Sydney Metro: Bella Vista Station community day
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Sydney Metro: Bella Vista Station community day

January 10, 2020

[UPBEAT MUSIC] TOM GELLIBRAND, A/CEO SYDNEY METRO: We’ve gone from bare paddocks to tunnels and now people finally get to see it. And they go – ‘Oh wow you’re actually delivering the thing that we really want!’ It’s fantastic watching people’s reactions as they walk up and down the platform just going – ‘Wow this is a brand new railway line!’ And just seeing the thrill in their faces and the anticipation of the thing coming to life. It’s fantastic. I’ve been following the project since inception when the original project plans came out cause it was an absolutely fascinating study and its brilliant to finally see it come to fruition I’m really looking forward to having a ride on the train I think the new design looks really cool – not like the old designs Very impressed, very impressed. It looks great We live quite close by so if there’s public transport to here – yes we certainly will be using this I think its magnificent, the construction and the building of the Bella Vista Station Impressed. The station I guess takes railway stations to another level Makes a railway station for the new age. Basic but functional Working – yet has a certain amount of style about it I think it’s pretty good. I mean everything’s pretty cool and the colours are creative It is really just good design. It’s got everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t My girl she is going for selective school test next year and when she goes to high school I am actually thinking to send her to probably North Sydney Girls, so from here you can actually go to Chatswood very quick right and then she can go to her high school faster It’ll be easier because it comes every four minutes and they’re faster. You don’t get traffic lights so you can get there quicker than driving I think another fast option hopefully to get to the city or wherever we want to go It’s always good to have an option and the fact that the trains will run so frequently is really exciting I think it’ll mean there’ll be less cars on the road so it wouldn’t be as busy [MUSIC ENDS]

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