Sydney Metro West

October 5, 2019

Right across Sydney, we’re building for the future Connecting cities… and new communities And now… a new world-class railway for the West This is Sydney Metro West. Sydney is growing quickly and construction is well underway on many essential infrastructure projects. Over coming decades, our population will reach 6 million. New jobs and new communities across the city. And now, a new world-class metro Linking the heart of our West… to global Sydney and beyond. Connecting communities… from Parramatta to Sydney Olympic Park and on to Sydney’s new innovation jobs hub, the Bays Precinct. In the CBD, an easy interchange with the new Sydney Metro, which is currently under construction. And also, connections with Sydney Light Rail and the rest of the public transport network. The new spine of Sydney’s public transport system will work hand in hand with new rail services being investigated for Western Sydney. Busting congestion and taking the pressure off the existing rail and bus networks. This is Australia’s biggest public transport project For Tomorrow’s Sydney

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