Sydney Metro: Manny Manolis, a day in the life
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Sydney Metro: Manny Manolis, a day in the life

October 11, 2019

My name is Manny Manolis. I lead the Train Testing and Commissioning team for Sydney’s new metro trains. And this is a day in my life. I found it very exciting. I didn’t look at it as a project I looked at it more as building a network. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Always been a part of a team in my railway career but the team here I have are very close and we work making sure that everyone’s satisfied and everyone’s happy. Working with a great bunch of people. Once train 3 is out what I need you to do Freddo start prepping up train 5 in the Maintenance Shed. We’re gonna move that out to the stabling road. That’s ready to rock and roll for its movement testing. The train inspection looks pretty good. That sounds good man. No worries you keep it safe brother, keep it safe. Ok we’re good to go. Just creep forward. Just a green light to creep forward nice and slow. We’re in manual mode. So our speed restriction for this is 15k.And as I can see the speed kilometres at the moment is that we’re doing 13, roughly 13.5ks. Vivien how are we travelling at the moment? Oh we’re good. I’m keeping the speed between 12 and 15 at the moment. And up ahead we have a suspension point coming up. So I’ll be travelling under 15 over it. We will check everything on the train. And reliability so it’s extremely important to get things right. Mulitple tests, multiple trains. We test until they are 100 percent The best part of the job is actually seeing what these trains do, and seeing what the system does. I’ve been in the rail game since early 2000.. I’ve seen how other traditional railways work and coming onto this project just blows my mind. It just makes me proud that we are giving Sydney a new service. A new type of system with a high level of technology, and knowing that safety is our number one priority. I just cant wait until we can release this to Sydney so the Sydney public and the commuters can see what we’re actually doing, knowing that the Sydney commuters – it’s gonna blow their minds.

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