SHINKANSEN Bullettrain – TEURE Zugfahrt von KYOTO nach TOKYO Japan
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SHINKANSEN Bullettrain – TEURE Zugfahrt von KYOTO nach TOKYO Japan

October 12, 2019

Part One of our travel day today is getting from the guest house to Kyoto Station. What is it called? Trainstation. – Trainstation. Dominic is relying on Google. According to them in two minutes the bus should arrive. Last time we walked here. – It was 35°C and it took us 30 minutes with luggage. Now it should be the bus 206, costs 230 Yen per Person, round 1,50 €. The good thing is we picked an unreserved ticket, means we can take every train today and they leave every 10 to 15 minutes. I always look the wrong way. Always checking if there is a bus coming, instead the bus will arrive from this side. Traffic is inverted. Bus is arriving. Bus number 206. False alarm. 202. Dominic needs glasses. – Yes I think I need glasses. But they have Japanese numbers on the bus. Very narrow in here. Very cozy. And the crazy part is, that people who want to get off have to go to the very front. The Exit is in the front. No getting off in the back, you have to pay at the end of the trip. We don’t know where to go. We have to go to this Shinkansen. But there are two ways. Hahicho East and Hahicho. And we don’t know which way. There is no info on the ticket. I would have walked towards the exit, silly me. Here we have it, Tokyo. We take this. We know what the train looks like. And if the train looks like that, we just get on. The train really leaves every few minutes. 8.59, 9.05, 9.12. This train stops at all stations. Ah and here you see which are the wagons for unreserved tickets. Car 1-5. In case you wonder why we get such an expensive ticket because usually, we try to travel low budget. The Bus Ticket would cost 80 Euro from Kyoto to Tokyo and takes 7.5 hours. The train only takes 2.20 hours and costs 100 Euros. – Per person. – Yes, everything per person. 80 per person and 100 per Person. 20 Euro more per Person but we save… – 5 hours, more than 5 hours. And it’s much more comfortable. – I also wanted to ride this train so bad. First I thought it’s not going to happen because of the price but the alternative isn’t much cheaper. So, train ride. Yay. – Bullet train. Shinkansen. – Shinkansen that’s the name of the train. We made it. We’re on the train. – So much space. Lots of leg space. It’s not that easy for me in these countries. Most of the time his legs stick out of the bed. You feel like on an airplane. – Yes like an airplane. Here we have a tray, where you can eat. Really cool. Yes, we got a window seat, two seats next to each other, even without a reservation. – Worked great. Now we will see how smooth the ride really is going to be. – And how fast. Superfast. My ears are closing up. I really feel like on an airplane. And it goes up and down. Woah. Should I have taken a travel sickness pill? We are 1 hour on our trip. Second stop. And we were very lucky with our seats. Because first, we got two next to each other and there were…. A Simone hair. – Wow. There were even 3 seats left. And now it’s crowded. People have to stand over there. – We were lucky, maybe not the best idea with unreserved tickets. – I don’t even know how much it is more. It is more with reserved seats. – And you are bound to a certain time, that’s the problem. Poor Simone is not allowed to listen to music, watch a movie, nothing. – She has to enjoy the expensive ticket. She has to look out the window for 2 hours. I enjoy it. No justs kidding. – Enjoy it. We made it. 2 hours and 40 min later we are in. – Tokyo. Toyko. Welcome to Tokyo. It’s rainy, cloudy…- Cold. – 19°C. But according to the weather forecast it should be amazing tomorrow and the next few days. – We wanted to do something today but now we try to get to our accommodation. And wait for the check-in since it is too early. But there will be some sort of bad weather program for today. – That’s the train we came in with. We are in the subway now. We got a 72 hours ticket for the subway, for 12 Euro. Yes 3 days 12 Euro. Top, we can ride as much as we want. The only thing we have to do is pay the ride from the hostel to the airport because that is after 72 hours. But now we can explore Toyko for 3 days with our card. – Take the wrong subway. – Or forget the GoPro at home and go back to get it. This already happened. – Now we have a map, we know our way. – Our Toyko Adventure can start. Last part of our travel day, a few stops with the subway, 15 minutes maybe. And now we have to walk another 10 minutes. – In the rain. – It is what it is. We can’t change it. – We can’t change it. The last part is the hardest. It’s raining cats and dogs. Crazy. But we are festival proved. – Thank you Ö3. – Yes, thank you Ö3 from the last Nova Rock. And we are ready for our 8 minute walk to our hostel. It will be wet. – Yes, how fun.

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  • Reply Slightly Off The Beaten Track September 5, 2019 at 9:30 am

    Omgosh the Shinkansen is super expencive. We got ourselves a JR pass because it brought down the prices of the trains for us for the amount we were hoping to travel and it included a lot of the main lines on the metro in the major cities (but not all so we just walked between them!) If we go to Japan again, though, we may consider just getting long distance busses. We just spent so much money in Japan! Wahhh…

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