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Rotterdam, trams, canals, museums, Netherlands

October 13, 2019

Rolling along through the pretty flat country
side of the Netherlands, we’re on our way to Rotterdam, continuing our in-depth look
at this beautiful country and an amazing city, enjoying the comforts of the Dutch rail system,
one of the best you’ll ever find. It does not take very long to get from one
city to the next by train, so we are soon arriving at Rotterdam Centraal station. We’ve already shown you quite a few segments
about this marvelous city of Rotterdam which you can find in our collection covering the
waterfront, a boat ride, the market hall, the outdoor markets, the Cube Houses and the
main shopping streets. In this episode were starting out at the train
station, which is where you would probably be arriving when you come to Rotterdam. Just tap your chip card on the gate to get
through. The train stations are like a small city with
shops and restaurants and you’ll even hear some live music if somebody is playing one
of the public pianos. (Piano plays)
The Dutch trains are really the best way to get around in this country. You don’t need to drive because the trains
go practically everywhere, including all of the main cities that you would want to visit. Naturally you’ll find a Starbucks along with
some pretty good food, including French and Italian. There’s an excellent Tourist Information counter
here where you can get a lot of good advice about the main sites you want to see in your
visit. So you provide information and hotel bookings? Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh-huh. Restaurants, exhibitions, what’s going on,
yeah. These are all free, what is here. This brochure shows the tourist app, I can
give you if you like, you can download it on your mobile phone. Okay. What are some of the highlights for a visitor
to Rotterdam? Uh, main highlights, at the moment, the Market
hall, definitely the Market hall, Erasmus Bridge, Cube Houses, and the head of shaff,
they call it Kop van Zuid with architecture by Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster. Uh-huh. And the pedestrian lanes? Yeah, pedestrian lanes, the Lijnbaan is the
first shopping street in Europe, very nice, people walk around there and the Hoogstraat,
Hoogstraat pedestrian zone. Uh-huh, the Hoogstraat has that lower level
that’s interesting, two levels. Yeah it’s called Beurstraverse, uh-hu, quite
new, maybe 15 years, and the library, and there is Centraal Station where you are now. Yeah, Centraal Station. And the train service, too, between cities
is very quick every 15, 20 minutes. Yeah, yeah, Amsterdam maybe four times an
hour, at least. Uh-huh. Faster train can take you direct in 45 minutes. 45 minutes? Yeah. Wow. And Schipol airport, only 26 minutes on the
fast one. So Rotterdam has been continuing to grow? Getting more popular every year, more tourists
coming to Rotterdam. In the past it was Amsterdam only, but now
Rotterdam is getting more popular. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy your time in
Rotterdam. Okay sir, thank you so much. Central station is the hub of transportation
in Rotterdam with many different train lines running through it. Intercity, local, trams, Metro, light rail,
and international. It’s a busy place with over 110,000 passengers
every day. The tram station out front is quite active
with eight different tramlines running through it. You’ll quickly reach anywhere in town from
the central station. When you get off the tram tap your transit
card on the machine. That way you’re checked out. There are different kinds of tickets you can
purchase. If you’re just taking one ride, you can buy
the two hour ticket, good for anywhere in the system, with returns in a two hour period,
or you can buy the all-day ticket, or if you’re staying in the country for any time you want
to purchase the OV-chipkart and that’s good on trams and metros, buses and the intercity
trains, very convenient and the cost is quite reasonable for the amount of rides that you
can take. At the end of your visit to the Netherlands
you can get a refund on any unused portion. Standing at a busy traffic circle in the center
of town with the Hilton Hotel behind me. It makes a very good place to stay. It’s a beautiful five-star modern hotel and
it’s right in downtown and only 10 minutes walk from the train station, so it’s really
convenient, and within a few blocks you’ve got the main pedestrian shopping malls, and
the waterfront is only about a 10 to 15 minute walk away. There’s a tram stop right in front of the
hotel. The road behind the Hilton leads over to the
main pedestrian street, the Lijnbaan, just one block away, shown in the red circle. Grand Hotel Central across the street is a
less expensive option, a comfortable three-star hotel with the same excellent location. Back out in front of the Hilton at the traffic
circle fountain, it’s called the Hofplein, and it’s a busy spot with the trams going
around it and lots of bicycles, especially at the morning rush hour. With several main streets, crisscrossing here
people are heading off in all directions. On your visit perhaps consider renting a bicycle. You can find them available at the train station
and other places around town and there are so many bicycle lanes, it’s very safe. Just take the normal precautions. You’re in a country where more people ride
their bicycle to work than drive a car. Or just hop on a tram, always a good way to
get around town. We’re going to take a ride, the main streets
now, the Coolsingel, just to give you a quick idea of what the tram experience is like i.
