Review of W Residences (The Alef) on the Palm Jumeirah

September 16, 2019

– Hi guys, my name is Denis and I’m a real estate agent in Dubai. – If you are new to this channel … – over here I’m trying to help investors to understand better the local market. – Right now I’m on a Palm Jumeirah and today I want to show you a very luxury project. – It’s a very unique product for unique people. – I’m standing right now in the living room of the 4 bedroom apartment … – and I will show it to you later on but now let me introduce you the project and let me go and show you the master plan. – So, here is the master plan of the Alef Residences. – This building is the Alef Residences and over here is the W Hotel. – They are next to each other so people who will stay in the Alef Residences … – they will have the direct access to the hotel and obviously, the will get the VIP service over there. – So, the Alef Residences has several sections. – In total there are 8 sections in it and a very big beachfront. – It’s 500 meters. – And what should we know about this particular project? – Well, first of all, there are only 2 apartments per floor … – and all units here are penthouses. – There are no small units over here so the smallest type is the 2 bedroom unit … – but the size of this unit is 5 000 sq. ft. so all of the mare massive, very big. – In this project, they will pay a specific attention to the security … – so people who will stay in it don’t have to worry about absolutely anything. – And what is very important point is that people who will buy in this project they will live here themselves. – It’s not like there will be tenants so the calibre of the people who will live here will be very very high … – and basically, you will know what to expect from your neighbours. – Over here there will be the clubhouse in the centre – and by the way in the W Hotel, there will be a Michelin-starred restaurant. – The lowest price as per availability of now in this project is 14.5 m AED … – and the most expensive unit is available for 69 m AED and it’s located over here. – So now let me show you the apartment itself … – so you can get an idea of what you can expect from this project. – We are right now in the kitchen … – This is an open kitchen … – and behind it, there is a closed kitchen which can be used for a proper cooking. – Now I came to the living room and I believe this is the most important part of this apartment … – because as you can see it’s massive, it’s huge and from here you have an outstanding view of the sea. – Here is the dining area. – As well very big and it has as well an amazing view towards the sea … – and it has lots of lots of space to accommodate lots of your friends and family. – Next to the living room over there is the guest bedroom. – And behind me is the cinema room. – Let’s go I will show you the main bedrooms. – Obviously, it has as well big maids room and the laundry room as well. – So, as I said one of the bedrooms is linked to the living area … – and here we have 2 bedrooms and a master bedroom … – and all of them are facing the sea. – Now let’s go, I will show you the master bedroom and believe me you will like it. – This is the master bedroom. – So, each room has a built-in wardrobes but the master bedroom has an amazing outstanding walk-in wardrobe. – Please follow me … – So, this is the walk-in closet and as you can see it’s huge. – Everybody will like it and especially ladies. – Over here, is the bathroom of the master bedroom. – So here is the bedroom itself and as I said the 3 bedrooms that are over here … – all of them will have an amazing view towards the sea. – And look at this space … – it’s really really spacious. – There are not so many projects in Dubai that can offer you something like this … – and actually, I’m really ??? to name a few who have such big units. – What is interesting about the Aled Residences is that each and every unit here is unique. – There are no two similar units in this project. – So if you buy here something you will be sure that you are an exclusive owner of an exclusive unit. – Ok, guys, this is a quick tour of the 4 bedroom apartment in the Alef Residences. – This particular unit is already sold. – It was sold for about 25 m AED and the size of this unit is 8 800 sq. ft. – There are still some options that you can consider. – And if you are interested we can come over here … – I will show you the apartment so you can come, you can touch everything … – and you can feel the atmosphere of this project. – And believe me it’s outstanding. – If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me. – I’ll be happy to help you. – Thank you for watching this video … – and I’ll see you in a next one. – Goodbye.

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