Southwest LRT (METRO Green Line Extension) Route Flyover
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Southwest LRT (METRO Green Line Extension) Route Flyover

September 7, 2019

Light Rail Transit, a proposed extension of the
METRO Green Line, will serve Minneapolis,
St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Minnetonka
and Eden Prairie. It will be part of an
integrated system of transitways including
connections to the METRO Blue Line, the Northstar
Commuter rail line, local bus services
and proposed future transitways.
The 15 new stations along the 14 and
a half mile line will provide access
to nearly 200,000 existing jobs, and
other services and destinations,
and attract new residential and
commercial development. ♪ Music ♪ The line’s western
end is SouthWest Station in Eden Prairie, a major
park-and-ride connection for express bus service.
The existing park and ride will be expanded and the
passenger drop-off area will be reconfigured. Leaving the station, the
line will travel east on a bridge parallel
to and then over Prairie Center
Drive, passing the site of a planned future
station near the Eden Prairie
Center shopping mall. Underground infrastructure
for this deferred station will be constructed along
with the rest of the Southwest LRT Project,
with the station platform and facilities added at a
later date. The line will
continue along Eden Road and Flying Cloud Drive,
cross Technology Drive at grade, and pass over I-494
on a new bridge. ♪ Music ♪ East of I-494, the line
will run northeast between Flying
Cloud Drive and Highway 212, crossing over
Prairie Center Drive and the Highway 212 ramps on
a new bridge, and continuing along
Highway 212. A new bridge will
carry the light rail line over Nine Mile Creek
and Flying Cloud Drive as it approaches the
Golden Triangle area. ♪ Music ♪ Golden Triangle Station
will serve the greater Golden Triangle employment
area and planned redevelopment. A park-and-ride facility,
passenger drop-off and bus connection
area are included. The line will
continue north on a new bridge, crossing over the
Shady Oak Road, Highway 212 interchange. It will
parallel the west side of Highway 212 on its way to
City West Station. ♪ Music ♪ City West Station will provide
access to United Health Group’s Optum campus and its
66-hundred new employees. The station will include
a park and ride facility and passenger drop-off
area. From here the line will pass under Highway
62 in a new tunnel and enter Minnetonka.
It will proceed north along Yellow Circle Drive and Bren
Road East to Opus Station. Opus Station will include
a park and ride facility, passenger drop-off area
and bus connections, and will support large
office developments and housing. North of Opus Station, the line
will cross Bren Road West at grade, and turn
northwest. ♪ Music ♪ The LRT line will pass under
Feltl Road and Smetana Road then turn due north along
the Hopkins-Minnetonka border. The line will travel
on a new bridge over wetlands and the Canadian
Pacific freight tracks and pass the new LRT operations
and maintenance facility. Entering Hopkins,
the line will cross K-Tel Drive at grade and arrive at
Shady Oak Station. Shady Oak Station will include
a large park-and-ride facility, a passenger drop-off
area and access to the Minnesota
River Bluffs LRT regional trail and Cedar Lake LRT
regional trail. From the station, the line
will turn northeast and cross Eleventh Avenue at grade to
reach Downtown Hopkins Station. At Downtown Hopkins
Station, plans call for a pedestrian-friendly
connection to Mainstreet with a plaza, passenger drop-off
area and bus connections. The line will cross Fifth
Avenue at grade and pass under Highway 169, running
parallel to the Canadian Pacific
freight line. ♪ Music ♪ The LRT line will cross
Excelsior Boulevard on a new bridge, while the freight
line will remain at grade. East of Excelsior Boulevard,
the freight tracks will move to the north so that the
LRT line can run south of the trail and freight
tracks. Blake Station will include
a park and ride facility, passenger drop-off area
and new access road with bus connection. The
line will cross Blake Road at grade and travel northeast
along an existing embankment. It will cross Minnehaha
Creek on a new bridge. ♪ Music ♪ Approaching Louisiana
Station, the line will cross Louisiana Avenue on
a new bridge and descend from the embankment. Louisiana Station will include
a park and ride facility, passenger drop-off, and
bus connections. A new southbound freight
rail connection will maintain the link between the
two freight lines. The LRT line will continue
northeast and travel at grade across Wooddale
Avenue to Wooddale Station. Wooddale Station will include
a passenger drop-off and bus connections. Recent
transit-oriented residential development has
already transformed this area. From the station, the line will
cross over Highway 100 and travel at grade across Beltline
Boulevard to Beltline Station. ♪ Music ♪ Beltline Station will include
a park-and-ride facility, passenger drop-off and bus
connections. The station will support a mix
of businesses and housing, potential new development
and the Excelsior and Grand area less than a
mile to the south. The Cedar Lake LRT Regional
Trail will cross to the south on a new bridge over
the freight rail and LRT lines. East of the station, the line
will gently curve north to leave St. Louis Park and
reach West Lake Station
in Minneapolis. West Lake Station
will be below the West Lake Street Bridge,
with elevator and stairway connections to the
street, a passenger drop-off and frequent bus service.
The area has a mix of higher-density housing and
retail and office uses. The line will enter
a shallow tunnel under the Kenilworth Trail and Cedar Lake
Parkway and emerge to cross the Kenilworth Channel
on a new bridge. ♪ Music ♪ The line will continue
at grade and pass under the Burnham Road Bridge to
reach 21st Street Station. Just east of Cedar Lake,
21st Street Station will be a gateway to the
regional trail network. Bus connections will be
available. The line will cross West 21st Street at
grade and parallel the existing freight rail line
and the Kenilworth Trail. ♪ Music ♪ Penn Station will be alongside
the Cedar Lake Regional Trail, and a new pedestrian
bridge will connect the station, a passenger drop-off and a bus
stop at the top of the bluff. ♪ Music ♪ Continuing northeast, the
line will cross under I- 394 to Van White
Station. ♪ Music ♪ Van White Station will be
under the Van White Memorial Boulevard
Bridge, with passenger drop-off, elevator and stair
connections to the roadway, and bus connections to serve
existing destinations and a future mix of housing
and employment. The station will connect
to the Luce Line Trail and the Cedar Lake LRT
Regional Trail. Continuing east, the line
will pass under I-94. It will cross Glenwood Avenue
and Holden Street at grade before
entering Royalston Station. Royalston Station
will serve the Minneapolis Farmers Market, the North
Loop neighborhood and future redevelopment. Leaving
Royalston, the line will cross over Fifth Avenue and Seventh
Street on a new bridge to reach Target Field
Station. At Target Field Station,
Southwest LRT trains will continue east as the METRO
Green Line. Without changing trains,
passengers will be able to reach Green Line destinations
in downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota,
St. Paul’s Midway area, the State Capitol
and downtown St. Paul. Riders will also be able to
connect to the Northstar Commuter
Rail line and major bus routes, as well as proposed future
transitways and bus lines. At any of the five
downtown stations, riders will be able to
transfer to the METRO Blue Line to reach destinations
in south Minneapolis, the airport and the
Mall of America. ♪ Music ♪ The Southwest LRT
Project will provide improved access to job
centers and slow the growth of traffic
congestion. Project funders include the
Federal Transit Administration, the Counties Transit Improvement
Board, the State of Minnesota and the Hennepin County
Regional Railroad Authority. For more information,

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