Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project — Overview

September 7, 2019

The 405 keeps me on my toes. I’m usually going to the Valley. I start on the Westside. It takes about an hour to go six to seven
miles… Oh man, it takes me like three hours… I travel the 405 three or four days out of
the week. I go from the South Bay to the Valley. I’m commuting about an hour and a half every
day. I get off the 405 and take Sepulveda back
roads. I can go over Laurel Canyon, I can go over Coldwater Canyon… If I take a bus, it’s just going to take me
even longer. My wife and I use the 405 early. She works at LAX. We get up at 2:30am to avoid the early morning
traffic. I have a lot of friends who live in Santa
Monica and they want to have house parties and barbecues — and I’m just going, “nah, forget it.” The travel options are terrible — that’s
the reality of it right now. Traveling between the Valley, Westside and
LAX isn’t easy or fast. And traffic will only increase. That’s why Metro is exploring alternatives
to the 405. The Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project will
provide rail as a new option to serve this congested route and fill a gap in Metro’s
current network, from the San Fernando Valley, to the Westside, to LAX — with connections
to the Orange, Purple and Expo Lines. The Measure M half-cent sales tax includes
$9.5 billion in funding for this project. And Sepulveda Transit Corridor is also on
the list of projects that Metro is looking to accelerate — so that more travel options
can be available sooner. If I could take a train between Sherman Oaks
and the South Bay, I would do it in a heart beat. Do I enjoy not having to drive? Yes! I could read my book, I could study, I could
check my emails… If I could take Metro everywhere I went, I
would be sooo happy. Parking? Parking tickets? You don’t have to worry about that with Metro. You never know who you’re going to meet on
the train. I met my boyfriend on the train — and we’re
about to get married — so, I love the train. Where would I like to take transit? Wherever I have to go.

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