Removed Signals at Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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Removed Signals at Abandoned Railroad Crossing

December 9, 2019

hello ladies and gentlemen well Roley to
hear your own archaeologist who continues our door on the cSX’s
homestead subdivision a day today I’m a Southwest 232 Street and you can see
I’ll include a link to a video I saw here I think that shows the lights
functioning and lights being on dogmas but they removed everything it’s a car
okay so I was gonna go here and show you yeah so this was one 1926 and here you can see the growth this time
officially became abandoned earlier this year and it is being consumed by mother
nature goes in 1926 by seaboard airline if sex is doing at all they said no mas and let’s see what this sign says no dumping that’s right I don’t lie to me
and then read a case can see where the wires were cut right there with the
lights used to be emergency contact info cross books today this is track due
north East sighs track view south west hey guys so that was this question right
now I am going to walk towards Krome Avenue which is a Street behind me
to to 32nd Street isn’t that big an artery
but chroma Avenue is I’m gonna go film that video right now so thank you for
coming along with me on the tour guys I appreciate it so leave me a comment
subscribe if you haven’t hit that notification ball always a pleasure

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