September 11, 2019

In my lifetime, I’ve never expected to be
able to ride the Evangelion Shinkansen mostly because I thought the tickets were hard to
get or rather since I heard about it so long ago, I thought it wasn’t even in service
anymore. But it isn’t over, in fact, it is still
in operation until Spring 2018. Now, The only way to ride the Eva Unit 01 Bullet
Train is if you take any of the stops between Hakata and Shin-Osaka at certain times. Luckily for Vivienne and I, we happen to be
in Hakata where the train makes it’s first operation of the day at 6:36AM. As a big Evangelion fan, especially the new
movies, I was amazed with every aspect of the train. From the amazing paint job of the exterior
to the original anime theme jingle they play at every stop. Exploring the train definitely kept me pre-occupied
for a couple of hours, almost causing us to miss our stop at Hiroshima. Although our JR Rail Passes provided complementary
seat reservations, we decided to sit non-reserved in Car No. 2 because it was the only one decorated
with Eva-01 designs. Seats, Windows, Floors, and even trash bins
were plastered with the NERV logo decal. The window blinds even had some easters eggs
which we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to uncover or in this case, un-blind…? But Car No.1 is where the magic really happens. It has an exhibit where fans can enjoy shinkansen
and the eva-01 miniature models on display. This one in particular really gives you an
idea how big the eva one compared to a human. If you hadn’t notice yet, these figures
on the bridge are the characters from the show. But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there,
behind this Keep Out Curtain, contains a life-size cockpit riding experience! An attraction that allows one rider to experience
the hands-on attraction. Unfortunately for us, those who are not residents of Japan cannot ride it 😔. The honor is given to those who live
in Japan and participate in a lottery. However, it is open to the public for photo-op,
you just can’t sit in it. Overall, the experience was definitely worthwhile. If you’re an evangelion fan who’s visiting in
Japan with a JR Rail Pass, do yourself a favor and plan a trip from Shin-Osaka! It departs from that station at 11:32AM!

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