RENFE Spanish Rail Travel in Europe Fast Train Journey in Spain Madrid Railway Station to Toledo
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RENFE Spanish Rail Travel in Europe Fast Train Journey in Spain Madrid Railway Station to Toledo

November 7, 2019

Good morning and how you doing today?
I am still in Madrid Spain at the moment but I’ve taken the metro
across to the infestation I am ready to leave Madrid and go to Toledo So, let’s find our platform
Oh it’s just come up platform 14 think she’s just about to announce it so let’s find my platform get on a train
go and see Toledo so platform 14 let’s look for a sign
platform 1, platform 1 to 12 well that’s very helpful so how do you find ah, there we go 13 14 15 go through here okay the door doesn’t open how do you
get through okay apparently that’s authorized personnel only
you’re not allowed through there so apparently it’s up here on the right
somewhere let’s go I have a wonder got to be a door somewhere maybe this is it let’s see if this door
opens for me no, how do I get to further down thank you nope not that door keep
going down to do
I look around the station while we here there’s lots of eateries and things here
is quite a big busy station huh budget departure the ground floor now I think I
have to go through security now so I’m gonna turn the camera hey find the way
through through security and now to find a platform where’s my platform number
again coach 11 seat 11b
11 that sounds like it’s gonna be a long way down the train ehat is it with me in
trains I could never get that seats like really close to where
way to say on the train can’t see anything on the train telling me the coach number yet thankfully it’s not too long a train
sounds longer than it okay coach double O 2 SS 3 coach 11 to
go yet what does never comes to way no no I don’t know looking for coach 11 someone else is as lost as I am
it shouldn’t but sometimes makes you feel better number four five six seven it looks like
the seven, am I on the right train? that would be ironic wouldn’t it says Toledo this is the right train eleven here we go sorry about the joggling okay
coach11 now looking for 11 B found my train
coach 11 it went 1 2 3 or 11 thank goodness as far as I thought of touches
me right but am i train now found my seat let’s go to Toledo Off to Toledo Now I’m on the train safely
I’ve got a confession to make I actually missed my train I bought my ticket online through a
service that I’ll mention and put down below which is a little bit easier than
you can go into the station abandoned it gets but but but but it’s an e service
so when you get to the station you have to go to machine and print out your
ticket now I run my round my timetable it’s all a bit tight this morning I did
get to the station in time but it took me too long to actually work out how the
machine works got my ticket and I was two minutes late for the train and of
course it went on time so feeling a bit silly when trying to get you know a
refund or a a seat on the later train but still had to pay again so that
possibly 12 euros and 10 cents for just not being on time so just be prepared if
you do buy your ticket online which is a very nice and easy way to buy your
tickets for the main trains in Spain do leave plenty time to get to the station
the tape to the curator machine get your ticket before going to your station
thankfully I miss this train which is a short journey take some speed up now
with only as they prefer to come as a meal 10 euros my next journey which I’m
doing when I leave Toledo goes back for Madrid and then all the way down to
Seville which is like a 70 or 80 euro journey so it must not miss that but
they feel really bad I’m usually so oops, so good at being on time and
airports and things I’m so fussy to get there early because I hate missing
things so I was very upset about missing this train thankfully the trains to
Toledo from Madrid go once every hour so didn’t have long to wait and now I’m on
the train were already over city beautiful countryside in the sunshine in
the spring of Spain when we went to tunnel I am looking forward to showing
you Toledo the Train is very nice show you some of the clips three seats wide
that’s in the touristic class there’s I’m actually wait in this sort of like
cafe area but it’s not running on this journey because the journey only takes
30 minutes it’s really quick and we are made of tip Toledo very quick
easy journey from Madrid you can see how you can do it to the day they trip 30
minutes by train very fast and Teledo station looks beautiful it’s a sunny
beautiful day now I’m gonna get out of the station had experienced my first
Italian taxi taxi to my accommodation Thank You train station see you in a
couple of days hello Toledo thank you made it toToledo for the taxi made
it to the square mile where my accommodation is no we’re just gonna
find my host Airbnb so let’s give a message and see if I can find the right
place so peaceful and quiet here so different to Madrid cobble streets
hardly any traffic hardly any people but happy you dove all day okay let’s
message my host and my host family occasion got my keys I’m down this nice
quiet street in the Jewish quarter beautiful let me show you number three
no idea the name of the street it’s a little purple Street off the square so
address unknown but let me show you my apartment here we
go first one for breaking here yard yeah welcome to my Airbnb in
Toledo how beautiful is that yeah and it has everything there’s a
nice kitchen or cooking things I need an oven microwave washing machine coffee
machine pots pans fridge freezer yeah nice bathroom the shower towels toilet beautiful land area should I have
any time to lounge in it again with a nice not big screen huge screen TV and yeah it’s a nice I think over king-sized
bed that’s really nice too and oh nice mattress and look at the view I have
from my window


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    Actually If you buy your tickets on the official Renfe's web you can print it at home or even show it in your mobile. Alternatively you can use the reference code and print it in the machine but it's not compulsory.

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