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Royal Enfield Classic 350 : Pride vs Objectivity : PowerDrift

October 10, 2019

Ten years ago I was a teen, still trying to figure what my calling was, still trying to shape my identity and
that’s when I was exposed to two wheels! It was a small scooter handed down to me
from my mom and like many others for me too, it was a little embarrassing more so because I wanted something bigger, back then big meant Royal Enfield, because
nothing marks your graduation into the adult league than the swag of riding one. This is me today, hooked onto
motorcycles like never before and here’s the motorcycle that partially guilty for
it. This is the Royal Enfield and it continues to be one of the most
sought after motorcycles by young and old alike Especially those trying to carve
out their biker identity B ut before we go any further let’s take a quick trip
back in time to understand why this is special. In 1953,Madras Motors received
an order from the Indian Army for eight hundred 350cc bullets These motorcycles arrived from a
town called Redditch, they were sturdy and simple to maintain and for some even
a soul mate to live with in the aftermath of these raging wars and wars
at times create some able allies like the one we knew as Enfield India. In 1967,
the original Redditch Hewell Road factory was shut. but the Indian arm continued
to join hands with Eicher and safeguard this automotive interest. But all that is
history today more than 65 years later Royal Enfield is paying a tribute for this
legacy. Ladies and Gentlemen, Here’s the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and
this particular beauty is the Redditch Edition. It is flanked by Redditch monograms an
insignia that wears battle scars and heritage. With that in context, it’s time to thump it up Nothing brings back the old-school charm
of riding a classic motorcycle like the Classic 350 even when people don’t
understand motorcycles they will assume use of your biker at heart when you’re
riding this. The cast-iron thump might be missing but this is still an experience. However is 2017, so let’s objectively assess this
motorcycle with what the current generation motorcycles look like. Yes I
know for me a decade ago, motorcycling meant ease and simplicity, my thrills of
life was simple – to explore the length and breadth of this country. Three digits
did not make a lot of sense as it meant theft of the surrounding scenery. I did
not mind a few loose nuts and bolts. The wrench was teaching me more about my
machines. All I needed along my side was my kit and I was happy.
A Royal Enfield then was the go-to motorcycle. But time changes and so do the needs and
wants. With the current speed of motorcycles that the Classic goes up
against, well almost every other motorcycle is being upgraded to its next iteration.
The new technology came to light, manufacturers like Bajaj Honda and even
Mahindra chose to write the ride the tide. The community saw features like liquid
cooling, ABS, alloy wheels and fully digital instrument clusters.
Not only that they accept these changes but appreciated them too. The Classic
however, well it still carries the vibrations, weight can still be felt and
it misses out on a rear disc brake, leave aside ABS I mean, the batteries and electricals
have evolved over the years and yet there is that it’s an amp meter for its form
but no fuel indicator. These are needs today and not just wants and that is where, that is where the the needs is where the Classic 350 lacks today! Make no mistake
the Classic 350 is the most selling Royal Enfield till date, in fact it’s the most
selling motorcycle in the 200+ cc segment. IT averages at almost 20,000
units per month despite an atrocious waiting period. Now one way to look at it is that the Classic is responsible in making a lot
more people want to buy a motorcycle. I understand and appreciate that this is
an iconic tribute and many want it but frankly we would want the brand and
product to evolve into a lot more something that would make me stay in love with the simplicity of the experience. Now let me tell you this I still love the Classic
350 but a little more power, more refinement, more reliability on this
platform will not just help the brand but will also nurture and take care of
new riders. Allow me to explain it this way I’m a kadak chai fan and I know this
isn’t the world’s best chai but I still want it!


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