Shortlist for Melbourne Metro Early Works released
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Shortlist for Melbourne Metro Early Works released

September 7, 2019

It was just 12 months ago that we stood here
talking about the establishment of the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority. And, in that time, as
well as doing the business case work, there has been a significant amount of other work
that has gone on to get the Melbourne Metro Rail Project moving as quickly as possible.
There are three short-listed alliances that have been put together as a result of EOI
that was released a few months ago for the early works that are needed on this project.
We’ll be finalising this process in mid-2016 so this early work can start in 2017. Coming
here this morning I think we all had to think about the ways that we got here. And, there’s
clearly no train access at the moment, but the public transport access to this precinct
needs to be improved. We’re delighted by the Melbourne Metro Project. Even before you take into account the hospitals and the wonderful medical research institutes, about 50,000 students study on any day at the University of Melbourne Campus, around 10,000 staff and
contractors, that makes the campus alone the fifth largest city in Victoria. So, to have
a train station on the campus that’s bringing students, bringing staff here is just a fantastic resource. [Minister Allan:] And, when you consider that by 2031 there’s going to be around 45,000 people at work
in this major education, research hub, and health precinct. We just have to provide better access. [Mr Davis:] We’ll work closely with Melbourne Metro and whichever of the contractors is
selected over the next nearly a decade between and the conclusion of this wonderful project.
But, it will be a great city and a great institution because of this project.

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