use the ramp? Accessible restroom When the station staff presses a remote control button, a wheelchair ramp goes up and down. For example, during maintenance,
    we use the regular/removable ramp, However, this ramp is stable, so users like it more. Now it’s only in Okinawa, but I hope every Japanese station will be equipped with this type of ramp.


    Japan’s MAGNETIC LEVITATION Train | Linimo

    October 16, 2019

    This is not your average train. This train is levitating. This is Linimo. Its first name was Aichi Kōsoku Kōtsū Tōbu Kyūryō-sen). Renaming it Linimo was probably a good idea. It’s a magnetic-levitation train, or maglev, and you can ride it right here in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Linimo is one of only two Maglev trains in the world open for public usage. The other, in Shanghai, was built as an airport connection. But Linimo seems almost… out in the middle of nowhere. It was actually built to connect people to
    the site of the 2005 World Fair, which now functions as a park. Linimo is still active, though, and connects 9 stations over 9 kilometers, with about 7 million people who use it each year. But how does it work? I’ll send you over
    to Andrew Marston to find out. Hey there, internet! I actually live on the
    Linimo. Not like ON it on it, but like next to it. I can see the Linimo from my apartment. Anyway, I have a basic understanding of how the Linimo works, which I will now attempt to communicate to you in 30 seconds or less. Let’s do this. So the Linimo is a Maglev-style train. This means that it uses magnetic levitation to literally float above the track and propel itself without touching anything. This also means there’s almost no friction, and is the reason that Maglev trains are the fastest in the world. One has even been clocked at
    over 600 km/h. At this speed you could go from LA to NYC in under 7 hours. But actually, the Linimo doesn’t go nearly this fast. It was designed as an alternative to conventional trains rather than as a high-speed train. So its top speed is only about 100 km/h, which is still pretty quick. All right, we made it. There’s a lot more that could be said
    about Maglev trains and the Linimo specifically, but I’m just going to summarize by saying “Science!!1!” And that’s all I got right now! See you guys around the internet. Linimo is only three cars long, and because
    it’s fully automated there is no driver. Once it’s above ground, there are no staff
    on board at all. It’s also foreigner friendly, with announcements in both Japanese and English. In consideration of other passengers, please
    refrain from putting on makeup, eating, drinking, or talking on your mobile phone, etc, while
    in the train. Special seats and wheelchair spaces have been designated for the elderly
    and physically disabled. Thank you for your cooperation. To reach the Linimo, you have to follow the
    yellow Higashiyama line from Nagoya station aaaaaall the way to the end, to Fujigaoka. You can’t use your IC cards on it because it’s a private line, and it’s a bit more expensive than normal trains. But I mean, come on. This isn’t a normal train. You’re levitating!! You can use it to get to the Aichi Commemorative
    Park, which is kinda empty since the end of the World Fair, but it still has some stuff
    to do like the Totoro house, the forest school, a water park and an ice skating rink. But I think just riding the train is enough in itself because guys… SCIENCE!! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out Andrew’s channel! He once biked across the entire country of Japan, and now he makes really well edited videos that may
    or may not put ours to shame.

    Japan Bullet Train – What happens if you LOSE your Ticket?
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    Japan Bullet Train – What happens if you LOSE your Ticket?

    October 13, 2019

    we just bought our tickets and we’re going to wear nobody out I lost the ticket not this time again why Michael really yes you have to buy it again even with the receipt yes [Music] so we’re heading to Nagoya today Micah’s hometown see the parents I’m excited Nagoya is known for milk honey tomatoes and Toyota cars it should be a good time so I’m holding my bag and I’m holding this thing and I can’t turn off the camera stupid bag so we got to go buy our tickets over there [Music] that news I just lost my ticket no no it is I think I dropped my ticket in between buying the ticket going through the turnstile and then trying to get on to the train or in Chandigarh now we’re about to get on the Shinkansen it’s about thirty minutes with the Train I’m kinda scared you might have to repurchase it because it’s gonna be like 10,000 yen so we’re gonna try to negotiate with them we don’t know what’s gonna happen I need to get this one in the day in age where everything is digital how difficult is it to just print out a new receipt [Music] I mean doesn’t masturbate hi so uh pardon me hi today no way about it thank you yes you got a ticket I love Japanese people so cool hey look it’s a Nicki Ben you know what I mean so we’re on the way to see microspheres but on the way there and we’re gonna stop by Michael’s friend’s house think they’re gonna make us some dinner we’ve arrived so we’re in the wine store Michaels taking forever but this happens easily like a good boyfriend Iowa [Music] reversal [Music] [Music] [Music] sweets all right time to get on the train birds so we don’t have a lot of time we stayed with Mexico and heat away too long and now we got a rush pick up our stuff and catch a train to my girl’s parents place [Music] [Applause] [Music] so you made it back months ago and healer job we’re awesome we had a great dinner we had some wine really excited to go see Michael’s parents you know it’s really interesting to see how like different people live in Japan I mean they have like the whole fifties things going on I never expected that to like be a thing in Japan but they really liked it they’re really really good people and hey in the future we might go see them again [Music]

