Sydney Metro: Australia’s biggest public transport project – update, June 2018
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Sydney Metro: Australia’s biggest public transport project – update, June 2018

October 10, 2019

It’s the dawn of a new era As Australia’s biggest public transport project comes to life. In the city’s north west, Sydney Metro opens in the first half of next year. 13 metro stations, 4,000 new parking spaces … a train every four minutes in the peak. And, for the first time in Australia, technology
like platforms screen doors – keeping people and objects like prams safely away from the
tracks. A new generation of fast, safe and reliable
metro trains. Fully accessible … every metro station … for
everyone. Making it easier for customers to get where
they need to go. Australia’s first fully-automated metro
railway With future capacity for a train every two
minutes in each direction under the centre of Sydney … to where new metro rail is being
extended. Deep under Sydney Harbour, through the city
and beyond to the south west. New underground city stations … and new
opportunities above them. Making Sydney more liveable and connected… more productive, and more attractive globally. Integrating new stations into the communities
and places they will serve for generations to come. In 2024, Sydney will have 31 metro stations and 66 kilometres of new metro rail. Then … Sydney Metro West … a new world-class underground railway which will grow with Western
Sydney into the future. Connecting communities between the Sydney
CBD and Greater Parramatta. New metro rail will become the fastest, easiest
and most reliable journey between these two great places. Consultation has started to determine the route alignment and stations along the way, Which will include the Westmead health, research
and education precinct. Taking the pressure off Sydney’s transport
network. This is Sydney Metro … the biggest urban
rail infrastructure investment in Australian history.

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