Restoring W-Class Trams
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Restoring W-Class Trams

September 11, 2019

Bendigo Tramways have fantastically skilled
workers. The W-Class Tram Fleet was actually designed
nearly a century ago. And, this tram today that we are launching,
fully restored by Bendigo Tramways, is a 64-year-old tram fully safe, fully operational for the
network that will be running out of service here this morning. W-Class Restoration Project has been underway
for over a year. This is the fifth. The W-Class is part of Melbourne’s heritage. When tourists come here this is an absolutely
iconic experience. This is the largest tram network in the world.
And we’re pretty proud to say that we’ve got the mix of the 1950s and sixties trams
still out there running for our patrons day in day out, while we’re still ordering another
80 E-Class trams.

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