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SSI Technology – PRI-MAX Primary Reducer

August 22, 2019

The PRI-MAX® because it is a very large
machine has a very large cutting table it has a lot of agitation there are no
real limitations to what you can throw into this machine in the first place we
have two shafts and they’re both bi-directional shifts meaning that they
have just as many teeth and just as aggressive of bite in both directions so
basically it’s two shredders in one area the whole sequence of events in the
cutting chamber are the shafts are constantly going the other direction and
processing at full capacity both directions the whole time and it just
keeps working on it till whatever is in that chamber goes through the Machine
and you’re never constrained to a single little area in this chamber that entire
cutting chamber is available for processing this material the entire time
the idea of processing stuff through the PRI-MAX® is that you’re breaking the
constituent parts apart but not necessarily busting them up individually
so that then they can be separated either with a picking line or some other
type of separation to leave the parts still more or less intact you don’t want
to bust it all the way up you want to just take it apart where you can
separate those objects and the PRI-MAX® also can meter the material into this
process so instead of getting a big slug of material in that overwhelms all the subsequent material we can sort of meter that material in The cutting table, the portion of the machine that’s fixed that the shafts push material down through so
in the process of shredding the material is punched down through those holes
including any unshreddable material if it can fit through that hole it’s going
through without even touching the cutters and other stuff if you have
other material like gravel or something that’s already to the correct size it
just falls through the machine it doesn’t add to your wear it doesn’t add
to anything that’s going on by changing the number of cutters and by
changing the spacing of the cutting table below it we can affect the
particle size so our machines are capable of a wide range of exterior
products Because of its size because of the openings and because of the
distributed nature of it The PRI-MAX® can process way more different kinds of material than almost any other machine

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