Sound Transit – East Link Extension alignment animation
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Sound Transit – East Link Extension alignment animation

October 12, 2019

Welcome to East Link. This animation shows East Link light
rail and how it relates to the surrounding environment in Bellevue and Redmond. East Link is
currently in the final design phase of the project. This animation reflects approximately sixty percent design completion. The design process is ongoing and
advancement in design will be reflected as the project progresses. This animation does not include
landscaping plans but instead shows generic landscaping at and between stations. We start at the I-90 East channel
bridge connecting Mercer Island and Bellevue and
travel along an elevated guideway headed into South Bellevue. You’ll notice
columns, overhead power lines, polls and track
work here and throughout the alignment. Please note that this animation focuses on the East Link light rail alignment and does not show an
accurate depiction of the bridges and roadway in the background. You’ll also see
that we’ve identified the support structures needed to operate Eastlink including traction power
substations and signal houses. We’re now entering the
South Bellevue station and park and ride located on Bellevue Way
Southeast at the current South Bellevue park and ride site. Each of the East Link stations will accommodate
trains with as many as four cars This animation shows the stations in
grey. You can view renderings of each station’s
proposed color palette and landscaping plans on the East Link website. The elevated South Bellevue Station will
include a new parking garage with approximately 1500 stalls nearly three times the current capacity. This station includes bus and paratransit transfer facilities. Sound Transit is working closely with
King County Metro to integrate bus service with the new light rail system. Our goal is to avoid duplicate transit
service while using taxpayer dollars more efficiently. Exiting the South Bellevue Station light rail descends as it travels north into a trench in front of the Winter House. A multi-purpose path will be on a
portion of the west side connecting Mercer Slough recreational
facilities with the surrounding community. Light rail now turns Northeast and
travels along the east side of 112th Avenue Southeast. The roadway becomes elevated over the
light rail tracks at Southeast 15th Street where light rail transitions to the west side
125th Avenue Southeast. Represented is a 60-foot separation
line of private residences from light rail adopted by the Bellevue City Council in
the land use code amendment. There will also be a dense thirty-foot
landscape buffer between the track and residences. Noise walls are represented throughout
the alignment however the location and height of the noise walls
has not yet been finalized. There will be an emergency only access gate to the Surrey Downs neighborhood at Southeast 4th St. We now enter into the East Main Station
just south of Main Street on 112th Avenue Southeast. The surface station provides increased
transit access to surrounding residences students and businesses southeast of
downtown Bellevue. A new pedestrian crossing at 112th Avenue Southeast at the south end to the station links
the east and west sides of the street. At the corner of 112th Avenue Southeast and Main Street you’ll see mitigation for project
impacts on Surrey Downs Park including new trails and connections to
the station from the neighborhood. Exiting the East Main Station light rail enters into the East Main
tunnel portal where light rail will travel underground until the Bellevue Transit Center
station. The black dashes represent the tunnel
alignment underneath Main Street and 110th Avenue. As we turn east into the station in downtown
Bellevue we show the view from the bus transit center toward the light rail
station. Adjacent to City Hall a potential
building has been ghosted in to reflect future development possibilities. The Bellevue Transit Center Station will
be located Northeast 6th Street with close proximity to the existing bus
transit center and downtown Bellevue businesses,
residences and shopping. The station has entrances on the east
side of 110th Avenue Northeast and on the west side of 112th Avenue Northeast. Crossing over I-405, we come into the
Hospital Station located just north of Northeast 8th Street. Riders can enter the station at a south entrance from Northeast 8th Street or a north entrance connecting to 116th
Avenue Northeast. The north entrance provides important
pedestrian access to the nearby medical facilities, and connection to a future multi-purpose
trail planned by King County in the east side rail corridor. The elevated station includes a passenger
and paratransit drop-off area located directly east of the station. After exiting the station light rail
travels along the east side rail corridor before entering the Bel Red area where the animation reflects the future
Spring District Development and the 120th Station. Sound Transit is working with the site developer to negotiate a public-private partnership for designing and building this below
grade station. Light rail will accommodate future growth am planned transportation improvements in the Bel Red corridor including the city’s improvements to 120th and 124th Avenues. After passing beneath 124th Avenue Northeast light rail will be elevated. As we approach 130th Avenue Northeast the guideway returns to street level and
enters the 138th Street Station and park and ride located between 130th and 132nd
Avenues at Northeast 16th Street. The station including 300 stall park and
ride lot secure bicycle storage, and supports future growth The green space between the park and ride and the 130th Station accommodates the city’s proposed future
Northeast 16th Street extension. Continuing at grade light rail travels
down the center the roadway along Northeast 16th Street. New roadway and urban design improvements like sidewalks, bike lanes and planting strips will be added to meet city code
requirements. Crossing Northeast 20th Street link enters the State Route 520 corridor
and begins to climb onto any real guideway. The guideway is elevated over 140th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 24th Street. After passing over 148th Avenue Northeast light rail stays adjacent to the
freeway and descends as it enters into the Overlake Village Station located north
of the existing Overlake Village park and ride on 152nd Avenue Northeast. A passenger vehicle drop-off area is accessible from152nd Avenue Northeast just south of SR 520 and north and
northeast 24th. The station’s design is consistent with
the city of Redmond’s 152nd corridor study and the Overlake Village neighborhood plan.
Sound Transit is working with the City of Redmond on a partnership to build a
bridge that will serve pedestrians and and bicyclists on either side of the
freeway. The final station on the East Link
alignment is the Overlake Transit Center station at the current Transit Center site. This at grade station is a major transit hub
with connections between public transit, paratransit, and private transportation
services. The station also provides increased
parking to accommodate approximately 300 cars and secure bicycle storage. Sound Transit
has reached an agreement with Microsoft who will fund a bike and pedestrian bridge
across state Route 520 and other improvements at Overlake Transit Center station. Sound Transit plans to begin building
East Link in 2015 and 2016. Passenger services targeted to open in
2023. Thank you for joining us on our tour of East Link in Bellevue and Redmond.

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