Sarah’s year in review
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Sarah’s year in review

October 2, 2019

One of the things I enjoy most about
working on the CYP project for Metro Tunnel is just the number of new and
interesting people that I get to work with, and just the diversity of the work’s
really really interesting. When I first joined the project
my first task that I had to undertake with my team was to relocate the trams
on St. Kilda Road, and probably one of my fondest memories is seeing that first
test tram go successfully through at the end of the occupation. The thing that
I really enjoyed was the way the whole team sort of really pulled together with
that, and just a tremendous sense of achievement at the end after 17 days of
round-the-clock work just to actually see that all come to fruition was just
such a great feeling and really great to share that with the team. So
2019 I think it’s gonna be a really busy year for the Service Works team we’ve
got quite a lot of interesting works coming on not the least of which is that
we get to do stage one trams all over again. This time in stage two to make
way for the centre box construction as part of their Domain Station, so I
think that’ll be really interesting. The really key thing for us down
here is making sure that the station, service works and tunneling teams are
all working together and taking into consideration everyone else’s program
because success for one is success for all. Authorised by Victorian Government, 1
Treasury Place, Melbourne

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