Sydney Metro: Thy Pham, a day in the life
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Sydney Metro: Thy Pham, a day in the life

September 11, 2019

My name is Thy Pham. I’m 24-years-old. I’ve been working on the Sydney Metro project as a Junior Engineer since March 2017 and this is a day in my life. I attended Smithfield West Public School and then into high school I went to Prairiewood High School. So like every kid starting kindergarten, everyone wanted to be a teacher. My parents loved that idea that I wanted to be a teacher just like them. That’s when I looked into civil engineering and I was fortunate enough that my physics teacher and all my science teachers around me gave me that idea to be a civil engineer so for that I thank them. The structure that I’ve actually been most involved with is building track on the viaduct or what we call the skytrain and also the ballasted track between both viaducts. I will collaborate with the team so we’re all on the same page and know exactly what we’re doing. As a junior engineer I am still learning so my day will start at about 5:30 in the morning I get to work. The guys start work at 6. Come to the office, pick all my paperwork up, head out to my two locations, start everybody off, really get down to the nitty gritty. Construction is really grubby and I love it, to be fair. The work is very satisfying, I really enjoy it. She’s very hardworking, extremely hardworking. But the main thing about Thy is her enthusiasm. She wants to learn and her enthusiasm is like I’ve never seen before. Despite it being male dominant, they’re all very compassionate, very caring. if I’ve got any questions they’re always there I guess to lead me and guide me. It’s very rewarding, and it’s very nice to have a team that’s so close knit. It would be a very different team without Thy being onboard and I think everybody in the team appreciates what Thy does and she glues the team together basically. I definitely think that I am putting my foot down and leading some sort of pathway there. If you don’t ever go for it, you’ll never know. The answer will always be no. If you do go for it the worst that can happen is no. So regardless just take a leap of faith and do it. No-one would be where they are today if they didn’t work hard for it. [Music]

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