T’s a comfortable ride, after all, you’re on steel tracks so it’s much smoother than
a bus. This video was shot just over a year ago and
now this street has been transformed, looking much different than what we’re seeing here. There is a wide pedestrian promenade, there
are lanes for bicycles, and they’ve reduced the amount of automobile traffic to really
enhance it as a main boulevard with shops, cafés and a pedestrian atmosphere. Rotterdam is constantly trying to make things
better for the residents and for the visitors. Getting off at City Hall now. It’s a good place to stop and let me tell
you a little bit more about Rotterdam and its attractions. There are very modern buildings here, and
they are well planned with apartments in the downtown area and some parks and you’ve got
the idyllic waterfront with the boat traffic and the apartments around it, the Maritime
Museum. As well as different walking routes that you
can pick up on from the tourist information office. Yeah, rush-hour, morning rush-hour. It’s about 8 o’clock right now so people are
getting to work. Everybody is well-trained and highly educated,
and it’s a motivated workforce. It’s a real economy. This is a busy city. And downtown is quite compact, about a kilometer
and 1/2 from one end to the othe of the r central downtown. And there’s a lot to see here, there are museums,
a variety of restaurants, you’ve got the waterfront, you’ve got the great architecture, this modern,
modern architecture. And it’s got a lot of charm. There are sidewalk cafés everywhere. The pavement restaurants are extremely popular. And finding that this country is really a
spectacular place to visit. You might not think of the Netherlands beyond
Amsterdam in your travel plans , but you really should. The Netherlands is fairly small. You could be staying at a nearby town such
as Delft or the Hague or Utrecht and come over by train. It takes just about 15 minutes to arrive from
Delft, for example, so that makes it an easy daytrip, or on the other hand, stay in Rotterdam
for a couple of nights. That will give you time to poke around in
the little streets where you got some boutiques, art galleries and unique little craft shops. Handmade items for sale. All sorts of interesting things in the little
side lanes. There’s a boat ride in the harbor you’d like
to take. And there’s museums to see. There is a culture history museum. There’s an excellent art museum. And that’s where we are heading soon in the
program , show you a couple of fine museums. To get there we’re taking lovely route along
a canal with the park on both sides, and more trams. This Westersingel canal is just one kilometer
long, which makes it quite easy to walk the full length of it. And you would enjoy because of the parks along
the banks of the canal, you’ve, got some ducks quacking by and also it’s an outdoor sculpture
garden with fountains and benches and a wide promenade that makes for very easy and pleasant
walking. It’s called the Westersingel Sculpture Route
and features 17 different statues by major sculptors, including Rodin. There is a tram route running parallel to
the canal but it makes a nice walk.’ On our return at the end of this program were
going to show you what the tram ride looks like, after we finish with our visits to the
museums, which are coming up in a few minutes. If you’re a college student on a group tour
and traveling by train, you might even walk all the way here from the train station. It’s just about 800 meters away. And let’s hope they’re heading for a hotel
that’s nearby. There are several nice hotels along the Westersingel. Maybe they’ll get lucky and check into the
Bilderberg Park, one of the nicer hotels in town. It’s been around for 90 years and it’s been
thoroughly modernized. And this street and canal actually mark the
western boundary of the busy part of downtown, with sidestreets leading from it back into
the pedestrian zone, as we’ve shown you and our other Rotterdam movies. While walking along, one block over I noticed
this nice little neighborhood park and happened upon a friendly local lady for a conversation. Tell me about Rotterdam. “We are proud people, but we are also people,
ah, we’d rather work than play. Work first, then play. Most of the time were very proud of our city.” “And I see you have a lot of pedestrian malls,
very pedestrian friendly.” “Yes, that was one of the who had that, that’s
a bonus, and I think for the shops in the malls as well. And now they’re still wanting more shops,
more shops, more malls. And everybody can see, no more, there’s already
so many empty spaces.” “How many clothing stores do we need?” “That’s right.” “Of course there’s always a need for affordable
housing, right?” “And that’s the part they keep on forgetting. They break them down but they don’t rebuild
it. A lot of people are living above their means.” “Well this is a beautiful street. This is typical of many of your streets, isn’t
it, with the trees of the outdoor cafés and pedestrians?” “Yes, but that wasn’t always the case, oh,
no. Not too long ago we had only one square, that’s
the one that looks onto the City Hall. Sure. That was the only one that had terraces. That’s not that long ago, maybe 10, 15 years. And now every self-respecting pub or restaurant
needs to have a terrace, even if it’s only two chairs.” “And you get to walk your dog in the park.” “In our little park, yeah. Here there’s always something new.” (laughs)
“What’s your dog’s name?” “This is Twitter. Twitter. Twitter is a modern dog, yeah. My name, yeah. Okay.” “Thanks a lot.” “Have fun. Enjoy our city.” Your travels will always be more interesting
when you strike up a conversation with a friendly local. Back along Westersingel we come upon that
big statue by Picasso which is the gateway to the Museum Quarter. The Nieuwe Instituut is one of the museums
in this neighborhood, featuring architecture and digital design. Mostly it’s a series of special exhibits inside
