Ride-along with Trooper Steve: Railroad safety week
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Ride-along with Trooper Steve: Railroad safety week

August 31, 2019

preventing tragedy on the tracks this week law enforcement officers across the country including in Central Florida have been taking part in railroad safety week it’s an effort aimed at reducing train crashes near railroad crossings new six traffic safety expert trooper Steve focuses on one of the biggest questions in this week’s ride along for this ride along we’re talking train safety one of the biggest things is is where to stop when it comes to those railroad crossings you know once those red lights start flashing there’s a stop bar located at every railroad crossing that’s where you’re supposed to stop the extra protection there is the arm bars that come down you know those are so you don’t go over the track so don’t go by those either short cuts are not always the fastest whether in your vehicle or just walking around you have to cross at the safe spot and where it’s designated if you didn’t know crossing mid track is technically trespassing I doubt you’d want someone walking through your yard FDOT says they have seen everything from people playing on the tracks to having photo shoots on the tracks from my days on the road I never saw this on i-4 we shouldn’t be seeing any of this out on the tracks see something say something local authorities want you to be aware of any suspicious activity or safety concerns whether on the loading platform or around the tracks to receive nu6 ride along with trooper steve is sponsored by alert today Florida every pedestrian and bicyclist is important to someone so stay alert because safety doesn’t happen by acts if you want to ride along with trooper Steve go to click Orlando comm slash ride-along [Music]

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