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    Eat ekiben on the Shinkansen bound for Tokyo 東京行き新幹線車内の駅弁は名古屋名物ばかりだが肉が多く米が不足する:Gourmet Reportグルメレポート

    December 19, 2019

    I am on the Shinkansen today. Sandaimeibutsu-makunouchi. What is Big 3? Miso-katsu. Ten-musu. Fried Shrimp. What kind of shrimp is this? Lobster? There is chicken. There are many kind of chicken. There is little rice. What should I eat first? Is this? You have to pour Worcestershire sauce over fried shrimps. I eat chicken first. I think that is chicken rice. This is chicken rice. I eat Miso-katsu. Rice is hardened. Do you eat any? No thank you. I eat fried shrimps. What kind of shrimp is this? Is this a Sakura shrimp? This is shrimp. Because it is fried shrimp. Yummy. Is this chicken too? There is a lot of chicken. There are a lot of meat dishes, aren’t there? This isn’t a fried chicken. That’s Fish Paste Products. Where do you go today? That’s unclear. Is it only a meal on the Shinkansen? We go to Nihonbashi for lunch. Do you take the Shinkansen just for that? I’m sure it would a wonderful meal. Yummy. There are many dishes with strong taste. That will be because it’s good even if it cools. That’s good food. Omelet. The box lunch omelet is good, isn’t it? Every dish is good, isn’t it? Yummy. The proportion of rice is not good. There is little rice. So a dish is left. This is probably a cup ramen shrimp. It’s troublesome to deep-fry small shrimp. I thought this is cabbage. But this is pasta. Soft pasta. There is no raw vegetables at all. That’s right. Only pickles. Probably because raw vegetables are expensive. Good. Tsukune. Yummy. There are still many dishes of the leading role order. But rice is only this. And there are side dishes in it. Side dishes are abundant. There are many side dishes. Is it good? This is potato salad. I have finished eating. Gochisousamadesita.

    Shinkansen bullet train. Going to Osaka!: 1st ever trip to Japan #21
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    Shinkansen bullet train. Going to Osaka!: 1st ever trip to Japan #21

    November 4, 2019

    Hey, Guys! Hey, Guys! We are in Shinkansen. Just set off. We are going to be in… when? In 2.5 hours we are going to be in Osaka. And, so far, we are enjoying one of the fastest trains in the world. It’s not so fast. I mean, I am pretty sure that rumours are exaggerated. STAS: Sachi, are you excited? M-m-m… So, Sachi just bought some ice-cream and coffee. And, guess what?
    It says here: “AROMA Express Cafe” because this is an “express” Shinkansen train. Yes.
    Does it make any sense? Yeah.
    Good. – We just saw Mount Fuji…
    – Fu… What?!! Aa-a-ah… Hora! (Look!) STAS: So, Fuji… STAS: Sachi, what can you say about it? Purupuru shiteru… STAS: What can you say about Fuji? Eh? Fuji-san. STAS: Fuji-san? Sugoi… I want to take a picture. So, before boarding this Shinkansen we picked
    up some, like, snack and dessert. I really really drooled when I saw this, so… We have here a little bit… What was that? Mochi tiramisu parfait. And what is this? It looks a bit like warabimochi but it’s not.
    SACHIKO: Kuzumochi. Kuzumochi. Yep. So, it looks very tasty and we have to wrap up this video because I cannot wait to eat it. Have you tried it, Sachi?
    SACHIKO: Never. Me neither.
    OK, I’m going to try. SACHIKO: Pretty soft.
    Mmm… I like. SACHIKO: Do desu ka? (How is it?) I like, since I like matcha so much and all this… Daifuku, warabimochi… SACHIKO: Can you show it to me? I just bit here. Very interesting. I like. Watashi mo (me too). This is way better than hojicha. Hojicha? No, hojicha is better. Nah.

    Shinkansen: from Tokyo to Osaka【Travel Japanese/ Nihongo】Bullet Train: Nozomi
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    Shinkansen: from Tokyo to Osaka【Travel Japanese/ Nihongo】Bullet Train: Nozomi

    October 21, 2019

    Today I am going from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka by bullet train. Here is Tokyo Station. Toukaido bullet train timetable (outbound) It is 6:10 a.m. now. I picked the “Nozomi” which departs at 6:30 a.m. The stops are… Shinagawa…Shin-Yokohama…Nagoya…and Kyoto. It will arrive at Shin-Osaka at 9:03 a. m. It will take 2 hours and 33 minutes. I wonder where I can buy a bullet train passenger ticket/limited express reseved seat ticket. Oh! I found them. The ticket vending machines are over there. These are the ticket vending machines. These are the the Nozomi’s railroad cars. The first through the third cars have unreserved seats. The fourth through the seventh cars and the eleventh through the sixteenth cars have reserved seats. The eighth through the the tenth cars are green cars. It is the bullet train’s seating chart. The bullet tran’s seats are: A- window seats B-middle seats C, D-aisle seats E-There are window seats. Window seats in E are recommended for people who want to view Mount Fuji from the windows. I chose window seat 7E. This is a passenger ticket/bullet train limited express ticket. It is from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. These are the Toukaido bullet train transfer gates. Toukaido, Sanyou bullet train terminal Here is the ticket gate. I am going to the platform from here. It is the departure screen. I am going to ride the nozomi which departs at 6:30. The departure track number is track number 18. It is the Toukaidou bullet train platform. It is from the 14th to the 19th. Track number 18 is here. I bought some green tea and an “eki-ben”(a boxed lunch bought at a station) at the platform. I am going to eat it on the train. Oh! The Nozomi has come. My seat is the seventh E seat in the eleventh car. I am going to get on now. The door opened. My seat is here. It is a window seat. It is 6:30. The door closed. Well now, it is the departure. The first stop is Shinagawa. 6:36: Shinagawa. The next station is Shin-Yokohama… 6:48: Shin-Yokohama. I wonder when I am going to be able to see Mount Fuji. The conductor has come. I think I will ask him. Excuse me, when am I going to be able to see Mount Fuji? Let me see…around 7:15. About three minutes after the train passes through Mishima Station. If the weather is good, you are also going to be able to see it before the train passes through Mishima Station. Soon [the train is going to arrive at] Mishima Station. Passing through Mishima station. Oh! I can see it! I can see it well. It is beautiful… Oh, no.. I forgot to take a picture! I think I will eat my boxed lunch because I am hungry. Thank you for the meal. (used before meals) It is delicicious. I am full. Thank you for the meal. (used after meals) Soon Nagoya… It is 8:11. The train has arrived at Nagoya [Station] The stoppage time is two minutes. It is 8:13. The train has departed. Next, the train is going to stop at Kyoto [Station]. It is the catering trolley… Excuse me, one hot coffee, please. The sizes are regular and large… Regular, please. Would you like milk and sugar? Please. It is 320 yen. Thank you for exactly 320 yen. Here you are. Thank you. Thank you. It is delicious. Soon Kyoto… It is 8:48. It has arrived at Kyoto Station. Oh! It is Kyoto Tower! Next is Shin-Osaka. It arrived. It is Shin-Osaka. It is right on schedule! It arrived at 9:03. Just as I expected the bullet train would!!