the museum and they do have a very nice café that you can go into without paying admission. Across the street is the museum Boymans van
Beuningen, which is one of the major art museums in the Netherlands, an amazing collection
that spans from the Renaissance and earlier right up through modern design. Take a good look here, however, because the
museum is now closed for renovation until the year 2025. So we’re giving you a good close look at some
of the masterpieces in the video, and you can also find some of these pieces scattered
around the city on temporary loan to other museums. They have a large collection of traditional
Dutch landscapes, you’ll see that ubiquitous windmill here and there, and portraits by
some of the famous Dutch and Flemish artists such as Frans Hals and Rembrandt and Rubens,
along with the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods. Sometimes art can be very funny, especially
when it looks like somebody is stuck down below poking his head through a hole in the
floor. A large van Eyck and a whole series of paintings
by favorite native son Vincent van Gogh, with some early work, and later portraits and he
loved colorful vases loaded with bouquets of flowers. Pisarro is among the major impressionists
here, along with sculpture by Dégas, post-Impressionism by Gauguin and Cézanne. Edvard Monk of Norway’s here along with several
Picassos, a full expression of his twisted personal style bringing us right up into the
modern world. Other major modern artists here include Mondrian,
Paul Klee and Kandinsky, the inventor of abstract art. Or how about Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist? There are also quite a few paintings by Dutch
artists that you may not be familiar with. In addition to the paintings and sculpture,
there is a nice collection of furniture and decorative arts, jewelry, fabrics, ceramics,
teapots, various objects created in the aesthetically pleasing ways. During the reconstruction project the existing
buildings will be renovated and large new buildings will be created to hold the collection,
which is now numbering 150,000 objects. They’ll be spending about €225 million in
this extensive long-term project. Meanwhile, you can see the exhibit collections
on their excellent website, but don’t try to visit the museum now because it’s already
closed, and as mentioned a lot of the exhibits will be distributed throughout other museums
in the city. It’s all going to be exciting when it opens
in the year 2025. Meanwhile there are some gardens nearby you
can enjoy. You could walk to the next museum, it’s one
kilometer away, or maybe just hop on a tram and go. The service is frequent and it’ll take you
right there. We’ll show you another tram ride in a few
minutes at the end of the program. The museum we are heading for next is all
about people and culture history called the World Museum and English, or in Dutch, the
name is Wereldmuseum,Wereldmuseum. This ethnographic collection features objects
from Africa, Asia, New Guinea, Oceania, and Latin America, along with changing special
exhibits with sculpture, ritual objects, religious icons, clothing, jewelry, all sorts of cultural
objects of art. We were fortunate that a museum curator took
some time to tell us about one of her favorite objects in the collection. You see a bodisatra in the middle. At the bottom you see two dragons. Then above the bodisatra is a little pagoda
and it is carried by two dragons and also a mythical creature. An exhibit of Tibetan Buddhist art was so
richly endowed you felt like you have been transported up to the Himalayas, into a temple,
perhaps in Lhasa, that no longer exists. But thanks to the magic of museums we can
be transported to distant lands. It’s wonderful you can visit a city like Rotterdam
and experience not only of the Dutch culture and society, but step through museum portals
to distant worlds. Stepping out of our time machine and back
into modern life, let’s hop on a tram and ride along that same Westernsingel canal that
we walked down earlier to get to the museums. There are nine different tramlines operating
in Rotterdam, making this a very convenient way to get around, and they are thoroughly
modernized. Although, in their beginnings, they were founded
in 1878 as horse-drawn trams. In 1904 the first electric trams began service
and gradually the horse wagons were phased out. By 1906 there was already five electric tramlines
operating and then four more lines began in the next four years. The last horse cars stopped running by 1925. The maximum extent of Rotterdam’s tramway
network was 25 lines, which was reached in 1930. Throughout the main cities of Europe, there
has been a similar history of trams developing from horse to electric, and then declining,
and in recent years, a resurgence in popularity of the system. Currently 40 different Dutch cities have operating
tram systems, but only two have metros, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Coming up on a popular shopping street, the
Oude Binnenweg. it’s one of the only streets that are still
surviving intact from World War II. It was not damaged in that devastating bombing
run. It’s a pedestrian street famous for its many
pubs and shops. A Santa Claus statue stands on the right. As we wrap up our visit to Rotterdam we can
summarize with some statistics. The city population is 640,000 making it second
largest after Amsterdam, but if you include the greater metropolitan area extending to
the Hague, population totals 2.5 million. Rotterdam has got 38 skyscrapers and 352 high-rises
with many more skyscrapers coming up soon. At the end of our visit, we returned to where
we began at Centraal Station, hop on a train and continue our journey of exploring the
Netherlands. We’ve got more movies about Rotterdam and
many more travel videos about the Netherlands. Look for them in our collection. We uploaded a new movie every week so please
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