    F&W071: 20′ & 40′ Container von PT Trains
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    F&W071: 20′ & 40′ Container von PT Trains

    October 12, 2019

    I brought some new containers because you can’t have enough of them And this time I brought the debut work from new Portuguese manufacturer PT Trains that outstrip everything you might have seen to date. Stay tuned! The container arrive in a more wagon or locomotive like packaging They feature a slipcover box and are double protected in plastic First a deep-drawn piece and then the container itself is also wrapped into plastic foil The packaging is one of the major negative points Of course, it’s a bit contradictory as a plastic model builder to brag about too much plastic in the packaging but a little bit less elaborate packaging would have been fine, too. Especially since a container packaging is different from that for wagons or locomotives something that will end up in the trash very likely. However, there is nothing wrong with the containers themselves. They are very true to scale, have a matt finish, printed absolutely flawlessly on five sides using the pad printing process, which includes opaque surfaces printed door rubbers and easy-to-read small lettering. And in terms of the retail price, they are on the same level as the container models from Kombimodell, which are also very good The 40′ is at 17 Euro MSRP and the 20′ at 15 Euro, but they are also available for 14 and 12 Euro respectively. But all of this was obviously not enough for PT Trains. As a special highlight, you can open the doors on all models And also the inside of every container is painted, this is also true for the floor. Wait, why’s that a highlight as there are containers by PIKO ………there are plastic boxes by PIKO they call „container“, but honestly… Whereby it is almost an Afront to compare the toy from Sonneberg with the models by PT Trains. Because even with the doors they stick to optics and function known from real containers. Each door consists of five individual parts, as you can see on the unpainted model. In addition, the containers have individually attached and, depending on the prototype, varying number of vent covers, which in the end sums up to up to 20 individual parts per container. That the corner castings are opened up is almost a side note. And if that’s not enough for you, you can enjoy the fact that PT Trains has implemented both the 40′ and the 20′ container in two different basic forms. One with square openings at the front and rear next to the corner castings. And on the other hand with the triangular openings typical to MSC. I might be mistaken, but according to my knowledge it’s the first time that something like this has been realized in H0. Differently corrugated doors however we have seen before, but even here PT Trains distinguishes three variants. The door with five beads comes with external or internal locks depending on the prototype. Even more variants will appear with the new releases announced for December. The price you pay for this: The containers are only partially compatible with most container wagons. Only the wagons from Kombimodell really fit. And most likely their announced very own wagons will fit. While for most of the other wagons the containers need to be reworked, for example by gluing in small pieces of wire as pins for loading onto MäTrix wagons, because these are models, not simple cargo complying to NEM 380 The containers also only fit on the container chassis by herpa by expanding the corner castings. In the case of the 40′ containers, the Goose Neck Tunnel, which is too flat, must also be deepened or removed, respectively. There are two more or less trivial issues Each container is currently only available with exactly one container number. Several numbers, such as offered by Kombimodell, would be desirable. And many large shipping companies are missing. In addition to Maersk and MSC, containers in the colours of COSCO, CMA CGM, Evergreen, OOCL, Hapag-Llyod or ONE or the merged companies NYK, MOL and K-Line, would be desirable. And not to forget Hanjin, containers in their colours can still be seen from time to time even today. But the December announcements will improve the situation on these issues, too. Hapag-Lloyd will be added, and there will be alternative container numbers for Maersk, MSC and Hamburg Süd. In summary, the negative points for these containers are not really any as they are either negligible or the issue is already being addressed by PT Trains. These containers are not just simple cargo, they are real models and PT Trains has given them all the attention that one needs to give to a model to make it good. PT Trains has thus launched the first product in the company’s history that can confidently be described as THE reference for the coming years. This is how you construct a container model today (I’m curious to see if you’ve paid attention to B-Models)…