Shinkansen bullet train. Going to Osaka!: 1st ever trip to Japan #21
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Shinkansen bullet train. Going to Osaka!: 1st ever trip to Japan #21

November 4, 2019

Hey, Guys! Hey, Guys! We are in Shinkansen. Just set off. We are going to be in… when? In 2.5 hours we are going to be in Osaka. And, so far, we are enjoying one of the fastest trains in the world. It’s not so fast. I mean, I am pretty sure that rumours are exaggerated. STAS: Sachi, are you excited? M-m-m… So, Sachi just bought some ice-cream and coffee. And, guess what?
It says here: “AROMA Express Cafe” because this is an “express” Shinkansen train. Yes.
Does it make any sense? Yeah.
Good. – We just saw Mount Fuji…
– Fu… What?!! Aa-a-ah… Hora! (Look!) STAS: So, Fuji… STAS: Sachi, what can you say about it? Purupuru shiteru… STAS: What can you say about Fuji? Eh? Fuji-san. STAS: Fuji-san? Sugoi… I want to take a picture. So, before boarding this Shinkansen we picked
up some, like, snack and dessert. I really really drooled when I saw this, so… We have here a little bit… What was that? Mochi tiramisu parfait. And what is this? It looks a bit like warabimochi but it’s not.
SACHIKO: Kuzumochi. Kuzumochi. Yep. So, it looks very tasty and we have to wrap up this video because I cannot wait to eat it. Have you tried it, Sachi?
SACHIKO: Never. Me neither.
OK, I’m going to try. SACHIKO: Pretty soft.
Mmm… I like. SACHIKO: Do desu ka? (How is it?) I like, since I like matcha so much and all this… Daifuku, warabimochi… SACHIKO: Can you show it to me? I just bit here. Very interesting. I like. Watashi mo (me too). This is way better than hojicha. Hojicha? No, hojicha is better. Nah.


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    So, my dear friend, what do you tell about Japanise trains?
    Compared to our trains?

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