Shinkansen Bullet Train | Tokyo to Kyoto
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Shinkansen Bullet Train | Tokyo to Kyoto

September 14, 2019

(Trains comin’ gotta stop running can’t be stuck
you’re falling in love) We are packed up and we are ready to go
next stop Kyoto. Bye Princess, see ya in another life. All right we made it through customs
Megan is just on Google Maps right now trying to figure out how to get to the
correct train stations that’s a different one than last time. We have to walk 1.2 kilometers with all these bags to a
terminal that apparently has had delays all day and we don’t know why. This is
the best terminal for us to go to train terminal because it’ll save us money We’re just passing through Yokohama Park and we’re just outside of the baseball stadium here and there’s these beautiful tulip gardens. Absolutely
amazing and never seen so many tulips on one place before. I love it.
Lots of different colors Nicest stadium garden ever. All right we found the train station. It’s my first time taking the JR. Pretty excited for that. We’re just going from
here to the bullet train and then traveling at speeds up to 265
miles per hour… maybe kilometres. Really fast, and yeah I think it’s like a
two-hour train ride to Kyoto. It’s not gonna be cheap but they say it’s like the best way to do it so that’s how we’re doing it. So we’re the ticket station just outside the train station and we’re gonna see if we can get the bullet train to
get directly from them just because it’s easier just to get it all done right
away and have it figured out versus paying for the JR right now and then
getting off the next station and then trying to figure out the bullet train. So
we’ll find out if we can do that here and let you know Receipt Today, Yokohama Station for Kyoto Station. Please put only this in on my station.
Right here? Yes.
Okay . 10:49 and 12:20 Car 49 Seat
9 C and B. We got our tickets we’re on our way to Kyoto great job Megan All right so we just got off at Shin
Yokohama leaving the Yokohama line now we need to
find our bullet train we’re looking for the Shinkansen transfer
according to Meghan. So we should have had an extra five minutes to spare but when we got on the Yokohama line it’s just stayed there for
like 15 minutes and then a light came up and it said that they were rescuing a passenger and
then it said that there was something on the tracks If we are going to cars three and four, is that what we’re going to? Yeah.
Is it up there, or is it around here? Up here. Really?We just came from there
I guess it does say that and there’s no elevator so up away good luck with me this is stupid
I don’t know if we’re gonna make it it’s like we’re gonna make it guys. With a few minutes to spare. Man, touch-and-go for a few minutes a minute you were really nervous there for a bit
weren’t you. I didn’t want to have to wait in line again. you’re getting upset for a while weren’t you.
Yeah. Can you not put the camera so close to my face. It’s not the GoPro shoots really wide.
waited for like 15 minutes on the other I was worried because we waited for like 15 minutes on the other train and we only had like 10 minutes to get here.
And to figure out the transfers in some stations it can take like an hour
to figure stuff out like at the Tokyo Station. But this was pretty easy because
fear not people the bullet train is not as scary as you think. It’s just expensive. Muchos dollars we are on the bullet train on our way to
Kyoto it is a two and a half hour train ride and it looks like there will be no
entertainment. I do not see any TVs it is super spacious though like the amount of leg room I have here is fantastic and the windows are huge. 20 times the size of a plane window. and another long tunnel. Pretty great train they actually serve food and drink on here. you got to pay extra for it but they do have coffee, tea, all kind of snacks You can get lunch if you’re hungry. I think we’re more than half way now. We have a stop in a few minutes. And we’ll be stopping at Nagoya For a few minutes And then continuing on to Kyoto so far it’s been
really beautiful scenery. You go through a ton of tunnels, but yah it’s been pretty beautiful. Yeah also there’s um different cars, so like at the front there’s three cars which are unreserved so you don’t have a reserved seat. Where as right now we’re sitting in the reserved car. So on your ticket is says your seat number and your car number. And apparently this one is a bit more comfortable and has a larger seat. And it’s also more expensive. Awesome we are moving and there’s no one
beside me so I get a window seat and I also just noticed that there’s
actually a little power outlet so you can charge a computer cell phone it’s just down by your feet. So we’re going 300KM an hour right now. I just looked it up. We’re on the fastest bullet train they have. yeah you can tell it’s fast because
walking up and down this thing is definitely a challenge It is smooth but walking it’s like all the
turns, it’s like whoa! Put your magazines in there.
The seats go back in three different stages which is nice so you put a little bit
back medium back or you can put it all the way back. and if there’s no one in between you you can
put these up and have more space (Japanese announcement) I’m going to see if I can find the bathroom here. automatic.
Washing your hands. Just going to wait my turn for the bathroom. There’s two bathrooms One. Two. Oh. looks like this one’s a urinal.
I will not be filming the next 30 seconds Alright, let’s go get a snack I’m hungry. So no vending machines yet It looks like this is also a non-smoking room So some rooms are smoking, some are not. and I just found this little thing. If you need to hand up your jacket or something. Check this out. You just hang it right there. I have not found any vending machines yet but that’s ok there’s a lady driving around
her cart with snacks. We’re coming into Kyoto right now. Time to get our bags. We’re in Kyoto! And we have to take one more train to get to our guesthouse And then we are going to go find some lunch. everywhere you’ve on the subway there’s
lots of good signage We’re transferring to the local subway. There is however also lots of stairs so we’re in Kyoto and taking a little
subway. The tickets are quite different you actually just figure out how much to pay and buy a ticket for that amount. So on here you can see if you’re
going to Penn Station the price is 950 so you just go and buy one subway ticket
and pay nine fifty and then it’ll know when you go in and go out and have
the correct amount this is the end of a trip.
Oh a McDonald’s I’m so hungry, can I have one

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    What happened to the passenger on the train tracks? I hope they were ok, I heard that lot's of people get pushed or jump in front of the trains there. It's very sad.

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